An opioid 100 times more powerful than fentanyl may have caused 60 overdoses in two days

A powerful new opioid analog called carfentanil may have played a role in around 60 overdoses across Ohio and Indiana in the last two days. Carfentanil is approximately 100 times more powerful than fentanyl — the opioid involved in Prince’s death — and around 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It’s occasionally used as an elephant tranquilizer. Emergency responders need a lot more Narcan, the opioid overdose reversal drug, to treat it.

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ilesii  asked:

I don't know if it's been stated in lore or whatever, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was an age limit for a circle mage taking their harrowing? Or a grey warden taking their joining?

There doesn’t appear to be a limit on Grey Wardens joining the order, since we’ve seen some people become Wardens when they’re older. The oldest possibility I can think of offhand is the mayor of Crestwood.

As for the Circle mages, I don’t believe it’s ever stated. I imagine that an older apostate who came to the Circle willingly would be allowed to take their Harrowing. But mages who grow up in the Circle are another matter entirely. In Origins, it seemed like mages who couldn’t handle their Harrowing sooner than later would be made Tranquil. But in Inquisition, we meet Minaeve, who is an apprentice mage who was not made Tranquil. We don’t know how old she is or if her Circle handled apprentices weak in magic differently.

If there’s official documentation stating otherwise, please let us know in replies/reblogs. :)

-Mod KM

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Encantadia and International Relations Theories Tetralogy

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The world of Encantadia is a vast enchanted realm comprising of four divided kingdoms namely Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria where different mythical entities thrive. These four kingdoms bear the four precious stones that hold the land’s balance. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on the four gemstones, each being carefully kept by the bearers from each kingdom. In the kingdom of Lireo, Ynang Reyna (a Sang’gre or diwata) has four daughters Amihan, Alena, Dayana and Pirena; they are tasked to be the new keepers of the gem. For a time all went well not until Pirena holds grudge and planned revenge to her younger sister Amihan, who won the competition to be the new queen of their kingdom. What added fuel to her jealousy and bitterness was her overhearing a conversation between Ynang Reyna and Imaw in which the queen expressed that she would rather that any of her daughters ascend the throne other than Pirena . All she ever wanted was to prove that she was worthy of the Lirean throne. Because of this she stole the Jewel of Fire and left Lireo. She seeks an alliance with Hathoria, who wanted to be the most powerful kingdom in Encantadia by having the four gems, and used the fire gem for her to be accepted in the kingdom. King Hagorn, the king of evil Hathoria, welcomed her and she joined their campaign to conquer Encantadia1. And so the plot thickens.

Encantadia is a famous soap opera that is not only great to watch for entertainment but can also be looked and studied in the lens of international relations theories. If one takes a look at the synopsis of the series or watches it, one can apply not only the theories of international relations, but can also relate it to contemporary issues of war and security in the world today. Now, let’s take a look at Encantadia in the lens of:

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1.       Realism: Lireo, as the state of the royal family of the Sangg’res is characterized by anarchy and not harmony where the state is considered to be anarchic for there is no supranational authority that can enforce laws. This is illustrated as Ynang Reyna does not really step into the picture to confront her eldest and rebellious daughter Pirena. She does not really set and enforce rules to control them which made Pirena act on her own terms. In addition, realism argued it is a field of conflict among actors pursuing power, illustrated by Pirena thirsty to become Lireo’s queen and not Amihan. Through the realist lenses, leaders were taught to focus on interest, to seek peace through the strength or power that they have as Pirena did. Power is thought to be in material resources necessary to induce harm or coerce other states. Here, the gems symbolize their powers.

2.       Neorealism: Because it’s argued that states are rational actors that strategize to maximize benefits and minimize loss, in order to try to gain the throne, Pirena made herself get pregnant and when her daughter was born, she switched her with the daughter of Amihan and placed her in the world of humans while Pirena’s daughter took the place of the daughter of Amihan. In doing so, Pirena maximizes her chance of claiming the throne of Lireo.

3.       Liberalism: This theory was highlighted in the Encantadia in that the power that was possessed by each gemstone or “brilyante” which the kingdoms protects. Each gemstone holds particular yet equal power. These gemstones are the –brilyante ng Lupa, Apoy, Hangin and Tubig. Even though the gems had specific powers, they were still equal with regards to the extent of their powers.

In addition, the protectors had different personalities so as their super natural powers. The protectors of the gemstones had the concept of individualism, they understood that by faction they are different yet possessed equal extent of power. The keepers of the gemstone had the concept of freedom as to what they desire. All have maintained positive freedom except for Pirena, she would do anything she wanted even to the extent of casualties and destructions. The idea of gemstone and its protector valued the concept of justice. They ought to gain what they rightfully deserve.

