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positive sapphic stereotypes

(based on people i know irl/on tumblr)

lesbians: have their life together, or at least act like it. snapbacks and flannels for days. takes a Lot of selfies just 2 admire later. Cool Mom™ vibe

bi girls: damm do these girls love their flag colors!!! fashion sense is 👌🏻also so many fucken Puns and fun facts

pan girls: radiate this weird Sunshine Aura??? like idk how to describe it but y'all are so Bright u know?? optimistic and smiling and just Happy it’s good

nonbinary wlw: probably has dyed hair and listens to fall out boy. gay but won’t admit it. talks about existence and psychology to friends to weird them out

trans wlw: pro @ video games and generally chill but will debate u for DAYS and win. usually have cool hobbies n stories to tell. probably a communist

Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair for spiritual reasons ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair just because they like it ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who do want to cut their hair short ✨

My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!


Some art for my trans boy Jay fic Boys Aren’t Meant To Cry.

Trans boy Jason Todd is just so important to me,,,, :’)

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Oh My God! You love Dear Evan Hansen! Yesssss. Since I'm seeing a lot of trans love in your blog (#fuckyeahtrans), you should draw some trans!Evan, Connor, Jared (gayming son), or Zoe!! I love you and your art sm!

hanging out with your tf (tree friend)

i rlly just saw someone in discourse say that cis lgbp people don’t challenge gender roles and like…. yeah they aren’t challenging the societal expectation to be cis but are y'all really going to pretend that butch lesbians/feminine gay men/androgynous lgbp people aren’t challenging roles or that it isn’t an expectation itself to date someone of the opposite gender (ex: as in it’s one of women’s roles to find a husband and have kids)

A sort-of sequel to this

“That character can’t be trans, because ____”

“They have a higher/lower pitched voice!”
Voice pitch doesn’t indicate gender. Some boys/men have higher pitched voices and some women have lower pitched voices, whether or not they’re trans. Trans people, usually adults, can also go through vocal training to make their voices higher/lower. Another thing to consider is that for younger characters, all voices are pretty high pitched. Young boys can often sing soprano in choirs and there’s a reason young cartoon boys are often voiced by teenage girls.

“We’ve seen them shirtless/in a bra!”
Shirtless trans boys: If they are younger, puberty might not have kicked in yet, so they have a flat chest. For older boys who would have gone through/are going through puberty, they could just have small breasts, took/are taking puberty blockers, or are taking T. Any boy who is 18+ may have gotten top surgery.
Trans girls with bras: This mostly applies to teenage/adult characters. They could be wearing a water bra/stuffed a bra/bra with padding. Again, they could also be taking hormones or have had top surgery done.

“They’re too young/too old to be trans!”
You are never the wrong age to realize you’re trans. Young kids can know as soon as they are developed enough to actually think/process things. For older people, they might have not realized what they were feeling was something significant/not just a random thought or that it is okay to be trans until recently. It could also be that they transitioned some time before, maybe when they were young, maybe not. This is a really weak argument.

“The creator said they weren’t trans!”
It really doesn’t matter. If the creator of a show says they’re not trans then they aren’t trans in canon, but that won’t stop us from imagining these characters as trans. Part of being in a fandom is recreating the characters and showing them to others in a new light, that might not be canon, but honestly who cares? A lot of artists and writers can show our favorite characters as trans in a good/cool way while not making that the whole idea of the work. As long as the original traits of the character aren’t lost, it’s fantastic. Getting upset for this reason is like getting upset because someone colored a person’s hair the wrong shade of brown.

“I don’t want my favorite characters to be trans!”
Congrats, you’re transphobic. 
I’d also like to point out that just because you don’t really agree with/can’t see a character being trans doesn’t really make you transphobic. In fact, I even have trouble seeing some characters as trans. But if it makes you cry cis tears/makes you mad to see trans people have fun/don’t like the idea of rubbing our little trans hands all over it, you are transphobic.

Any other bullshit reason
I don’t give a shit, any character can be trans and we don’t need reasoning to think that.

