trance gods

The trance-state of prophecy is like no other visionary experience. It is not a retreat from the raw exposure of the senses (as are many trance-states) but an immersion in a multitude of new movements. Things move. It is an ultimate pragmatism in the midst of Infinity, a demanding consciousness where you come at last into the unbroken awareness that the universe moves of itself, that it changes, that its rules change, that nothing remains permanent or absolute throughout all such movement, that mechanical explanations for anything can work only within precise confinements and, once the walls are broken down, the old explanations shatter and dissolve, blown away by new movements. The things you see in this trance are sobering, often shattering. They demand your utmost effort to remain whole and, even so, you emerge from that state profoundly changed.
—  Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune
The Wrestling Match (Star-Lord Reader Insert Smut)

Very graphic. NSFW. Blah blah blah. Sex.

Today was so boring. There was literally nothing to do. You’d think that traveling around with the Guardians of the Galaxy would have a new adventure waiting everyday. But even the greatest heroes have their weak days.

You and Peter were hanging out in his bunk. You’d danced all afternoon to his music. Twice, in fact. Yet you were still not fulfilled. So you and him just talked about nonsense. He was telling more stories about girls who’d attacked him after a one-night stand.

“Anyways, so she’d stuck a fork in my side. Luckily, I’d gotten out of the before she could get anything sharper.” he joked. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“That’s the price you pay. Don’t mess with a girl’s heart; they’ll rip you a new one.” you warned. You started inspecting your fingernails as he continued talking.

“Nah, I don’t think girls are as tough as boys. No woman could stand up to me.” he tested. You bursted out laughing. “What? It’s the truth!”

“Peter, there are many girls who could kick your ass in a heartbeat.”

“Like who? You? Yeah right,” he pressed. You looked up and cocked your head to the side.

“Yeah, me. I will kick your ass right now.”

“Do you know who you’re dealing with?” Oh, that was it. You got up and strided over to wear he was lounging. You put your hands on either side of him, leaned in close, and squinted your eyes at him. You were an less than an inch away from his face.

“Do you know who you’re dealing with? Don’t push me, Quill. I’ll beat your sorry ass any day of the week.” you smiled.

“Okay,” he began, “right now. Let’s wrestle. Rules are there are no rules.” He stood up and you back up a little bit. You put your hands on your hips.

“It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing when you lose to me, Star-Lord. Are you sure you’re ready for that?” you teased. He stepped closer to you, your bodies touching. You started getting a little warm.

“Get ready, honey, you’re going down.” With that, you left to change into shorts and an old t-shirt. When you came back, Quill was in sweatpants and a white shirt. You both cleared out the room, pushing furniture and valuables to the corners of the bunk.

Standing on opposite sides of the room, Peter was still being annoying as usual.

“Are you gonna be okay when I win? I don’t like making ladies cry.” he called. You laughed again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! So all those sad looking women who leave the ship in the morning are just sweating from their eyes?” you mocked.

“Hey, I haven’t done that in a while! I’m a good boy now.” You couldn’t help but laugh again. It was true though, you hadn’t seen these girls in a while. The other guardians would make fun and say it was because of you, but you never believed them. Maybe he did like you, and that’s why he was so willing to wrestle you. You quickly shook the thought out of your head and went back to the matter at hand.

“Yeah right. Let’s get this over with.” With that, you cracked your neck and ran towards him without warning. You tackled him onto the ground. Before he knew what was happening, you crawled up his body and sat on top of him, pressing your hands against his firm chest to keep him down.

“No fair, I wasn’t ready!” he whined. He shoved you off of him, landing on your butt. You quickly tried scrambling away, but he grabbed your ankle and pulled you back. Peter lifted you up. You tried kicking your legs and elbowing which cause him to laugh. His strong arms wrapped around your stomach tightly. Then you went flying onto the bed. He quickly laid on top of you. He was in between your legs, holding your shoulders down. You’re were starting to get a little turned on at the position you two were in. When you actually refocused on pushing him off, he’d already counted down to one, meaning you’d lost the round. You’re breathing was heavy as he laughed to himself.

“We don’t have to go again if it’s too much for you.” he goaded. Yet you were already in a stance across the room, your hands resting on your knees and your feet spread apart. He ran towards you this time, picking you up and shoving you against a wall. He flipped you and twisted your arm behind your back.

“Just admit that I’m stronger, sweetheart.” He leaned in close to your ear and pressed himself right up against you. He twisted your arm a little more and your back arched in pain, forcing your bottom against him even rougher.

“Oh yeah, baby, right there.” He jokingly moaned. You grinned a little and then stomped on his foot as hard as you could.

“SHIT! OW!” he yelled. When he backed away, you took the chance to turn around and shove him on the ground. You straddled his chest this time and pinned both his wrists above his head. He bucked and fought like an angry bull, but you were still on top of him, using all your strength to keep his hands down.

“3… 2… 1…” you counted. He let out a sigh while you grinned proudly.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’ve wanted my head between your legs for a long time, but not exactly like that.” he said sarcastically. He was always saying sexual things to you, so it didn’t bother you. Until now.

Being this close to Peter, touching and feeling him, it’d ignited something inside you. You wanted to touch him more, as you’d suddenly enjoy the feel of his body. Maybe this wasn’t such a boring day. You stretched for the last round. It was a tie and you were determined to win this last one.

“C’mon darling, you know you can’t beat me. Just give up before you get hurt.” he cracked his knuckles menacingly.

“Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the one who’s gonna get hurt.” He acted wounded, putting his hand on chest and making a big scene.

The final round, you both started in the middle of the room and immediately started pushing on each other. You were the first to fall to the floor. He laid on your back, but you flipped the position. You hand one knee one the floor and one held down on his chest.

“Had enough, Star-Lord?” you pushed your knee a little harder into his chest which made him let out a cough.

“Not even close!” he spat. Peter grabbed your shirt collar. This being a very old shirt and you being stiff as a statue, your shirt ripped open. You looked down to see your bra exposed, and rapidly looked to see a chunk of the fabric in his hand. You gasped, covering your chest. Quill took the opportunity to jump on you and pin your arms down, exposing your breasts even more.

“Peter get off me! My shirt!” you cried. He stayed quiet and looked at your chest hungrily. The look on his face made your panties a little wet. You bucked your hips, shook your head side to side, and shut your eyes trying to get him off of you so you could fight back. A moan escaped your mouth as you felt his lips on your neck.

His kisses were hot and persistent as he moved further down, stopping to gently suck on your collarbone. You heard a tearing noise as he ripped off the remaining pieces of your shirt. Coming to your senses, you realized you were actually about to have sex on the floor of Peter Quill’s bunk with the man himself.

“Peter,” you breathed.

“Don’t.” he muttered. He unhooked your bra and ran his tongue over your sensitive nipple while gently massaging the other with his rough, calloused hands. He suddenly stopped and lifted you off the floor. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he kissed you. His lips were soft and his mouth was sweet like sugar. Your arms wrapped around his neck gingerly but it wasn’t until he slammed you against the wall that you realized what was going on. As body made contact with the wall, you let out a puff of breath.

“Don’t think we’re not done. There’s still one round left.” he told you in a seductive tone.

“Let’s do it.” you agreed. You unwrapped your legs from his waist and shoved him over and over again until he was against a wall this time. You tore his shirt off him and ran your hands over his body. Peter kissed you before moving to force you against the wall. He wrapped his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he peeled your shorts off. You used your hands to steady yourself. That’s when he laid a big smack right on your ass. You sucked in air through your teeth as the pain started setting in. Smack! You jumped against the wall. He seemed to be enjoying this. Smack!

“Damn it!” you cried. He started squeezing and rubbing your butt now, soothing the pain a little bit. Smack! You jumped again from the surprise. You removed yourself from his grasp and kicked out one of his knees, making him fall to the ground. You took a seat on his toned stomach with your back to him so you could pull down his sweatpants. He writhed underneath you. He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back against his chest and held you there. You flailed around like a baby, he lifted you up, and held you down on the bed.

