trans erasure

I’m happy that folks who want to get married can, but I have a hard time saying that stonewall laid the groundwork for this

Stonewall laid the groundwork for that which hasn’t happened yet: trans justice, youth homelessness, universal healthcare, prison abolition

My readings of Sylvia Rivera don’t allow me to say stonewall laid the groundwork for marriage equality when their descendants still don’t have justice

It’s deeply crass to see other cis folks say this knowing full well how trans folks have been silenced & erased to accomplish this victory

Most importantly, folks who threw all their weight behind marriage equality need to keep their word that once this was accomplished we tackle other things

Folks got orgs, movements, lives that have existed outside of this exclusivist nexus that need funding, support, love, healing, energy

So celebrate, but choose your words wisely

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Over 200 different groups participated in Chicago’s pride parade this year. As usual, hundreds of thousands of people showed up to view the event in one way or another. Personally, I went to promote Project Queer and document what I saw. And honestly, what I saw sickened me. 

Above is a pie chart that I made using a list of pride parade participants (found here).

The findings were as follows:

  • OTHER: 29

The “other” consists of local sports teams, dance groups, environmental groups, animal rights groups. etc. Draw your own conclusions. I will be writing more about this later.

ok i’m getting pretty sick of seeing cutesy posts where people say being gay/lesbian is their form of birth control

because, yes, two cis gay men or two cis lesbian women cannot reproduce together, but a trans man and a cis man could, a trans woman and a cis woman could

but that’s the point. more casual cissexism that erases the existence and experience of trans folk. so please cut it out
Words Matter: Why The Misgendering and Erasure of Trans Women is Literally Killing Them

The CDC’s ridiculous characterization and misgendering of trans women as men who have sex with men is contributing to the HIV crisis cutting a massive swath through transwomen.

LINK TW: transmisogyny, t slurs, problematic language, HIV stigma

i was really enjoying that ‘body love’ video by mary lambert, about women who have body insecurity and how society makes women have impossible expectations about their bodies and how this leads to disastrous things… like, it was powerful and amazing, and it wasn’t just a video full of skinny white women!  

and then the man started showing up and i was like, what’s this about?  it turns out that it was a trans man…  

can we talk about this, cis lesbians? (and well, cis queer women in general, cuz i doubt lesbians are the only ones who do this) 

trans men are not women.  they never have been women.  they are men, just at the term 'trans men’ would suggest.

you know a group of women who face a great deal of body issues and a fuck ton of stigma about their bodies by society and how absolutely devastating to them that is as a community?  trans women, especially trans women of color.  do you realize how powerful it would have been to see a trans woman in that video?  instead of having a man take off his shirt to reveal the scars of his top surgery, to have trans woman?  because right now that video is saying that trans men are women, and trans women don't exist in this space.  and that is fucked.
Is homosexuality (and heterosexuality) inherently transphobic?

Edit 29/07/2013: I’m getting a lot of hits from Tumblr from people who apparently don’t understand the point of this post. I am not specifically ‘picking on evil lesbians/gay men’ - but asking ques…

This is a really excellent post which has been receiving quite a bit of radscum backlash in the past few days. Please read it, think about it, and then go support the OP. This is such an important discussion to be had, and it’s sad that it’s been the target of so much hate.