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here’s to the trans boy’s who change their name often.

here’s to the trans boy’s who go with a name that’s close to their birth name.

here’s to the trans boy’s who go with a name that’s completely different than their birth name.

here’s to the trans boy’s who go by more than one name, who couldn’t fully settle on one name.

here’s to the trans boy’s who go by their birth name, who never changed their name and never wanted to.

here’s to the trans boy’s who don’t go by a name, who don’t have or want a name - and would rather go by something else when being addressed.

you’re all rad, you’re all important, and you’re all valid, naming yourself is hard and whatever you go with - it’s special to you and it has meaning - don’t panic or think you’re ‘not trans enough’ if you go with something that’s a bit different.

keep being you and keep your head up lads, you’re awesome and doing just fine.

Shoutout to bi people who are attracted to all genders.

Shoutout to bi people who started to ID as bi when they were younger, before they’d ever heard of pansexuality, and so prefer to continue IDing as bi even though they are attracted to all genders.

Shoutout to bi people who feel deeply connected to the culture and history of the bi community and ID as bi to feel connected to that community, even though they’re attracted to all genders.

Shoutout to bi people who need to put up with hearing “but you’re really pan!” or “but bi means two!” all the time, sometimes even from within the LGBT+ community.

And a special shoutout to nonbinary or trans bi people who are attracted to all genders, who sometimes get told that bi people can’t even be attracted to their gender.

Don’t listen to the people who want to tell you how to identify. You know yourself better than anyone, and your identity is completely valid and great.



Jinyoung: We have come back with a new album in about a year’s time. Whenever we release new music I feel excited and nervous. But when I think about being able to share our music with our fans, the wait feels more like happy expectations instead. As B1A4′s albums are released I feel like, one by one, more memories are formed for us to look back at, so I am very happy. I wish for these feelings of ours to be understood by you all, and I wish for this album to be filled with happiness for B1A4 and BANA. To BANA who always watch over us! I’m so thankful, and I love you! Moving forward let’s continue to make many happy memories. Also, to our WM members who always work hard for us, and to our staff who work day and night by our side, thank you so much and I love you.

CNU: It’s exciting to be greeting you with a new album after such a long time. I’ve always missed you. I really missed all of you who cheered ‘B1A4′ loudly whenever we went on stage. I feel like a lot has happened over this time. From our world tour and Seoul concert to our independent activities, during these busy and fast times I have learned and felt a lot of things. My concerns have grown deeper and my thoughts have become more plentiful. If there’s one thing that I’ve come to realize, it’s that our BANA are always there, at the same place, and unchanged. Whenever we feel lost and confused, it is you BANA who help us go back to the place we were. We have BANA who always give us strength, and so for this album too, I am happy. Please don’t forget that when BANA is having a tough time, B1A4 is always by your side too. We will be with you forever. Thank you and thank you again.

Sandeul: (It’s been a while since I wrote a Thanks to so it’s a bit awkward… ; ;) Firstly, to our BANA who looked only at B1A4 during all these times and waited for us, I wanted to say!! Thank you~!!! And to Lee Won Min CEO and Kim Jin Mi chairman who have been like both friend and family and have helped us grow, thank you!! Thank you so much for letting us have so many experiences, and because of you we have been able to improve even more. Hehe WM fighting~!! To our company members who’ve shared my concerns and counselled me!! Because of you I’ve been able to gather courage and prepare much harder. Thank you ㅠㅠ And there’s nothing to say to my members Hehe I’ll lean on you this time as well~^^ For me, I really like how everyone is right now. We give each other strength, and whatever it is we suggest ways to reach for a better path. Isn’t it a great thing to see?? Moving forward, let’s become a team who can respect each other, give each other more strength, and lean on each other!! Hehe Lastly, my parents!! Hehe My family who helped me snap back to my senses with their sharp words, thank you so much, and in the future please use warm words too~!! Hehe To everyone who helped us with this album, thank you very very much and I will never forget it!! Thank you Hehe

Baro: B1A4′s new album has come out after a year~!! Firstly, for this album as well, WM Lee Won Min CEO and our chairman who have provided us lots of support and cheer!! And our WM members, I know you have worked hard day and night for us. I’ll work harder to reciprocate. Thank you very much. Also, our stylist Jungyoung head, Ggotnu, staff, Yoning shop, I’m always thankful. Because of you all I believe we’ve been able to create a cool album. I will reciprocate with our cool promotions and performances. Also, my loving family who cheers for me by my side, as well as my other family who are my fellow members. For this album too, I pray that we can become a B1A4 who brings happiness to many people, and let’s work even harder. Lastly, to our BANA who have eagerly waited by our side for a year, I always say this, but I’m so thankful. We were able to make this album because of BANA who believed in and waited for B1A4. As always, let’s hold each other’s hands and reach out together!! I adore you all so much!! ♡ Listen to the album before you sleep~^_^ B1A4 & BANA fighting!

Gongchan: I wanted to meet you all faster, but to come back now I’m really sorry. Personally, for the year that we haven’t released an album, I don’t know where the time went, but as I turn around I realize that an entire year has passed by already. During that time our BANA must have missed us a lot, and of course, we really missed BANA too. As much as the time that we have spent together, I think that the strong trust between B1A4 and BANA has helped us wait for each other. It was a long wait, but because we can meet BANA again I’m really looking forward to this album’s promotions. BANA! I am always sorry, and always thankful. I love you a lot. Also my hyungs, let’s run hard once again! To my WM Entertainment family! Thank you for always cheering for us. I will become an even greater Gongchan, so please always watch over me!

Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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