trans androgynous

the level of lesbian representation in media is bad as it is but the type of representation is pathetic too. it’s almost exclusively white, thin, feminine women playing lesbians. where are the butch lesbians? the androgynous lesbians? the lesbians of color? the fat lesbians? the trans lesbians? it’s hard to feel attractive and confident in our already marginalized sexuality when we don’t see ourselves portrayed in fictional relationships or at all.

happy pride month everyone im queer & i made a calendar🌈💖

(these are the official days of pride i didnt make them up i just wanted to make my version of it. Celebrate LGBT+ everyday please stop bringing negativity to my post. I also apologize for getting the Agender flag wrong its just what kept coming up when i searched for “Agender Flag”. Thank you to everyone who has helped educate me instead of being rude.) I hope everyone has a happy pride!🌈💖

Shoutout to trans and other non cis people who have changed their names and have exams coming up or recently had exams where you’re forced to write your birth name. You are super valid and incredibly strong and I hope you do well on all of your exams

when you’re trans/nb but not out yet, and you’re defending the trans/nb community but then they ask say “but you’re not trans, so why do you even care?!”

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Gentle reminder that you can be trans the way you want to be trans

You’re open about being trans or even an openly trans activist? That’s fine!
You’re living stealth? That’s fine!

You love being trans? That’s fine!
You hate being trans? That’s fine! (I’m sorry, but still it’s fine!)

You feel like you’re genitals don’t determine your gender and therefor don’t want bottom surgery? That’s fine!
You feel like your genitals do determine your gender and therefor you want bottom surgery? That’s fine!

You’re attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!
You’re not attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!

We are all individuals and we all do things our own way. And that’s fine!
Don’t start arguments or fights because we don’t always see eye to eye on what it’s like to be trans. We can’t always see eye to eye, because we’re all living our own version of it.

Let’s embrace our differences and stick together. We need each other!

Hey bearded trans men trying to get into restrooms with the governor’s wife: you forgot about us! Stop scapegoating trans women who don’t pass as cisgender, gender nonconforming folks, and nonbinary people. We should be allowed into whatever restroom we want, regardless of what we look like.

Sincerely, a trans dyke

  • cis person: so r u a girl or a boy?
  • agender/neutrois/nonbinary: lol no
  • androgyne/bigender/genderqueer: yes? wait, i have to choose?!
  • genderfluid/genderflux/fluidflux: ummm, fuck -- what the fuck??? u kno what, just ask me tomorrow
  • demigirl/demiboy: i kinda am, i kinda ain't, and i kinda wanna die tbh
  • demifluid/demiflux: no? yes??? i don't know. maybe
  • polygender/pangender: *wheezes* wait, what --