trance gods


Reader x Yoongi

words: 4893

Rated: M 

Genre: smut

inspired by this prompt list and written for @dimpl3sihav3non3 

A/N- This was a little hard for me to write. There had to be a lot of background story in order for it to make sense, and then Yoongi got the best of me. Hope you like it, sprinkle.

Summary: Y/n calls an escort service for a private tutor.

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The trance-state of prophecy is like no other visionary experience. It is not a retreat from the raw exposure of the senses (as are many trance-states) but an immersion in a multitude of new movements. Things move. It is an ultimate pragmatism in the midst of Infinity, a demanding consciousness where you come at last into the unbroken awareness that the universe moves of itself, that it changes, that its rules change, that nothing remains permanent or absolute throughout all such movement, that mechanical explanations for anything can work only within precise confinements and, once the walls are broken down, the old explanations shatter and dissolve, blown away by new movements. The things you see in this trance are sobering, often shattering. They demand your utmost effort to remain whole and, even so, you emerge from that state profoundly changed.
—  Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune
Best Friends

Prompt: 57 with Tom holland/Peter Parker!!! 

 57. “There is enough room for both of us." 

Peter Parker x Reader

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The heat of my florescent lamp beat down on my hand as I attempted to understand how to find the probability of getting a black card from a deck of cards. I gripped my hair, frustrated with myself.  I groaned. I wished Peter was here. He could’ve answered this in less than a minute. But no, apparently he was too busy to help his best friend from failing math.

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train boy

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author: simonewrites

characters: peter parker, reader

relationships: peter parker/reader

warnings: fluff, soulmark trope, pizza, mild cursing

word count: 1k approximately

summary: it’s your first day of school in new york, and while you’re on the train, you lock eyes with the cutest boy you’ve ever seen, who, excitingly, goes to your school. you’ve prayed that he’s your soulmate, but you don’t know and you’re too afraid to find out, so he makes the first move. 

notes: i’m starting a soulmate drabble series! send requests either there or to my inbox here if you’re feeling it. you can also find the work on ao3! hope y’all enjoy <3

New York is the biggest city in the United States, and it’s a far cry from your hometown. You want to hate it here, want to dislike the culture and the hustle and bustle and change of scenery, but you can’t. Everything is bright and new and fresh-feeling, including the heaviness of the humidity that hangs in the air.

So your first thought when you see this boy on the subway, with the brownest brown eyes you’ve ever seen and tousled, wavy brown hair and a shy smile, is They don’t make them like that back home. Then you register his hoodie, printed with the seal of your new high school, Midtown, and your heart sings. He has his headphones in, though, and that’s a universal sign for “Don’t talk to me,” so you just slip your own headphones into your ears and pray to God that you see him around.

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~Monster // Pt. 1~ (Monster!Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: i should be sleeping

T/W: blood + angst

Tags: @curiousplanets @gabriels-candy-pile @psycho-b1tch@spookyconsultingcriminal @the-sassy-slytherin @hoesie @stuckonswan @likemyfatherbutboulder @feathamiltontrash474 @batgurl32467 @cutekittybast

It was still dark when you woke up. The sky outside was pitch-black and even star-ier than it had been when you’d fallen asleep, yet no birds chirped outside the window as they usually did – indicating that it was still too early for even them. Laf’s broad chest rose and fell softly under your head; your arms tangled around his waist loosely, his hand running through your hair in rhythmic, half-asleep motions.

Laf always did something with his hands when he slept – whether it was rubbing them up and down your arm slowly or entangle them in the sheets – he needed a reminder that when he woke up, he wouldn’t still be at that God-forsaken carnival with shackles around his wrists.

His feathery wings were curled underneath him, ruffling whenever he furrowed his brow – as though he was scared of something in his dream. On your other side, the warm body of Hercules was entangled somewhat-daintily with John’s cold, smooth figure – both of them lacking any type of covering other than their boxers and – in Hercules’ case – a white, long-sleeved shirt.

But there was something missing.

Nobody was between you and Herc.

You gave a sigh and turned over drowsily, half-expecting to find Alex curled up somewhere, but no – his spot was completely empty. John and Herc must’ve scooted over sometime during the night, because when you reached over to see if Alex had gone to sleep on the end, there was empty space there too.

You sat up, rubbing your eyes, frustration tugging at your sluggish, exhausted mind. You had told the poor boy to come to bed with you guys almost three hours ago – although you were too tired to remember whether or not he had actually come in or not.

He’d been acting strange lately – John chalked-it-up to stress over the coming time change. You knew it was tough for Alex already, and now that it was going to get darker later, he really had no alternative than to either stay at home or stay at work until he could travel under the cover of darkness again.

No light slipped from under the door like it usually did when Alex was awake – indicating he was either passed-out somewhere or in his study – and you yawned before crawling over your sleeping angel to get out of bed. Laf shifted but refused to open his eyes.