Also take into consideration characters who haven’t realized their trans/haven’t come out yet and don’t present as their actual gender 


Happy trans day of visibility!! (She/her)
(Guest star: my mom’s dog Snowy, named after Tin Tin’s dog)

A caution about asking pronouns.

Gender-related etiquette is rarely simple.

In fact, no etiquette is as simple as people want to make questions like this.  Basically, you’re never going to find a simple formula that applies to all people in all situations.  And anyone claiming there is one simple formula is either misleading you or has been misled themselves.

But what am I specifically talking about today?

You know how trans, genderless, gender-ambiguous (as seen by others), and/or gender non-conforming people (and anyone I forgot) are always getting rude, invasive comments and questions that can often lead to physical or social violence if we don’t answer, or don’t answer correctly?

Like, “Are you a boy or a girl?”  I have had people get in my face and demand to know that, getting louder and more threatening the more I stayed silent.  And being totally unable to respond even if I’d wanted to.  I was 13 the first time someone asked me if I was a “she-male”.  

Well… you know how there’s that ever-present question, that everyone asks to try to be polite?  “What are your preferred pronouns?”

Just be aware that for a whole lot of people any or all of the following may be true, and you can’t tell by looking or even by whether they answer you or not:

  • The answer may not be simple.
  • The answer may change day to day.
  • They may not know the answer.
  • There may not be an answer.
  • They might regard the answer as personal and none of your business.
  • They might find the reminder of their gender experiences upsetting.
  • Regardless of whether there is an answer, they may find the question just as invasive and with the potential of social (and even other kinds of) violence as my aggressive encounters with people asking “Are you a boy or a girl?” 
  • Answering may force them to think within a framework that’s alien to their experience of gender.
  • They may regard such an answer as just a more socially acceptable (in trans circles) form of the “Are you a boy or a girl?” question.
  • Any answer they give, even if truthful as to their preferences, may be misleading in other respects, and thus they don’t want to answer.
  • They don’t want to give the impression that they’ll judge you if you forget their pronouns.
  • They don’t want to answer but they don’t want to call attention to themselves by not answering.

One of my favorite quotes, relevant here:  

“The tight weave of traditions that makes a comfortable hammock for some just as surely makes a noose that strangles others.” -Anneli Rufus

That goes for new traditions as well as old ones.  I understand why asking pronouns is the height of politeness and respect for some people.  Really, I do understand that, it requires no explanation.  But try to keep in mind that for other people, it can be intrusive, confusing, and emotionally devastating.  I wish I could tell you how to tell the difference, but I’m not sure anybody knows that.  

If this confuses you at all, think of a situation where there’s a question that some people don’t care if you ask, and others find incredibly rude and invasive:  “How much money do you make?” “When’s the baby due?”  And remember that often asking pronouns is another way of asking gender and not everyone finds it non-invasive for you to ask – or demand – to know their gender.

Just know that there are people who feel so strongly about the ritual of making everyone go around the room and say their preferred pronouns, that they will stop coming around to LGBTQ events where this ritual has become expected of everyone.  And be aware that saying “I’d rather not say” can, in itself, single a person out even more for attention they don’t want in the first place, as well as mislead people who make snap judgments about things like that.

As to how to deal with a social world where some people want very much for you to ask their pronouns, while others want just as much for you not to… I think everyone is going to have to figure that out as we go along.  But awareness that this custom is not universally respectful is the first step towards figuring anything out.  And a lot of people overlook this as even being a possibility.  So – I don’t pretend to know the answers, but at least I’m asking the question.

[This post originated from conversations with people who find the question much more consistently invasive than I do.  Whether I find the question invasive depends on the environment.  But just understand that not everyone wants the very first thing that happens in a meeting, to be asked an intense personal question that might dredge up all kinds of unwanted emotions and social possibilities.  And they may not always be able or willing to let you know.  How you deal with this information is up to you, just know that you’d be surprised who feels this way and who doesn’t, sometimes.]

Since it’s Pride Month and I’m pissed off...

