150703 Luhan Weibo Update:
I just saw the news that someone spent ¥40000 to buy press pass to enter the venue yesterday. I know you guys want to support me, but next time please don’t do this again, I always know you guys are by my side. I will try to get more opportunities to meet everyone in the future! Save the money, let’s do something more meaningful together! Also, I heard many people are doubting my selfie skill???

When they were born they were miracles. When they were toddlers they were angels. They had a bright future ahead.

When they began school the changes already began. She was a princess. He was a superhero. They were caught up in a world of fun and imagination, unaware of what came soon.

5th Grade. They were best friends. He braided her hair. She fixed his bike. Their rivalry also never ended. She was faster. He was stronger. She played ball better. He was more flexible. They were inseparable. If only they knew.

His parents grew apart. Her parents were growing closer. He needed comfort. She was always there. He began to see her differently. She felt unsure of herself. He did something he regretted. She never looked at him again.

They were awkward. He learned to dance. She went to a party. Her mother called from the hospital, her father was just arrested. She wanted an explanation. Her mother told her about the monster she had loved.

High school began. They were growing up. They were anxious. He made many friends. She grew closer to the ones she already had. His parents were back together. She would never speak to her father again. Just as he felt better about himself, a question arose. “Aren’t you gay?” Coming from the girl he had just asked to the movies. He was devastated. He always knew about what it was, but never thought of himself that way. She finally took up sports. She was the best on the team.

The years grew shorter, life became more confusing. He knew who he loved, everyone disagreed. She found her calling, but still questions her identity. The words “fag” and “dyke” soon plagued both their lives.

Love. A word that worried them both. He kept looking for it. She never found it. He didn’t understand. She didn’t care. She thought she was hideous. He felt beautiful. She continued her passion. He hid it from the world.

College. University. The next step. He finally found someone. Someone understood him. But he kept his other life hidden. Her looks continued to change. She was almost happy with herself.

Make up. A skirt. They demanded an explanation. He told them it was his lover’s. They knew he had lied. He never spoke to them again.

She knew what was left. She had the clothes. She had the hair. The look was there. Only one thing was missing. Her savings have all gine towards this.

His girlfriend found out. He feared what was to come. He knew she would leave him. He was wrong. Rather than leave, he received a kiss. He was understood.

She was happy. She was her true self finally. Everything was right with her life. She was now he.

10 years later:

High school reunion. Everyone was grown up. They haven't spoken in years. They finally saw each other. They’ve changed so much, but they recognized each other’s eyes. Both grown men. One wearing a fine tailored suit. The other wore a cocktail dress, rouge lipstick, and heels, along with a wedding band. A woman stood by his side, wrapped around his arm. Their dresses matched. They spoke, “This is the manliest you’ve ever been.”, he said in his newly found voice, “But i bet i could still beat you in a game of 1 on 1.” For the first time in a long time they had a good laugh. Surrounded by those who at one point mocked them, they were finally accepted.


“Him & Her" 

For those who may not understand, this is a love story. But not love for another, love for oneself. It is of two people who learned to accept who they are and embrace their identities. This is a love we must all look for. Something we must all aspire to be. Accepted not only by society, but by ourselves as well. - J.G. Someone who has yet to learn

150703 Luhan Studio Weibo Update:
What things can’t we discuss together that you feel the need to post a selfie? Come, let’s #TeachLuhanHowToSelfie#~ However, little studio has considered to deprive Luhan’s right to take selfies, as for the next half year there will be more public activities, we will have more opportunities to take pictures, trying to let everyone see the clear Lu more, what kind of Boss Lu does everyone want to see? Come~Come~Come~ Tell me~ (Should have some applause here)

You’ll never find a boy

If you don’t grow your hair out.

No, mom, I’ll never find a boy

if I let it grow. The boy’s inside me,

has been, screaming, wailing to be

released, to be me. You torture him

with expectations, dresses and frills

not realizing he’s your son.

We support you, they say.

Support and understanding

are two different ideas,

you’ve mixed them up.

I’m afraid.

Be yourself there’s no one

else to be. Slow down,

girl, you’re rushing.

How do you rush becoming

yourself when you’ve waited

twenty years?

I finally met him.

Shook his hand and said hello,

he’s polite, funny, kind, loving,

passionate, he’s me