4.       Neoliberalism: The neoliberalist focuses on the concept of absolute gains which the states are interested in increasing their power and influence and, thus, will cooperate with other states or actors in the system to increase their capabilities. In Encantadia, the kingdoms Lireo, Adamya and Sapiro cooperated with each other and combined forces to increase their powers and thus to protect Encantadia, the people and of course the gems and also to prevent further damage to the kingdoms when Pirena in alliance with the evil kingdom of Hathoria did everything she was capable of in order to gain the throne and to rule Lireo.

In regards to issues on war:

These Brilyantes were also the reason behind the numerous manifestations of war in Encantadia. Due to the greed of being greater than other kingdoms or also termed as Animus Dominandi, and wanting to acquire more power through the Brilyantes Hathor continuously battle for supremacy. He would never settle with the power he has but rather he wanted to steal all the gems from the Sang’gres to be the supreme entity in Encantadia and rule with negative freedom. This reflects that war is fought through military warfare, since there has been an emergence of contemporary new wars which defies the traditional definition of war.

It also reflects in the current West Philippine Sea battle against China, where the dominant country wants to be greater than other through acquiring new lands in order to extract resources from these new territories. Though Philippines and other inferior countries battles China in an asymmetrical type of war, though it is different from Encantadia where greater power still resides to the group that secures more Brilyante.

The statement “The seeds of peace may obtain the germs of another war” could be a justification of the wars that transpire in Encantadia in the sense that Hagor was not contented with the existing peace in Encantadia due to his hunger for power then designed himself to be greater through the means of conflict and war.

In regards to security issues:

Not only war but also security has been a contested concept due to the debate if security pertains to national or international affairs. However, Team Titans stance regarding security is to national affairs. . According to Walter Lippman, “A nation is secure to the extent to which it is not in danger of having to sacrifice core values if it wishes to avoid war, and is able, if challenged, to maintain them by victory in such a war.”2  

In Encantadia, security was depicted when the three kingdoms were still able to live in peace. The three kingdoms were evidently in living in tranquility until the inhabitants of Hathoria were blinded by their greed. The Hathors threatened to accumulate all the gems from the other bearers and initiated a war to take the other gems for themselves. The fact that the Hathors wanted to gain power and rule over the continent of Encantadia, explicitly portrays the loss of security in the plot. However, its security was revived after the death of Hathor and the Sapiryan king, King Armeo gave the gemstone of fire and earth to his younger cousin. He willed that the gemstones be given to Minea, Queen-regnant of Lireo for safekeeping. The four gems have not been separated since, and for this reason, security, again prevailed in the continent.

In addition, in the theory, neorealism, states are interested in relative gains where states compare their gains to other states in whatever decision they make about national security. Another thing is that because states claim sovereignty they will then develop offensive military weapons to scare off, defend, or extend their power. The best way to illustrate it is none other than the West Philippine Sea dispute. Both China and the Philippines are interested in claiming the Spratly Islands. Furthermore, this causes conflict because China claims sovereignty through the 9-dash line while the Philippines claim sovereignty through the EEZ or Exclusive Economic Zone. China then further shows its prestige and power through its military might and through bullying the poor Philippine fishermen that pass through the islands. The Philippines knows it is not capable of developing military weapons and knows it is against the Philippine Constitution to engage in offensive war but defensive war only. Therefore, to maximize benefits and gain foothold over Spratly Islands, the Philippines decides to fight its stand in a legal manner at the Permanent Court of Arbitration because. As one can see, both parts of the theory are illustrated here.


1 Encantadia, retrieved from

2 Baylis, J, Smith, S. and Owens, P. 2008: The Globalization of World Politics: An introduction to international relations, Oxford University Press, p. 229

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Legend has it that in the 17th Century a valiant pirate turned noble knight was rewarded by his King with a prestigious estate. The sprawling estate extended from the luscious oak-filled mountains just outside Palma to the opposite side of the island on Mallorca’s North Coast. The knight, Don Francisco de Net, searched for the finest location within his estate upon which to build his family mansion. The knight chose a site on the crest of a hill overlooking the tranquil and quaint village of Puigpunyent. The village located in a hidden valley surrounded by majestic mountains thrived while serving the large Net estate. In 1998 that very mansion, now the @granhotelsonnet, became Mallorca’s first luxury boutique hotel, lovely restored into an elegant sanctuary offering the essence of Mallorcan classicism. #meandmybentley (at Gran Hotel Son Net)

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There is a vast war against life, beauty and...

There is a vast war against life, beauty and nature unfolding in this world. You are a part of that nature which is under great strain. Sit with yourself and face yourself, because you cannot escape yourself. You can’t go from thing to thing and person to person and expect to create anything meaningful in your life. No matter where you run, to a rural village or a big city, to a new job or a new partner — there you are, the same you. Without inner tranquility and wisdom, we are devoured wherever we go. Beauty is everywhere, speaking to you and trying to remind you who you really are. Noticing the beauty will begin to heal you. Notice the beauty everywhere. Notice the beauty within you.

— Bryant McGill

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