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Enlighten Me, Babygirl (Part Two)

Part One

Six Months Later

There was a soft hum in her room, it was there all the time so it didn’t bother her too much. To go with it, there was also the calming sounds of birds soaring by the window every so often or the branches of the trees colliding with each other. That was pretty much the only sounds she could hear.

It was cold night, so cold she had three blankets hugging her and she could still feel an unusual breeze coming from an unknown location. Her legs tangled together in hopes of seeking warmth from each other but they were both cold, meaning chills ran through each of them whenever she’d rub them together.

She felt the familiar emptiness in her heart; it hadn’t stopped bugging her, almost begging to her to do something about it. She just didn’t know what it was that she had to do to stop the aching.

Her window was locked; she didn’t want to risk even the slightest segment of ice cold air getting through and into her bedroom, and she didn’t want to be any more colder than she already was.

With loneliness and worry, she was struggling to sleep as she did every night. Her insomnia was only worsening each night, even though during the day she found herself wishing to do nothing but sleep; her body was begging her for rest all day while the second her head touch the softness of her pillows at night, something was forcing her awake.

Migraines came inside the package with her insomnia and she found herself thinking she could do without them. Fatigue was hard enough to deal with when her days were so busy, so when she felt her head feeling weighed down as soon as she sat up, she didn’t think the rest of the day was physically possible for her.

Despite her mental complains however - and with some strength unknown to her - she managed each day without collapsing and even though she rarely slept anymore, she was more than thankful for the comfort of her bed at the end of each day.

It was all Jason’s fault. As much as she tried to find something else to blame, her mind always found its way back to him. Jason was the reason she was suddenly so alone, he was the reason she wasn’t able to sleep; he wasn’t around for her to be angry at and that made her frustration rise even higher.

She sighed and, for the hundredth time, rolled over onto her back. Her eyes were alive, just like her body was. When she realised she wasn’t going to sleep, her mind decided to join them.

If he hadn’t have got himself caught, if he was just a little bit more careful, he’d be here.

There was a loud thud downstairs and it sent all of the air she had in her body elsewhere; it abandoned her completely and she felt herself at a loss. As though something had set deep into the pit in her stomach, all of the muscles in her body stood to attention, although she was in no way to do anything useful with them.

More noise followed and it caused her to sit up rapidly. She didn’t have to place her hand to her chest to know that her heart was stammering heavily. Panicked, her throat tightened and she, as quietly as she could, she dropped her feet onto the floor. The wood felt so cold it caused a burning sensation on the bottom of her feet. She attempted to ignore it while tiptoeing towards the bedroom door that sat closed firmly.

Out in the hallway, the house looked even more daunting and she instantly wished she hadn’t moved from her bed. She contemplated turning around and making a beeline straight to it as it sat there calling her name. However, she didn’t have time; she heard the flick of a switch before she watched the entrance of the living room being illuminated. She gasped rather loudly.


She didn’t move. For once, for the first time in so long, it wasn’t because she was scared or panicked or too tired. It took her back to all of those months and sent her body into some kind of trance.


Letting out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding, she could feel her legs working frantically in order to carry her down the steps of the stairs. She didn’t care how cold the floor was anymore.

“Jason?” she whispered; her brain wasn’t really believing it because, of course, how could he be anywhere near her? It was impossible.

Turning the corner into the kitchen, her brain was contradicted. She began to cry almost instantly while her legs threatened to give in under her weight; she didn’t feel strong enough to do anything in that moment. Jason was stood in front of her, he looked untidy and tired, but she didn’t care - he was there.

She didn’t have time to say anything else because he had collided with her. His hands were pressing her against his chest and she couldn’t help but have missed how his hard chest felt against her. He was warm and safe, and for the first time in months, she felt like she was home.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered with a shaky breath; it felt like someone was gliding a feather across the dint in her neck. She inhaled and delved in his scent. “I was starting to go insane, and considering I’m already half way there, it was getting dangerous.”

“How are you here? Did they let you go? Jason, what’s happening?”

She had so much she needed to be released from her heart that every second felt like the perfect time to ask him, she had to remind herself that he was probably just relieved to be home. Taking a deep breath, she told herself to keep calm.

His hands ran up and down her sides with so much hunger and she had to resist the urge to let her hands move freely. To distract them, she moved them up to his hair; it felt like a jungle between her fingers.

“I have to go away, babygirl,” he said breathlessly. She could hear the regret; it was evident in the tightness of his tone. “I escaped, there’s no way they were letting me out of there any time soon. Come with me.”

She frowned. “W-wha-where are you going?”

“I know some people. They’re gonna get me out of here.”

He sounded breathless and everything felt as though it was happening so fast, she was struggling to comprehend. Her fingers grip the orange jumpsuit in desperation.

“Where are you going?”

“Just away. I can’t stay here, you know that,” he said, draping his arm around her waist. “C’mon princess, get your things.”

In a split second, his touch was no longer with her. [Y/N] watched as Justin made his way around the room, gathering anything he might need. Her feet felt glued to the floor.

“J-Jason..” she whispered, but he didn’t hear; he was already flying up the stairs when she let out a large breath of air.

It only took him five minutes to be back downstairs in a black t-shirt and jeans, a style that [Y/N] would have taken the time to compliment him in if the situation was different. He held a backpack in his hand and dropped it to the floor, that was when he clocked [Y/N]’s statue still stood where he’d left it. She watched his face twist in a horrible way as he gained on her.

“[Y/N]? What are you doing? Do you not realise that if we don’t leave in the next ten minutes, the cops have probably already noticed I’ve escaped, and will be round here as quick as they can be, either to look for me or question you. Now move.”

His stare was too intense that it felt as though he was physically making her move. She made sure to be out of his sight before she let the tears fall down her cheeks. With shaking limbs, she walked up the stairs, feeling weight crushing down on her chest.

She didn’t want to have to pack as quick as she could, she didn’t want to leave, she just wanted answers. Confused and hurting, she grabbed her own backpack and shoved necessities into it. Teardrops fell onto her hand and roll down to her wrist.

“[Y/N]! Come on!”

