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I think it’s going to be hard to argue that one group of people is traumatized by having to go in a certain bathroom while another is not. Everyone’s been in such a hubbub about this that I have no doubt there are cis kids who are getting freaked out by the bathroom thing too.

I am absolutely certain that there are people (both kids and adults) who are freaked out about going into a bathroom with a trans person. And I am sure that there are people who can (and will) argue that sharing a bathroom or changing facility with a trans person goes against deeply held religious beliefs about the definition of gender/sex. I am also certain that while those individuals may feel discomfort, trans folks face very real risks of harassment and assault for using bathroom/changing facilities that don’t match their gender identity/expression in addition to personal discomfort and privacy concerns. 

I’m not willing to trade away the rights of trans students simply to make someone else more comfortable. We’ve been treated as second-class citizens long enough.

I am sympathetic to the argument that we need more privacy in public bathrooms and changing facilities in general. I’m all in favor of creating more single-occupancy or partitioned spaces, because I think all sorts of people feel more comfortable that way. But that’s a debate on cost and priorities that has nothing to do with gender identity.

I don’t mean to diminish the real discomfort this student felt. But for me, that moment of discomfort is a chance for learning and growth about the diversity of experience out there, not the basis for a lawsuit aimed at denying the rights of thousands of vulnerable students.

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hey, I understand like, somepeople get offended when someone plays a trans character, but if you regulate gender because its "not reality"if so every mental disorder every idea we build role-playing off is ridiculous, none of this is real. so why limit someones writing? so what Mikeys trans, that wrter has never offended me and I AM TRANS. they represent the gender changer perfectly. I really think they should be allowed to stay

Nothing about him being kicked has been mentioned whatsoever. All we asked from the writer was for them to please either play Mikey as his real life gender, which is CIS, or to play an original character with a faceclaim that is also transgender. We even offered to find a faceclaim suitable for an original character male trans. 

We told them that us, as mods, are offended and uncomfortable with Mikey being portrayed as transgender. We have received multiple, not one, anon about it that writers here are uncomfortable with it aswell. I, myself, didn’t notice this small tidbit about Mikey because I’m not always on the dashboard and didn’t accept him initially to notice it was a thing. 

I’d also like to point out, being transgender is not a mental disorder. You cannot branch depression and bipolar disorder in the same category as being transgender. You cannot diagnose and treat being transgender. You cannot get medication to make yourself feel better about being transgender. Mental disorders are not the same thing as being transgender. 

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I am a trans woman, I don't pass, and as such I don't often experience what it is like to be a woman. We could definitely use more games without sexism, but I feel that, at least for me, I actually do occasionally want to be reminded that people hate the person I want to be. But I do agree that the game may have been better sticking to one fantasy world rather than switching it out for a sexist one partway through. It's lazy writing, familiar tropes to make the outside world look hostile.

Thank you for your perspective. I absolutely think there’s lots of room for stories that do discuss these issues, of course - just also with some variety too!

Unpopular opinion time
  • Cisgender people aren’t automatically transphobic just because they’re cis.
  • White people aren’t automatically racist because they’re white.
  • Men aren’t automatically misogynistic, rapists or abusers, just because they’re men.
  • Everyone can be racist to everyone else of a different race. Reverse racism doesn’t exist, it’s just racism, everyone is capable of it.
  • Anyone who lies about rape accusations should receive prison time.
  • Everyone is entitled to a proper course of justice in the court of law.
  • Transgender men should be put in men’s prisons, transgender women should be put in women’s prisons.
  • Women can be abusive to their partners. Do not automatically victimise women or say “this motive means that the man deserved it” are you fucked in the head?
  • People who are incapable of looking after their child should not receive custody over the other parent.
  • Feminism is great. Everyone deserves equality, and the proper precautions should be put in place at demonstrations. However, extreme feminism is not great. It gives feminism a bad name. If you go out there shouting “MEN ARE PIGS!” “MEN DESERVE TO DIE!” and all that bullshit, you’re a fucking moron.
  • Transpecies and transrace are not things. You cannot be cat, or a horse or a fucking bunny rabbit. You cannot be black, or Asian or anything else to the race you were born. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Go ahead and call me transphobic (even though I’m not)
  • The amount of genders and sexualities that Tumblr is creating is fucking ridiculous. “Angeligender– A gender found only among angels, that is hard to describe to non-angels. For godkin and angelkin only.” “Lichtgender- A gender represented by a ball of light.” “Zodiacgender– A catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign.” I’m sorry, what?? What the fuck? No.
  • There is not 76 fucking genders. Fuck off.
  • If you are transgender male and deliberately present as female, or transgender female and deliberately present as male, and then complain that someone misgendered you, that’s your fault, nobody else’s.
  • If you are 13 and your boyfriend is 20, I’m sorry, but he’s a paedophile. “Age is just a number” yeah, then prison is just a room.
  • Stalking celebrities to a point where you find out where they live is NOT okay. Stop being a creepy little weirdo and play outside or some shit.
  • You are not edgy because you hate people. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing mental health issues. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing other medical issues. You’re a twat.

“[Jin is] an oldest hyung that’s like a maknae. You’ll never find an oldest hyung like this anywhere else. He’s a childish oldest hyung.” - Yoongi

Keith, at the store because Lance is having his monthly: :< 

Clerk: How can I help you?

Keith: Oh I’m just picking up some pads for my boyfriend. 

Clerk: That’s so sweet. :3 

Keith: :3 

daily reminder that gnc trans ppl exist and we arent just faking being trans !

a gnc trans boy who only likes to wear dresses and skirts and who does his makeup all the time is still a boy!

a gnc trans girl with short hair and who only wears masculine clothing and never presents feminine is still a girl!

being gender nonconforming is not a cis only experience and trans people who are gnc are still 100% trans and 100% wonderful