Something I haven’t seen discussed nearly enough (i.e. Not At All) is the fact that asexuality/romanticism is essentially the Sexual/Romantic Orientation Equivalent™ of non-binary genders. I say this as somebody who is non-binary, experiences different-sex attraction, and is on both the ace/aro spectrums. If you can’t be bothered to read it, go to my TL;DR

With sexual orientation and gender identity, there is a “default” (or at least, something which is considered to be a default). These “defaults” are:

A. Cisgender (i.e. identifying as your assigned gender).
B. Heterosexual/romantic (i.e. experiencing “opposite”-sex attraction).

In the cases of both non-binary genders and asexuality/romanticism, these “defaults” are deviated from. Non-binary people don’t identify as their assigned gender, and ace/aro people don’t experience “opposite”-sex attraction. Many people in the LGBTQ+ community believe that aro/aces are not LGBTQ+ because they don’t experience same-sex attraction. I can kind of see where they’re coming from, but that’s putting attraction into two categories:

1. Experiencing, to some extent, same-sex attraction. (LGBTQ+)
2. Only experiencing “opposite”-sex attraction. (Not LGBTQ+) 

Saying that asexuality/romanticism isn’t LGBTQ+ is saying that in order to be LGBTQ+, you must fall to some extent into the first category, and that if you don’t, you’re not LGBTQ+. Again, I kind of see that argument. But let’s look at this in terms of gender identity.

1. Identifying, to some extent, with the “opposite” gender. (LGBTQ+)
2. Only identifying with your assigned gender. (Not LGBTQ+)

Following the same logic as before, which we just used with attraction, these are the two “identity categories”, if you will. Now, I’m non-binary, and you know what? I don’t identify even slightly with either male or female. I identify and feel comfortable with aspects of both masculinity and femininity, but not with either of those genders. I don’t fall into that first category. I was assigned male at birth. I now identify as non-binary. I do not identify to any extent whatsoever with “female”. Would anyone even fucking dream of telling me that I’m Not Fucking LGBTQ+ simply because I don’t identify enough with my “Opposite Gender” to satisfy their Queer Quota? No! So why would they tell ace/aro people that they’re Not Fucking LGBTQ+ simply because they don’t experience enough same-sex attraction to satisfy them? Double fucking standard. Again, I say this as someone who identifies with elements of both non-binary and asexuality/romanticism. 

TL;DR By all means, keep on thinking ace/aro people aren’t LGBTQ+ and making posts about them not being qualified to celebrate Pride. I’m not going to unfollow/block you. But understand that when I see that, I feel that you also don’t consider my non-binary identity to be “LGBTQ+ enough. And if you read this and think “well, of course non-binary people are LGBTQ+, that’s obvious!” (which, hopefully, you will) then just bear in mind that the same logic you apply to non-binary genders should also be applied to asexual/romantic sexual orientations. 

More trans Keith headcanons!

-As a child, before he even knew what trans was or that he even was a boy, he tried really hard to be like other girls. He tried to imitate what other girls would do like play with dolls or even obsess of ponies and things of the sort. He just didn’t understand why he wasn’t like the other little girls so he tried to imitate them to fit in and not be “weird”

-Even if he tried to fit in with the girls, he still wanted to be “one of the boys”

-Once he got his hands on some craft scissors and chopped off all his hair, it was a terrible jagged cut, with no way of fixing it aside from just buzzing it, but he felt so much better. No one was really happy with him though

-When he got into the garrison, he had everything legally changed over. He changed his name to Keith on his birth certificate.

-He bought tons of binders and started T. The Garrison was even nice enough to help fund his transition

-Unfortunately, he became a paladin of voltron before he could get top surgery and he only brought the clothes on his back (the one binder)

-Keith usually keeps an extra binder in the pouches on his hips, but due to spontaneity, he didn’t have any on his random space trip to the castle ship

I’ll probably come up with more eventually, these are just the ones that I’ve been thinking up for awhile. I also am trying to work on a fanfic with trans Keith in it. Like, people, do you understand how much I love trans Keith??? I’m always down to talk trans Keith

@buckyflowercrown I hope that you enjoy these haha these are just some that I’ve had in mind for some time now

  • some scrub: you can't just make this character trans without probable cause, they need a complex and viable reason to be trans, they have to experience terrible dysphoria and they have to have A REASON TO BE TRANS dont pander to an audience
  • me: *points at my character* boom they're trans now just cause