Was he being selfish? Did he know he was hurting her? Where were they going? All sorts of questions processed through her mind as she jogged down the stairs, wiping her cheeks on her sleeve.

Jason held out his hand for her to take and, in need of some warmth and reassurance, [Y/N] took it instantly. As it turns out, Jason’s hands were cold and felt like ice against her skin.

“You okay?” he asked and a wave of relief washed over [Y/N].


“Fuck, they’re here. Come on, we have to go.” He pulled her towards the door, she didn’t even have the chance to take on last glance at the place she called home.

Jason’s grip tightened on her hand and she could’ve cried at such a tiny expression of affection. Pulled up in front of her house was an usually large black van. She couldn’t help but wonder if their plan was to look suspicious.

“Get in the back,” one man said out of the window of the van. His beard twitched as he spoke.

Jason didn’t say anything as he yanked the door doors apart, allowing her to climb in before him as though it made up for everything. She still wasn’t sure if she should be feeling so much anger. [Y/N] climbed inside and saw nothing but a bunch of blankets in the corner. The back of the van wasn’t big enough for her to stand straight so instead of letting her back ache, she dropped herself down onto the pile of soft blankets.

The door was still being slammed shut by Jason as the van pulled away and was hurtling down the street. Jason sat down in the other corner, sighing as he did so.  

“You’re gonna be in there for a while so we gave you some things to make the journey a little more comfortable,” a muffled voice said through the wood panel blocking the front interior of the van. Jason, nor [Y/N], replied.

[Y/N] could hear the life outside of the vehicle; the birds whenever they stopped at a red light, the wind that stroked the black exterior, car horns, shouting. It all made tears sting her eyes, although she couldn’t understand why. Jason’s head snapped in her direction when she sniffed.

“[Y/N]?” he asked while shuffling towards her. “Baby?”

She covered her face when the sobs broke out from her throat. Feeling Jason gripping at her wrists, she dug her fingers into her face in hopes he wouldn’t succeed in pulling them away.

“What’s wrong? Talk to me.” He was pulling her onto his lap as he spoke, he wrapped his arms around her body. “Tell me what’s wrong baby, please.”

The anger was bubbling in her stomach and rising up her chest, along with an uneasy feeling that made her feel as though if she parted her lips in the slightest, she’d throw up her empty stomach. A rush cut through her veins.

“How can you ask that?”

His expression was a mixture of confusion and shock, but [Y/N] didn’t care in that moment. She didn’t bother to attempt to be released from his grasp; she didn’t think she had the strength.

“You’ve let me worry and lose sleep over you for months, I haven’t been eating, I can’t close my eyes without picturing you behind that glass, and all I’ve done is cry; you burst into my house in the middle of the night, claiming you’ve got to leave that second without giving me anything but a mediocre explanation and just expect me to run alongside you without even asking me how I feel.”

Jason didn’t move for a few seconds; his eyebrows didn’t stop furrowing and his mouth refused to close. He looked lost for words, it was an unfamiliar sight for [Y/N]. Meanwhile, she felt some sense of relief. They both slowly sank into the silence and it filled them. But eventually, someone had to say something.

“[Y/N], baby, I had no idea you felt like that-“

“You wouldn’t,” she said. “You didn’t take the time to think about how I felt or if I even wanted to get in this van, you just-“

“Wait,” he interrupted. “Are you saying you didn’t want to leave with me? [Y/N], they’d interrogate you before you could say a single thing, it wouldn’t have been good for you there.” Jason looked hopeless as she shuffled into her previous spot.

“And whose fault is that?” she muttered, and tried not to notice the shock flash across Jason’s face.

“Baby, look.” He moved closer to her. “I’m so, so sorry for not thinking to ask you how you feel. I know, I know I should’ve. This is hard for me but I know it’s taking a toll on you too. I’m sorry.” Jason clutched [Y/N]’s hand tightly.

A sigh escaped her lips and fell into the air around them. “I’m scared, Jason.” The weaker side of her, the side that called out to Jason to comfort her in moments like these, gave into his touch. Her body fell into his. “I just wish none of this had happened.”

“You don’t have to be,” he rasped against her neck, making goosebumps come alive. “I’m here to keep you safe. I can keep you safe, I can be here for you, but I can’t promise that things like this aren’t going to happen. This is the life I live, I can’t help that but you know that I love you so, so, so much and I don’t wanna lose you.” While he was speaking, his thumb was busy stroking the back of her hand.

“I knew what I was getting into when I said yes to being your girlfriend, I’m not leaving,” she smiled through the wetness of her cheeks and snuggled deeper into Jason’s hard chest that was warm and inviting underneath the blanket.

He hummed. “You’re an angel, you know that?”

“You might have told me that before,” [Y/N] chuckled, but it was partially blocked out by the sudden growl of the van’s engine.

The journey lasted another two hours or so, at least that was what her phone told her once she’d been escorted into a small and shabby two story house in the middle of nowhere. It gave her a sense of longing for the home that she’d abandoned only hours ago. [Y/N] wondered how Jason was feeling.

“Lay low here for as long as you can. See anything suspicious, you should leave this place within at least five minutes. You should be fine here as long as you don’t draw attention to yourself.”

“Aw shit, that’s exactly what I planned on doing,” Jason muttered, throwing his jacket down on the chair. [Y/N] set herself down on the couch, pulling her knees up to her chest.

The two men left and drove away in their van eventually, meaning Jason and [Y/N] were left alone. It was silent for far too long, so long that she could feel her eyes falling shut, but she jumped into complete consciousness when she heard movement from Jason.

She watched as he sat down next to her and moved impossibly close so that his warmth wrapped around her. His head fell into the nape of her neck and she didn’t hesitate to run her fingers across the back of his neck before brushing them through his hair. Jason seemed to enjoy the sensation because the softest of moans left his lips. It was then that she thought maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it was the silence, or maybe it was because Jason’s tongue was circling the skin on her neck while his hand grazed her thigh.

Seven vs. Three

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“Jackson, Jackson wake up” you shook Jackson wanting him to wake up. You didn’t know why he was being so stubborn to wake up today. 

