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hey there :) how would 2P! Canada and 2P! Russia react to them both liking the same person, please :)


-Okay so first of all it’s World War 3

-They’re both perfectly smart men so you best believe that they are prancing the shit out of each other behind your back.

-So they do this thing where any time either of them manages to get you to go out with them alone, the other sabotages the date. Like one time you were in Canada’s home with him alone and watching a move, you thought it would turn into more but 2p Canada fell asleep. So you left thinking he was super tired, but what you didn’t notice was 2p Russia in a tree with a tranquilizer rifle and the small tranquilizer dart in the side of Matt’s neck….

-Another time you and 2p Russia went out and he took you to a really nice place actually, but some how 2p Russia’s care got a moose inside of it and the moose wouldn’t move. So you two had to walk alllllll the way home. And trust me it was not good cause you were wearing heels. So by the time you two got to 2p Russia’s house you both were super tired and 2p Russia was heavily embarrassed an angry with matt.

-Okay but they both actually really love. It’s unreal.

-Sometime they both spend time with you together and the tension is so thick that you can cut it like cake.

-Good thing your kinda oblivious to it~!