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New Friends

You & B-Nom have been dating for a while and he introduces you to the rest of dickids crew


B-Nom x Reader - Fluff

It was 7:26 pm and the sun continued to shine; it wasn’t as warm but it was still nice. The grass tickled your legs as you sat on the ground next to your boyfriend. Birds fluttered around in large groups; circling the park before flying away to some place far. A lake lay untouched at the bottom of the hill, lightly glowing because of the sun.

It was a beautiful sight.

It was quiet and tranquil, the park wasn’t busy and that was the way you liked it. It was as if you were the only person in the world. Your boyfriend interlaced his hand in yours and smiled at you when you looked at him; he looked amazing in natural lighting, the sun shone on his skin giving him a natural glow.

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The Water at Disneyland....

Did you know that the water at Disneyland isn’t just water? The water is dyed a greenish/brown color and circulated throughout the park - to mask the depth and keep it fresh respectively through the use of a “green water” system. But few people know
the system would more accurately be referred to as the “green tea” system due to the way the water gets it’s color. As environmental regulations became more stringent, in 1979 Disneyland started using a mix of green and regular tea leaves as a natural way to dye the water throughout the park. In fact approximately 1,955 pounds (nearly a ton!) of ground tea leaves are circulated through the system each year. While it’s hard to quantify the following claim, this is said to contribute to the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the park especially near the Rivers of America. Stray cats ,wild ducks and other birds can be seen congregating around the waterways engaging in regular, what cast members call, “tea parties”. In fact the birds are a bit too regular - their overly relaxed bowels have been the bane of many a custodian and guest hairdo alike.

In recent years the use of so much tea as a natural colorant has become problematic. With the rising popularity of green tea as a gourmet drink served in coffee bars around the world, and especially in California, the cost has risen steeply. It’s risen so much that ticket prices have increased drastically to cover the growing expense. Park Managers fear that the method of obscuring the shallow depths will soon become unsustainable - revealing the emu leg bones, lost sunglasses, and (most disturbingly) remains of children turned into small world dolls.

Clearly another solution must be found. Some speculate that the construction of Star Wars land, and the draining of the Rivers of America has been an elaborate coverup while researchers try to find an affordable replacement colorant. After all, it does seem very unlikely that Disney would otherwise be laying out such a large sum of money for a new attraction.

We’ll know soon enough as the River will be back shortly. Recent changes in LA law regarding the growing and selling of the cannabis plant have lead to rumors pointing to this as a suitable replacement. Keep an eye out for any changes in hue or particularly hungry, philosophical ducks.

Next up in our series: How DO they create that perfect Disney grass.

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How would the main 4 react to missing their s/o's birthday?

Jeez I’m sorry this is so late EN d me

[ Allen Walker ] 

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  • Allen would feel absolutely terrible about missing such a special day for his s/o. After a flood of apologies, he’d try his best to make it up to them by taking them out for a fancy dinner and doing anything they want for the day. Allen would pamper his s/o and make sure everything went perfect the rest of the day and exactly how his s/o wants. Poor kid would probably be mad at himself for a while for forgetting such a thing, even if his s/o tells him it’s not a bit deal.

[ Lenalee Lee ]

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  • Her heart would sink down to her stomach once she realizes she missed her s/o’s birthday. She would panic a bit and quickly put together a plan to make it up to them and take them out on an evening where it’s your night to pick whatever they want to do. As a quick apology, Lenalee would ask Jerry to make a favorite treat of theirs and offer it to her s/o as a late birthday present. Similar to Allen, she probably won’t forgive herself for a while.

[ Lavi Bookman Jr. ]

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  • Lavi would try to play it off as if he was planning something for them on a later day. This could go from being unable to get a reservation at a their favorite restaurant, or waiting for the perfect weather to take them out on a tranquil date through a park. In the end, Lavi would run to Lenalee in a panic saying he doesn’t know what to do for them or if he should even tell them he accidentally forgot their birthday. After some scolding on how Lavi should be more considerate, Lenalee would do her best to help him set up a perfect day for him and his s/o to make it up to them.

[ Yu Kanda ]

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  • If Kanda’s s/o was dropping hints that he missed their birthday, he’d simply deny it and say he didn’t forget, he just had something planned later. Kanda will try to plan a simple dinner alone with them or something small to make it up. He’ll try his best to come up with something he knows his s/o would like rather than turning to someone to get their opinion. He doesn’t necessarily want to be scolded for forgetting his s/o’s birthday since it’s his problem and his alone.

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What is your top five books and what are they about?

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry
- Young boy is chosen to receive the most important gifts in his confined community - knowledge and the power of free thought. 

2. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
- Nastya hasn’t spoken to anyone in over a year after experiencing a traumatic event. Unlikely friendships develop despite the fact that she tries to push people away from her. 

3. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
- Victoria has just turned 19 and is released from the foster care system without a single person to turn to, the way she wants it. She’s homeless and penniless until a florist gives her a chance to build her life and confront her painful past.

4. The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 
- Hig and his dog Jasper have survived a blood-borne illness that destroyed the world as they knew it. They live on an abandoned air strip with a reclusive, gun-crazed, neighbor, Bangley. When Hig intercepts a transmission, proving life outside their compound, for the first time in years, he sets out on a journey to find life.

5. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
- Eleanor is a runaway returned to a deteriorating home life. Her goal to be invisible, which is difficult to do with a plus size body, unruly fire red hair, freckles, and a wardrobe made up of three pieces of clothing. Park is on the cusp of the cool crowd and from the moment Eleanor sits beside him on the bus an indescribable friendship is formed.

(These are my top five after Harry Potter - in case that needed to be clarified.) 

🍁Dramione in October🍁

Taking strolls through the local cemetery because it’s more tranquil than the busy parks.

Draco convincing Hermione to take midnight flights with him over their neighborhood to see the decorated houses glow.

Hermione dragging Draco to pumpkin patches till he plants their own in the backyard.

Draco being exceptionally fond of Pumpkin Spice anything.

Hermione lounging in Draco’s jumpers while she reads because they’re cozier.

Draco finding it extremely attractive, especially when she adds his old Slytherin scarf for effect.

Hermione reading Edgar Allen Poe aloud as they drink hot apple cider on the porch swing.

Draco indulging in the muggle Halloween candy Hermione introduced him to and them fighting over the caramel green apple suckers.

Hermione convincing Draco to watch scary movies, then regretting it when he becomes obsessed.

Draco being terrified by Night of the Living Dead and jumping at every crunched leaf on their next cemetery stroll.

Hermione ordering them costumes expecting Draco to refuse only to find he adores dressing up.

Draco magically gathering the fallen leaves into neat piles repeatedly only to find them scattered once more.

Hermione missing a stray leaf in her hair, forcing her to come clean and teach Draco the art leaf pile jumping.

Always trying to outwit each other in an epic battle of trickery.

Living off the 3 Autumn food groups; breakfast, chili, candy corn. Harry & Ginny bringing the kids over to Trick-or-Treat.

Evening bonfires with Luna & Blaise, usually involving Firewhiskey.

Celebrating their anniversary because they absolutely got together in October.