Mon chou… It is too early to not sleep. Come back.” He whined, lazily throwing his arms into the air and making a grabby motion with his hands like a small child. You chuckled.

“I’ve just gotta find, ‘Lexi. I’ll be back, baby.” You gave a small peck to his forehead, and he smiled slightly, turning over and scooting in your place to spoon Hercules, pressing a soft kiss to his neck.

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Training Wheels // Jungkook x Reader.

Résumé: Jeon Jungkook knew how to make you fall for him, to make you succumb to him and follow his every command. But will you find out about his intentions? Or would he make you fall for him too deep that it would be too late for you to find your way out?
Length: 1 370 words.
Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels
AU: Bad boy

part I

© (gif)



“Do you love me?”

You gazed up at the ceiling, hooded eyes tracing over the faint designs carved into the white as the moonlight casted its lustrous voiles on both of your sweaty bodies, showing what you have done when no soul was aware of the sinful touches and sounds to your nocturnal minds and hearts’ desires.

You knew you shouldn’t ask Jungkook such questions, yet the abstract pain of curiosity that keeps clawing at your tongue was too much to handle, so after successive cycles of day and night, of Moon around Earth and Earth around itself, you had finally said it.

The brief pause that followed after your voice died into silence made you want to vanish from shame, but then words resonated around the walls concealing your secrets and into your chest, finding the all too familiar path to your heart.

“I do.”

Your shimmery red lips curved upwards akin to the grin of the starry sky, and you turned your head to observe Jungkook; curtains of velvety hair skimming along his skin all the way down to his eyelashes, which were fluttering above spacey, doe eyes that held their own realm within their bottomless voids as continuous little puffs of hurried breath caressed their way out of his throat, between frail tissues of lips and softly into the cool air.


He hummed this time.

“I love you, too.”

“I know, Y/N.”

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The Wrestling Match (Star-Lord Reader Insert Smut)

Very graphic. NSFW. Blah blah blah. Sex.

Today was so boring. There was literally nothing to do. You’d think that traveling around with the Guardians of the Galaxy would have a new adventure waiting everyday. But even the greatest heroes have their weak days.

You and Peter were hanging out in his bunk. You’d danced all afternoon to his music. Twice, in fact. Yet you were still not fulfilled. So you and him just talked about nonsense. He was telling more stories about girls who’d attacked him after a one-night stand.

“Anyways, so she’d stuck a fork in my side. Luckily, I’d gotten out of the before she could get anything sharper.” he joked. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“That’s the price you pay. Don’t mess with a girl’s heart; they’ll rip you a new one.” you warned. You started inspecting your fingernails as he continued talking.

“Nah, I don’t think girls are as tough as boys. No woman could stand up to me.” he tested. You bursted out laughing. “What? It’s the truth!”

“Peter, there are many girls who could kick your ass in a heartbeat.”

“Like who? You? Yeah right,” he pressed. You looked up and cocked your head to the side.

“Yeah, me. I will kick your ass right now.”

“Do you know who you’re dealing with?” Oh, that was it. You got up and strided over to wear he was lounging. You put your hands on either side of him, leaned in close, and squinted your eyes at him. You were an less than an inch away from his face.

“Do you know who you’re dealing with? Don’t push me, Quill. I’ll beat your sorry ass any day of the week.” you smiled.

“Okay,” he began, “right now. Let’s wrestle. Rules are there are no rules.” He stood up and you back up a little bit. You put your hands on your hips.

“It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing when you lose to me, Star-Lord. Are you sure you’re ready for that?” you teased. He stepped closer to you, your bodies touching. You started getting a little warm.

“Get ready, honey, you’re going down.” With that, you left to change into shorts and an old t-shirt. When you came back, Quill was in sweatpants and a white shirt. You both cleared out the room, pushing furniture and valuables to the corners of the bunk.

Standing on opposite sides of the room, Peter was still being annoying as usual.

“Are you gonna be okay when I win? I don’t like making ladies cry.” he called. You laughed again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! So all those sad looking women who leave the ship in the morning are just sweating from their eyes?” you mocked.

“Hey, I haven’t done that in a while! I’m a good boy now.” You couldn’t help but laugh again. It was true though, you hadn’t seen these girls in a while. The other guardians would make fun and say it was because of you, but you never believed them. Maybe he did like you, and that’s why he was so willing to wrestle you. You quickly shook the thought out of your head and went back to the matter at hand.

“Yeah right. Let’s get this over with.” With that, you cracked your neck and ran towards him without warning. You tackled him onto the ground. Before he knew what was happening, you crawled up his body and sat on top of him, pressing your hands against his firm chest to keep him down.

