trans jewelry


Introducing our NEW “Queer as in Fuck You” collection!

• choose your preferred pronouns stamped disc necklace or keychain (custom options available)

“queer as in fuck you” stamped disc necklace or keychain

• “pronouns matter” stamped disc necklace or keychain

• “ask me about my pronouns” stamped disc necklace or keychain

and NEW now:

· Custom pronouns stamped washer disc necklace or keychain

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And since I know that queer folks (like my husband and I) are far more likely to be in poverty, let me know if you need a coupon code, or even if you’d like to barter ;) we’ll do what we can!


Today’s as good a day as any to share these:

More cool swag for your wrists coming from yours truly! Based on the designs of the LGBT, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and asexual pride flags, these bracelets are made of freakishly shiny miracle beads!

Guaranteed to garner complements and make you the talk of your next pride event, these beads will blind friends, family, and haters equally! They have a lucite core covered with a mirror finish, giving them a bright shine, but that mirror finish is coated with layers of colored lacquer. The lacquer is transparent enough to let light through and bounce off the mirror finish beneath, giving it that “bead within a bead” effect. Pictures do not do them justice; they look like they glow, even in low lighting, and you should see them in the sun!

They are only $5 in my Etsy shop, AND if you use coupon NOTENOUGHHOURS2015, you can get 10% off your entire purchase. (If you see this in the future, just message me for that year’s coupon.)

Now, for the most important part. I’m guessing a lot of you who see this have never heard of me before. I do a LOT of custom work. I am happy to make other pride flag bracelets for you, like the aromantic bracelet in the last photo. I am ALSO happy to adjust the size if you need. Your size, whether small or large, should not restrict your ability to have cool wrist swag. We all know there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” These bracelets are about 7.25" each, and have 24-25 beads to fit in complete repetitions of the flags’ colors. I can add to or subtract from these as necessary, and I’ll work with you to make the exact bracelet you want. :) 💜

One more thing: I do carry these at all of my conventions now. Message me or check out my blog to see if I’ll be coming to your area!

One more one more thing! I always enclose a personalized thank you note in every package. If you’re trans but are purchasing under the name your parents gave you, you can let me know your new name if you’d like me to put it on the note. 💙 I also write gift messages.
Help out this pagan trans guy

Hey everyone! This is the first time I’ve done something like this so bare with me. I’m a trans male from the midwest. I’ve known I was trans for about a year but I’ve been struggling with dysphoria for about two years and I’ve always tried to get things that ease the discomfort. Right now I’m trying to save up money to buy an STP packer; the one I want is about $180.

I don’t have a “real” job, and can’t get one at the moment due to anxiety. However, I do run an Etsy shop that specializes in antler wands with a crystal tip, decorated in various ways with various themes. If you would be interested in purchasing one, PLEASE check it out. I also have a pair of mouse foot, mole foot, and mole hand necklaces (these aren’t listed on Etsy yet but please message me if you’re interested).

If you visit my Etsy, don’t feel pressured to buy anything, but favorite the shop if you like it to see more of my listings. If these types of products just aren’t for you, or you can’t purchase anything, PLEASE reblog this to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much for reading, reblogging, and helping out my poor trans ass.