“Mama” you heard a small voice whine. You turned to see your daughter holding onto the wall for support. Her eyes were watery ready to cry. You stopped attacking Jackson for a moment to pick up your daughter. “Come here sweetie. I was going to go feed you soon but your dad won’t wake up.”

Jackson mumbled incoherently being bothered by the noise you and your daughter were making. 

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Patrick Hockstetter x Reader

Warnings: teenage pregnancy

Being pregnant in highschool was never deemed as good or responsible, for that matter. Especially a highschool in Derry. Walking through the almost endless halls of lockers you spotted your boyfriend, Patrick. Yup. Patrick Hockstetter, a beautiful raven haired monster that you called your boyfriend, who also happened to be he father of your unborn baby.

Walking up to the group of boys, hugging Patrick from behind, kissing the shirt on his back before moving to face him, wrapping your arms around him. Looking up at him you smiled “Morning baby.” Patrick moved an arm over your shoulders, pulling you into him, smiling warmly.

“How’s baby Hockstetter?” He placed his other hand on your 6 month old baby bump. You snuggled into his chest as his friends continued with their conversations.

“He’s good” you hummed into his chest “keeps kicking me in the bladder though” you groaned, grimacing when you were jabbed in the side by a tint foot or knee.

“She” Patrick corrected you before moving both palms to your stomach “Stop kicking your mama” he scolded childishly, making you chuckle.

“So I was thinking we could go swimming at the lake later.” Patrick suggested, kissing your forehead as he did so.

You backed up from him, rubbing your hands up and down his arms “I dunno Pats” you rested a hand in your tummy “I have a lot of homework already.”

Patrick cut you off at your excuse “come on, please baby girl? For baby Hockstetter?” He gave a sheepish smile at his own words making you laugh at his expression.

Realizing he wasn’t going to give up, adding to the fact that it was quite a nice day for swimming “ugh fine” you said, rolling your eyes.

Patrick made a ‘yes!’ Motion before giving you one last hug as the bell rang “Love you” he smiled, rubbing your stomach with his thumb “Love you too sweetie” he praised. The ta of you said 'goodbye’ to the group and began to walk to your first period, Patrick’s hand resting on the small of your back.


You and Patrick were sitting at lunch when the rest of the gang sat down to join the two of you. You pulled a cokde from your purse, unscrewing the cap, and began to drink it as Patrick started conversation with Henry. In the midst of his conversation he caught a glimpse of you, nearly choking on his food “What the fuck y/n?!” He grabbed the drink from you roughly.

“Patrick!” You scolded, reaching for your drink to which he moved out of your way.

“No. Its full if sugar and shit you shouldn’t have right now.” He informed you before Belch asked a question that neither of you had an answer to “what are you guys naming the baby?”

Neither of you said anything, looking at one another blankley before answering “I-i haven’t really thought about it” you looked down at your hands as Patrick have an answer for you.

“I dunno, something cool, like scar he chuckled through his words making Henry give him an annoyed expression.

"Come on, little fuckers’ gotta have a name.” He insinuated watching as you ran a hand over your bump.

Patrick turned towards you, watching as you continued the motion on your swollen belly “y/n” he snapped his fingers, trying to call you out of your trance “baby” he tried once more, placing a hand on your stomach making you gasp at his touch.

“Sorry Pats, I guess I just spaced out” you placed a hand on his, leaning your head on his shirt, playing with his dark hair as he continued conversation with the others.


Currently you sat on a rock by the lake finishing up your homework as Patrick waded in the shallow end of the water. Putting your homework in your bag you stood up, pulling your shirt and pants off to reveal your black two piece swim suit.

Patrick watched as you walked towards him smiling at you as you walked up to him. He sunk backwards, lower into the deeper part of the lake, reaching out and grasping you hand in his.

You kept walking until the ground underneath the water disappeared, holding onto Patrick for dear life in fear of sinking. “Patrick” you warned, wrapping both legs around his thin waist in attempt to stay afloat, making him chuckle.

“I can feel her” Patrick smiled, moving his eyes from your lips to your eyes before kissing you deeply, “she’s gonna be so pretty, just like her mommy.” You smiled at the thought.

“I dunno pattycake” you shrugged, resting your arms on his shoukders. “I think he’s gonna have some cute features and dark hair from his daddy.” You argued.

Patrick rolled his eyes “its a girl baby” he shook his head, spraying water over you.

“Patrick!” You hit his chest “don’t fucking do that.” He laughed at you reaction, kissing you again “I love you”.

mega fluff + that adoption au kinda thing + inspired by this tweet though i tweaked it a little bit and made it seem like yoongi knew it from the very start :((( i did ask for permission though there wasn’t any response yet but i thought i’d post this anyway i’m sorry :((((

yoongi’s priorities are really not that complicated. the following goes like this:

1. jimin
2. relationship with said boy
3. career
4. rent and bills, daily necessities 
5. the future - aka a real family and kids (it’s really not that important right now)

really, it’s not that complicated. 

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8. “Mm… your kid before five in the morning.”
12. “He’s/She’s crying again.. It’s your turn.”

You groan as you twist in your sheets, feeling sleep finally come to you after needing to wake up several times during the night.

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It’s A.....

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 Characters - Dean x reader. Jody, Sam, Cas, Doctor, Claire, Alex.

Word count - 1680

Summary - Part 7 of the Baby Winchester series. 

Catch up HERE.

