a list of untranslatable words ☕️

cafuné - brazilian portuguese: the act of running one’s fingers, gently but deeply, through someone else’s hair
積ん読 (tsundoku) - japanese: the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books
木漏れ日 (komorebi) - japanese: sunlight filtering through the trees
mångata - swedish: the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water
verklempt - yiddish: a person who is too emotional to speak
liefdesverdriet - dutch: the heartache caused from an unrequited love and the mental pains one endures; the physical pain of depression
fika - swedish/finnish: gathering together to talk and take a break from everyday routines, usually drinking coffee and eating pastries
幽玄 (yūgen) - japanese: an indescribable sentiment, can only be described as a painful awareness of the mysterious beauty and human suffering
l'esprit de l'escalier - french: the moment one finally thinks of a witty remark, far too late, after the opportunity has passed
kilig - tagalog: the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, usually when something romantic or cute takes place
いるす (irusu) - japanese: pretending to be absent from home when someone is at the door
habseligkeiten - german: personal belongings, small treasures and property, which define our happiness and sentiments
nefelibata - portuguese: cloud walker; name given to the quixotic dreamers, they appear spacey, otherworldly, but intelligent
σοφρωσύνη (sophrosyne) - greek: self-control, balance, wisdom & grace;virtue that follows the aphorisms “nothing in excess” & “know thyself"
hiraeth - welsh: homesickness for a place which never even existed. Connotations of sadness, yearning, profound nostalgia and wistfulness
torpe - tagalog: being too shy to pursue amorous desires
waldeinsamkeit - german: the feeling of being alone in the woods
litost - czech: the humiliated despair we feel when someone accidentally reminds us, trough their accomplishment, of our inadequacies
dustsceawung - old english: contemplation of the fact that dust used to be other things - the walls of a city, a book, a great tree…
duende - spanish: the spirit of evocation; the mysterious power a work of art has to deeply move a person
gattara - italian: a woman, often old and lonely, who devotes herself to stray cats
tоска - russian: a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause, a longing with nothing to long for, nostalgia
φιλότιμο (philotimo) - greek: a complex array of virtues; expressed through acts of generosity & sacrifice w/o expecting anything in return 
gezellig - dutch: abstract sensation of individual well-being that one shares with others;cozy ambience, anything pleasant, homely, friendly

list no.2


Vilde: I’ve chatted with Elias now

Eva: new chat? Where is Noora

Vilde: they want to take us to a party!

Eva: ah, now I get it. Hehehehe

Vilde: yes Eva…

Eva: BAM

Chris: now we’re starting to talk Easter

Eva: talkeaster?

Chris: *talk easter*

Sana: *gif saying ‘hell no’*

Vilde: why not?

Eva: I wanna party with them 😩

Sana: not going to any party with my brother

Vilde: it’s for Noora

Sana: they’re not her type

Vilde: but what about some innocent partying? 😇

Sana: no Vilde

Chris: *gif saying please please please please

Translation of 地元愛♡満タン☆サマーライフ (Local love ♥ Filled ☆ Summer Life) from Love Live wikia

I wonder what kind of summer lies in store for us 
On the edge of this sea that stretches out for miles?
One day I’ll like to find out, though I already have a feeling
That we’ll have the most fun right here

It’s not special or anything, but this sea 
Has always watched over us
And this old beach knows
Our joys and our sadness

The morning is still cold
And our feet are freezing
In the water fish brush by our feet
This is kind of fun

Let’s spend our summer here together
The voice of the waves rolling on the shore gives the feeling of vacation
I want to hear it together, it’s so refreshing, right?
We have to take a break sometimes

Let’s have a chat
While crunching the sand beneath our feet
Our summer life in our very own home town

I had a small yearning
For a walk while holding a white parasol
Let’s walk, not minding our sunburns
On our beach that’s number one!