“No fair, I wasn’t ready!” he whined. He shoved you off of him, landing on your butt. You quickly tried scrambling away, but he grabbed your ankle and pulled you back. Peter lifted you up. You tried kicking your legs and elbowing which cause him to laugh. His strong arms wrapped around your stomach tightly. Then you went flying onto the bed. He quickly laid on top of you. He was in between your legs, holding your shoulders down. You’re were starting to get a little turned on at the position you two were in. When you actually refocused on pushing him off, he’d already counted down to one, meaning you’d lost the round. You’re breathing was heavy as he laughed to himself.

“We don’t have to go again if it’s too much for you.” he goaded. Yet you were already in a stance across the room, your hands resting on your knees and your feet spread apart. He ran towards you this time, picking you up and shoving you against a wall. He flipped you and twisted your arm behind your back.

“Just admit that I’m stronger, sweetheart.” He leaned in close to your ear and pressed himself right up against you. He twisted your arm a little more and your back arched in pain, forcing your bottom against him even rougher.

“Oh yeah, baby, right there.” He jokingly moaned. You grinned a little and then stomped on his foot as hard as you could.

“SHIT! OW!” he yelled. When he backed away, you took the chance to turn around and shove him on the ground. You straddled his chest this time and pinned both his wrists above his head. He bucked and fought like an angry bull, but you were still on top of him, using all your strength to keep his hands down.

“3… 2… 1…” you counted. He let out a sigh while you grinned proudly.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’ve wanted my head between your legs for a long time, but not exactly like that.” he said sarcastically. He was always saying sexual things to you, so it didn’t bother you. Until now.

Being this close to Peter, touching and feeling him, it’d ignited something inside you. You wanted to touch him more, as you’d suddenly enjoy the feel of his body. Maybe this wasn’t such a boring day. You stretched for the last round. It was a tie and you were determined to win this last one.

“C’mon darling, you know you can’t beat me. Just give up before you get hurt.” he cracked his knuckles menacingly.

“Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the one who’s gonna get hurt.” He acted wounded, putting his hand on chest and making a big scene.

The final round, you both started in the middle of the room and immediately started pushing on each other. You were the first to fall to the floor. He laid on your back, but you flipped the position. You hand one knee one the floor and one held down on his chest.

“Had enough, Star-Lord?” you pushed your knee a little harder into his chest which made him let out a cough.

“Not even close!” he spat. Peter grabbed your shirt collar. This being a very old shirt and you being stiff as a statue, your shirt ripped open. You looked down to see your bra exposed, and rapidly looked to see a chunk of the fabric in his hand. You gasped, covering your chest. Quill took the opportunity to jump on you and pin your arms down, exposing your breasts even more.

“Peter get off me! My shirt!” you cried. He stayed quiet and looked at your chest hungrily. The look on his face made your panties a little wet. You bucked your hips, shook your head side to side, and shut your eyes trying to get him off of you so you could fight back. A moan escaped your mouth as you felt his lips on your neck.

His kisses were hot and persistent as he moved further down, stopping to gently suck on your collarbone. You heard a tearing noise as he ripped off the remaining pieces of your shirt. Coming to your senses, you realized you were actually about to have sex on the floor of Peter Quill’s bunk with the man himself.

“Peter,” you breathed.

“Don’t.” he muttered. He unhooked your bra and ran his tongue over your sensitive nipple while gently massaging the other with his rough, calloused hands. He suddenly stopped and lifted you off the floor. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he kissed you. His lips were soft and his mouth was sweet like sugar. Your arms wrapped around his neck gingerly but it wasn’t until he slammed you against the wall that you realized what was going on. As body made contact with the wall, you let out a puff of breath.

“Don’t think we’re not done. There’s still one round left.” he told you in a seductive tone.

“Let’s do it.” you agreed. You unwrapped your legs from his waist and shoved him over and over again until he was against a wall this time. You tore his shirt off him and ran your hands over his body. Peter kissed you before moving to force you against the wall. He wrapped his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he peeled your shorts off. You used your hands to steady yourself. That’s when he laid a big smack right on your ass. You sucked in air through your teeth as the pain started setting in. Smack! You jumped against the wall. He seemed to be enjoying this. Smack!

“Damn it!” you cried. He started squeezing and rubbing your butt now, soothing the pain a little bit. Smack! You jumped again from the surprise. You removed yourself from his grasp and kicked out one of his knees, making him fall to the ground. You took a seat on his toned stomach with your back to him so you could pull down his sweatpants. He writhed underneath you. He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back against his chest and held you there. You flailed around like a baby, he lifted you up, and held you down on the bed.

Peter quickly slid down to get between your legs. You tried to get up, but he pulled you down again and held a death grip on your thighs. He spread your legs open forcefully and threw you one of them over his shoulder. You heard the sound of more fabric tearing and felt the air hit your wetness, causing goosebumps to raise on your skin.

“Quill, you really need to stop rippi— oh my God!” you inhaled sharply. He ran the flat of his tongue up your slit. He gently kissed your clit and and sucked all around you. Your eyes crossed as you bit your fingertips from the pleasure he was delivering. He was going faster and faster.