The past few hours had sped by in a painful blur. Sam had driven everyone to the hospital in record time despite Castiel and Jodie’s warnings of his speed. You were wheeled into a room with Jody and Dean by your side. Sam and Cas decided to wait outside for any news.
The hours of pain and shouting at Dean were worth it. All to hear the Doctor say

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Exo: When you’re stressed


You were reading the same paragraph for the third time and you still had no idea what it was about. You had exams coming up and you were learning like crazy, trying to cram an insane amount of information into your head in only a couple weeks time. You had even been neglecting your personal health trying to study, nourishment and hygiene only being your second priority. You yawned, thinking about how much sleep you had gotten in the past week. You could count the hours with your fingers. As you leaned back to strech your sore muscles, you felt warm, familiar hands wrap around your waist. “You’re still learning. Why am I not surprised?” Suho said, giving you a soft kiss on the cheek. “This exam is important. It makes up like half our grade.” You say, looking up at him. “Well, nothing is so important that you jeopardize your health for it.” He said, spinning your chair so that you could face him. “I bought us some take-away noodles and you a lavender scented bath bomb. I thought we could have dinner together and then… we could take a bath.” He winked. “But-” “No buts Y/n. If you keep going at this rate, you’ll burn out before you even take this exam. Now…” He said, scooping you up in his arms. “I’m going to make sure this night is full of relaxation and pleasure for you. I don’t want you to even think about studying for one second.” He whispered, softly kissing your lips as he carried you into the dining room.


You slammed the door shut in frustration as you kicked off your shoes and threw your coat on a hanger. You had a big project due in a few days at work and your boss kept adding onto the workload. You had already been working overtime the past week and a half because the perfectionist inside you wanted to get everything done right and impress your boss and colleagues. Plus you also just wanted to show him that you were capable of handling jobs more complicated than making coffee or copies. You stormed into the kitchen to get some ice cream, because that’s what you needed right now: comfort food. Your head was still so busy as you grabbed the ice cream from the freezer that you didn’t even hear your boyfriend walk into the kitchen. He startled you as he wrapped his hands around your waist. “Bad day?” He asked, kissing you on the top of your head as he pulled you close to him. “The worst.” You said through a spoonful of ice cream. “I think what you need right now is a real meal,” He began as he took the ice cream from your hands. “I made your favorite. I’ll heat it up for you. Go sit down.” “Thanks Jagi.” You said, kissing his cheek. You watched him heat up the meal, realizing that it had been weeks since you two had spent more than five minutes together, both of you being extremely busy lately. He sat a plate of piping hot food down in front of you and stood behind your chair, placing his hands lightly on your shoulders. “Here you go baby. And while you eat you can tell me all about your day. You can complain to me all you want.” He smiled, lightly massaging your shoulders. “And while you’re doing that, I’ll give you a relaxing massage. And maybe afterwards we can take things up to the bedroom, where I’ll make sure all your troubles melt away.” He whispered into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.


It felt like ages that you and Baekhyun had spent any time together, both of your schedules being packed full with projects and promotions. Tonight was no exception as you once again stayed longer at the office working on your latest project. You stared at your computer screen, exhausted from the lack of sleep you had been getting, your face clearly showing how over-worked you have been. The sight of a cup of hot coffee being held in front of your eyes pulled you out of your trance. “I thought my baby might need some extra energy. And some coffee.” Baekhyun winked, handing you your coffee, sitting down in the chair next to you. “Thanks my love. What are you doing here? I thought you were busy.” You said, taking a sip of the hot liquid. “I took the rest of the night off because I missed you. We’ve barely seen each other in weeks.” Your boyfriend said, stroking your cheek. “That’s really sweet honey… but I have to work on this project.” You gave him a sad smile and started to turn back to your work. “Not on our coffee date, you aren’t.” He said, turning you to face him. “In fact, I think a change of scenery is necessary.” Taking your hand, he began to lead you up to the roof, ignoring your half-hearted protests. You stopped in your tracks as you saw the surprise Baekhyun had prepared for you. A table and two chairs were placed on the roof, candles lighting the way to your seats. “The perfect setting for a romantic midnight coffee date.” Baekhyun winked as you sat down. “When did you find the time to set this up?” You asked, incredulously. “I had some help from the other members.” He said, taking your hands in his. “Now let’s forget about everything and just enjoy each other’s presence.” You two drank your coffee, laughing and talking about the most random things. You felt the most energized you had been in weeks as you heavy-heartedly went back to work, Baekhyun not leaving your side. He sat you on his lap as you got to your computer, massaging your arms and shoulders as you resumed your work, saying encouraging words and throwing ideas into the room as he kept you company.


You threw your phone on the bed, frustrated at your friend for standing you up once again to hang out with her new friends. Everytime you tried to talk to her about how that made you feel, she would always say she was just busy or that you should hang out with her new group of friends to get to know them better. Even though you liked giving people the benefit of the doubt, you knew that her new friends weren’t to be trusted and you saw how they had changed her already after only a few short months. It hurt having such a good friend abandon you and treat you like dirt. You were on the verge of tears when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around your body, engulfing you in warmth. “Something you want to talk about Jagiya?” You heard the deep voice of your boyfriend ask. “Chan-” your voice cracked, “I don’t know what to do with her anymore.” You felt a tear fall down your cheek. Chanyeol wiped it away with his sweatshirt sleeve, trying to comfort you. “Maybe it’s time you let her go… If she would rather be with those people than with an angel like you, then it’s her loss.” He said, kissing you softly up your neck. “She isn’t worth all this pain you’re feeling. Especially if she isn’t even trying to fight for this friendship.” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe you’re right.” You said, reaching for your phone and deleting her from your contacts. You sighed a heavy sigh as you felt the burden being lifted off your shoulders. “Now Jagiya.” Chanyeol said, turning you to face him. “How about we cuddle up in bed and watch some Netflix?” He asked with a wink, you nodding in approval.


