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The fact that asexuals became a protected class in NY before trans people got rights that banned housing and employment discrimination against trans people (in fact a six year gap) shows how prioritizing cishets literally leads to less rights for actual lgbt people (in this case specifically trans people)


FAVORITE BOOKS: not your sidekick, by c.b. lee

“You love me,“ Abby says, smiling.
Jess leans forward. “Yeah, I really do. This isn’t our Romeo and Juliet moment. You’re going to be okay. No one is dying.
"No, it’s the end. I want a goodbye kiss.”

Order your Resistance Hat


Say no to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and all other forms of hatefulness.

For $20, you get a hat, and I’ll donate the proceeds (all $ minus cost of shipping) to the following charities: ACLU, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, Trans Lifeline, SPJ Legal Defense, and Immigrant Defense Project. I will split the total money earned between them evenly, once a month.

As for the hats themselves, you can choose an approximate color (I’m using yarn I already have to keep costs down, so the actual shade may vary) or let me surprise you.

Your order will be for an adult sized, basic knit or crochet, beanie-style hat. I’m not able to honor any customization requests, except for the one mentioned below.

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To all my mutuals here in tumblr please this needs to stop now we need to do something about this transphobic bus that’s being driving around spanish cities in the name of sending this awful message of hate to kids in my country
Not happy enough with it they have sent another of these buses to NY city this week
If you see it around NY today please call the cops they will stop it from driving around the city

On July 27th, 2015, Nicole Clark, a 19-year-old Rochester trans woman of color, and her mother were brutally assaulted at the intersection of Monroe Avenue and Goodman Street. For several years, the transgender community has protested violence at this corner, and we are outraged that a blatantly transphobic attack happened here.

As of now, the police have arrested Abigail Hallowell and charged her with second-degree harassment. The other two suspects remain at large.

Yesterday (August 6) there was a huge rally to support Nicole and show support for the trans community in Rochester. #itwasahatecrime was one of the tags used for the event.

Nicole is doing well, and in good spirits after all the love and support she was shown. Please spread the word though. pilgrimkitty magickqueer zoe-cat transgirltumbling ramonajp ramonajp anulamou istandonsnowpiles kamerondarkwood

Hi, look. I’m not the kind of person to ever ask for things like this because I have a steady job and typically am doing at least semi decent for myself most days. But I have $70 to last me until next week Friday, which normally isn’t an issue but I fell into car trouble today when my check engine light came on while I was driving home from work. It’s nothing serious, but when I took it to get looked at the mechanic told me my suspension is borderline dangerous to be driving with.

I’m currently looking to leave my home situation because it’s just no longer healthy or safe for me to be in as a trans male, so I’m trying to save. I just came off of a 6 week period of disability bc of a surgery I had this summer and have yet to receive a paycheck from work since I’ve come back.

I’m not asking for much, and everything counts to me and will be going toward fixing the suspension of my car and my sparkplugs in my engine, so if you could either donate or spread this post around I would really appreciate it a whole lot. I’ll figure out some way to personally thank anyone who donates with like a gift or a card of some pressed flowers or something idk, I’m just so lost.

(Also please please ignore the name jdoehdosw)