Peter quickly slid down to get between your legs. You tried to get up, but he pulled you down again and held a death grip on your thighs. He spread your legs open forcefully and threw you one of them over his shoulder. You heard the sound of more fabric tearing and felt the air hit your wetness, causing goosebumps to raise on your skin.

“Quill, you really need to stop rippi— oh my God!” you inhaled sharply. He ran the flat of his tongue up your slit. He gently kissed your clit and and sucked all around you. Your eyes crossed as you bit your fingertips from the pleasure he was delivering. He was going faster and faster.

“I can hear you licking.” you giggled.

“Mmm, I’m a hungry man. You want me to stop?” He licked swirls and lines up and down you, causing your body to tighten.

“Answer me.” he called to you, pulling you out of your trance.

“No, God, no.” you panted. He went back to working on pleasing you. He used his teeth to graze you clit. Quill was staring at your face, enjoying your changing expression the closer you got. ‘Wow, he’s good at this!’ His head was moving to lick more of you and you couldn’t help but clutch on to his hair and dig your heel into his back. It was getting better and better until— Oh there it is!

You bit your lip to keep yourself from being loud. Softly moaning his name, he licked up all your juices. As you came down from your high, he crept up to kiss you. You tasted yourself on his lips and kind of liked it. You wanted him inside you so bad, so you shimmied his boxers down his thighs. He smiled into the kiss. But that was the last part of sweetness you would get.

Peter thrust into you roughly. So rough, in fact that you broke the kiss to catch your breath. He rested his chin between your neck and your shoulder, his breathing heavy as his thrusts got harder and faster into you. He was literally pounding into you, hearing your flesh slapping against his. It was no longer sensual lovemaking. It was hot, rough sex. And you loved every bit of it. But you suddenly remembered you had a wrestling match to win.

You pushed him off of you, never separating from him. He landed on his back and you were now riding him. Quill gripped your hips and moved you faster.

The same joyful spot kept getting hit and you were soon pushed off the edge. Multiple times. He came soon after you had for the 3rd or 4th time. He let out a grunt and a low moan that was probably the sexiest noise you’d ever heard. While he was still breathing heavily trying to cool off, you were still on top of him. You grabbed his wrists of your waist quickly and held them down on each side of him. He shot you a puzzled look.

“3… 2… 1… I win.” You got off him and laid next to him. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed your cheek sweetly.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.”

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 4

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 823

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: A little fluff, and a little humor. Tags are on the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. Hope you enjoy!

“Buck?” I reached out in the dark but my hands came up empty. I wasn’t sure how long I had slept, but judging from the failing light outside it had been most of the day.  I felt a surge of panic as I looked around the room for Bucky before realizing I was alone. I pushed myself off the bed and decided that a quick shower would help me shake off my post-sleep anxiety. I had always enjoyed showering – something about it was relaxing and soothing to me.

I sighed as I stepped out of the shower – wrapping myself in a plush white towel. I was distractedly walking out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom as Bucky was casually strolling into the room.

“Oh my god! James Buchanan Barnes! Do you not know how to knock?!” I yelled out in surprise. Bucky looked up from the plate of food he was no doubt bringing to me and froze in his tracks. It was as if he had become a human statue suddenly and couldn’t turn his gaze away from me. I suddenly became hyperaware that the only thing covering me was a towel, and it certainly wasn’t covering much. I could feel the heat rising up my cheeks as I froze in place. “Earth to Bucky! Come in!” I said a little shriller than I meant to.

Finally, he broke from his trance and muttered, “Oh god, sorry…. I’m sorry… I was just.. I’ll be out in the hall waiting… um yeah,” and darted from the room—not before running full body into the closed door.

“Buck, what the hell was that? Is everything okay?” I could hear Steve calling from his door.

“Yeah, I’ve never heard Y/N scream like that at ANYONE before,” added Sam with a laugh.

“It’s um… she’s fine. No worries…. Just a misunderstanding,” I could hear Bucky grumble from the other side of the door. Sam snickered and Steve remained silent.

“Oh my god…” I mumbled into my hands. I hurried and put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I then slowly opened the door for Bucky.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry” Bucky couldn’t help but smirk as he said it. I could tell he wasn’t that sorry about it but he did seem a little flustered.

I playfully rolled my eyes and scoffed, “Whatever you say Barnes.”

He laughed and offered me the plate he had been holding. “Nat and Clint cooked dinner tonight. I wanted to bring you some for when you woke up… I can see that I missed the waking up part now,” he chuckled to himself nervously. At the mention of food my stomach growled. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. I graciously took the plate and sat down on my bed with Bucky following suit.

“So…” I began but was cut off by Bucky.

“I just…” he paused, running his hands through his hair. “I wanted to let you know that I’m going on a mission with Steve. I’ll probably be gone for a few days…” he trailed off not looking at me. He seemed nervous and out of place. There was something he obviously wasn’t telling me, but I wasn’t going to push my luck. After spending three years with him I knew the look on his face all too well.

“I swear – if Steve and Tony don’t assign me to something soon; I’m going to lose my mind,” I replied through bites of my food. I was frustrated – I felt like Bucky and I were still trying to figure things out and then this had to happen, but such was life as an Avenger. Tony had kept me off high stress missions lately. I guess it was frowned upon when a H.Y.D.R.A. agent showed up in D.C. with his arms and legs broken.

Bucky snorted, knowing just how irritated I was by being benched, “It’s okay – you aren’t missing anything exciting – I will tell you that. Plus, this will give us time to…” he paused and looked at me awkwardly. 

“To what?” I asked – I could feel my pulse quicken as panic started to set in. I still couldn’t fully process what had happened between us, or what could happen. I did know that I had enjoyed my time with Bucky the previous day and night.

“You know… to think about what happened… If it’s a good idea. I may have been too brash today… I just…” he gave me a weak smile as he ran his hands through his hair again. He always did that when he was nervous. “I’ll see you in a few days hopefully, doll,” he kissed the top of my head before standing up. He left my room before I could even get a word in – which was typical for him when he had made up his mind about something. I gulped and looked at my plate. Suddenly I wasn’t very hungry anymore.


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Niall Horan

Propping yourself up on your elbows, you cupped your hand over your elbow as a yawn escaped. You could see Niall off in the distance, wading in waist deep water, chatting with a couple friends that had joined you on the trip. You had opted to stay with all of your stuff, keeping a watchful eye to make sure nothing was taken, despite the private aspect of the beach. There were only maybe five or six more groups scattered around, making for a quiet and peaceful afternoon.

You felt something bump your leg and glanced over, seeing a white volleyball sitting in the sand. Pushing yourself up slightly, you went to reach out and grab it, but a pair of larger hands beat you to it.

“Sorry about that,” a soft spoken man grinned, looking down at you.

“Oh, don’t worry,” you smiled politely, pushing your sunglasses up off of your face, tucking them on the top of your head.

“Can’t control the ball sometimes. My mate’s got an awful strong serve,” he continued on.

“Like I said, no worries.” You had made your peace, now you were ready to be alone again.

This man threw the ball back to his friend and you fully expected him to follow it, however, when he sat next to you on Niall’s towel, discomfort took over.

“Uhm…” you went to interject.

“I just kinda wanted to talk to you…” he shrugged his broad shoulders. “Thought you were looking kinda lonely here all by yourself.” You were just trying to take an afternoon nap. Nothing about this guy was making you any less uncomfortable. He sat there like he had met you before, his arms stretched out behind him, his relaxed posture making it seem like he had been there a lot longer. “Thought I would come and give you company.”

“Honestly I’m just trying to relax…” you spoke softly, not wanting to be rude.

“We can relax together yeah?” His lips curled up into a bigger grin. “I can even help ya with more sunscreen yeah? Is it in here?” he asked, going right in and opening your beach bag.

“Excuse me?” a sharp tone cut in and both you and the man looked up quickly. Neither of you had expected Niall to show up that quickly. “Get your hand out of my stuff yeah? And get off my towel?”

This man stood up, his feet staying planted on the towel he had just previously occupied. He was bigger than Niall, both in height and width. You took a deep breath, not wanting anything to build up. The last thing you both needed was an altercation.

