trans atlantic trade partnership

The cynic in me can’t help but think that this gay marriage stuff is supposed to distract the public from the shit that’s going on with TPP, TAFTA, and the Fast Track.

You know how everyone thinks that government is essentially run by private dealings, corporate payoffs, and special interest groups? The Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement are bills that are going to make that shit law. Your rights, our government, our system of laws, and the international economy will essentially all become subservient to the interests of the largest corporations on the planet. 

The long and short of it is if a big corporation or business feels like a law or regulation is fucking with the profits they feel like they should be making, they are able to sue the government for millions in taxpayer dollars. 

Think it’s shitty that we’re trillions of dollars in debt, our national spending is out of control, and our nation is essentially collapsing in on itself? Just wait until we are losing billions to every mega-corp that feels they are entitled to earning more money and that you are encroaching on their rights by not paying them more.

We made a huge stride forward for gay rights and civil rights. It’s a shame this even had to be up for debate, considering that basic inalienable human rights shouldn’t even be up to the public to decide. They are RIGHTS for fuck’s sake…

But while that is happening and the media is blitzing you with every minor story and every stupid celebrity tweet on the subject, some really serious shit is happening and it needs to be paid attention to, because in a few months, this shit might be law, and if that happens, we’re fucked in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.