trance former

i could ghost walk through

the end game

would settle for a draw

fuck i’d settle for an etch a sketch 

was told i wasnt real 


dreamt  empty 

fuck it this standard poetry shit is tedious - and - thought train slows to a crawl - so - have u ever - discorporated - i remember the 1st time - machine death - too young to make that kinda choice but no choice - do we ever really come back - or - am i dreaming still - sometimes u gotta choose pain - in increments - bite size bits of data - mining - jest conceptual art - they say god has a sense of humor - they say a lot of - dont they - everything changes/everything dies / even the stars / only love and souls survive (stealing from my own self cuz i can) - lissened to sister ray the other day - but thats another story - lou reed is dead but i see him drinking a coke - at the bar - on a screen - trance former - more than meets the i