“Niall,” you pushed yourself up, walking over to stand beside him.

“This guy bothering you babe?” he asked softly, his tone changing when he spoke to you.

“Yeah, but let’s just go…” you pushed, grabbing onto his arm.

“You’re bothering her,” he turned back to the stranger, his words sharp. “So you need to leave alright?”

“I don’t think the little lady here wants me to mate,” the man smirked. “C’mon love, we were just warming up together.”

You rolled your eyes and bent down, picking your cover up off of the ground. As you draped it around your body again, one of the man’s friends started calling him back. His lips curled into a scowl but he kept his eyes on you. You tried to avoid his gaze, looking back at Niall. Uncomfortable couldn’t even be used to begin to describe how you felt. There was a weird tension between the three of you. This guy didn’t seem to be able to take a quite obvious hint.

After what seemed like 20 minutes had passed, he finally stepped off the towel, his eyes baring into the back of your head. “It’s a shame…” he purred, causing you to step closer to Niall. “We could’ve really hit it off here ya know…”

“Bye,” Niall cut in sharply once more, his arm circling around your waist protectively.

You could tell the stranger was hesitant to walk away, his eyes falling down your figure one last time. His gaze held nothing but a dark need for sex. It’s amazing how quickly someone’s true colours could make an appearance when they didn’t get their way.

Niall could feel you physically relax once it was just the two of you again. “Back to the hotel yeah?” he murmured quietly, glancing back at some of the cameras ‘hiding’ in the trees that boarded the beach.

“Yeah babe,” you nodded your head in agreement, slipping out of his hold. “Let’s pack up and we’ll go.”


You could tell Niall was still feeling tense about the situation, even now as you walked into your quiet hotel room with no one else in sight. It radiated off of him. You reached out, your fingers wrapping around his forearm. As he turned to face you, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, you took a step into him.

“Niall, you’re still uncomfortable,” you spoke, reading his face.

“Uncomfortable isn’t the word I would use,” he chuckled dryly as his free hand lifted and pressed into the back of his neck.

His skin was tinged red from all the sun he had soaked up, a thin layer of sweat making his skin glossy. Your hand unwrapped from his arm as you moved to untie your bikini top, your thin cover up still draped over your body. Niall’s eyes fell as your bikini top came off. The cover up, despite being called a ‘cover up’, did little to cover anything up really. The soft chiffon material, whilst beautiful and somewhat concealing, hid nothing from his wandering eyes.

You analyzed him for a moment, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed visibly, the way his tongue slid along between his dry lips. The lines on his forehead were prominent as he tried to stay mad, wanting to hold a grudge on the guy who thought he could get you away. But he couldn’t. You appreciated the fact that you could pull him out of anything and capture him up in your little bubble.

“Why don’t you just focus on me right now…” you cooed, slipping the transparent material off. “Come shower yeah? Cool your skin down…”

A gruff cough spilled out from the back of his throat. Niall nodded his head, his eyes wandering back up to yours, just for a brief moment. Nothing hid what he held most close. Nothing more than just a pair of bikini bottoms. It left very little to the imagination.

“All of this is yours…” you hummed, grabbing onto his free swinging hand.

“Mine,” he nodded his head, his accent getting thick as lust took over for both of you.

“Show me…”

You were playing, giving him something else to think about so you could pull him out of his angered headspace. When he stepped closer to you, you stepped away. One step closer to the bathroom.

“Don’t play,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Don’t.”

“M’not,” you shrugged.


“Grab a condom,” you smirked, slipping your hand right back out of his and turning to walk into the bathroom.

After the little incident, you wanted him. You wanted him to show you, to show himself that you belonged to each other. You wanted him to take out any pent up feelings of jealousy, anger, rage and pour it into a session of sex that would drive you up the wall.

You hadn’t even turned the faucet to get the water going yet when you felt his presence in the room with you. You heard the crinkle of the tinfoil packet hitting the marble countertops before the shuffle of clothes coming off and hitting the floor. Goosebumps shot up your arms as his fingers looped around the waistband of the bikini bottoms still covering up parts of your body.

“Lemme get these off yeh?” Niall murmured.

His skin was warm as you stood up into him, your back pressed against his chest. You nodded your head slightly and your eyes fell down as he pushed the material down your legs. As soon as they got to your knees, they fell on their own. You could feel that you weren’t the only bare one in this room.


As I reached around her to feel the temperature of the water, I dropped my mouth down to her shoulder, placing a soft and opened-mouth kiss to her warm skin. Without a word, I ushered her into the shower, the water a comfortable medium.

I kept her pressed against me as we stood under the steady stream of water. I tilted my head back, the water hitting the column of my throat. My love pressed her bum back against me without warning and my head shot back up. A growl escaped the back of my throat as my fingers dug into her hips with a firm pressure.

All the blood in my body seemed to rush between my legs. I had to hold my breath for a moment as my erection grew and as she turned around to face me, her eyes fell to the obvious. We were slippery as the water rushed over her predominantly, her arms sliding around my neck. We were moving slow, taking our time with each other.

Her hair was slicked back, the water weighing her head back slightly. I had to kick myself out of my trance because god, I just wanted to kiss her. Her lips were so inviting, slightly parted with a glassy look in her eyes. I jumped forwards and closed the small space in between us, my top lip locking between both of hers. I kissed her slowly, kissing her with passion. I could feel her lips mould against mine, moving slightly to gain access to something even deeper. She pressed into me, like she was leaning onto me with support. My arms locked tightly around her and I couldn’t help myself, dropping one hand to her bum and giving the thicker flesh a squeeze.

In that moment, everything came rushing back. Why we were in the shower, why I had been feeling this way in the first place. My possessiveness came into play and without a warning, I pressed my knee between hers, getting her legs apart. One of the hands that had been resting on her bum, came around to cup her heat. Warmth radiated from between her legs and I couldn’t help but smirk in the middle of our little heated make out. Flattening out my hand, I dragged it over her swollen lips, pressing into her. As I rubbed, back and forth slowly, not yet breaking the barrier to something so much more sensitive, she whined out into my mouth and her teeth, out of habit, sunk down into my bottom lip. A little shot of pain that bothered me none.

I curved my hand under her and took a deep breath. The next time I pulled my hand forward, I purposely positioned it so my fingers pressed into her. All the way up to her swollen clit, I pressed the tips of my three fingers down. I started it off as a massage, getting my fingers lubricated without needing the actual lubricant. She was doing all of that for me.

“Are you gonna keep teasing?” she murmured next to my ear, clutching onto me.

“I don’t have to but it’s kinda fun, innit?” I laughed quietly.

“No…” she whined. “It thought you wanted to show me who I belong to…”

My hand stopped for a moment and I pulled my head back. “Oh really…” I murmured, backing her up until her back hit the tile wall.

“Yeah really,” she challenged and I shook my head softly.

I could tell she was trying not to bed. Her clit protruded out and I could feel her muscles tensing up under my hand. I kept eye contact with her as I slowly pressed the tip of my middle finger against her opening. I prodded the stretchy skin around it and licked my lips. Her hands were resting on my hips. I could practically see the feelings running through her mind as I pressed my finger further up into her sex, curling it slightly.

Rocking my finger into her, I dropped my head down to her neck, turning my face against the wet skin. Baring my teeth, I bit down and caught a good amount of skin between them. It wouldn’t be long now, I just had to get her out of her stubborn zone. She would give into me eventually, I would have her falling apart in no time.


The way his finger curled up in your sex made a wave of shivers run through you. You pressed your hands back against the cool tile and took a deep breath, dropping your head back as well. When he sunk his teeth into your skin, an involuntary squeal came from your lips. You thrusted your hips into his hand, mentally pleading for more.

He pulled his head back and laughed out, barely audible over the sound of the water splashing around and going down the drain. You were eagerly rocking your hips, riding on his finger and when he slipped a second one into your dripping sex, your jaw fell open with a sound of thanks and pleasure. Niall had his hands pressed into you, hooked up and forcing themselves to curl upwards meticulously looking for that one spot.