“I can hear you licking.” you giggled.

“Mmm, I’m a hungry man. You want me to stop?” He licked swirls and lines up and down you, causing your body to tighten.

“Answer me.” he called to you, pulling you out of your trance.

“No, God, no.” you panted. He went back to working on pleasing you. He used his teeth to graze you clit. Quill was staring at your face, enjoying your changing expression the closer you got. ‘Wow, he’s good at this!’ His head was moving to lick more of you and you couldn’t help but clutch on to his hair and dig your heel into his back. It was getting better and better until— Oh there it is!

You bit your lip to keep yourself from being loud. Softly moaning his name, he licked up all your juices. As you came down from your high, he crept up to kiss you. You tasted yourself on his lips and kind of liked it. You wanted him inside you so bad, so you shimmied his boxers down his thighs. He smiled into the kiss. But that was the last part of sweetness you would get.

Peter thrust into you roughly. So rough, in fact that you broke the kiss to catch your breath. He rested his chin between your neck and your shoulder, his breathing heavy as his thrusts got harder and faster into you. He was literally pounding into you, hearing your flesh slapping against his. It was no longer sensual lovemaking. It was hot, rough sex. And you loved every bit of it. But you suddenly remembered you had a wrestling match to win.

You pushed him off of you, never separating from him. He landed on his back and you were now riding him. Quill gripped your hips and moved you faster.

The same joyful spot kept getting hit and you were soon pushed off the edge. Multiple times. He came soon after you had for the 3rd or 4th time. He let out a grunt and a low moan that was probably the sexiest noise you’d ever heard. While he was still breathing heavily trying to cool off, you were still on top of him. You grabbed his wrists of your waist quickly and held them down on each side of him. He shot you a puzzled look.

“3… 2… 1… I win.” You got off him and laid next to him. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed your cheek sweetly.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.”

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The Bet

Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Request: Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, a few dirty innuendos? Idek 
1,577 words

Notes: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS REQUEST BECAUSE I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. I’m so so sorry it took this long, darling anon. It took this long and it’s not even that good but I hope you like it anyway! <3 Thank you for the request! :’) (I got carried away with yours too, lmao)

Wrapping up the bandages around your knuckles and wrists in the Tower’s training room, you sighed slightly annoyed. 

It was friday: the day you’d always have a sparring session with Natasha. 

The ritual started against your own will but your dad (a.k.a Iron Man) was convinced that you needed some self defense classes, putting Natasha as your teacher. 

Now, you actually enjoyed the whole thing. It made wonders to your body, you actually knew a few moves now and Nat turned into a partner (not just a teacher, even if she could still beat your ass).

It had gradually turned into something you could work your stress and frustrations off. 

And you just had a shitty week: spending all your time with your face buried between books studying for your college finals, your teachers apparently giving you a hard time just because you were Tony Stark’s daughter, almost failing your favorite class…

Just in the day you were most looking foward to work out, Natasha was unusually late. 

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 4

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 823

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: A little fluff, and a little humor. Tags are on the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. Hope you enjoy!

“Buck?” I reached out in the dark but my hands came up empty. I wasn’t sure how long I had slept, but judging from the failing light outside it had been most of the day.  I felt a surge of panic as I looked around the room for Bucky before realizing I was alone. I pushed myself off the bed and decided that a quick shower would help me shake off my post-sleep anxiety. I had always enjoyed showering – something about it was relaxing and soothing to me.

I sighed as I stepped out of the shower – wrapping myself in a plush white towel. I was distractedly walking out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom as Bucky was casually strolling into the room.

“Oh my god! James Buchanan Barnes! Do you not know how to knock?!” I yelled out in surprise. Bucky looked up from the plate of food he was no doubt bringing to me and froze in his tracks. It was as if he had become a human statue suddenly and couldn’t turn his gaze away from me. I suddenly became hyperaware that the only thing covering me was a towel, and it certainly wasn’t covering much. I could feel the heat rising up my cheeks as I froze in place. “Earth to Bucky! Come in!” I said a little shriller than I meant to.

Finally, he broke from his trance and muttered, “Oh god, sorry…. I’m sorry… I was just.. I’ll be out in the hall waiting… um yeah,” and darted from the room—not before running full body into the closed door.

“Buck, what the hell was that? Is everything okay?” I could hear Steve calling from his door.

“Yeah, I’ve never heard Y/N scream like that at ANYONE before,” added Sam with a laugh.

“It’s um… she’s fine. No worries…. Just a misunderstanding,” I could hear Bucky grumble from the other side of the door. Sam snickered and Steve remained silent.

“Oh my god…” I mumbled into my hands. I hurried and put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I then slowly opened the door for Bucky.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry” Bucky couldn’t help but smirk as he said it. I could tell he wasn’t that sorry about it but he did seem a little flustered.

I playfully rolled my eyes and scoffed, “Whatever you say Barnes.”

