Curly Fro time!💆💁🙌
CANTU is thee BEST hair products for Natural/ Transitioning hair. I’ve been transitioning for 10 months & Cantu products are honestly the favorite part of my transitioning journey. They smell absolutely amazing! 👌👍
I Love my Mommy, she’s always going on hair product hauls for me because she knows little things like this make me happy.
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My current name that I go by is Mel. I’m currently going to college in Michigan for Biology to get my undergraduate studies done, but my goal is to become a veterinarian. I am a transgender student. I am currently on Testosterone and have been since November of 2015 since I moved to my recent c…

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Currently my only donations are from friends and family~

HRT appointment.

New blog for all my Transitional related things to separate it from the art.

Just putting here my appointment for Informed consent comes on the 12th and with that my hormone replacement therapy starts. 

-Deep breath- And with that my rebirth into my propper gender. 

I never thought this day would come, that i would be stuck forever, dreaming of it…. but here it is. My heart won’t stop pounding. I’m so happy and excited.

Thanks everyone who’s supported me through this.


My name is Everett and I am a transgender male. This campaign is to help me raise money for top surgery the good not-so-old-fashioned way: crowdfunding. 

This is because I am a broke twenty-something with mental health issues, which cause quite a lot of issue in my life. I work a part time job, but it doesn’t pay enough to be able to save for surgery after I’m done paying basic living expenses. If my goal is reached, it will improve not only my mental health, but physical health as well. I not only will no longer have to deal with anxiety related to my chest, but I will also not have to experience the pain of compressing it for 8+ hours five or so days a week. Isn’t that cool!?

What you will be funding, specifically, is my surgery and associated fees with it. I will be using what I have saved to pay for as much of it and associated costs as I can, but this campaign will basically meet me in the middle. Costs and fees include not only the actual surgery and hospital stay, but covering lost wages from the time I will need to take off of work (bills + rent for the ~2 week required recovery period) and actually supporting myself during the initial healing process, while I cannot work.

Any and all donations are appreciated! Honestly, there are no words to express my gratitude for anything one can spare. Sharing this page is also very much appreciated, if you can’t donate, or just want to get the word out. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

For the guys w/o dysphoria - I only experience(d) social dysphoria, which is about how people treat me and not about my body. I accessed testosterone under the informed consent model (first at Mazzoni Center). I now get T thru my GP, who is with a hospital system, and am getting top surgery in Feb through the same hospital’s plastic surgery dept. No one has asked about dysphoria or required it before I get T or surgery.

Hey, I hate to bother you and sound like I’m begging but my parents refuse to let me make a paypal account and I can’t get any resources here to look more masculine. I’m currently questioning if I am a transguy but I currently identify as graygender but I know I do want to transition. If you could share these two links I’d be grateful! (the second one is my gender blog which is mostly trans ftm)

I need help

So, I seem to be caught in a give and take of dysphoria. I am pre-HRT MTF and a little bit overweight, however the extra weight has made it so my chest isn’t flat. I think I have solid B cups give or take. However, some weight has gathered around my waist, which causes me to be more dysphoric because it makes me feel fat and disgusting. This feeling of feeling disgusting I also have mentally associated with facial and body hair, which in turn I have mentally associated with masculinity. As such, I have to choose between breasts or feeling less masculine. This really becomes a problem with tighter fitting clothing, which is something I am wearing more of now, as it makes me feel even bigger around the waist. I feel like I need to lose weight but the only reason I haven’t is because my chest is already comparatively very flat compared to the size of my torso and if I lose weight I’m afraid they will get smaller.

My question is, is there any way to shrink my waist and not my breasts, so that I can lose the “masculine-feeling” I have associated with my waist without losing the “feminine-feeling” I have associated with my breasts? Or should I go for total androgyny and hope that my clothing and makeup makes up the difference? I am not going the anorexia route because I tried that and I felt so awful the whole time.

Trans Health Help

Don’t know if you accept these or not.  Just curious.

My name is Willem.  I grew up living in my parents home were female gender roles were forced on me from an early age.  Now that I am an adult I finally got a chance to explore my own gender and sexuality without judmental eyes from my parents.  This was very liberating and when I had to move back into my parents house I started seeing a therapist because suddenly female gender roles were forced on me once more.  My therapist has started me on the process for transition and even helped me come out to my parents.  They don’t support what I am doing, so I have to pay everthing out of pocket. This would be all well and good if my insurance wasn’t also fighting me every step of the way.  I have been going through the transition process for almost 2 years not and want to get top surgery but my insurance has decided to deny it even after an appeal.  Is there anything you can do to help?

I accept crowdfunding submissions, yep! I wish I could do more than signal boost but I don’t think I’m much help in  a legal setting…

F-M dude needing help!

Recently he posted a video on how is family treats him since starting therapy. Saying he was being stupid and it was all fake ect ect. He was trying not to cry and it went on and on, his own mother. Hes asking for help via go fund me and if anybody can that’d be great.

And heres the video