You had to grab onto his shoulders when the pad of his thumb pressed against your engorged clit, brushing over and sending shock waves through your stomach. You moaned out, pressing your head up against his shoulder and digging your nails into his skin. Niall rolled the bundle of nerves around like a game controller, pressing and rolling it around without any mercy.

“N… Niall!” you whined out, breathing out shakily against his arm.

“That’s it…” he cooed, milking you into your orgasm.

The release was blissful, your hips bucking and thrashing. Niall watched with a smirk on his face and pulled his fingers out, wanting your orgasm to keep pulsating as long as possible. Sucking his fingers clean, he turned the water off and ripped the shower curtain back, so caught up in his own feelings as well. He stepped out and lifted you up with your legs wrapped around his waist tightly. Both of you were dripping wet as you fell into the bed, drenching the sheets and blankets that lay under you.

His hands pressed against your knees as he pushed your legs apart, his eagerness getting the best of him. His mind was on one thing and that was you. As he lined himself up to your soaked sex, he grabbed your jaw and made you look up at him. You were already breathing heavily, and were having a difficult time keeping your eyes open. His length slid in with ease thanks to your prior release, the slippery skin stretching around him again.

“Mine…” he breathed out deeply, taking complete control. “Mine… my love…” he murmured out, his voice shaking.

“Yeah baby…” you nodded your head softly, reaching loose and jello-like arms up so your hands could rest on his red, flustered cheeks. You took a deep breath. “Gonna take control of me?”

He nodded his head, shifting his hips up a bit more. He pushed as far as he could until you made a sound of displeasure. Your fingers curled behind his ears and your face scrunched up in discomfort for a moment.


“Shit, sorry…” he pulled back slightly and that discomfort was replaced by something out. “Good princess?” he whispered out, rocking his hips slowly into you, grinding every ridge and bump along your walls.

“Mhm…” you nodded quickly, pulling his head down.

Your lips pressed against his just as he slid back in. A deep moan came from him, vibrating and tickling your lips. You wanted him as close as you could get him, the sides of your legs pressing against his hips as he fucked you like it would be the last time. The way he moved into you, grinding and rolling his hips meticulously, taking his time to let you feel every inch that you could take. He was taking time so he could feel you too, feel the warmth of your walls, feel the way you tightened and relaxed around his cock. He loved every sound and every movement you made because of him.


The possessiveness began to fade as I watched her relax and moan repeatedly, clutching onto me and kissing me. Every place her lips touched sent a shock through me, driving me to love her even more. This wasn’t just a lazy fuck like it had started. I wanted to, I needed to love her like no other could. Not the guy on the beach, not any of her exes. Only I could love her like I was.

I felt myself starting to climb up, my high getting closer and closer. The room was quiet other than the sound of our heavy breathing and skin hitting together. It was like everything had come to a standstill around us. I could feel myself throbbing, I was trying to hold off as long as I could, but I couldn’t. I came with one thrust in and I wasn’t thinking. I couldn’t make sense of anything. With one last cry, I heard and felt her hit her release a couple minutes later. She was out of breath when I fell onto her, peppering her neck and collarbone with small kisses. I took a deep breath in between my kisses, hugging onto her tightly. I felt her arms go around my neck as he just laid there together, letting everything settle down.

When I rolled off of her, I heard her let out a deep breath. “I’ll be back…” I murmured softly, rubbing over her bare hips before lazily lifting myself off of the bed. I stood still for a moment, all the blood rushing back to the rest of my body. I shuffled across the carpet, flaccid and tired but needing to pee. I wanted to get back to bed as soon as I could, wanting to cuddle up and nap the rest of the day way.

When I went to wash my hands, something on the counter top caught my eye. The tinfoil packet holding the condom I was supposed to use sat there, unopened.


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Seeing Bailey stood outside a large glass window “come on Rylee, he is so beautiful” walking towards her, seeing my colleagues walk by me smiling. As I got closer to Bailey “look” she held on to my hand pulling me in closer to the window “look at him” she pointed at the window, seeing the rows of babies “come, let’s see him” Bailey dragged me along into the room, feeling ever so lost in this trance “oh my god, just look at him. Why are you not happy?” she looked at my face, no words came out from my mouth but a sob. Reaching into the crib “Rylee you can’t get rid of it, stop it” holding this child close to me turning around “congratulations baby” hearing my dad’ voice but I can’t even see him “Rylee! Hey!” hearing Chris’ voice, letting out a gasp as I woke up in a daze. Getting up from the bed looking around me in shock “you good?” Chris held my arms, it was a dream well a nightmare “yeah, just fine” looking at him “you were legit speaking to yourself, did you have a bad dream?” he asked, nodding my head “kind of, it’s fine” I am so confused about this dream, I have never dreamt of something like that ever.

I am still thinking about that dream, it felt so real too and that situation. Shaking my head picking up Chris’ boxers from the floor, first I was trying to get rid of a baby and Bailey was there, what kind of fucked up dream is that. Placing his boxers in the laundry basket, blowing out air still a little weirded out by it all. I have even woke up later than usual, to be honest Chris’ bed is so damn comfy but I like to wake up for Kyrie and I didn’t, clearly. Walking out of Chris’ room and thinking which stairs do I take, the left or right. This is why I don’t like it, I never know where the people are here. I think it’s the right, the right is the kitchen so I can eat and hopefully that is where they are. Making my way down the stairs, I do love his place it’s so big and nice. He hasn’t had anyone here, yet. It’s just pretty much been me, Kyrie and him but I am sure he said today his mom was coming, not sure.

Eating my cereal reading the messages on my Instagram, you know what. I have gained a following and Tom Ford follows me, like this shit is crazy. I posted some pictures of me in his stuff and tagged him in it and now look, I have a few famous people following me and a lot of Chris’ stupid friends. There is one friend that keeps on liking everything, that big black one which is a creep. Smiling at my cousin from Barbados commenting bitch on every picture of Chris and I, I miss her so much with her crazy self. Giggling at her latest comment about grandma meeting Chris, honestly she would probably take my man so I don’t trust her. Chris will understand where I get my attitude from, that is the woman herself “what you smiling at?” looking up from my phone “my cousin, she said that you need to meet grandma but I don’t think you can handle that. She would have you” Chris sat on the bar stool across me “I can take any woman, we need to go. You can show me Barbados, I have never been there” my eyes widened “you have been everywhere though?” I said confused “just not there, I don’t mind going on holiday with your family” I cooed “besides the brother’s, I will have to set that up for you” locking my phone.

“So, tell me” placing my bowl in the sink “what do you want for your birthday? And where is Kyrie?” I actually forgot about him “he’s in my games room, I fed him” he said “I can tell, the mess tells me a lot” turning around, Chris snorted laughing “well you wasn’t awake to eat my breakfast, it was so nice. I don’t want anything for my birthday, you’re more than enough for me. I love you” this is going to be difficult “seeing as your no help, I will have to help myself and figure this out” picking up my phone from the side “just be naked on my bed, birthday done?” he wishes “tell me about your dream? I was trying to figure out what you were saying but I couldn’t” sitting on the bar stool at the side of him “oh, it was stupid. Just a stupid dream, anyways I am thinking of taking a leave of absence at work. I am just going to take it unpaid, I have money” I am not about to tell Chris I had a dream about a baby “I support you in anything, you know I do” he always does bless him “we are getting a tiny visitor today, in the name of Royalty” Chris said “aww is she coming? Alone or…?” Chris pulled a face “with my mom, but she said she will leave her for a while with us. Just to see how that goes” I guess that is a good thing.

I have noticed something, since being here which has been a few days now. Chris’ scary monsters on his walls seem to be lightening up, he has drawn over them with not so scary things. He says he does what he feels and I can see it, he must be feeling very happy. Squinting my eyes, I swear I can see Lo from here “family, oh shit. It’s Kyrie” Kyrie ran out from the water “so good to see you with your grown self” Kyrie ran at him, I didn’t know he was about to be here. I am not going to say anything but why, why do they have to be here. Seeing that very fat guy come out too, I guess this is my que to go. I am not about sit out here with my legs out, Chris jogged towards me as I power walked away from him “I didn’t know they was going to come, believe me” he grabbed my arm to stop “it’s fine, you can be with your friends babe, I don’t have problem with that” he knows I do but I am not going to say it at all.

