I made icons in response to tumblr’s censorship of the lgbt+ community because apparently our existence is “sensitive content.”

- feel free to use them for whatever you wish!

- also send an ask if you want me to make an edit with another flag in it because I’ll do it woo


I’m proud to make part of this community, and you should too. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Aromantic, Trans, etc. You all matter. No matter what people say, you are beautiful. So. Show your color, spread your beautiful wings and fly.

Be proud of who you are.

Safe Mode

As an lgbtq+ blog, I’m concerned that the new safe mode will affect our content (especially for younger followers). If you see anything that is getting flagged for no good reason, PLEASE alert someone. After what happened with YouTube randomly censoring lgbtq media, I am becoming increasingly worried that our blog - which is sfw - is going to be randomly flagged. Though I understand why Tumblr feels the need to have a safe mode, I’ve been seeing a lot of content get blocked that really shouldn’t be. Please remember to notify posters if their content has been wrongfully censored!



#NCT127 #CherryBomb 🍒💣 you guys made it possible for #cherrybomb to get mcountdown 1st place!🏆 our #nctzens whom we love so much💚 thank you so so much~🙇 lets meet in a little while on the V app and starry night!!😘

trans. cr- alexa @ nct127 ; take out with full credit.