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The Reward (Part 1 of 2)

Part Two

{ Imagine that you promise Stiles he’ll get a reward if Beacon Hills wins the lacrosse game

Warnings: teasing, slight smut

Word count: 1621

Your back was against the wall, waiting for the Beacon Hills team to exit the boy’s locker room. You could hear Coach yelling at the boys. Tonight was an important game and there was no doubt that Coach had tortured them with hours of training to actually stand a chance, because the team had gotten a lot worse after Jackson and Isaac left.

The sound of a door opening startled you from your thoughts. Coach marched out of the locker room, followed by the players, wearing their red Beacon Hills attire. Your lips formed into a smile as your eyes caught sight of the boy you called your boyfriend. He was adjusting his shoulder pads while Scott talked to him. As a way to support him, you’d put on his jersey. You knew he loved it when you wore his clothes and then his jersey in particular. It showed everybody you were his, but it wasn’t like people didn’t already know that. You and Stiles were practically inseparable. He was not only your boyfriend, but he was also your best friend. You could tell him anything and he knew exactly how to comfort you when you were sad, how to handle you when you were angry and most importantly, he was always there when you needed him.

Scott patted Stiles on the shoulder and took off, but not before giving you a smile. You returned it before focusing your full attention on the handsome boy in front of you.

‘’Ready for the game tonight?’’ you asked, wrapping your arms around his neck. Your fingers played with the hairs on his neck, which sent shivers through his body.

‘’Hey babe. I guess I am. Coach will kill us if we lose.’’ He cringed slightly at the thoughts, but as he caught sight of what you were wearing, a smirk replaced his frown. You could feel his hands slightly inching towards your butt.
‘’I like what you’re wearing tonight,’’ he whispered into your ear, grazing your earlobe with his lips before he placed a feather light kiss onto your neck. That action made you weak in the knees. On top of that, his smell was driving your crazy and you knew there wouldn’t be any playing if you didn’t stop him right there.

‘’Stiles. Stop, you need to play the game and win. If you win, you’ll get a reward.’’ You bit your lip as sensually as you could, knowing it was one of the things that could drive him absolutely crazy.  His grip tightened on your body and you saw the conflict in his eyes.
‘’I know what you’re thinking Stilinski, but you can’t have me now. You need to play and earn your reward.’’ You gave him a wink and softly pushed him away from you.

‘’Alright Y/N, that’s a deal. We’ll win this.’’ He gave you a passionate, mouth-watering kiss before running off—leaving you standing there, wishing for more.

You seated yourself next to Lydia, Kira and Malia on the top bleachers so you could have a perfect view of the field. The boys of both teams were doing their warm up, which gave you time to do some catching up with the girls. You were tempted to tell them about the little bet you’d just made with Stiles, but then decided to keep it to yourself after all. Everyone always thought the two of you were the innocent and cute couple, only involving yourselves with vanilla sex—but they were completely wrong. From time to time you and Stiles liked to spice things up and this bet could be added to the list.

The sound of the whistle indicated that the game had started. Immediately the opposing team made a successful move to grab the ball. The players from Beacon Hills attempted to prevent the opposing team from scoring, but failed miserably, causing Coach to throw a hissy fit. A slight chuckle escaped your mouth as you watched as Stiles—who surprisingly caught the ball into his net, was immediately tackled by an opposing player. Scott helped him up, patting his back before they continued the game. You knew Stiles felt even more pressure to win than the rest of the players, because he knew he wouldn’t get his reward if they didn’t win the game tonight.

The ref blew on the whistle, signaling a 7-minute break. You took that as your chance to go check up on Stiles. You saw him take off his helmet, droplets of sweat trailing down his face and disappearing underneath his jersey. As soon as you came into sight, he walked up to you and grabbed your hands.

‘’You gotta start playing better Stilinski. This way there will be no reward,’’ you whispered so only the two of you would be able to hear. Stiles let out a frustrated groan, squeezing your hands.

‘’I think I need a little bit of encouragement. A little taste of what’s to come,’’ he stated with a slight smirk plastered onto his face. Your eyes immediately narrowed. You knew what he was doing. He knew there was a big chance of losing and he didn’t want to miss out on your reward, but you weren’t stupid. He wanted to play and you weren’t about to refuse. You led him over to a quiet corner behind the bleachers and pushed him up against a stone wall.

‘’Very well then. Just a little taste.’’ He watched as you sensually wetted your lips with your tongue, your eyes not leaving his for a moment. His arousal was slightly becoming visible, which meant you had him right where you wanted. With your right hand, you slowly inched towards his shorts—you standing in between his legs for better access. In the meantime, your lips met his in a hot kiss, a low groan leaving Stiles’ mouth as he tried to press your body against his in the hope to release some of the pressure he was feeling. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, so you kept him at distance, trailing a path of kisses down to his neck, where you sucked onto his soft spot—leaving Stiles like putty in your hands. Your right hand had now reached the waistband of his shorts and you were slowly teasing him by caressing the bare skin beneath his shirt, right above his boxers.

‘’Fuck, Y/N. Do something already. The game will start any moment,’’ he panted, desperate for your touch to release him. Your lips formed into a smirk, loving how he was begging for you. Your hand slowly moved down his shorts until you reached his bulge—the only pair of clothing separating your hand from his cock being his boxers. You could feel how hard he was and the sounds of the people on the bleachers behind the two of you and the possibility of being caught only made it all the more exciting.

‘’Just like this baby?’’ You kissed him just below his ear as you slightly rubbed his throbbing cock. A gasp escaped his mouth and his eyes closed in pleasure—his hands squeezing both your butt cheeks.

‘’F-Fuck yes just like that,’’ he breathed out. Just when he was about to pull you closer, the ref blew the whistle once again, signaling the game would start any moment now. You retreated your body and crossed your arms. Stiles’ eyes fluttered open, ripping him out of his heaven-like trance. ‘’Why did you stop? I can’t play like this!’’ he uttered in protest, pointing to the bulge in his pants. All you could do was shrug.

‘’That is not my problem. You were the one who started this. No reward until after you’ve won. You thought you could be smart, but I’m not going to give in that easily babe. Now go in there and win.’’ He let out another frustrated groan before marching back onto the field and you took your place back next to Lydia, Kira and Malia as if nothing naughty had happened just a minute ago. However, Malia and Kira gave you knowing smiles, probably smelling the arousal which was still evident on your hand. A blush crept onto your cheeks, but you didn’t say anything and neither did they since they probably noticed your discomfort at their acknowledgement.

The final whistle sounded and you looked at the scoreboard. 18-13, which meant that the opposing team had won. The players from Beacon Hills had definitely made a comeback after the break, but it wasn’t enough to win. You also knew what this meant for Stiles: no reward. You waited until most of the audience had left the bleachers and in the meantime, the players had returned back to their locker rooms. Stiles had stayed behind, sitting on one of the benches with his head in his hands.

‘’I was so sure we’d win. We actually had a chance, but it was too late.’’ You hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek.

‘’It’s not your fault Stiles. Better luck next time.’’

‘’Since we didn’t win, I won’t get my reward, but can’t I get like a loser-reward? To cheer me up?’’ He turned his body to face you, his eyes darkening as they raked over your body. You laughed.

‘’No Stilinski. A bet’s a bet. Not any kind of reward for you. Now you better go shower. I’m going home and take one too. Meet me when you’re done.’’ You pecked his lips and tapped his nose before turning around and making your way off the field.

Stiles smirked as he watched you walk off the field, a thought forming inside his head. He’d get his reward…one way or another.

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