How weird is this, I have met Kim Kardashian and here I am watching her on the TV. Oh how life has changed so quickly for me, thanks to Chris that is “do you mind?” that fat guy said “sit where you like” seeing Lo behind him, oh how exciting. Let me take this off because I don’t want to miss a thing “you can still watch it you know” placing the remote at the side of me “it’s fine” Lo looks so awkward “what you doing with yourself?” I asked Lo, breaking the silence “he is staying at my crib now” I don’t know this guy’s name or I fail to remember “and you are?” I pointed “hood” he smiled but his smile seems to perverted, like he is not staring at me as a person but as a meal “right, Hood” looking back at the TV “you’re very beautiful! Lo is a stupid nigga, done gave away the girl he liked away” looking away from the TV pulling a face “excuse me?” what is he even talking about “will you shut up!” Lo spoke up “are you speaking on Lo’ crush on me?” I just openly said “aren’t you the same guy that is making up stories but you’re here in Chris’ home?” this is funny “he knows I would never do that to him, y’all happy so it’s whatever” he shrugged, I don’t trust him.

Hood licked his lips at me and I am disgusted “you really got Chris caught up, you must be bomb” I think I am going to leave, hearing Chris talking as he walked over “is everything good here?” I don’t want to tell him so I will stay quiet “yeah, just fine” seeing Chris with a guy, I think that is his manager “his other half” his manager smiled at me, there is so many boys here and then here is me “so if we can release the album that you are keeping away from us that will be good, I want to get this tour started up quickly. Your tickets sell out so it is a good thing, your clothing line is doing so well internationally. I think we need to visit the headquarters around there. I really just wanted to speak to you, record label wants you to stop releasing mixtapes and an album instead” I wonder why Chris is holding back on it “I am on it, I just wanted to rest and chill. You know” his manager chuckled “you done that for a while now, dodging the one thing they want” I guess Chris is about to be busy “if you get this out then we can put you through for a Grammy, we can do this” he patted his shoulder.

Chris sat back on the couch with me, placing his hand on my knee. I have noticed how his friends are so in his business, they know his next moves and I don’t think that is a good thing at all “what about your other half? Did you never tell her” Chris’ manager said, my ears perked up “oh nah, you can tell her” Chris said smiling “Dior was interested in you, they love how natural you look but Chris was supposed to speak to you about it” is this a joke “Dior want me? Oh stop it, that is lies” I laughed shaking my head “they being real but it’s too late, you about to model my Black Pyramid clothing instead” Chris pressed a kiss to my forehead “of course, I will do anything for you” which I would even though I cannot model.

Luckily Chris’ stupid friends left but Munchie is here “I have not seen you all day, what you been doing?” I said to Kyrie, he has been so busy around Chris’ house “you have a tan too” touching his hair “there is so many things to do, Chris let me help him draw. I painted outside which was so good!” seeing his excitement is cute “you having a good time then?” he nodded his head “I told you nigga, EJ is busy for you!” Munchie spat “why is your man so damn annoying? Like I told him once” she sat down “that is Chris for you” I said, Munchie pointed at Kyrie “he is about to be so handsome when he grows up” she said randomly “don’t tell him that, he is already thinking he can be Chris Brown” Kyrie is loving this “it’s true though, beauty runs in your family. Your brothers are a meal” I gagged “yeah right” hearing Joyce’ voice “my little trouble is here” looking behind me, let me get up because it’s rude just sitting here.

Walking over to Chris holding Royalty as she fought him “so nice to see you sweetie” she placed a bag on the floor, opening her arms to hug me “it is so nice to come here and not see all the boys around, so peaceful” squeezing Joyce a little “oh you missed them, I had to see them instead” I said moving back from her “who is this?” she pointed at Kyrie “this is my little brother Kyrie, say hi” waving him along “hello” he waved “this is Chris’ mom” Joyce cooed “he is handsome” why do they keep complimenting him like that, placing my hand behind Kyrie’ head and moving back “this is Chris’ daughter, Royalty” Chris placed her down “does that make you step mom?” he blurted out, my eyes widened at him “be quiet” I spat as Kyrie laughed “Royalty, don’t go near the pool!” Chris shouted, he needs to chase her because that is where she is going.

Seeing Chris walking back in with Royalty running ahead giggling, feeling a pair of arms wrap around my leg out of nowhere. Looking down at Royalty, she actually came to me “just because you go to Rylee don’t mean I won’t get you” Chris said, Joyce laughed “she must remember you, you’re not easy to forget” Joyce spoke, Royalty let my leg go and ran off towards the living area with Chris following her “I know Chris told me about him having her on his own, he said that you will be helping out. You honestly don’t need to do that, he seems passionate in doing this but I don’t want you to seem obliged to do it” Joyce said expressing her concerns “I understand but I want to support Chris in this, I just feel like he is misunderstood and just needs a little help. I am just going to support him in this, I don’t mind looking after her” Joyce stared at me in shock, she didn’t speak a word just stare “I just want him to be happy and it’s been getting to him, he should be allowed to look after her. Have her sleep over” I added “I am speechless, a girl that is so normal” she held on to my arm “I am used to the girls that said hi and that was it, the reason I don’t trust him is because he was ever ready. I don’t know, you must have triggered something. The girls were never welcoming in my son’s home, it was upsetting” that is so sad, what bitches.

Joyce paused “I will leave her with you both, I will come back tonight. Royalty is easy to look after, she is lively. She is a child version of Chris but Chris can usually release that energy from her by chasing her all day, she will like you. I mean she does already, she will want things like her nails done and be interested in you. Her mom is the same, she doesn’t know I am leaving her alone. She wasn’t pleased that she met you but I said it was once, she just needs feeding and a nap which is due soon. She will love you, I know it” smiling at Joyce “I need to ask you something, for Chris’ birthday. I have a plan but are you able to get Royalty to come here on his birthday in the morning?” if she can make that happen then the plan will be perfect “I can do that, she will have too” this will work out fine “thank you, I have an idea” I want to make this birthday special for him.

Sat with Munchie “you know you got my nigga under the spell, I ain’t ever seen him so quiet or for him having this home be like a home” seeing Chris with Royalty in his arms as he walked down “so Royalty comes here in a dress and you dress her as a mini Chris” I said laughing “this nigga always does it, it’s kind of cute because she is a mini Chris” I think Royalty looks tired “well forget the mother, I want my daughter clothed” Chris spat sitting down, Royalty looks a little sad “did you tell her off or something?” I think he has “a little, she was wanting to wear no clothes and I got annoyed with her. But we good now yeah?” he said to her, she ignored him “roro you ignore him, who is he to shout at the queen!” Munchie spat, Chris leaned his head down to kiss her but she hit his face away “aww you poor baby, did he shout at you?” I said, she nodded her head “you want to go to Rylee? It’s time for nap anyways” Chris said, I might as well accept this and accept that Kyrie is not wrong. I am probably step mom now “come here, I have pretty nails unlike your dad” patting my lap for her, Chris placed her down. She stared at me reluctant “you better go before daddy gets you baby! Quickly!” Munchie spat, Royalty soon ran away.

Wrapping my arms around Royalty, she sat on my lap all quiet “she is not screaming no more” Kyrie sat next to me “I think she is tired or should I say that Chris made her all tired from being so damn hyper” Royalty touched my nails and then looked up at me, looking down at her she smiled at me “we can do yours the same colour, but not right now. You tired” she let my nail go “come on Royalty, don’t sleep” Kyrie must be bored, Royalty slapped Kyrie’ face out of the way “can you not see? She is done with you men” Royalty moved in my lap to face me, she is very intrigued by everything. It’s cute, she touched my hair “you know who this is baby? It’s Rylee” Chris sat next to me “can’t even let his daughter have Rylee alone” Munchie said “lee!” Royalty pointed at me “see, you like her? This is daddy’ wife” eyeballing Chris, Munchie busted out laughing.