He laughed and offered me the plate he had been holding. “Nat and Clint cooked dinner tonight. I wanted to bring you some for when you woke up… I can see that I missed the waking up part now,” he chuckled to himself nervously. At the mention of food my stomach growled. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. I graciously took the plate and sat down on my bed with Bucky following suit.

“So…” I began but was cut off by Bucky.

“I just…” he paused, running his hands through his hair. “I wanted to let you know that I’m going on a mission with Steve. I’ll probably be gone for a few days…” he trailed off not looking at me. He seemed nervous and out of place. There was something he obviously wasn’t telling me, but I wasn’t going to push my luck. After spending three years with him I knew the look on his face all too well.

“I swear – if Steve and Tony don’t assign me to something soon; I’m going to lose my mind,” I replied through bites of my food. I was frustrated – I felt like Bucky and I were still trying to figure things out and then this had to happen, but such was life as an Avenger. Tony had kept me off high stress missions lately. I guess it was frowned upon when a H.Y.D.R.A. agent showed up in D.C. with his arms and legs broken.

Bucky snorted, knowing just how irritated I was by being benched, “It’s okay – you aren’t missing anything exciting – I will tell you that. Plus, this will give us time to…” he paused and looked at me awkwardly. 

“To what?” I asked – I could feel my pulse quicken as panic started to set in. I still couldn’t fully process what had happened between us, or what could happen. I did know that I had enjoyed my time with Bucky the previous day and night.

“You know… to think about what happened… If it’s a good idea. I may have been too brash today… I just…” he gave me a weak smile as he ran his hands through his hair again. He always did that when he was nervous. “I’ll see you in a few days hopefully, doll,” he kissed the top of my head before standing up. He left my room before I could even get a word in – which was typical for him when he had made up his mind about something. I gulped and looked at my plate. Suddenly I wasn’t very hungry anymore.


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Things I Have Learned From Meeting Patrick Sharp:

So this past summer I was lucky enough to meet Patrick Sharp at the convention and let. me. just. tell. you.

1. He is quite possibly one of the nicest people i have EVER encountered and is very genuine.

2. He smells very, very good

3. He was just soooo happy to be back in Chicago and excitedly told at least five people in front of me (and then me too) how excited he was to be playing here again

4. He is somehow even more attractive in person (did not think that was possible but hey here we are)

But most importantly, the most important thing of all…

5. The man is like a human tractor beam oh my god. Once you make eye contact, that’s it. He owns you until he looks away. You’re just absolutely unable to resist his charm. Like. He has this gravitational field about him and when he focuses in on you it just pulls you in and it’s wonderful and he genuinely cares about what you’re saying and you’re stuck in this little mini world for a minute where it’s just him and you and it’s incredible. The man has charm beyond charm, folks. He really does.

Erwin Week 2017: Day 1 - Domestic

Rating: General

Relationships: Veterans (friendship)

Warnings: None

Other: Erwin-centric, canonverse, shingeki veterans

Ahh finally Erwin week is here again! I’m glad to be contributing to such a wonderful event again after a year of waiting ;^;! I’m not a huge fan of how this came out and it’s only short, but I want to submit something everyday!

It was a quaint, quiet afternoon in the Survey Corps barracks that day, many newly trained soldiers were lazing around outside on the green grass whilst the older veterans stayed inside in the comfortably warm living area. It was a building separate from the offices and sleeping areas in which most soldiers stayed when they weren’t training, eating or sleeping. Mike, Hange and Levi were all sat in a group together near the other end of the room. Mike, in a sitting chair; Hange and Levi sat together on a sofa (which Levi didn’t seem very happy about, but what was he happy about anyways?).

Erwin stepped inside the room briskly, a mug in one hand and a pen in the other, still in a position to write. As Mike noticed him, he saw after a few moments that Erwin had large dark circles under his eyes. He was beyond exhausted, Mike saw, and was probably in the room to refill on coffee.

“Hey, Erwin,” called Levi, who also noticed the blondie’s rather anti-social behaviour. Erwin, as if being zapped back into reality, widened his eyes as he noticed his three closest friends sat by the window staring at him. It was as if he was in a trance for God knows how many hours. He suddenly realised how tired he was after spending all night awake and writing for a wide array of documents that Zackley wanted him to handle.

“Hello, everyone, good morning.” He greeted politely, half-smiling and rubbing his eye.

“It’s ‘noon, Erwin.” Hangs points out in amusement. They then stand and join Erwin by the small kitchen, observing his face closely. “You’re extremely exhausted.”

Levi tuts as he looks back at them. “Damn idiot stayed up all night high on caffeine. Tea would have been better..”

“I was working,” says Erwin, before Levi can progress his lecture any further. “I am fine, Hange.”

“Liar.” Mike interjects, smirking.

Hangs then plucks the mug out of Erwin’s grasp and pulls him toward the others. “Sit with us for a while!” They chirp, pushing him down roughly into the arm chair adjacent to Mike’s.

