trancy estate

A conversation with my friend

“Angela, you can’t burn all your problems.”

“Well why not? The deserve it!”

“I didn’t say they didn’t deserve it I just said it’s not morally right. And this is coming from a Trancy.”

“But I want to cleanse them! What if I burn Donald Trump?”

“That would be fine.”

“I can burn Donald Trump?”

“You can burn Donald Trump.”


  • Sebastian pointing at the servants: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at the shinigamis: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at Claude, Hannah and the triplets: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at Alois: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at Queen Elizabeth and Charles Grey: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at Lizzie and her mother: fuck you.
  • Sebastian pointing at Ciel: let's fu- IS THAT A CAT
The Case of the Earl Trancy

Jim wandered aimlessly through the halls of the Trancy estate. No, that wasn’t right. His name was Alois. Jim Macken was only his old act.

It was bad enough that the boy was stuck never being allowed outside for even a moment, but he couldn’t stand being cooped up in that dark room waiting around from that vile, disgusting man to return to have his fun. At least replacing the Earl’s son gave him the ability to roam around the manor along with clothes nicer than he had ever worn before, and food finer than any he had ever laid eyes on. Although his appetite was usually lost by the time the food was on the table.

As Alois walked into the main hall, he heard something at the door. The blonde knew he wasn’t to go outside, but his father was no where in site, and the boy new better than to stray from the house. He would simply open the door for whoever was on the other side.

When he opened the large door, he stood in shock as the fresh air hit his face. The small boy looked beyond the visitor, a girl with black hair, and to the trees and the road outside the gate of the manor. Everything, including the scent in the air, reminded him of Luka. He was stunned at how much different the world seemed now, and he completely forgot about the stranger in front of him.


| Festivities for Demons | afaustiancontract |

Sebastian’s keeper had left his side. The boy had decided to dance with his fiancee, which left the demon free to his own devices. As he walked, his heavy velvet cape trailed behind him, earning him looks as he strolled through the ghoulish party. In his hand was a heavy goblet of red wined intended to look like blood. It seemed the Trancy Estate had truly indulged in the season. Of course, Sebastian knew who was responsible for all of the grandeur and decorations.

“Are those real bodies? I do hope they don’t begin to stink.” Sebastian purred into the other demon’s ear. On his face he wore a smug grin, his lips bowed and long. A ruby red gaze flashed upwards, observing frightening ‘skeletons’ and ‘ghosts’ which were perhaps once humans. He wouldn’t be surprised if that brat Alois had demanded authenticity.