this isn’t the dark ages! we here at the Boys Institute have identified and categorised a wide variety of Boys, far beyond the expectations and the rigid binary systems of our forebears. why, this year alone, we analysed not only Goodboys but Bigboys, Oldboys, Youngboys, Theseboys, Thoseboys, Myboys, Yourboys, Tallboys, Shortboys, Fatboys, Batboys, Catboys, Louseboys, Houseboys, Mouseboys, Indieboys, Richboys, Transboys, Sweetboys, Niceboys, Darkboys, Birdboys, Flyboys, Freakboys, Meekboys, Shyboys, Danceboys, Pranceboys, Tranceboys, Sharpboys, Flatboys, Wideboys, Ghostboys, Gooboys, Gayboys, Longboys, Eyeboys, Themboys, Deadboys, Clownboys, Toyboys, Smallboys, buoys and Bastards