I want to make the beauty of the sunset into a postcard
I’m fascinated by the changing gradations
So pretty, and heartrending

Let’s spend next summer here together too
When you can’t think of a place you want to go
Come over here! A summer not doing anything is fine too, right?
Before the heat makes our heads dizzy

Let’s spend our summer here together
The voice of the waves rolling on the shore gives the feeling of vacation
I want to hear it together, it’s so refreshing, right?
We have to take a break sometimes

Let’s have a chat
While crunching the sand beneath our feet
Our summer life in our very own home town
The sky is sparkling
Even if I close my eyes, the shore that I love is dazzling
Our local love filled summer life

“Hey hey, where are we playing today?”
“Hmm, I guess there’s no other place than the beach!”
“The beach!? We went there yesterday too!”
“That has nothing to do with it! Full steam ahead, Yoshikoo!”
“Eh? Wait…it’s Yohane!”
“Local love!”
“Local love!”
“Local love!”
“Local love!”


Isak: can you do me a favour?

Sana: what

Isak: can you help us carry a washing machine up to the 4th floor in the new apartment?

Sana: sorry. Forgot I had to help mom with something

Isak: I’m just messing with you

Sana: nice humour

Isak: *gif*

Sana: everything okay in the new crib?

Isak: yeah it’s chill
Great to not have Eskild stalking my life

Sana: haha
you miss him

Isak: no way
Okay. Maybe. just a little 😎
Have you read for the chemistry test?

Sana: yes

Isak: I haven’t read crap…….

Sana: what am I supposed to do about that?

Isak: well let me tell you. I thought we could study together and you could give me your notes

Sana: it costs 60k

Isak: awesome. I’ll bring it tomorrow

Sana: chill 😎

“show me evidence that bkdk is abusive”

“read the manga”

?????? yall are the ones that misinterpreted the manga, refuse to acknowledge their shift in dynamic and blew it up into something it isnt with the intention of making ppl feel like shit for it but GO OFF i guess !!!

Aliens and glitter

Aliens baffled by glitter.

Torg noticed it as he was walking down the hall of the crew quarters a few small spects of dust reflecing light but thought nothing of it. Then a trail of it leading farther down the hall. Perhaps metal dust from someone in engineering? Torg followed it as it made him very concerned. Thinking it would lead him to an engineers rooms he was shocked to see that it lead to human Ali’s room from medical. Torg knocked on her door panicked as to what could have happened to one of their human medical staff. “Human Ali are you in there? Is everthing ok?” Torg’s tranlator let out just as the door opened to reveal the tiny redheaded human covered in the tiny bits of varying colored sparkly bits brandishing a small vacuum equally covered in sparkly things. Her eyes were slighty puffy. Torg shocked he looked her up and down instant worry crossed his face he thought maybe this was Human Condition where they would shed sparkly bits and was instantly concerned that it was contagious! “Hu-human A-a-ali are you okay?!” he stuttered as he took more than a few steps back. Ali looked down at herself then started laughing. Torg became even more concerned “Shall I call medical for you? You are crying doees it hurt? Should I not touch it? Is it contagious?” This only seemed to have caused human Ali to laugh harder resulting in the sparkly bits flying off of her. Human Ali managed to calm herself down enough to talk, “I’m sorry Torg. This is only glitter. My kids mailed home made cards saying they missed me and how proud they are of me. It made me miss them so it made me cry. Though I thought I told my wife not to let them use glitter when they make me cards as it can get in the ventaltion and cause problem. I was just on my way out to cleaup the mess i made in the hallway. Oh you didn’t touch it did you? This stuff is a pain in the ass to get off. So I guess in a way it is contagious. Freakin craft herpes…” Human Ali rattled off as she swooped down to suck up the ‘glitter’ that had gathered around her feet and inspeacking Torg’s for some too. She stopped and looked up to him with a very serious look in her eyes “Don’t tell the captain.” Then went back to cleaning.

Vilde: oh my god I’m so exited for that bus
Can I send a msg to Mari now? Or will that seem too desperate?

Sana: no. Send msg. But stay cool. And don’t say that we’re getting it. Just looking.

Noora: hello, don’t send. We can’t buy any bus.

Eva: what’s going on??

Sana: we are buying Maris bus

Eva: what?! Yesass!
That one is pretty cool isn’t it?

Vilde: it’s the coolest Eva! One oak had it 2016

Noora: help me Eva. They want 300 000 for it. Sana and Vilde have got tumours on their frontal lobes.

Eva: 😳

Chris: love it. Just say when and where.

Noora: gsus. Am I the only realistic one here?


Shirtless Siwon in bed while recording his message for ELF