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Posting the picture of Royalty asleep and then locking my phone “Christopher” hearing Rylee shout me “coming” walking down the steps slowly, I love this. I love that I have my daughter and I have Rylee with me. I know I have so much riding on me to fuck up, my mom wasn’t happy but I know we good and I know I can be good “what’s up beautiful?” I wonder what she is cooking “I need some potatoes, can you please get some” I thought she would want something else “does this mean I have to go out and get some?” Rylee turned away from the fridge “please, you called me your wife, so please go” she is right, I did call her wife so I will “ok, you got me babe. I will take your brother with me, you will hear if Royalty wakes up. She probably will wake up soon just because she has slept for the most part in your arms, thank you baby for supporting me and what are you cooking?” it smells so nice “I haven’t even started, just a little something I learnt from Grandma. Chicken Curry and Roti and rice, you can decide” pressing a kiss to her lips “hmmm, ok I will go. I am hungry now” I didn’t want to leave the home at all “do not open the door to anybody, nobody should be coming anyways” I will lock them both in the house actually, I am leaving my heart here.

Seeing the excitement on Kyrie’ face, being in a Lamborghini “that is so cool Chris” he jumped up and down as I locked the door to my car “I have always loved Lamborghini’s, this is why I don’t buy anything but this. My first was one and now I just collect them” stuffing the keys in my pocket “you think I can afford one?” he questioned, I shrugged chuckling “maybe, I don’t know because life could take you that way. What do you like doing anyways?” walking into the store with him “I like cars, I want to be you” he always says this “I understand but I am a singer, can you sing?” he shook his head “you can do a lot of things with cars though, you can fix cars, you could create new designs. You could drive them, be a race driver. You know what I mean, just keep ya head down and work hard” I might get some drinks, I have ran out of Hennessey “I will, I want your car” this kid, he is funny.

Staring at Rylee, you know when you get that feeling where you want to do something stupid but I can’t because I will freak her out, this is the moment. She is feeding my daughter, like what. Who does this, is this real. Why is she so beautifully nice to people, I don’t deserve her and I am so scared to lose her because I don’t deserve. I have done nothing good in life for god to want me to have this “do you not like my food?” Rylee asked me, looking down at my food “uh yeah, I love it. It’s so nice” I am not going to tell her I was imagining myself proposing to her because that is stupid, it is too quick “you make this just like mom!” Kyrie spat, Royalty threw some rice “I think she prefers the chicken and roti” Rylee said, Royalty grabbed some roti from the tray in front of her and held it up to Rylee “you want to feed me?” Rylee said “yum, yum!” Royalty said, Rylee took it from her “thank you roro, that is nice you’re sharing” I want her to be a mother, we would make cute kids “juice!” Royalty spat clapping, she don’t even need to do this and she is.

I have seen Rylee do things she didn’t need too, I was going to feed her but she did herself “Roro, grandma is here. Put your jacket on” opening the door for my mom “hey baby, what’s with the face?” she questioned, I shrugged not knowing what to say “I want to marry Rylee, I want to be with her forever” my mom cooed out “oh Chris, you can’t just jump at things. You are so in love” hearing Royalty run towards my mom “all fed and ready to go home” my daughter looks so happy, she ran back towards Rylee “lee!” she spat “she calls her lee now? Look at that” smiling at them “she was actually really good” Rylee picked her up “she did eat and throw food around but she ate” Rylee said stood next to me “stupid face” I whispered to Royalty “you stupid!!” she screamed pointing at me “no, you are” biting her finger “aww no daddy got your finger now” she stared at Rylee for help “get off her” Royalty yanked her hand away.

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Royalty made a hell of a lot of mess but it’s cleaned now, picking my phone from the side as I made my way outside to see what them two are up too. Kyrie needs to go sleep anyways, I don’t allow him to stay awake late. Stepping outside, looking up and seeing the moon which looks so beautiful “you need to get the corner!” Chris spat, turning my head to see Kyrie a top of Chris’ shoulders. They are both spray painting, I am glad to see Kyrie wearing a mask doing all that “that’s a good boy” it actually looks so good what he’s done, he is so creative. Unlocking my phone and pointing my phone at them both, tapping on my Instagram and pressing record on the camera. Zooming in on them both, I just can see Chris with a son, he would be so cute with that. Stopping the recording and captioning it ‘They cute’ pressing send.

“So how come we watching Inception tonight?” I said, watching Chris walk back over to me. Kyrie is asleep and I thought we could watch a movie, well try too of course “It is an Oscar-winning movie, I like the movie a lot” he replied “well Leonardo di Caprio is in it, he’s nice to watch” Chris glared at me “for that you can only watch me during the movie” he is so dramatic, a the smile crept onto my face “I prefer to watch him, he is handsome” Chris mean mugged me “he’s white! I have a bigger dick than him” I snorted laughing “he might have a big one too Chris” he is so silly, I can’t help but laugh.

Chris pushed the play button to start the movie, he made his way over and sat next to me “your right leg” he ordered “my right what?” I spat, what is he doing now, he waved his hand to make me stretch out my leg “what are you up too?” I asked him, stretching my leg out on his lap “watch” he said, adjusting my foot in his lap, I was wondering why he didn’t lay with me in the corner of the couch. I smiled and leaned against the couch so I could see the television but also watch Chris. His fingers pressed the right places on my foot “you giving me a massage babe?” I spat smiling, he grinned at me.

Staring at Chris as he watched the TV intently, not even looking my way as he massaged my foot. Unbuttoning my button on my jeans staring at Chris still, zipping my zip down slowly. Chris didn’t even look away, he must really like this movie then. Snatching my leg away, lifting my butt up and pulling my jeans down. Chris soon looked away from the TV “so no movie then” he said, kicking my jeans off from my legs and then pulling my panties off, climbing onto his lap. Chris gawked at me, a groan rumbles up from his chest, pulling my tee off which exposes my bare chest. Shifting teasingly as I run my fingers through my hair and letting out a contented sigh. His hand trail up and down my thigh possessively “you a freak, here I am being a good boy” he says as I finally stop playing with my hair and place my hands against his chest, rocking over him “I was thinking about this you know, but I wanted to be a good boy” I started to rotate my hips hard against him, making him groan as I leaned down to brush a kiss over his lips “forget the movie” I said against his lips.

What is time
But a messenger that the gods sent,
Abbreviated, compressed,
Spread out, languid, dull,
Naked or neatly dressed,
Sloppy drunk or mindful,
Self-indulgent, full of angst,
Meditative in cross-legged trance,
God forbid we might stop and dance.
—  goodtwitch
Best Friends

Prompt: 57 with Tom holland/Peter Parker!!! 

 57. “There is enough room for both of us." 

Peter Parker x Reader

 Send in prompts from this list!

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The heat of my florescent lamp beat down on my hand as I attempted to understand how to find the probability of getting a black card from a deck of cards. I gripped my hair, frustrated with myself.  I groaned. I wished Peter was here. He could’ve answered this in less than a minute. But no, apparently he was too busy to help his best friend from failing math.

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The Bet

Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Request: Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, a few dirty innuendos? Idek 
1,577 words

Notes: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS REQUEST BECAUSE I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. I’m so so sorry it took this long, darling anon. It took this long and it’s not even that good but I hope you like it anyway! <3 Thank you for the request! :’) (I got carried away with yours too, lmao)

Wrapping up the bandages around your knuckles and wrists in the Tower’s training room, you sighed slightly annoyed. 

It was friday: the day you’d always have a sparring session with Natasha. 

The ritual started against your own will but your dad (a.k.a Iron Man) was convinced that you needed some self defense classes, putting Natasha as your teacher. 

Now, you actually enjoyed the whole thing. It made wonders to your body, you actually knew a few moves now and Nat turned into a partner (not just a teacher, even if she could still beat your ass).

It had gradually turned into something you could work your stress and frustrations off. 

And you just had a shitty week: spending all your time with your face buried between books studying for your college finals, your teachers apparently giving you a hard time just because you were Tony Stark’s daughter, almost failing your favorite class…

Just in the day you were most looking foward to work out, Natasha was unusually late. 