Erwin wants to groan, but doesn’t. He loves these three people like family, for a large chunk of his adult life, these people have been the only family he’s ever known since he was a child, and he trusts them all with his life. “Would sleeping not be a better remedy?” He quips, forcing his eyes to stay as open as could despite how tired he was.

“If you were to leave this room and actually go to sleep, I’d be amazed.” Levi counters. With a chuckle, Erwin agrees, and the rest laugh with him too. Happy, content, a moment in which they peacefully forget about the weight that the world presses against their backs; especially Erwin, whom felt the world ease up on his shoulders with each minute that he continued to smile.

Niall Horan

Propping yourself up on your elbows, you cupped your hand over your elbow as a yawn escaped. You could see Niall off in the distance, wading in waist deep water, chatting with a couple friends that had joined you on the trip. You had opted to stay with all of your stuff, keeping a watchful eye to make sure nothing was taken, despite the private aspect of the beach. There were only maybe five or six more groups scattered around, making for a quiet and peaceful afternoon.

You felt something bump your leg and glanced over, seeing a white volleyball sitting in the sand. Pushing yourself up slightly, you went to reach out and grab it, but a pair of larger hands beat you to it.

“Sorry about that,” a soft spoken man grinned, looking down at you.

“Oh, don’t worry,” you smiled politely, pushing your sunglasses up off of your face, tucking them on the top of your head.

“Can’t control the ball sometimes. My mate’s got an awful strong serve,” he continued on.

“Like I said, no worries.” You had made your peace, now you were ready to be alone again.

This man threw the ball back to his friend and you fully expected him to follow it, however, when he sat next to you on Niall’s towel, discomfort took over.

“Uhm…” you went to interject.

“I just kinda wanted to talk to you…” he shrugged his broad shoulders. “Thought you were looking kinda lonely here all by yourself.” You were just trying to take an afternoon nap. Nothing about this guy was making you any less uncomfortable. He sat there like he had met you before, his arms stretched out behind him, his relaxed posture making it seem like he had been there a lot longer. “Thought I would come and give you company.”

“Honestly I’m just trying to relax…” you spoke softly, not wanting to be rude.

“We can relax together yeah?” His lips curled up into a bigger grin. “I can even help ya with more sunscreen yeah? Is it in here?” he asked, going right in and opening your beach bag.

“Excuse me?” a sharp tone cut in and both you and the man looked up quickly. Neither of you had expected Niall to show up that quickly. “Get your hand out of my stuff yeah? And get off my towel?”

This man stood up, his feet staying planted on the towel he had just previously occupied. He was bigger than Niall, both in height and width. You took a deep breath, not wanting anything to build up. The last thing you both needed was an altercation.

“Niall,” you pushed yourself up, walking over to stand beside him.

“This guy bothering you babe?” he asked softly, his tone changing when he spoke to you.

“Yeah, but let’s just go…” you pushed, grabbing onto his arm.

“You’re bothering her,” he turned back to the stranger, his words sharp. “So you need to leave alright?”

“I don’t think the little lady here wants me to mate,” the man smirked. “C’mon love, we were just warming up together.”

You rolled your eyes and bent down, picking your cover up off of the ground. As you draped it around your body again, one of the man’s friends started calling him back. His lips curled into a scowl but he kept his eyes on you. You tried to avoid his gaze, looking back at Niall. Uncomfortable couldn’t even be used to begin to describe how you felt. There was a weird tension between the three of you. This guy didn’t seem to be able to take a quite obvious hint.

After what seemed like 20 minutes had passed, he finally stepped off the towel, his eyes baring into the back of your head. “It’s a shame…” he purred, causing you to step closer to Niall. “We could’ve really hit it off here ya know…”

“Bye,” Niall cut in sharply once more, his arm circling around your waist protectively.

You could tell the stranger was hesitant to walk away, his eyes falling down your figure one last time. His gaze held nothing but a dark need for sex. It’s amazing how quickly someone’s true colours could make an appearance when they didn’t get their way.

Niall could feel you physically relax once it was just the two of you again. “Back to the hotel yeah?” he murmured quietly, glancing back at some of the cameras ‘hiding’ in the trees that boarded the beach.

“Yeah babe,” you nodded your head in agreement, slipping out of his hold. “Let’s pack up and we’ll go.”


You could tell Niall was still feeling tense about the situation, even now as you walked into your quiet hotel room with no one else in sight. It radiated off of him. You reached out, your fingers wrapping around his forearm. As he turned to face you, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, you took a step into him.

“Niall, you’re still uncomfortable,” you spoke, reading his face.

“Uncomfortable isn’t the word I would use,” he chuckled dryly as his free hand lifted and pressed into the back of his neck.

