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Dylan Klebold Facts

- Baseball was one of Dylan’s hobbies. He played as a kid & tried out for the Columbine High School baseball team but didn’t make it

- He was in a fantasy baseball league & his team was called “The Border Hoppers” - a reference to old Taco Bell commericals with the slogan “Make a run for the border.”

- Origami was another pastime, & in elementary school he led the class in making paper cranes that were mailed to Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park & laid beside Sadako Sasaki’s statue. 

- Dylan was his father’s devoted chess partner & was in the chess club in elementary school. 

- He played trumpet in the school band & the drums for Brooks’ Brown’s band in middle school. 

- He considered Broadcasting as a possible career alternative if Computer Science didn’t work out. He also considered being a drummer.

- He liked to try new & different foods, like barbecued duck & calamari. It’s been said his favorite food was scrambled egg pizza. 

- Uma Thurman was supposedly his dream girl. 

- In addition to DOOM with Eric, he played Quake alot w/ Zack Heckler. 

- He was as beta tester for Microsoft.

- Sue could sometimes hear him up in his room banging on his computer.

- He had a dark sense of humor, & made jokes about things people normally don’t joke about, like death & dark things. 

- He was a fan of Trance music (i.e. Ceiba, Prana). 

- But he wasn’t much of a fan of dogs, & was scared of Devon Adams’ Siberian Husky. 

- He was more of a cat person & had a white cat named Rocky, who he’d gotten in the 3rd grade & still had at the time of his death

Here is my new album from SoundCloud, “Amanda”!

Please, please give this some attention. I pushed very hard to make sure this would sound the best I can make it. This album took so much work.

If you would like, feel free to comment on what your favorite song from the album is. I’m a little curious to see what songs people would like most!

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EDM! AU - the 104th as kids you’ll find at an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival / show JUST HAVING FUN AND NO ONE DIES

And who’s Armin? The MOTHER FUCKING DADDY of trance, that’s who - the conductor of this crazy train to The State of Trance - bow before your dutch deity, your musical messiah - that’s WHO ARMIN ARLERT IS AT AN EDM FESTIVAL.


Sasha & Connie

Jean & Mikasa

Reiner & Berthold

Krista & Marco

“We are fire and we are iron, we are earth and we are air; Light is in our hearts and in our heads; it burns and we burn with it; we are stars, we are the sun, we are the Children of the Traveler and we cannot, will not stop; we will wash our foes away with our fury, we will carve our future out of flame, and where the blaze has passed only we remain; for we are the knives and we are the wielders, and the universe is ours to remake in the image of our choosing and we will remake it in fire.”

- Cryptarch Records // Firsthand Account of the “Gunslinger’s Trance” // Anonymous

P1: Business Trips

A/N: Hello🍓 this is my first ever fan fic please let me know what you think. I’m not sure where I’ll be taking this one but let’s see! Feel free to ask / message me what you think should happen. I’ll also be taking requests through this blog as well! (BTS scenarios and preferences of course) I hope you like part 1 of this fan fic and I’m sorry if it’s bad 😭



WARNINGS: none in this chapter

As an Internet personality you’d been asked to do many things before. Go on the radio, introduce celebrities at festivals and award ceremonies, you’d even been invited to fashion shows and premieres, but THIS was something else. You had a YouTube channel, mostly a hobby until it started paying more than your boring 9-5 that you hated. You’d often express your opinions on your channel, you had many popular uploads revolving around body confidence and feminism as well as makeup tutorials. You’d gained a crazy amount of followers almost overnight - and every single one of them knew how much you loved BTS. You were crazy about them and spoke about the members and their music on a daily basis. 

 And today was the day. 

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Fan art time…well more of a sketch-ish drawing

Pentel and Prismacolor <3

Just had the urge to draw Ichigo. This time the background was ABOVE AND BEYOND! <3 <3 Group Therapy #100 in Madison Square Garden NYC, beautiful vibes and beautiful music and a wonderful Ichigo Kurosaki.

But he doesn't even like me

A/N:This has probably been done to death and much better and I have no idea what I’m doing but I was listening to The Smiths, Girl Afraid and I had a little spark to write something so I thought I’d give it a go. I haven’t written anything since last May. I used to write in an RP a lot before I graduated and then things got a bit foggy for me so I’m really rusty. I’ve never really done any fan fiction, sorry if this is crap.

I thought about what would’ve happened around Knebworth or just before around the time they’re sniping at each other about Rae not knowing about Mr Carrisford. Generally when Finn was being cagey around her and what would happen if she’d confronted him about it and this is what came out.

 ‘So, what did you think of the band then?’ The place was mobbed when they’d managed to get hold of what looked like the last table at the chippy when she glanced over at Finn who had taken the seat diagonal from her to save everybody’s seats as they waited for their orders.  She’d thought they were actually pretty good set-wise, considering The Swan wasn’t the best venue it was a really good night. A bit boring towards the end though, but that was mostly because she wasn’t a huge fan of some of the covers.

‘Alright I s’pose.’ Finn mumbled. He’d been like that for most of the night or at least around her. She couldn’t tell if he’d had a good time or not, seemed like his default. Not like she was all that concerned with his opinions, he looked like a trance fan. Or did he even have any? His face had been a mask of indifference, not unlike the look he had right then where he sat. He didn’t speak again so she took it that was the end of it.

She didn’t bother to ask anything else after that and left him to it. She watched instead as he bit at his nails absently and looked out at the window. Right, fine. This was so stupid, that had been all of four syllables, not even a sentence.

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