[160901 JK BDAE TRANS SERIES] Jungkook's school life anecdote

(OP is Jungkook’s ex-classmate)

Jungkook transferred from Busan to Seoul to study when he was in 2nd year of middle school and he was already a trainee at that time.

As he practiced until late at night, he was always tired and slept almost every math lesson ㅋㅋ

And whenever he woke up, he’d say the sentence he say everyday, “ah ssaem (teacher)! What if I can’t graduate to high school? ㅜㅜㅜ?”
Their teacher replied “then you should wake up now and start studying hard!” and Jungkook will go “Ha……” and sigh loudly

Although he came to Seoul for quite a period of time, he’d always speak in Busan accent ㅋ

And although people might mistake Jungkook as a “gangster-ish” kid since he doesn’t study well, he’s not like that.. Their teacher even told the class that “he (Jungkook” is not a bad kid"

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[160901] Jungkook's Birthday Interview TRANS

The main vocal, sub rapper, lead dancer of BTS, “Golden Maknae” Jungkook has had his 20th birthday this 1st Sep. 

Jungkook is finally 20 years old. “There’s many things I want to do and I want to become adult faster”, let’s look at the birthday special interview by the highly expected Maknae Jungkook who has many dreams.

Gender-neutral washrooms coming to all high schools within Peel board
There are currently 32 high schools within the Peel District School Board.

The Peel District School Board says by the end of the upcoming school year, every single public high school in the region will have a gender-neutral washroom.

The announcement was made by school board officials on Wednesday morning.

Brian Woodland, the director of communications for the Peel board, said the first school to implement a gender-neutral washroom was Jean Augustine Secondary School in Brampton.

There are currently 32 high schools within the Peel District School Board.

The move, Woodland added, is to ensure that the washrooms offer a place of safety for any student that needs it.

He added that the board is also going to begin discussing whether these washrooms should be provided at middle schools.

Shoutout to Jen Richards, re: Mark Ruffalo’s Anything

A big thumbs up to Jen Richards, aka. @smartassjen for the excellent set of Tweets around the in production Mark Ruffalo/Matt Bomen movie Anything. Apparently the production team didn’t get the memo around the previous uproar from the trans community over casting choices and trans involvement for films like Dallas Buyers Club, The Danish Girl, About Ray, etc. 

When major filmmakers telling trans stories fail to do due diligence - at the bare minimum bringing on a contingent of trans folks in writing/production/consulting roles and preferably in significant roles in the actual cast as well - and then claim they just had the “right people” it feels disingenuous. And it’s not like this is hard stuff to fix, there are plenty of talented trans folks ready to step up for all sorts of these roles, and if you can’t find them at first, do some digging or you know…train them. And there’s no shortage of trans folks who would be eager and honored to step on board to help advise or work on a major film production in any number of capacities that could help alleviate these legitimate concerns and make for stronger stories, better character portrayals, and frankly more interesting and nuanced (and, when appropriate, funny!) art.

And really the worst part here is that while there are a lot of trans stories that are worth telling, more fictional stories about trans sex workers written by cis men, directed by cis men, and acted by cis men just aren’t the ones we’re in need of right now. Instead, give us more things like Her Story and Tangerine. Build stories, characters, and worlds where we can be authentic, complex, funny, evil, weird, beautiful, and more. Do better, Hollywood.

The calculated irony of treating an affiliation to a school of political and philosophical thought as a personal identity and demographic (’t/erf is a slur’, headcannoning people as t/erfs, etc) while treating a demographic of people w no ideological consistency throughout them and no shared politics as a philosophical and theoretical movement (‘genderists’, 'transactivists’, 'the trans cult’)

August 27 2016 - Direct Action for Trans Health, No Prisons Manchester, and the IWW Incarcerated Workers Committee marched in protest of the Greater Manchester Police having a space at Pride. They entered the march in front of the group of police marchers and blocked their way. [video]

Queer and trans people are disproportionately affected by prisons in the UK (based on experiences: the exact extent is not known due to a lack of research and transparency from the Ministry of Justice). We are punished for self-defence, and already have higher rates of suicide, self-harm, drug abuse, and other harms which are exacerbated by prison.
We’re here to draw attention to the police presence at Manchester Pride – there’s no pride in keeping people in cages!