His skin was tinged red from all the sun he had soaked up, a thin layer of sweat making his skin glossy. Your hand unwrapped from his arm as you moved to untie your bikini top, your thin cover up still draped over your body. Niall’s eyes fell as your bikini top came off. The cover up, despite being called a ‘cover up’, did little to cover anything up really. The soft chiffon material, whilst beautiful and somewhat concealing, hid nothing from his wandering eyes.

You analyzed him for a moment, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed visibly, the way his tongue slid along between his dry lips. The lines on his forehead were prominent as he tried to stay mad, wanting to hold a grudge on the guy who thought he could get you away. But he couldn’t. You appreciated the fact that you could pull him out of anything and capture him up in your little bubble.

“Why don’t you just focus on me right now…” you cooed, slipping the transparent material off. “Come shower yeah? Cool your skin down…”

A gruff cough spilled out from the back of his throat. Niall nodded his head, his eyes wandering back up to yours, just for a brief moment. Nothing hid what he held most close. Nothing more than just a pair of bikini bottoms. It left very little to the imagination.

“All of this is yours…” you hummed, grabbing onto his free swinging hand.

“Mine,” he nodded his head, his accent getting thick as lust took over for both of you.

“Show me…”

You were playing, giving him something else to think about so you could pull him out of his angered headspace. When he stepped closer to you, you stepped away. One step closer to the bathroom.

“Don’t play,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Don’t.”

“M’not,” you shrugged.


“Grab a condom,” you smirked, slipping your hand right back out of his and turning to walk into the bathroom.

After the little incident, you wanted him. You wanted him to show you, to show himself that you belonged to each other. You wanted him to take out any pent up feelings of jealousy, anger, rage and pour it into a session of sex that would drive you up the wall.

You hadn’t even turned the faucet to get the water going yet when you felt his presence in the room with you. You heard the crinkle of the tinfoil packet hitting the marble countertops before the shuffle of clothes coming off and hitting the floor. Goosebumps shot up your arms as his fingers looped around the waistband of the bikini bottoms still covering up parts of your body.

“Lemme get these off yeh?” Niall murmured.

His skin was warm as you stood up into him, your back pressed against his chest. You nodded your head slightly and your eyes fell down as he pushed the material down your legs. As soon as they got to your knees, they fell on their own. You could feel that you weren’t the only bare one in this room.


As I reached around her to feel the temperature of the water, I dropped my mouth down to her shoulder, placing a soft and opened-mouth kiss to her warm skin. Without a word, I ushered her into the shower, the water a comfortable medium.

I kept her pressed against me as we stood under the steady stream of water. I tilted my head back, the water hitting the column of my throat. My love pressed her bum back against me without warning and my head shot back up. A growl escaped the back of my throat as my fingers dug into her hips with a firm pressure.

All the blood in my body seemed to rush between my legs. I had to hold my breath for a moment as my erection grew and as she turned around to face me, her eyes fell to the obvious. We were slippery as the water rushed over her predominantly, her arms sliding around my neck. We were moving slow, taking our time with each other.

Her hair was slicked back, the water weighing her head back slightly. I had to kick myself out of my trance because god, I just wanted to kiss her. Her lips were so inviting, slightly parted with a glassy look in her eyes. I jumped forwards and closed the small space in between us, my top lip locking between both of hers. I kissed her slowly, kissing her with passion. I could feel her lips mould against mine, moving slightly to gain access to something even deeper. She pressed into me, like she was leaning onto me with support. My arms locked tightly around her and I couldn’t help myself, dropping one hand to her bum and giving the thicker flesh a squeeze.

In that moment, everything came rushing back. Why we were in the shower, why I had been feeling this way in the first place. My possessiveness came into play and without a warning, I pressed my knee between hers, getting her legs apart. One of the hands that had been resting on her bum, came around to cup her heat. Warmth radiated from between her legs and I couldn’t help but smirk in the middle of our little heated make out. Flattening out my hand, I dragged it over her swollen lips, pressing into her. As I rubbed, back and forth slowly, not yet breaking the barrier to something so much more sensitive, she whined out into my mouth and her teeth, out of habit, sunk down into my bottom lip. A little shot of pain that bothered me none.

I curved my hand under her and took a deep breath. The next time I pulled my hand forward, I purposely positioned it so my fingers pressed into her. All the way up to her swollen clit, I pressed the tips of my three fingers down. I started it off as a massage, getting my fingers lubricated without needing the actual lubricant. She was doing all of that for me.

“Are you gonna keep teasing?” she murmured next to my ear, clutching onto me.

“I don’t have to but it’s kinda fun, innit?” I laughed quietly.

“No…” she whined. “It thought you wanted to show me who I belong to…”

My hand stopped for a moment and I pulled my head back. “Oh really…” I murmured, backing her up until her back hit the tile wall.

“Yeah really,” she challenged and I shook my head softly.

