don’t get me wrong, i love animals, but i think people are taking the death of the gorilla at that zoo way too far. i think its awful he died, but the kids life was at stake. and people are acting like the parents are the worst people in the world. we dont know exactly what happened, but even if (and lets be real its fairly likely) the parents werent paying super close attention im sure every parent has had that moment. their kid could have died and a gorilla did die, so i’d imagine they feel awful enough even without the constant attacks on social media. 

also look at the video, even the one where its only clips. the kids life was in danger, even if the gorilla wasnt intending to harm him, the gorillas over 400 pounds and the kid was probably 40. it was a tragic event but i think, no i know, the zoo made the right decision. 


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Moon makes me feel better, but sometimes uneasy.

one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

Sent by @lizmapes. Thank you, Liz! <3

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan (Angst - 862 words)

The cold, desolate room echoed with the sound of Evie’s ragged breathing. She had been kneeling on the hard flagstone for hours now. Her knees were bruised and bloodied from being forced to maintain the same position for so long. She had long ago stopped screaming for help, for her freedom. Even her tears had ended. There was no point. This prison was of her own making. There was no escaping it now.

Foot steps behind her caused her muscles to tense. She did not bother to turn her head. She already knew who it would be walking toward her. It was always him. No matter how hard she tried to replace his presence, he remained. She could never be sure if the fact that it was him was her making or theirs. She didn’t want to know.

She saw his boots first, exactly as she remembered them. He stopped once he was standing directly in front of her and turned to face her. She didn’t dare look up. She couldn’t look into his face, his eyes. No, not his. It’s not him. Not really. Just a trick. A cruel, twisted illusion. She reminds herself over and over. It, not him.

That didn’t stop her from begging him when it started to lift the brand clutched in its hand.

“Please, Cullen! Please, don’t do this. It’s me. It’s Evie. Your love. Your flower. This can’t be what you want. Please! I can’t! Don’t do this to me! I’m begging you!”

He – it – laughed as the brand is pressed to her forehead. She screamed his name until every feeling behind the word, all her words, was gone.

Evie drifted back from the Fade slowly. The dream was so commonplace now that her own mind could not even be bothered to be startled by it. And yet she couldn’t stop the trembling in her body or her hand from lifting to touch her forehead, just to make sure.

Rolling onto her back, Evie pried her eyes open. She rested her hand over her forehead, fingertips idly tracing the space between her eyebrows, and turned her gaze to the ceiling above the bed. The stars shined down through the hole in the roof, giving the dark room an ethereal glow. A beautiful, clear night to be soured by vile, clouded thoughts.

When the other occupant of the bed shifted, Evie recoiled. The guilt that followed was nearly unbearable. It hadn’t been him. It was deception of the Fade. Her fears made real then twisted further. It wasn’t him. He would never do such a thing. He’d die first.

Evie sat up slowly, pressing the heels of her palms into her eyes. Her trembling was finally starting to abate but the thought of sleeping, of dreaming, was terrifying. She couldn’t face that cruelty again. Not in the same night.

A warm hand brushed her back and her muscles tensed. “Evie, love, why are you up? Is everything alright?” Cullen’s voice was thick with sleep but even still she could hear the concern behind it.

For just a fleeting moment Evie thought about telling him. Confessing that her nights were filled with horrors that she could not escape. That some nights those horrors took his form and taunted her with the things she fears most. She selfishly wanted him to hold her, kiss her, chase away all her nightmares and replace them with his love. But when she turned to meet his eyes she couldn’t. His own nights were already filled with such agony. She couldn’t add to his pain, add to his nightmares. She would be strong for once in her life. For him.

Forcing a smile onto her face, Evie nodded. “Everything is fine, love.” She despised lying to Cullen but the truth would be far more wicked than the pain the truth would cause him.

She laid back down beside him, allowing Cullen to pull her into his gentle, loving embrace. Tucking her head under his chin, she forced herself to relax as best she could.

“What were you doing up?” Cullen murmured between sleepy kisses to the top of her head.

“I had a strange dream…” She confessed wistfully. When she felt Cullen suck in a breath to speak, she quickly continued with the same carefree flippancy he knew her to regard most things with. “About nugs. They were up to something quite sinister.”

Soft laughter shook Cullen’s frame for a moment and the sound sent Evie’s heart soaring. It was the only sound that should ever fall from his lips. A song to rival the Chant itself in its otherworldly beauty.

Her own smile turned to a genuine one as he pressed one last kiss to her crown. “Go back to sleep, love. I promise I’ll protect you from the evil nugs.”

While Cullen drifted back to sleep, Evie focused on his words, latching onto them and refusing to let go. I promise I’ll protect you. They may have been spoken in jest but she knew they were true. He would protect her from anything and everything. The least she could do is protect him from her own foolish nightmares.

Warden Irri Surana - Champion Jayden Hawke - Inquisitor Eirien Travelyan - …uh? Damir Anangar.

Look at my worldstate babies! 8D Irri and Eirien look like some weird adult children (Eir you bearded baby) and chibi-ish style makes for weird proportions when the tallest character is a 2-meter giant and the smallest is a 152cm teeny tiny little man but LMAO I started down this path so I was going to finish it! ^u^


Sheffield Park by Tony Pagnani Photography