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Speaking of subversions of dark and light, I think the new SU did a good example of that. When Stevonnie closes their eyes, Garnett says, "Here in darkness, everything is okay." And then during the rest of the episode, all the bad thoughts, memories and feelings take the form of white, glowing butterflies.

That’s a really neat observation! Darkness represented a calm state of mind and tranquility, a place to reflect on your thoughts peacefully, while the white butterflies symbolized conflict/anguish and the inability to properly communicate your feelings with yourself and others. 

Now I have an even greater appreciation for that episode! Thank you for your thoughtful ask!

*so* very grateful to be back in my homely nest… 🙏 thank you all for all your good energy & vibrations. i can already see the blessings behind getting all my things robbed a couple days ago! still hurts a little but in the end, it’s so evident that they are merely material things… i am so thankful to be breathing. praying for italy, praying for the whole earth, praying for all beings in the universe. you, reading this, feel yourself being warmly hugged… i love you! 🐼

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The Empress.

Let today be your day of awakening. Be rejuvenated by the light. Cast away the struggles of yesterday, for just as they hold no claim over today, so too do they hold no claim over you. Be guided by the song of Venus. Find tranquility within her voice. Let passion and desire be the fire that burns within your heart. Let strength and justice be your shield and armor. Kindred souls await. This path is one you will not walk alone.

I don’t want to forget,
it was beautiful while it lasted,
although to my greatest regret
I let it turn ugly after.
I crave the gentleness of old age,
youth stings the bitterness
of loss;
helpless dreams about hopeless
futures, too stubborn to let go off.
Too much life force left to burn up,
steadfastly fighting for a heart
already lost.
Were I to live in a tranquil state of
impending death –
surely I’d choose to count my
blessings instead.
—  I don’t want to forget, by M.A. Tempels © 2016

J’hésite. J’ai toujours considéré que c’était important de s’informer, de suivre l’actualité, mais c’est tellement anxiogène. Est-ce que je devrais me désabonner des journaux, blacklister les sujets politiques pour quelques temps au moins?

Prenons le burkini: ma famille en parle, la radio en parle, la télé en parle, Internet hurle sur la France (légitimement je suppose, même si je trouve les lynchages twitter d’une vacuité fascinante. On débat pas en 140 caractères.), bref, j’arrive à la fin de la journée et j’en peux plus, je sature, je suis triste, je suis confuse (j’ai envie d’écouter tous les bords. Mon père est pour cet arrêt, ça me dégoute mais je l’écoute. On argumente, ça fatigue, je veux juste être tranquille.) et pourtant je suis passive, j’ai pas aidé la cause. J’ai juste subi.

Du coup, qu’en pensez-vous?

Today’s big story: Twin Bro got his wisdom teeth out. 😵 I took him to the dentist, chilled out there for a few hours, and took him home.

Poor dude was all knocked out on tranquilizers, as one should be after having oral surgery. I told him to text me if he needed anything. He spent the whole half-hour that I was driving him home trying to send me a text, but he kept falling asleep.

Final result: Divmmmmmniiiiiiio
(Which was apparently supposed to mean “when can I take this gauze out of my mouth”)


Got him home and tucked into bed. I think he’s still sleeping.

But! Other things happened too!

–At breakfast, one of the women at the table next to us was in labor; not just a little grimace every few minutes, but honest to goodness, not fucking around, unbearable pain LABOR. She was eating breakfast so she’d have energy for the delivery. Smart woman. I hope her and her baby are both well…and sleeping.

–I beat Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! I’m the Pokemon League Champion! And I’m totally shipping the player character and her rival.

–You know how I’ve mentioned that I’d like a job dispatching EMS for an agency that doesn’t suck? Well, one of those is hiring, and they pay significantly more than my current paycheck job. I applied. They called back today. I’ll be taking their aptitude test next week.

–While I was mowing the lawn, I found a cute little garter snake! 😁💕👍🏻🐍 I turned the mower off and moved it to the front yard, so it could do its snake thing in peace…but not before I introduced it to Liz!

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So what happens when Lysandre goes to the Zoo? Workers Yell a Lion has escaped.

Poor man wakes up later in a hospital bed having been shot quite expertly in the rump by a tranquilizer dart. If he wanted the incident to be left quiet he was too late by the time he awoke. Just about the entirety of the region has seen the many videos of the humorous moment. 

“There! I see its mane!” A zoo staffer is heard screaming just before Lysandre lets out an irritated groan when the dart pierces the thankfully cushioned area. Just as his world begins to spin and his head meets the pavement (more of the reason he was sent to the hospital really) he groans out, “You shot a hole in my best slacks….” 


States of mind

A restless state of mind is viable,
urging us to quench curiosity’s thirst.

A free state of mind is laudable,
deserving to be pro-actively
cultivated; nurtured
with a vast array of knowledge,

and though the path of knowing
only leads to more questions,
there’s peace
in the understanding
was never about conquest,
it has in fact always been about progress,

an all-encompassing answer only leads
to the cessation of advancement.

Yet all this knowledge counts for nothing
in the absence of a compassionate heart
to soothe the mind seeing
dark as well as light.

After all, in the end a tranquil,
peaceful state of mind
is desired.

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

Thedas Plus Size, 24th August- Day 3: Romance

Who are the lucky LIs in the arms of your OC? Tell us about their love life: the ups, the downs, the way they came together. Or, if your OC is aromantic or asexual, tell us about how your OC feels about their closest companions.

Please note: NSFW contents are welcomed—just remember to tag them.

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ate k ano yung binabasa mong novel ngayon? :)

Yesterday I read Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward and The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. Both are young adult romance.

I tried reading Love Letters to The Dead by Ava Dellaira and The Sea of Tranquility by Katia Millay but I got bored so I will just give them both a chance someday.

Just a few minutes ago I just read Never Eighteen by Megan Bostic and it broke my heart. Right now I am about to read another one but I don’t know which one yet.

Park View House is a project designed by Razvan Barsan + Partners in 2015 and is located in Bucharest, Romania.

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Situated in the vicinity of an urban park, this modern-contemporary home draws together residential architecture and the natural environment. The ground floor is emphasized through its fluidity and integration into a sustainable concept that provides a balanced, harmonious scenery. Thus the main interaction and social areas, found on the ground floor, open towards the garden and the park through large glazed windows. These elements create a lean transition from the built to the natural environment, thus preserving the area’s integrity and revealing the importance of the nature for an urban community. The architects of this residential project define a new way of living in urban areas, a style that combines the advantages of living in a big city with the tranquility and privacy emerging from a close connection to nature.
Photos: Stelian Popa

Park View House by Razvan Barsan + Partners Park View House is a project designed by Razvan Barsan + Partners in 2015 and is located in Bucharest, Romania.
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Mary Ure

Mary Ure: born 18 Feb 1933, Glasgow Scotland; died 3 Apr 1975, London England, English actress who starred in “Were Eagles Dare” and “A Reflection of Fear.” She died following a disastrous opening night on a London stage at the age of 42. Her death was listed as an accidental overdose of whisky and tranquillizers or suicide. She left behind 6 children.

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