A sigh escaped your lips as you put down your sandwich, unable to eat anymore because you were worried sick about your dog being in the clinic. It stressed you out knowing that your dog was sick and there was nothing you could do about it. It was an only-time-will-tell moment and you were tired of waiting for the doctors to call and tell you if anything changed. Kai noticed your lack of hunger and decided now was a good time to cheer his baby up. “Hey Jagi, what do you say we go outside and do something fun?” He asked, pulling you into an embrace. “I don’t know… I don’t really feel like it.” You sighed into his chest. “Well then, that’s the perfect time to do it!” He said, picking you up and telling you to get dressed. He was waiting for you outside by the car and opened the door for you. “Where are we even going?” You asked as you fastened your seatbelts. “You’ll see” Kai said with a wink. He drove to the shelter where you first got your dog and where you often come to volunteer when your schedule isn’t too busy. “Why are we here?” You ask hesitantly, stepping out of the car. “I thought we could play with some of the puppies! You know, to cheer you up!” He said happily, grabbing your hands and pulling you in the direction of the shelter. You two sat outside and played with the dogs, big and small, young and old, for hours. By the time you decided to head back home, you had almost forgotten about your dog’s situation. That is, until you got a phone call from the clinic on your car ride back home. You answered the call, your heart racing as you grabbed your boyfriend’s hand. Kai glanced between you and the road, trying to hear what the doctor was telling you. Your frightened features quickly faded and were once again replaced with a big smile as you thanked the doctor multiple times before ending the call. Kai looked at you. “Well?!” “The doctor said the treatment is going really well and they have high hopes of recovery!” You almost screamed out of excitement. “This calls for some celebratory ice cream!” Your boyfriend yelled, smiling brightly.


You sat on your couch, laptop on your lap, refreshing your emails. You were awaiting an email from a prestigious art school in Europe you had applied for, hoping to get accepted into their music department. You had even sent an audition video with the help of your boyfriend Chen. He has been supporting you every step of the way, just like you supported him. He understood that this was your dream and was even willing to lead a long-distance relationship with you because he knew your heart belonged to him, just like his belonged to you. You nervously played with your hair as you refreshed the page for the thousandth time. “Jagi stop stressing so much. You’re starting to make ME nervous.” Chen said, not looking up from the game he was casually playing to pass the time. “I can’t help it. My entire future depends on this email!” You exclaimed dramatically. “What if they didn’t like my audition?” You asked, your voice cracking as you fought to keep tears from forming. Chen put down the controller and wrapped you in his arms. “That’s nonsense, Jagi. They would be very stupid to reject you, the second most talented singer in the world.” Chen said with a smirk as he kissed your temple. “Second most talented?” You asked, looking up at him. “I’m the most talented, of course.” He said, flashing you a smile. “Now…” He began, closing your laptop. ”Play with me. It’ll help take your mind off of everything.” He winked at you, handing you a controller. You laughed as you took it, starting a new two-player game. You two played for a few hours before you had gotten hungry and decided to go out to eat. Before you got changed, you decided to check your emails one last time, noticing a new one in your inbox. Your heart raced as you saw that it was from the art school. Shaking, you opened the email. It wasn’t until Chen shook your shoulder did you realize that you were crying. “What’s wrong baby?” He asked, worried. “I got in.” You whispered, the information slowly sinking in. “I got accepted.” “This calls for a celebration!!” He screamed excitedly, picking you up and spinning you in his arms.


You let out a deep, heavy sigh as you throw yourself onto the couch of your living room. You had just gotten off the phone with your mother, who, once again, was comparing your life to that of her friend’s child’s life. They were the same age as you but, according to your mom, they were “succeding in life”. What does that even mean? You asked yourself as you rubbed your temples, feeling the impending stress headache coming your way. You loved your mom but sometimes she drove you to the brink of insanity. Kyungsoo heard you from the kitchen and walked over to you, gently lifting your head and placing it on his lap. “What’s wrong, dearest?” He asked, stroking your hair. “My mom” You sighed. “Has she been comparing you to that other person again?” He asked, slightly scowling in the process. You nodded. “She kept going on about how they had better notes, a better significant other, better job opportunities blah blah blah.” “Well, don’t listen to her Jagi! No significant other is better than I am!” You laughed warmly at him, placing a hand on his cheek. “How do you always seem to cheer me up when I’m stressed?” “I know what will make you even more happy.” He smiled, his face inching his way towards yours until your noses were almost touching. You looked up at him, a knowing glimmer in your eyes. “I’m making stir-fry for dinner.” He said, kissing your forehead. He heard an “Oh” escape your lips, causing him to smile into your skin. “Don’t worry. I’m saving you for desert.” He said with a wink.


You sat at your desk, looking at the pile of assignments due in a few days. You had been sick with a pretty bad cold for the last week and you felt good enough today to go back to your classes. However, seeing all the assignments you had missed and are supposed to turn in by the end of the week made you sick to your stomach. You sighed, knowing that staring at all the work was not going to get them done as you pull the blanket around you tighter and started with the assignment on the top of the pile. You had been working nonstop for hours when your boyfriend came home from practice. He expected you to already be asleep, so he was surprised to still see you sitting at your desk so late at night. “Why are you still up?” He asked, wrapping his hands around your shoulders. “I have so much work to do…” You tiredly said, quietly coughing at the end, hoping your boyfriend wouldn’t notice. He did notice. “Jagiya, if you keep this up, you’re going to get sick again!” He said, pulling you away from your work. “But these assignments are due in a few days. I’ll be fine.” You argued, coughing some more at the end. Sehun picked you up and carried you to bed, ignoring your complaints and struggles to free yourself. He tucked you into your shared bed tightly. “You need your rest now more than ever. I’ll join you in a minute.” He said, kissing you lghtly on your forehead. You knew it was useless trying to argue with your boyfriend, secretly glad he pulled you away from your work as you snuggled into the blankets. He dove under the covers a few minutes later, pressing his warm body onto yours. “I’ll come home a little earlier tomorrow and help you with the rest of those assignments. Two heads are better than one, after all.” He whispered, kissing you softly and humming you to sleep.


You slumped against the wall with a groan, looking at your reflection from the mirror across the studio. You had a big dance recital coming up and you kept messing up your solo that you had worked so hard on to get. Soreness and weariness was creeping up your entire body because you had been working on your performance for over two hours after practice had already ended. I don’t want to let anyone down you thought as you started massaging your aching thighs. You were so deep in your thoughts, going over the choreography mentally, that you didn’t even notice your boyfriend come up to your side and started massaging your other thigh. “I thought I would find you here.” He said, not looking up at you as he continued to knead gently into the sore muscle. “Sorry, I didn’t expect it to get so late. I just couldn’t leave without having one small accomplishment.” You said, brushing a stray hair out of your face. Lay looked up at you, smiling lovingly, his dimples popping out. “It’s fine, my little perfectionist.” He said, touching your nose with his. “But you should know that you have already made huge accomplishments and that I’m am very proud of you.” “What accomplishments?” You ask, exasperated. “Well for starters, you got the solo you desparately wanted to get, all through your hard work. Plus your performance has gotten much better than when you started. And I think if you stopped thinking about everything and just follow the music, you’ll nail your solo.” Lay said, helping you up to your feet. “I don’t know abou-” You started to protest, but he pressed his lips to yours, silencing both you and your thoughts. “Don’t think, just dance.” He said, turning on the music. You closed your eyes and let the music completely take over your body and sure enough, you danced without fault. As the music faded, you felt your boyfriend’s hands wrap around your waist, attacking your face and neck with soft, approving kisses.

