Meet The Badass Transgender Talk Show Host Who Wants To Be China’s Most Influential Woman

SHANGHAI – They call her “poison tongue.” Jin Xing has verbally bitch-slapped TV hosts, stormed off sets and carved out a reputation as a straight-talker who does things her own way.

“My words aren’t like massage oil – they’re like acupuncture needles,” Jin Xing (pronounced “jeen shing”) told The WorldPost. “They go right to the nerve and twist it.”

9 Transgender Men of Color You Should Know

“These men are using their life experiences to make a lasting impact on the transgender community.

Janet Mock’s advocacy and activism. Laverne Cox’s rise to fame in Orange Is the New Black. Even Caitlyn Jenner’s recent Vanity Fair cover. All eyes are on these trailblazing transgender women who have helped to highlight the people and issues surrounding the trans community. But what about the often less visible faces of transgender men of color?

Here are just nine of the many trans men of color who are advocates, writers, ministers, scholars and entertainers making a lasting impact in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer space.”

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10 Backhanded Compliments You Should Never Give Trans Folks

Despite the rise in awareness of trans issues, people still say some pretty offensive things. Trans people shouldn’t have to reassure people that it’s OK to wear bright pink lipstick, combat boots and have visible body hair all at the same time.+

Here are 10 things you just shouldn’t say to us:

1. “I never would have known you were trans.”

Well, clearly. There’s not just one way for a trans person to look. It’s also not necessarily a compliment to comment on how well someone “passes,” because it insinuates that if you had known you might have treated me differently. (And if that’s the case … get your stuff together!)

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