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On set with Jai

You walk arm in arm with Jai into the set. This was your first big movie. It was the first time you were gonna be filming properly with the cast. Nerves built up inside you. “Jai, I don’t know if I can do this!” you mumbled. “Of course you can, I believe you are ready for this, Y/N, you deserve this.” He replied before reassuringly kissing you on the top of your head. “Mr Courtney!” the makeup artist shouts for Jai’s attention. “Yupp.” he nods to her. “Y/N, I’ll see you out there then.” Jai tells you as he walks off to his dressing room. “Miss Y/L/N, we are ready for you.” you strolled nervously towards your dressing room. Thoughts racing around your mind. ‘What if i forget my lines?’,’What if I fall?’ Then you stopped mid-thought; Jai believes in you if no one else does. That’s enough to keep you going.

It was time. All the actors stood skimming through their scripts before the cameras began rolling. “Places everyone” the director’s voice echoed through the building. Everyone shuffled to where they were supposed to be. “We’re starting from page 12.” he continued. You paused in horror; you had to start. You had to open this scene. “Action”, a voice came from nowhere. You just stood gawping at the camera. No words were ready to leave your mouth. *gif*. Jai raised his eyebrow in amazement of how nervous you actually were. Margot began chuckling to herself. “Y/N, come on, you can do this!”, Jai said with a lovingly tone. You snapped out of your nervous trance. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” you covered your mouth while your  hands and laughed at yourself. “Right, I’m ready!” you beckoned. 

“Good right, camera’s rolling, action.”

You began your speech like nothing could ever stop you. Jai was all you needed to keep you going. “I can help but think…..” You didn’t miss a word.


Let him go part.1 - (Klaus Mikaelson x reader)

His little paradise. This is what you are for Klaus, perhaps the only thing that kept him a little bit human. You knew nothing about Klaus, for you he was not a monster, he just seems to be a man shattered by his fate, a man broken by life. Your meeting seemed so banal but so sincere, it had completely changed the life of the hybrid.

Sitting in the grass, the wind caressing your hair you were drawing. You were passionate, every things that seemed you worthy of interest was drawn in your little notebook. This time it was a tree, he seemed rather old and worn out by life. It had character, it left you admiring. Pencil stroke after pen stroke you refined your work. You threw yourself wholeheartedly into your business when suddenly you stopped you. A noise drew your attention. There was someone else here, no doubt you were not alone. The hour was late, maybe you were in danger. You prepared yourself to go, running, when an unknown voice arrested you. A man’s voice. “I hope it is not I who make you flee, that was not my intention” You was speechless, man before you was wonderful. He looked like a living god, the kind of man we dare hardly hope existence. An amused expression on his face appeared. “Either you’re shy or what you see seems to please you” His words helped you out of your trance handsome as a god that is undeniable but also very pretentious. No wonder.

This night, you had run without even taking the time to reply. After all, despite its inhuman beauty you do not know him. It was an unknown, he possessed perhaps bad intentions. And then every night after this one you went back to the tree in the hope of seeing him again. You prayed to God every day to see him just once again. Her beauty had bewitched you, you seemed trapped in a spell. Finally one day God had heard you, he was standing leaning against the tree. The famous old tree. You did not know which of the tree or the unknown had more character. This time you do not lose a moment, you would rush you to him. Red cheeks with beating heart, you held out your hand to him. “(Y / N)”. He grabbed her and he laid his lips against your fragile little hand. “Klaus Mikaelson”

Since that day, you ended up every night around this tree. It probably meant nothing to random passers but for both of you it was the symbol of a story. A great story but a story based on lies. For you Klaus was a mere human, probably the most unique of them but it was nothing .. and yet you learned to your expense. The original had yet makes you be in any way affected by this dark part of his life. Weakness, you were his weakness which his enemies could have used to torture him. In no way he could let something happen to you. He never forgive himself.

But Klaus should have known, sometimes in life things do not go exactly as we would have desired. This famous winter night, he had not come to you. It’s the heart a little tight in the pouring rain that you went home. Your footsteps were becoming faster when you had the feeling that someone were following you. Unfortunately you were not fast enough for a werewolf. He grabs you by the neck and threw you against a wall. You did not understand what was happening to you. Why you ? Also something intrigued you. His strength. His strength seemed superhuman, a man even the strongest to you it could not be provided with such a force. The superhuman does not leave you time to think longer, he approached you. You were ruined. You made your last prayers when came out of nowhere, Klaus appeared. Something seems different about him. His eyes ? His teeth? His whole face ? Whatever it was, it was not human. Despite this, he was quick to get rid of the superhuman. He had saved your life, but in an unconventional way. He bled to death, he bit him in the neck then he literally bled him to death. Fear invades your whole body. You were petrified, you were afraid of your whole being. Klaus, with the back of his hand, wiped all the blood that was spread goshawks of his mouth before taking step beside me.

[Y / N] “: Do not you dare to approach me” You were screaming, you’ve never been in this condition almost all your life.

Klaus : “Please (Y/N) let me explain”

He held out a hand to you to help you to stand up. You repelled it violent, she was still soaked with the blood of the other

[Y/N] : “Don’t touch me Klaus !”

Klaus : “Let me explain”

[Y / N]: “Explain what for the love of god! You dumped a man of his blood, you killed him without scruple. Without even flinching. You’re a monster Klaus ”

The last sentence you had pronounced breaking a little more the heart of Klaus. You were the only person who saw him differently, now what? Now as for everyone in your sight he was a monster. An error of nature.

Klaus: “First you have to know that what attacked you, it’s not a man. It was a werewolf. If I had not killed him, he would have killed you (Y / N) ”

[Y/N] : “What are you ?”

Klaus : “What ?”

[Y / N]: “You’re not human”

Klaus: “I’m a hybrid. A werewolf and a vampire ”

[Y / N]: “You lied to me”

Klaus: “I have not lied to you, I just omitted certain details of my life to protect you (Y / N)”

[Y/N] : “Why ?”

Klaus: “Listen (Y / N). I’ll tell you one time but not both. I love you. But this love is a weakness for me, each of my enemies could use you to reach me. I could not let that happen. And then .. You are the only person who seemed to see me as I really am, without any discomfort. You were the only person who seemed happy around me. You .. You make my life easier, more bearable. I love you, and I’d love you to be able to accept me as I am, but unfortunately I can not force you to do it. So .. You’re free. You’re free to leave without returning you to continue your life as if I had never existed. I promise you that I understand and that I will leave you alone. ”

Tears stream down your cheeks, it was uncontrollable. This explosion of feelings in you was unbearable. Klaus was different this is true, he was not human that’s true, but it was  a reason enough to let him go ? 

I hope you like it, I’m going to do a second part. By the way sorry for my english but I’m french so it’s more difficult for me. :) 


james mcavoy + Empire interview (2013) (part 1/part 2)

Ellen - Sebastian Stan x Reader

You were waiting in the dressing room, going over your make up again and again. This time around you had to do your own makeup which didn’t help with the nerves that coursed through you, being on television wasn’t your favourite thing, in fact, if you could avoid it for the rest of your life you would. But then again, your awkward side that always appears when a camera is on you, is what makes your fans love you so much.

Some fans did accuse you of faking your personality, to which you’d always reply, “I wish I was but no one could fake how awkward I am.”

As you were pacing around the room, you accidentally knocked down a flower pot. What made chuckle was that this wasn’t the first time you’d knocked a pot in this particular dressing room.

Thinking back to the last time you were here had been something you’d managed to avoid all day, as that particular memory you were not fond of, at all. The entire time you’d just gone on and on about how much you adored Sebastian Stan, a man who is still your favourite actor of all time. Ellen had only asked you about what you were doing in your spare time, and you’d accidentally let slip how you and your best friend, Ashley, had experienced a Sebastian Stan movie marathon. This opened your metaphorical flood gates and led to you just talking for a while about how much you loved him as an actor, and at one point you remember calling him a ‘swell guy’ with a ‘great bod’.

