I would just like to say that I have successful removed myself from an extremely unhealthy relationship which consisted of a year and some change. It took me a long time to feel sexy again.
While we’re doing this movement, I would like to take to say this:

Black Women and Black Men,

Domestic abuse applies to us too. Mental illness applies to us too. And most importantly, peace, love, and happiness apply to us too. For anyone who had the courage to leave, anyone who had the courage to speak up, I love you so much. You’re beautiful, sexy, handsome, and so special.

It’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin. It’s okay to love yourself to a point that it makes others uncomfortable.

I’m a psych major from Connecticut and I would love to advocate mental illness as well as self-love within our community. Please feel free to add your say and send love and support to those who may really need it ✨

(All opinions are welcomed, but keep in mind this is for people who really need support, love, and encouragement)