Gender Fluid Problems

·Sexuality is complicated and confusing and sometimes you never fully grasp that certain identity

·Clothes are either not enough, too much, I don’t know what to wear, I do know what to wear but I don’t own it, constantly carrying a backpack with extra clothes incase you need to gender switch

·Feeling androgynous, but not being able to look or act the part because of the way you’re dressed, features, hair, voice

·Someone misgendering you, making you uneasy, but not wanting to correct them every single time you feel the need to

·Love Life is NOT easy when it comes to introducing/explaining yourself as their significant other

·Dysphoria especially when you hate your physical appearance for not matching with the gender you want to be right that second, but knowing you won’t actually make any physical changes due to liking the way you look in another moment

·Often has a change of names and can’t really settle on just one

·Not 100% knowing where you fit in with the community

·Feeling upset when your masculinity, feminity and androgynous or agender qualities/aspects/characteristics are all imbalanced where one outweighs more than the other two

·You can’t relate to specific stereotypes or jokes within certain communities anymore

·Sometimes the people who are closest to you are too cautious where they don’t know how to interact with you anymore

·Periods (in general) during a more masculine or gender neutral day

·Shopping is always difficult because gender roles are still an issue and some people give you wary/judgemental looks if you so much as bend one

·Being described as tomboy, butch, or on rare occasions a girly girl, etc. is irritating to deal with because sometimes you do feel as if a label fits or you’ll just have the urge to (do) deny it which makes the other parts of you feel a tad guilty.

·Introducing yourself at work or formal outings

·Miss, M'aam, Mister, Sir

Androgyny is so often considered the standard for non binary people which can be harmful to those of us who reject gender stereotypes completely. Your gender is valid! Your gender isn’t compromised! You’re genuine as you are.

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