When someone on the crew came to take you to the set they found you holding a plant pot to your face; you’d been trying to face palm over the memory, but you’d forgotten about the flower pot in your hands. “Um, hi,” you mumbled quietly, staring at the stranger with a wide eyed look.

They quickly recovered, more for your benefit than their own, you had no doubt that in their mind they were coming up with many ways to call you crazy. “It’s time, you ready to see Ellen?”

You nodded your head, afraid that if you were to say much else than you’d only say something else crazy. As you entered the stage you received a great applause which created some confidence in you and you greeted Ellen with your best smile, forgetting all about what had just happened for a moment. You hugged her like an old friend and she welcomed you to sit in the seat across from her, and after the hello’s you went straight into it.

“So you’re here promoting your latest movie, Marvellous Things, it’s a beautiful movie. I saw it and it made me cry, how was it for you?” She asked, her eyes staring at you intensely as though she was really interested in what you had to say, which was nice.

“You think you cried,” you huffed, “there’s this one scene me and my co-star did together and, I won’t tell you what happens because spoilers, but I literally had to stop in the middle because I could not stop getting emotional over the character. I was like,” you then made your ugliest crying face, to which everyone laughed, including Ellen.

After they recovered Ellen hit you with another question about the movie and you even got to show them a little preview, which you proceeded to explain, including the story about how you couldn’t stop burping that day for some reason and everyone was getting really mad at you because you were burping through takes.

“Now, last time you were here, you talked a lot about how much you loved Sebastian Stan, you excited for Civil War?”

“NO!” You replied instantaneously, “I am fudging terrified; I saw a picture where Steve is holding this helicopter and Bucky’s inside of it, and literally just started sobbing. Ashley, who I mentioned last time I think, had to come give me some Ben & Jerry therapy. She was trying to convince me everything would be okay but then I showed her the picture and she got as mortified as I did-“

“Hello!” The voice came from beside you, and you had to wonder how you didn’t notice him moving in. And you really wish you did, maybe if you noticed him you wouldn’t have screamed and fallen to the floor flailing your arms in wild panic. This obviously got a laugh from everyone, except you. You were absolutely mortified, there stood Sebastian Stan, the man (who was quite literally) of your dreams, with this big cheese ball grin on his face. “I’m sorry,” he quickly apologised, lending you his hand so you could get up.

You remained speechless, accepting his hand and hoping the butterflies that stormed through your belly weren’t completely obvious to everyone watching you, and the million that will eventually watch this at home. “Hi,” you stuttered, your voice accidentally raising a few octaves which apparently demanded more laughter.

He let you sit down first before setting himself next to you, Ellen was explaining something to you but you were just staring at him. Probably acting very, very weird. “Y/N,” she called eventually, dragging you from your trance.

“What, oh my god I’m sorry.” You face palmed, this time you thankfully didn’t do it with a plant pot. “You’re just so… oh my god.” Thankfully he was taking this all with a very humble attitude; he’d probably perfected how to react to crazy fangirls like you.

“It’s alright, I think you’re very beautiful too.” He gave you a kiss on the cheek, to which you pretend fainted. By this point you’d stopped overthinking your actions, it was hard to even think when such an Adonis was beside you.

After sorting yourself out Ellen asked you a question, “so is this a good surprise?”

You could have replied with many different answers, but instead you decided to tell her and him, all the ways in which you appreciated Sebastian Stan. It was like there was this list already set in your head, prepared for this exact moment so you could go on to tell them every part of him that was your favourite, and how you really liked his lips. And how you and Ashley had made a pact that no matter how busy the two of you were, you’d both go and see his latest movie together because he was literally what brought you and your friend together.

He said he was blessed by this but you had to wonder if that was actually true, after the night you were quite literally mortified and had run off so that you wouldn’t have to see him again. You replayed the interview over and over again in your head for months, three months had passed by now and you were still able to remember every frightening detail.

Now you’re in a bar, drinking away your pains because why not?

“Hello,” the voice was so familiar, you couldn’t ever forget that voice.

As per usual your response to this greeting was to embarrass yourself, you ended up spitting out most of the drink that had been in your mouth and you proceeded to turn to face Sebastian with drink falling from your lips. “Oh my god,” you mumbled, “I’m so sorry.” The moment gave you a strong sense of déjà vu, but Sebastian seemed to remain cool just like last time.

“It’s nice to see you again,” he greeted as he took a seat beside you, not caring at all that you were quickly trying to clean away your spilled drink with just your sleeve. “You ran off so quickly at Ellen’s, I felt rejected.”

He was obviously joking, and so you tried to adopt that same joking personality even though you were nervous as fuck. “I think we both know that I’d never reject you.”

“Great, so you’ll go out on a date with me, tomorrow maybe?”

You were thankful you’d decided not to take another sip of your drink or else it would have been splattered everywhere again. “Are you serious?” You looked towards him with wide, questioning eyes and in response he gave a determined nod of his head. You scoffed, “then you must be as crazy as I am.”

“That’s why I think we’d be such a perfect fit.”

“Smooth,” you chuckled, “what about the ten year difference though?” You don’t know why you were trying to get him to say no, but you knew you wanted to make sure he was absolutely sure he wanted to take you out on a date.

He shrugged in response, apparently he just didn’t care, which made your heart beat ten miles a minute. He really did like you. “So is that a yes?”

“Like I said, you know I’d never reject you.” The smile on his face at your response was that of pure glee, it was wide and filled his stubbled face. It was the type of smile that lighted up the room and made you incapable of not smiling back.

anonymous asked:

For a prompt how about Neil and Andrew see each other for the first time since Andrew graduated

I started replying to this, but it got out of hand and irrelevant so here is the start

Andrew had barely admetted it to himself, but he had missed Neil more than he thought he would these past few months. Granted, it might have been the adjustment from constantly living with three other guys and doing everything with them (almost everything with two and literally everything with one) to having all the alone time, space and quiet he could possibly ask for. But he was pretty sure that he just missed Neil. Which only made him more annoying. Every time they talked on the phone, or video chated, Andrew hated Neil slightly more because of the way he made him want to be by his side. Run a hand through his unreasonably curly and unruly hair (It had gotten unacceptably long. He’d have to take care of it when he saw him again. But not before he enjoyed it first). Every time he went to smoke, he still instinctively pulled out two cigarettes instead of one. Everything felt off.

Neil had felt extraordinary giddiness at Andrew’s message at Friday night that told him he’d be at Palmetto in the morning. Andrew’s absence had left Neil’s everyday life in shatters. Playing Exy and school took up most of his time, but it still left plenty of time to ponder how empty the bed he now had all to himself felt. The rooftop was too quiet and he had gotten out of the habit of driving, so that had taken some getting used to. But all that had nothing on the gaping hole the blond boy had left in Neil’s heart, only rivaled by all the space he now occupied in his brain. He couldn’t wait to see him again, hold his hand, kiss him.

A jolt of uneasiness went through him. What if Andrew didn’t feel the same? He knew they talked all the time, but what if? These thought were unfounded, and deep down Neil knew it. What he and Andrew had wasn’t related to how close they were in a map, but it had never been tested before. They had only ever been close. How would things be now? Would they be any different?

These kinds of thoughts consumed him until his phone lit up at 4.30 a.m.

“Come outside” the text read. Neil’s belly filled with butterflies and he couldn’t be sure if he was excited or nervous anymore. He got dressed as fast as he could and tok the elevator to the parking lot. There, he saw Andrew leaning on his familiar car, and his stomach settled. Looking at the other boy’s eyes, he walked up to him and took his hand.

“I missed you.” Neil says quietly. Andrew moves his hands on Neil’s face and only replies with a simple “Yes or no?” 

Neil smiles, because he really missed this, and he knows, he knows distance will never mean anything to hem.

“Did you forget already?” he asks, one side of his mouth quirking up in a half smile. “It’s always yes with you.” A scowl takes over Andrew’s face, before his lips are on Neil’s.

They take a long time to break appart, but when they do, Neil can see something other than appathy in Andrew’s face.

“I missed you too” Andrew says, before their hands are on each other again