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i really applaud namjoon for leading the boys in the interview. not just as a translation and interpretation major but a multilingual there’s just a lot of pressure when you’re the only person capable of linking two groups of people who don’t share a mutual language. namjoon did very well despite that he’s not a native speaker or didn’t live overseas nor that he ever studied trans/interpretation. he had to think of his own answers to the interview questions and also had to translate for both the interviewer and the members. once again he proved that he’s extremely intelligent and i’m just so proud of him.

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your pidge is the best fanart in the entire fandom i love her in your style with and without long hair and n/b or a girl its perfect i love it thank u for existing

Oh my Somebody plz hold me bc I’m going to fall, THANK YOU this is one of the best compliments I been received sweetheart!!


You know what makes me really goddamn happy?
Femme trans boy Star.
1. Star being incredibly disheartened and dysphoric over having to spend his life as a Queen. (“Mr. Candle Care”)
2. Star putting a beard on himself and being 100% comfortable with it. (“Marco Grows A Beard)
3. Star being horrified at St. O’s school, since they’re not a wayward princess, or even a princess, at all.
Theory accepted and good night.


Transmatsu headcanon: Karamatsu disappears for a long time and none of the brothers notice. But one day, they find a girl who looks a hell of a lot like them in their house.

It’s Karamatsu. Karamatsu completely transitioned without any of her brothers noticing.

At first, none of them believe it, so they tease and bully her saying it’s just Karamatsu crossdressing as a ploy to get attention. But then Karamatsu starts crying, breaking down and bawling and the rest are just “fuck, we messed u p.” Matsumama comes in and yells at all of them while consoling her daughter (which she and Matsupapa are so happy about because they always wanted a girl) and now the brothers feel just awful.

Karamatsu leaves first to fix her makeup and visit Chibita at his oden stand (to cheer herself up) and Matsumama just hisses at her sons “you better fix this.”

Chibita nearly has a heart attack because while Karamatsu confided in him from time to time about transitioning in passing, he never fully registered what it would mean until seeing Karamatsu now. Chibita is so flustered he barely knows what to do, but Karamatsu starts sobbing about how jerky her brothers are and Chibita gives her everything on the house while telling her she doesn’t need her good-for-nothing brothers anyway.

Cue the good-for-nothing brothers showing up. Jyuushimatsu literally picks Karamatsu up, while Osomatsu downs the rest of her beer and Ichimatsu finishes her leftover oden, and they take her back to the house. In the living room, Jyuushi puts Karamatsu down so she can see that there’s an assortment of food and a cake. Karamatsu is confused an she turns to her brothers as they all bow and say “sorry for being assholes.”

They’re all on good terms now, but Karamatsu is officially 100% impossible to ignore by any of the brothers. Every time she goes out, one or more of them insists on accompanying her (eventually they develop a rotation system to escort her, but Ichimatsu somehow always ends up going with her the most); the only exception being when Karamatsu goes out shopping with Totoko (Ososmatsu will still try to weasel his way into joining them, but Totoko gut punches him and that the end of that).

Choromatsu spoils her the most, mostly because he doesn’t now how to deal with women and showering them with gifts is all he knows to do, picking up random things Karamatsu likes when he goes shopping.

The brothers start getting real suspicious of Karamatsu going off to Chibita’s stand alone, and one day Karamatsu comes home with a bouquet of flowers and the brothers are like “where did you get that??” Karamatsu has this cute pink blush on her face and says “Chibita found some flowers on the roadside and he gave them to me!” All the brothers know that those flowers are too good to have been found on the road and they’re wrapped all nicely too, so they face-palm and curse that Kara has and always will be gullible. (They totally storm Chibita’s oden stand later and threaten him not to mess with their sister, Todomatsu is unsurprisingly the scariest)

Iyami had no idea Karamatsu had transitioned, so when he first sees her, he hits on her like nobody’s business. Too bad she happened to be out with Jyuushimatsu, and he proceeds to beat Iyami within an inch of his life with a bat.

Karamatsu is still painful as always, posing dramatically to fall into men’s arms and dressing up like a “cool” yankii to hit on girls, spouting awful lines that make everyone cringe.

