That could have been me that could be me, femme queer boy murdered and/or damaged emotionally physically all for being queer. being different. 

Today I am really marinating myself with my core energy. I read the news yesterday at about 6 p.m. I disregarded it because I was getting ready, getting to go out, a night on the town for a friends birthday dinner. I did not want to be in that head space. But, I am always reflecting but it hurts it hurts to read 

“A local 22-year-old trans woman named Unique was struck and killed in a hit and run accident early this morning on Santa Monica Blvd, just one block from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s Youth Center on Highland.

Surveillance video shows and witnesses say, a white car, possibly with tinted windows, jumped the curb and struck Unique, dragging her approximately 40 feet before she fell off the car.”

Many of us have seen people using cars to try to kill trans women/femme boys in particular trans women of color.“ 

Being a femme boy of color who is working class and uses the bus for mobility, knowing that I could be targeted by some fucked up people who arguably have some internalized situation going on. It is a pleasurable imagery and fixation I feel of myself which I indetify with self-love of my representation, with my people, con la joteria (with the queernesss). 

Holding space today for queer lives, we matter. Rest in power to the queer ancestors transcestors and queer lives. 


1 year Post Op Top Surgery Photo Shoot as of May 7, 2015- all photos by Zain M- double incision mastectomy procedure wit Dr MacLean. When I was preparing for top surgery, I really had wished I could have seen pictures of men and people who looked like me. I wanted to share these vulnerable, beautiful an sacred photographs to commemorate this last year, but also to honour our communities. hope these are helpful and always here to listen chat and answer questions. What a year it has been. Feeling really happy. So grateful to those who came out to my fundraisers last year who continue to show up in my life honouring their own truths and supporting each other, thank you for you. Thank you to my trancestors, forever for everything you do. (will also be posting comparison photos soon of chest)

WH040 H1 N3W F0LL0W3R5!11!

its super radical to see you guys ere seriously!1 i hope i can mix up some more music soon, im working on the “Trancestors” albums as we speak eheh

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