trance in my pants


Finn Balor/OC- Seth is friends with the reader and that makes Finn a little jealous.

Warnings: Spanking

Oh yeah I finally wrote this. Hey anon I hope this is everything you ever hoped and dreamed for.

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Finn and I have been dating for about 6 months now and we couldn’t be happier. We were both on the same brand and traveling together, making our wrestling careers great for the both of us. 

 As we walked towards catering with our hands intertwined whispering to each other about this or that, I caught a familiar face out of the corner of my eye.

“SETH.” I screamed my friends name as I ran towards him, leaving Finn behind me. I jumped into Seth’s arm giggling as he spun us in a circle.

Seth set me down and looked at me with a huge smile on his face, “Hey kid. Hows it going? I missed you like crazy.” Seth looked past my shoulder for a second to see Finn slowly walking towards us. He pointed at him and looked back at me, “And when did this happen?”

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Cold heart warmed up on a stove top
Waist of time like a hip tattoo of a clock
Sasquatch in abnormal socks
In the hospital like Peep this doc
No giving a care in an ambulance
In a trance when she dance
Feeling a fire in my pants
Desire in a glance
Rant, pant and revamp
Then I watch toonami
I Hip hop a party
Forget a DJ give me a mariachi
Band that can outstand
And make these white people dance
back with batteries in my pack
Now I’m hitting like the bunny
No money but still get the girls “He’s pretty funny”
I’m a rock star
Playing for arrancars
Moshing with monstars
Scrambled eggs never poched
But god forgive me cause I’ll kill a pocher
Of Arizona I am the bard
Barred barbarian slang blade
scaring them
Scarred by flaws and life of hard
Trying to get a interview with nardwar
Don’t smoke near me I’m asthmatic
At college for English and I’m alright at mathematics.
Trying to be a decent descent for my ancients
Never claim throne but my organs in a jar
Same ones they’d expect me to cook in
Step in the door and they were shooken
And took when witnessed skill
From the pan to the fire never retire
Only admire didn’t shatter a sweat
But held in contempt for uncontemporary content
Only make promises no threats. Shout out to the Homie Lokee for letting me get on a beat! Check out his Work!

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summary: hoseok works at the pet store.

pairing: yoonseok (jhope/suga), minor vmin (jimin/v)



“It’ll definitely take a while to get used to,” Hoseok proclaims, grimacing as the sugar glider in his hands nibbles at his finger.

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