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Hi I loved your reactions about little EXO ageplay! Can you do one ,where EXO is crying (bc of smth) and their mommy comforts them? Can you make it super fluffy?😘

I’m not so good with fluff so I apologize if this sucks. 



Lay: It had been a long day for Lay. He had been scolded by the SM staff for going backstage to talk with Luhan and they threatened to end his contract. After the meeting he was sent home without being allowed to inform the other EXO members. He was clearly upset but it all didn’t settle in until he officially stepped foot in your shared home, you were still at work so he had a few hours to be by himself which didn’t help the situation because all he could think about was blaming himself for doing something so stupid. 

By the time your work had ended and you arrived home, Lay was still sitting on the couch crying. He was holding one of his tiny blankets up to him, covering his face with it as he sobbed uncontrollably. “what’s wrong baby? What happened?” he heard you asked with concern laced in your tone of voice. “mommy/daddy” he’d cry out childishly “work beoble be mean do me. Dey say yikyik did bad thing and send me home afder.” He’d stiffen as he talked about this and hold the blanket closer to his face. At first you’d wonder why he was talking about the situation while in his baby persona but then you’d remember that both of you had set rules or desires and one of yours had been for him to act like a baby when you got home unless you said to stop. “what did yikyik do?” he heard you ask. between sobs he’d respond “yikyik jusd wand do dalk with LuLu. YikYik didn’d mean do be bad boy.” 

Yixing would hear you shhh-ing him in a calming, caring tone as he felt your arm wrap around him lovingly, rubbing soothing circles on his back. “Yikyik isn’t a bad boy” he’d hear “you just wanted to talk with your friend and there’s nothing wrong with that.” “Den why yikyik ged in drouble?” “because the bad work people are angry that lulu isn’t part of the company and doesn’t work with you anymore but you and lulu did nothing wrong so don’t worry about whatever it is that they said to you ok? You’ll be ok. Just be careful when you’re around lulu ok?” “oday!” 

He’d let you pull the blanket away from his face and look into your eyes with his blurry vision. “I love you Yixing. You’re a good boy.”He’d have a faltering smile on his face as he continued to cry in your arms “I lobe you doo mommy/daddy.” He’d hug you and continue to cry while you calmed him until he fell asleep in your arms then you’d fall asleep on the couch, both still hugging each other. 

Baekhyun: He had called you over to come and have a movie night with him but you could tell something was up as he hung up the phone so you hurried over to see what was wrong. “Babe?!” you’d call out when you walked through his front door without any reply “babe?!” 

As you set down your stuff a weeping baekhyun came out of nowhere and nearly tackled you to the floor as he hugged you tightly and wept against our shoulder. “What’s wrong honey? What happened?” baekhyun was curled up against you in a fetal position so you knew his baby persona had kicked in because he only did that when he was a baby. “Mommy/daddy” he’d weep brokenly, he wouldn’t say anything more though as he just curled up against you even more and nearly squeezed you to death with his tight grip “babe!” you’d wheeze, “I can’t breathe.” He’d loosen his hold around you just slightly but would continue to be silent “baby boy, I need you to tell mommy/daddy what’s wrong or I can’t help you. 

Awhile would pass before Baekhyun made any noise other than the uncontrollable sobs that were escaping from him. “Andi’s (anti) andi’s say yikyik should leave. Dey say yikyik don’d belong widh exo. dey say he will leabe. I don’t wand yikyik to leave! I wand yikyik do sday! I wand andi’s do be nice and sdop saying dhose mean things!” 

“Oh baby, it’s ok” he’d hear you say as you hugged him closer to you despite your previous statement about not being able to breath. Yixing won’t leave” he’d hear you reassure him “Yixing love EXO more than anything. The anti’s are just saying that because they’re mean and jealous. Don’t pay attention to them, that’s all they want, attention. Don’t worry baby boy…” He’d wonder why you paused until he felt you begin to stand up slowly, still holding him tightly, while one hand rubbed through his hair lovingly, gently pulling him up to his feet to. He’d feel you begin to walk towards the living room and he’d shuffle his feet along until you reached the couch where you’d sit down first then gently pull him down until he was laying over your lap then you’d put a soft blanket over him while continuing to rub your finger through his hair with one hand while caressing his covered arm with the other before speaking again “don’t worry baby boy, everything will be ok. Yixing is going to stay with exo. Don’t worry about the rumors, that’s all that they are, rumors. ok?” “Oday!” 

Once baekhyun had calmed down you’d both be tired but still awake. One thing that helped calm him was allowing him to caress your chin and jaw line as he still laid on your lap. “Do you feel better sweetheart?” “yes mommy/daddy, baby Baekie fell much bedder now.” 

Chen: Chen had been stressed over many things: his members were stressed which was causing him to stress, there were a plethora of rumors about EXO going around that were bothering him, anti’s were becoming harder and harder to ignore, and- despite everything- he was worried that he wasn’t doing good enough during promotions for Power. 