Just, please, someone, anyone, give me this au…give me trans Kara in all the cute dresses and outfits they deserve, receiving all the love they can get from everybody…. ;~;

As well as non-binary Pidge, can we also consider: genderfluid Pidge. Pidge who doesn’t reject both genders but embraces them both. Who rocks it with long hair and short, who feels just as comfortable cross-dressing as she does in a skirt. Who doesn’t care if you call her Pidge or Katie or he or she or they because she’s all those things and owns every one of them

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Domestic Life

F/F Domestic plotless drabble for Bottom Erwin Week 2017 Day 1… a couple days late. There’s a brief mention of sex toys and allusions to sex. AO3 version here.

Since they started living together, Erwin has learned several things about her girlfriend:

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im about 50 pages into hammer of thor, and already the words heteronormative, transgender, and gender fluid have been used, in correct context, and in fact in reference to a specific character, who is shaping up to have a major role, with a direct statement from the protagonist himself that being trans is not unusual or new to him, and hints that said gender fluid character could be said protag’s love interest, in this book, written by a popular mainstream YA author, published by disney, and honestly when have we ever been so blessed

[TRANS/MISC] Chen’s Interpretation of his Self-Written Song “She’s Dreaming”

“I am the moon, the moon that can help to dream. Even though we always dream, the possibility of us remembering about those dreams are very low. I used that to show the love between a man and woman. I am the moon, and I have a woman I love; therefore, this moon approaches the woman through her dreams. Even though she sees the moon through her dreams, she always forgets about the moon because it was all a dream. She knows she dreamed, but she would never remember what it was about. It’s sad to say, but because the moon loves the woman, he would keep approaching the woman through her dreams, hoping that one day, she would remember him.”

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translator: sunny
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I hate how this website uses identity as a weapon against LGBT folk/minorities. I’ve seen so many instances of people being like ‘only hets would support this character’ or ‘if you like and support this actor, you’re obviously a straight girl who’s thirsting for them’ or ‘only the straights would think this character isn’t gay’. I imagine it’s annoying for people who’re straight or aroace to see things like that, particularly if they’re forcing sexual motivation onto them or making them seem otherwise shallow, but on top of that, LGBT/minorities are constantly being bombarded with this shit that invalidates their identity based on something as ridiculous as what they ship/what actors they like/so on.

Identity doesn’t work that way. You can consume gay media and still be straight (and, in some cases, flagrantly homophobic. The whole ‘shipping isn’t activism’ is another side of this). You can have no involvement in trans media whatsoever and still be trans. You can interpret a character as straight/gay/bi/ace/etc and that has no bearing whatsoever on your own identity. Your interaction with media and fandoms doesn’t define you, and honestly, I’m pretty sure many of those who insist otherwise employ it as a manipulation tactic because they know LGBT people/other minority groups, particularly young members, are oppressed and vulnerable and will consequently be more susceptible to herd mentality.

Anyway, just getting that off my chest.

All Evidence That Could Possibly Indicate Trans Girl Marco #5

*Glossaryck mistaking Marco for ‘a milady’ - Episode 5, Season 1*
Relevance Level: 7
Explanation: I’ve decided that everything level 7 and over will merit an explanation. The reason I rated this so high is not because of WHAT it is, but because of WHERE it is. This episode is FULL of Star going involuntarily boy crazy while ignoring Marco, and they chose this episode to make a ‘celestial being mistakes Marco for a girl’ joke.

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This was a very deliberate decision. Not because because I think the creators were planning to make Marco trans from the get-go (but if the theory is right then they did), but because every decision that professionals make when creating a show is deliberate. Every. Single. Thing. 

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reasons this website is garbage and I stopped
  • the staff is incompetent as hell lol
  • “this twitter personality follows a really nasty transphobe who goes out of their way to harass, mock, and bully trans teens and I personally don’t feel comfortable featuring their tweets” got twisted into “GENDEROFTHEDAY IS CALLING OUT DRIL LOL KEK” and “SO YOU’RE SAYING THEY’RE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION?”
  • Somehow saying “the ‘is mayonnaise a gender’ meme is mocking trans people” was interpreted as “defending mayonnaise as a gender”

Anyways, running this blog stressed me the hell out for a lot of reasons (aforementioned ridiculousness notwithstanding) and I would just not suggest becoming popular on tumblr

thanks to everyone who was cool and followed and supported the blog though. I appreciate it.