I could tell she was trying not to bed. Her clit protruded out and I could feel her muscles tensing up under my hand. I kept eye contact with her as I slowly pressed the tip of my middle finger against her opening. I prodded the stretchy skin around it and licked my lips. Her hands were resting on my hips. I could practically see the feelings running through her mind as I pressed my finger further up into her sex, curling it slightly.

Rocking my finger into her, I dropped my head down to her neck, turning my face against the wet skin. Baring my teeth, I bit down and caught a good amount of skin between them. It wouldn’t be long now, I just had to get her out of her stubborn zone. She would give into me eventually, I would have her falling apart in no time.


The way his finger curled up in your sex made a wave of shivers run through you. You pressed your hands back against the cool tile and took a deep breath, dropping your head back as well. When he sunk his teeth into your skin, an involuntary squeal came from your lips. You thrusted your hips into his hand, mentally pleading for more.

He pulled his head back and laughed out, barely audible over the sound of the water splashing around and going down the drain. You were eagerly rocking your hips, riding on his finger and when he slipped a second one into your dripping sex, your jaw fell open with a sound of thanks and pleasure. Niall had his hands pressed into you, hooked up and forcing themselves to curl upwards meticulously looking for that one spot.

You had to grab onto his shoulders when the pad of his thumb pressed against your engorged clit, brushing over and sending shock waves through your stomach. You moaned out, pressing your head up against his shoulder and digging your nails into his skin. Niall rolled the bundle of nerves around like a game controller, pressing and rolling it around without any mercy.

“N… Niall!” you whined out, breathing out shakily against his arm.

“That’s it…” he cooed, milking you into your orgasm.

The release was blissful, your hips bucking and thrashing. Niall watched with a smirk on his face and pulled his fingers out, wanting your orgasm to keep pulsating as long as possible. Sucking his fingers clean, he turned the water off and ripped the shower curtain back, so caught up in his own feelings as well. He stepped out and lifted you up with your legs wrapped around his waist tightly. Both of you were dripping wet as you fell into the bed, drenching the sheets and blankets that lay under you.

His hands pressed against your knees as he pushed your legs apart, his eagerness getting the best of him. His mind was on one thing and that was you. As he lined himself up to your soaked sex, he grabbed your jaw and made you look up at him. You were already breathing heavily, and were having a difficult time keeping your eyes open. His length slid in with ease thanks to your prior release, the slippery skin stretching around him again.

“Mine…” he breathed out deeply, taking complete control. “Mine… my love…” he murmured out, his voice shaking.

“Yeah baby…” you nodded your head softly, reaching loose and jello-like arms up so your hands could rest on his red, flustered cheeks. You took a deep breath. “Gonna take control of me?”

He nodded his head, shifting his hips up a bit more. He pushed as far as he could until you made a sound of displeasure. Your fingers curled behind his ears and your face scrunched up in discomfort for a moment.


“Shit, sorry…” he pulled back slightly and that discomfort was replaced by something out. “Good princess?” he whispered out, rocking his hips slowly into you, grinding every ridge and bump along your walls.

“Mhm…” you nodded quickly, pulling his head down.

Your lips pressed against his just as he slid back in. A deep moan came from him, vibrating and tickling your lips. You wanted him as close as you could get him, the sides of your legs pressing against his hips as he fucked you like it would be the last time. The way he moved into you, grinding and rolling his hips meticulously, taking his time to let you feel every inch that you could take. He was taking time so he could feel you too, feel the warmth of your walls, feel the way you tightened and relaxed around his cock. He loved every sound and every movement you made because of him.


The possessiveness began to fade as I watched her relax and moan repeatedly, clutching onto me and kissing me. Every place her lips touched sent a shock through me, driving me to love her even more. This wasn’t just a lazy fuck like it had started. I wanted to, I needed to love her like no other could. Not the guy on the beach, not any of her exes. Only I could love her like I was.

I felt myself starting to climb up, my high getting closer and closer. The room was quiet other than the sound of our heavy breathing and skin hitting together. It was like everything had come to a standstill around us. I could feel myself throbbing, I was trying to hold off as long as I could, but I couldn’t. I came with one thrust in and I wasn’t thinking. I couldn’t make sense of anything. With one last cry, I heard and felt her hit her release a couple minutes later. She was out of breath when I fell onto her, peppering her neck and collarbone with small kisses. I took a deep breath in between my kisses, hugging onto her tightly. I felt her arms go around my neck as he just laid there together, letting everything settle down.

When I rolled off of her, I heard her let out a deep breath. “I’ll be back…” I murmured softly, rubbing over her bare hips before lazily lifting myself off of the bed. I stood still for a moment, all the blood rushing back to the rest of my body. I shuffled across the carpet, flaccid and tired but needing to pee. I wanted to get back to bed as soon as I could, wanting to cuddle up and nap the rest of the day way.

When I went to wash my hands, something on the counter top caught my eye. The tinfoil packet holding the condom I was supposed to use sat there, unopened.


james mcavoy + Empire interview (2013) (part 1/part 2)