“babe, please tell me what’s going on” he heard you plead once more as he barely touched his food for the third night in a row. Chen just remained silent, staring off into space until you came around to shake him out of his tranced state “Baby! What’s going on?” Chen would stare at you blankly until his face suddenly contorted into one of pure sadness and he began to cry as he held out his hands to be hugged by you. He’d hear you ask him again what was wrong but his sobs would just grow louder “Chennie… eberything is going wrong! EXO is sad and sdwessed, andi’s being more mean, rumors go around aboud exo and me and Chennie nod doing good ad work” he’d cry out as his chest heaved against yours due to the intensity of his sobs. “what do you mean you’re not doing good at work?” he hears you ask as you hug him back, rubbing his back to sooth him. “ChenChen nod sing good or dance good because of sdwess.” 

he’d feel you rubbing his back more intensely as you hushed him. “No no baby!” you’d said “you’re doing such a great job. Everyone can only imagine what you have to go through and they admire you so much! You’re all doing so well. There’s nothing much that you can do about the anti’s other than to tell them off or ignore them and you can always ask the others what’s bothering them, even if they only get to talk about it, it’s still a good way to relieve some of the stress and you can just issue statements that put down the rumors that are going around. It’s ok, you can get through this” you comfort him. 

His sobs begin to dwindle so you let go and walk back toward your chair but as you sit down he comes up behind you and hugs you “mommy/daddy, you’ll always lobe me will you?” he sniffles “of course I will” he hears you confirm “you’re my baby, I will always love you.” “I lobe you momy/daddy, I really lobe you!”  he says as he hugs you tighter. 


Daddy Barnes

Title: Daddy Barnes
Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Few swear words, I don’t actually know what happens in a C-Section so may be inaccurate…sorry
Word Count: 1,559

You knew Bucky had been anxious and nervous about everything that was coming his way. Over the last nine months he’d gone through a range of emotions from excitement to fear to anger at himself.

But the day was finally here and he knew he had to keep everything in check and just support you, it wasn’t like he was the one going to have baby pulled out of him. He had been worrying more lately as you were two weeks past your due date and were having a C-Section instead, which panicked him more after having researched what that actually was and what was involved.

You were currently sat in the hospital bed, in a private room in one of those ugly hospital robes. “I’m just ready for this to be over.” You mumbled and leaned back in pain, everything was far from comfortable right now, you were ready for this baby to leave your body.

Bucky looked over at you from the window, he’d been silent while the nurses came and dealt with you, texting Steve instead to try calm himself down and not wind you up too much.

“Look, Buck, I know you’re terrified for all of this, and I understand why, but you’ve got to learn to accept everything now. You won’t hurt her and she won’t judge you for anything.” You told him as you rest your hands on your protruding stomach.

“You don’t know that (Y/N), when she finds out and understands it all she won’t look at me the same.”

“Stop.” You told him bluntly, your face dropping. He could at least pretend for you in this moment of time. “You’re scared for the future, sure we can work on that but right now I’m fucking terrified, I’m panicking inside, I’m nervous…I’m feeling everything you have been feeling at one time and the best you can do is stand there and text Steve.” You sighed and watched him as he slowly slipped his phone into his pocket. “I’m worried I’m going to be an awful mom, I’m afraid that something is going to go wrong in this all, I’m exhausted as it is and that’s with the baby not even in the world yet.” You said quickly as you felt your breath quicken.

Bucky was by your side in a flash. “You’re going to be perfect in every way. That’s what I can promise.” He told you and slowly reached for your hand. “The doctors already told us everything is looking good and nothing should going to wrong okay? I’m going to be with you throughout everything and then in a few hours when she’s here so will the rest of the team to help.” He reminded you, trying to be a lot more positive.

You nodded about to reply when the nurses walked in asking if you were ready. You looked at Bucky with wide eyes before nodding, swallowing hard.

Bucky walked beside your bed on the way down to the operating room and only left your side to put some scrubs on. He took the seat beside you, not sparing a glance over the covers that were stopping you from seeing everything, he wasn’t sure he was ready to see what was going on.

“I can’t feel anything.” You mumbled but there was a smile ghosting your lips softly, at least it wouldn’t be painful.

“So there’s one concern gone.” He smiled and took your hand, leaning down to kiss it softly. “We’re going to meet her soon.” He told you and you just grinned up at him.

“You know she’s going to be a daddy’s girl right? I have no doubt in my mind.” You almost warned him and he just shook his head with a smile.

They prepped you for around 10 minutes, the only way you could tell was by them talking but you tried to ignore it and talk to Bucky, calming you both down. When one of the nurses announced that the baby had successfully left you, you felt tears start to stream down your face. You hadn’t even seen her yet and you were overcome with emotions.

“She’s beautiful, (Y/N).” Bucky mumbled as he peered around the sheets to look as they quickly cut the cord. You watched him with a shaky smile and was quickly brought out of that trance as your baby was placed on your chest, under your robe.

“You’re right, Buck.” You whispered as he let go of your hand so you could hold her close to you. “She has your hair though, look at the amount of it.” You laughed quietly as you sobbed in happiness. That spell of happiness was quickly broken as she got taken away.

Seeing your panic Bucky held your hand in his once more. “They’re just cleaning her up and weighing her and stuff.” He promised. “But you did it, Doll, I’m so proud of you.” He whispered and you looked up, seeing the tears in his eyes still unshed.

“You’re crying.” You whispered as he reached up and wiped his eyes, not even noticing. “Well it’s quite a big day for us isn’t it?” He asked rhetorically.


You had been wheeled back to your room after everything else had been done, you hadn’t even remembered what happened in too much of a happy state to care.

Bucky had texted everyone already and they were coming down in an hour or two after you had gotten some alone time as a new family.

“I can’t believe we made her.” Bucky whispered as he sat beside you and watched you both. “She’s so perfect.” He mumbled under his breath and gently and slowly reached out to run his hand along her exposed arm carefully.

“You know we need a name. We can’t just keep calling her Baby Barnes, even though that sounds adorable.” You pointed out. “We could always go for Rebecca, I know you didn’t want to do it just for the sake of your sister but I think it would be a nice way of honouring her, she sorta looks like a Rebecca anyway.” You smiled up at him.

He nodded and wiped his eyes again, he found himself doing that quite a lot today. “We still going with the middle name?” He asked and you just nodded.

“Do you want to hold her yet?” He shook his head and leaned back. “I don’t think that’ll go down too well, what if my arms too cold I mean it is a weapon, what if I hurt her or drop her?” He asked with wide eyes, he couldn’t hurt something so precious and innocent.

