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We’re Not Invincible

Ow, Peter thought, struggling to make his way up the sheer face of the building, all the while ignore the bleeding cut on his side. The last time I snuck in like this was the night Ned found out. He was trying to distract himself in any way he could, so that he wouldn’t fall of the building, or something. He didn’t actually know if that would be possible.

“Karen, would it be possible for me to fall off the building?” he asked, though he was afraid of the answer.

“In your current state, you are not likely to fall off the building,” she replied in that crisp robot voice she had.

Peter couldn’t suppress the eye roll. ‘Not likely’ was not the answer he had been hoping for. “Thanks, Karen,” he said dryly.

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anonymous asked:

I want more lgbt movies that happen to have lgbt characters you know. Like sure coming out movies are fine but where's my movie about the girl who wants to win homecoming Queen who happens to be trans and instead of the movie being like "look at her she is a trans homecomming Queen " it's "look at this homecoming Queen by the way she's trans" but also doing this without erasing her transness. For straight people this is a balancing act which is why we need more lgbt directors/ writers/actors

oh yes yes yes absolutely!!! I agree 100%. It’s a not-so-difficult thing to do that cis and straight writers have no idea how to do… or have no idea that it’s possible because of their internalized queerphobia. I would love to see more movies and books like this. I really really hope to have some in the future.

The Suit Doesn’t Make the Man

For @jlsadphoenix, who wanted platonic hurt/comfort between Peter and Tony

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A/N: I wrote Trans!Peter bc I love the idea of Tony being super supportive Iron Dad who loves his Trans Spider Son soooo

The wind felt nice against Peter’s cheeks. They were hot, and wet, so the wind chilled his skin. He sat crouched at the top of a building. He had been sitting there only for a few minutes, trying to get himself to stop crying, to stop choking on sobs, telling himself over and over “come on, Peter, it doesn’t matter.” But the tears kept coming.

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Peter Benjamin Parker

A/N: For anon, who wanted some pre-transition Peter Parker. I wasn’t sure what to do with this? So I decided maybe coming out! Also I wanted to do some demigirl MJ lol so that’s there too.

I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted so if you want to be more specific, please feel free to send me another request! This was fun anyway though <3

Also, I got the name headcanon from someone but I don’t remember who. If you’re reading this, thank you. Also, Sydni suggested I make Peter dorkier, but I couldn’t figure out exactly how, so please forgive me. 

I’m really sorry this took so long, nano has been eating me alive. 

When Peter figured out he was a boy, it was like finally drinking water after years in a desert. He had been feeling vaguely depressed for months, totally and completely detached from himself and his body.

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My Name is Peter Parker and I’m Not Scared of You

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This was kind of inspired by a comment on one of my other fics. They said something about Peter’s first day of school, and I really liked the idea. 

Content warning for some transphobia. 

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This fic takes place before Peter got his powers, since it’s my headcanon that the bite gave him a big boost in testosterone, which would be weird if he only recently started his transition. 

Also, the title is a reference to Iron Man 3 with Tony’s line to the Mandarin: “My name is Tony Stark, and I’m not scared of you.”

Looking back, Peter was thankful that he had reached the realization that he was trans before school started. He could only imagine how awkward it would be to have to correct his new teachers after they had gotten used to calling him “Karen,” and hearing all his classmates whisper whenever it came up.

He just felt like it would be easier, less painful, if he started the year out as Peter Parker.

It was the morning school started. Peter’s hair had been freshly cut, his wardrobe completely redone, and two months’ worth of testosterone already in his system.

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