people really need to stop making fun of young trans boys who go through the “im a soft plant boy uwu” phase, who dye their hair pastel colors, who go through the space prince phase, who dresses very feminine. realizing you’re trans can be pretty tough so staying “soft” can be a good middle ground for these young boys who were previously raised feminine. making fun of young trans men that call themselves soft/soft boys is so harmful. let them find themselves, grow out of it on their own. if you consider yourself an “elder” and make fun of these kids you’re a terrible role model.

if you’re cis you can rb this just don’t speak on the subject

Things that don’t have gender:

  • Comestics
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Colors
  • Names
  • Beauty products
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Accessories
  • Interests
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Jobs
  • Apps
  • Nature
  • Scents
  • Clothing styles
  • Jewelry
  • Drinks
  • Video games

Stop saying they do because you look stupid, thanks


I love the idea that both Habuko and Tsuyu are trans girls! also i love the headcanon, about both of them being in the same primary high school and Habuko also was obsessed with Tsuyu. But both actually didn’t remember about it until they saw old photos of them being children!



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[img: model in a red binder against a grey background with their back turned to the camera. a backpack is lightly drawn over their back. text: ‘BACK TO SCHOOL? WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK’ // second slide: the same model in profile. text: ‘…AND EVEN YOUR FRONT’]

Lesbian is such a beautiful word. Never let anyone tell you that you should identify with something less “forceful” or “exclusive”. Take pride in who you are and how you choice to identify. We are beautiful, handsome, and all around stunning!

To my trans/nb lesbians, this post is, of course, for you as well. This community flourishes because you are in it, never let anyone tell you differently.

(TRANS) 180809 Baekhyun’s Twitter replies

1:49 PM Fan: Ah I’m going crazy, today Baekhyun’s clothes are a fashion that makes me remember what he said during the fanmeeting
Baekhyun: What did I say again?…kekekeke

1:53 PM Fan: What he said was because his hips are wide, he liked loose fitting clothes that cover his hips when he’s not performing? I think that’s what he said, Baekhyunnie said that right or not
Baekhyun: woah..your memory…woaah..

2:12 PM Fan: I wonder what it feels like to just talk to yourself on twitter like normal but then Baekhyun replies to you…I’m jealous
Baekhyun: This is what it feels like!!

2:12 PM Fan: Baekhyun,,are those who received your mentions still alive
Baekhyun: Knock knock. Are you alive?!^^ kekekekuk

2:12 PM Fan: Baekhyun, this guy, has excellent skin
Baekhyun: This guy…does he have good skin??

2:14 PM Fan: Baekhyun-ah international fans exist
Baekhyun: I’m here too

2:15 PM Fan: It’s so cute how Baekhyun sends replies ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he’ll appear and peek in then reply then ppyong disappear ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Baekhyun: I’m still here though?..

2:15 PM Fan: Seriously Baekhyunnie is so this point, 70% of his body consists of honey rather than water
Baekhyun: Ah. I’m bleeding honey..please (give me) some ointment

2:16 PM Fan: I had a bad dream but I became happy when I saw Baekhyun’s mentions 💗💗 He’s so kind,,
Baekhyun: No bad dreams~~🙅🏻‍♂️

2:17 PM Fan: Give us Baekhyunnie’s ASMR
Baekhyun: (Ha Heellooo ooh~~)

2:18 PM Fan: I feel like when Baekhyun is typing it will make click click noises
Baekhyun: 뽀쨕뽀쨕뽀뽀쨧쨕. 뽀로록록록쨔자작쨕 (a bunch of clicking noises)

2:18 PM Fan: I mean if I keep posting a ton of tweets maybe Baekhyunnie..will someday…also (reply to) me..
Baekhyun: If you can confirm your tons (of tweets)..I’ll acknowledge..

2:19 PM Fan: Baekhyun-ah I’m waiting for the collab ㅠㅠ I’m really really anticipating
Baekhyun: Please just wait a little bit more!

2:19 PM Fan: Seriously if it was for me I would like to take this opportunity to spill all my feelings from my 6 years of stanning. Baekhyun-ah please just know that you’re receiving lots of love. I love you a lot and cherish you
Baekhyun: Thank you!🙆‍♂️

2:20 PM Fan: If i receive a reply from Baekhyun I’ll dance in our school hallway,, I’ll dance monster,,
Baekhyun: Alright now it’s time to verify..let’s go!! you can call me mongster!!

2:20 PM Fan: It’s definitely clear that Baekhyun is searching ‘Baekhyun’. Baekhyun-ah if you see this post please say 'We will all become happy’!!! EXO! EXO-L! Let’s all be healthy and happy and let’s love
Baekhyun: Woah..correct..what else do I have to search?!

2:21 PM Fan: Seriously Baekhyun’s replies are so amazing,,,I was hit and killed,,
Baekhyun: Let’s not die.. ㅠㅠ

2:21 PM Fan: Not being able to get Baekhyun’s attention neither on Instagram nor V App nor Twitter
Baekhyun: Oh you are upset!?