trans day of visibility

happy tdov to closeted trans girls 🌼
happy tdov to closeted trans boys 🌼
happy tdov to closeted nb people 🌼

you all deserve to feel safe and welcome in the trans community


The couple of months that I spent transitioning while still in the closet were some of the hardest of my life. Having little things I could do to help myself feel cute got me through the day, and reminded me of the exciting new life I was exploring at home. Unfortunately, every change provoked an avalanche of unsolicited comments - everyone kept asking “why this why that”. When I eventually came out, everyone kinda went “ohhhhh”.

This is an unreleased comic from my Trans Day of Visibility series from last year! I have some more coming, in addition to some ~exciting news~…


Last thing today; if you are trans and you’ve spent this TDOV still closeted and still hiding and seeing all the selfies and the visibility and such - know that you are still valid, you are still you, and its absolutely more than okay to wait. You should never feel pressured by anyone to come-out, and noone will or can take away from you who you really and truly are.

with trans day of visibility coming up (on march 31st) here’s a reminder that nonbinary people 100% have every right to participate.

tdov is for ALL trans people, not only binary trans people. nonbinary people are allowed to participate, they’re not taking anything away from binary trans folks or doing anything wrong by doing so. ⭐⭐

Happy Trans Day of Visibilty everyone!

Happy Trans Day of Visibilty to those who are out and proud!

Happy Trans Day of Visibilty to those who are closested!

Happy Trans Day of Visibility to those who can only celebrate online!

Happy Trans Day of Visibilty to those who are nonbinary, genderfluid, a demiboy, a demigirl, genderflux, agender who identify with trans!

Happy Trans Day of Visibilty to those who came before us and will come after us!

on this trans day of visibility i want to give a special shoutout to nonbinary trans people, especially those of you who aren’t sure whether or not you’re allowed to participate because you feel like being nonbinary means you’re “not trans enough” to count. 

you’re still trans. you do count. you have every right to make yourself heard.

happy trans day of visibility, nonbinary trans people. it’s your day, too.

Tomorrow is Trans Day of Visibility: a day to celebrate the strength of our community, and to recognize those fighting a constant, often unseen, battle to simply be You. We see you. TDOV is for every challenge and triumph we face as individuals and a community; it is a day to hold space for those who cannot be visible, and a plea for action and acceptance.

We are a trans-owned and operated company, and value building in our community. Our goal is to uplift all who occupy space under the trans umbrella and to pay homage to the constellation of identities we embody.

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