“So you sit down with her, she’s in a blanket so that won’t matter.” You told him and held your breath as you could see him deciding. Bucky chewed his lips before nodding. “You’ll tell me what to do?” He asked and you answered by pushing yourself up gently, wincing a little at the pain. “Sit next to me.” You told him and he did. He copied the way your arms were and watched Rebecca as she got transferred into his arms. The minute he knew she was comfy and wasn’t crying he relaxed into your side.

“I’ve never even held a baby before.” He whispered, in fear of waking her up.

“Could’ve fooled me, James.” You only used his given name in certain situations but this one just felt right. “You’re a natural, she looks more comfortable in your arms than mine.” You teased him.

“Can you wipe my eyes again?” He laughed, not even sure why he was crying. You looked up at him with a big smile and grabbed a tissue, dabbing at his eyes gently. “I love you so much, I know I wasn’t helpful all the time leading up to this but I’m glad it happened, overwhelmed but thankful.” He told you and leaned down to kiss you gently.

“Well it wasn’t all me, I have you to thank to. I just had to do the hard part.” You teased and leaned up to press another kiss to his lips.

Within two hours Clint, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Bruce, Tony and Wanda had crowded into your spacey hospital room. Steve and Sam instantly coming to your side and telling you how great you looked, the usual. But part of it was because you had told them they were going to be godfathers an hour before you gave birth. Sam may have had a rocky relationship with Bucky to begin with but it turned into playful arguments and you knew how close they actually were, Steve was already an obvious choice.

Bucky still hadn’t let go of Rebecca but one look at you told him it was time to share.

“My fellow Avengers, I would like to introduce you to Rebecca Natasha Barnes.”

There was a quiet gasp from Natasha as she looked up at you both. “(Y/N), You Shouldn’t have.” She whispered and made her way over to you to engulf you in a hug which she rarely gave.

“Well you and Daddy Barnes over there are the biggest badasses there are on this team. Sorry guys.” You told the others. “Gotta have a badass women to look up to as well as me considering she already has Barnes as a last name.” You winked.

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Prompt: Regina shows all the signs of being pregnant but just believes it's a bug, snow keeps bugging her about taking a pregnancy test, so shut her up Regina takes one it comes back positive, snow thinking it's robin congratulate Regina.... Regina has to brake it to snow, that Regina and Emma have been in a Secret relationship and the baby is Emma's.... please

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina gasps as the result appears on the test. She stumbles back against the counter in awe and disbelief as one hand settles on her stomach. She took the test simply to shut Snow up yet she’s the one who’s speechless. 

Snow squeals in excitement as she sees the test before wrapping Regina in a hug, “Congratulations! Oh I bet Robin will be so excited!” 

At that Regina winces, knowing that now they’ll have to come clean. She and Emma had no real reason to keep their relationship a secret, they just did, enjoying the peaceful bubble they wrapped themselves up in. She smiles sheepishly at Snow before replying, “It’s not Robin’s.” 

Snow frowns in confusion, “Oh…I wasn’t sure if you’d gotten back together? You never told me you were dating again?” 

“No…we’ve been….private about it.” 

“Why? I’m sure everyone will be happy for you and…”

“I feel like we should wait for them to come home and then we can tell you together.” 

“Regina, it’s fine…I promise I can keep a secret…wait? Do they live here already? Henry and Emma never mentioned any-…” she trails off remembering the day Emma told them she was moving into the mansion, the bright happy smile on her face that she and David chalked up to spending more time with Henry…except maybe it wasn’t just Henry… 


It all comes out as one frantic squeak before Snow sits down on the bed with a shocked expression. 

Regina frowns worriedly sending off a panicked text to Emma before sitting besides an uncharacteristically silent Snow. 


“Hey Regina what’s going on - Mom?” Emma asks frowning as she looks at Snow before questioning, “Is she okay?” 

“She hasn’t spoken for thirty-four minutes,” Regina tells her. 


Regina beams at her before handing Emma the test. “I didn’t tell her. She worked it out.” 

Emma doesn’t respond for a few seconds simply staring in wonder at the test before back at Regina and then down to Regina’s tummy. “Wow.” 

“Wow,” Regina echoes. 

“WOW!” Emma shouts before running over and swooping Regina up in the air, “We made a baby! We made a little you!” 

“And a little you,” Regina points out. 

Emma kisses her happily before looking at her mother, “Should we call someone for help?” 

Suddenly Snow breaks from her trance, “A baby. Emma’s baby…my grandchild.” She turns and faces them before grinning at Regina, “I need to take up knitting…I can make them cardigans and little baby booties…”

Regina groans before staring desperately at Emma who simply laughs and kisses the brunette once more before shrugging, “At least she’s happy for us.” 

Chapter 21


With my eyes wide opened, it’s been two days since Allison’s party and my encounter with Mel, I can hardly sleep. I had to cut a deal with her just for her to leave peacefully and not destroy my baby’s celebration and today is the deadline and I still don’t know what to do. A nigga can never catch a break. 

”Baby? What’s wrong?” Alison said snapping me out of my trance. 

”I’m ok baby go back to bed”. I said kissing her forehead

”Nar tell me Chris”. She said getting on her knees facing me. Cutting me off from speaking she straddled on top of me entwining her fingers with mine and placing them above my head. Next thing I know she started sucking on my neck while grinding her ass slowly on me making me grunt. 

”You going to tell me or im I going to have to-”. Before she could finished her sentence, I removed my hands from hers flipping us over with me now on top and in between her legs. 

”Going to do what?” I asked smirking kissing all over her. 

”No Chris stopp”. She moaned. Flipping us over. “Damn ma where did you get your powers from?” I asked. “Boi do you know who my daddy is and all the training you guys did I did so equal strength mofo she said holding me down. 

”You know”. I don’t mind you being on top I said smirking”. 

”Chris stop stalling and tell me what is wrong”. She said with a hint of frustration in her voice. I guess play time is over and I really don’t want to tell her what im I going to say oh babe my ex was at your party the other day and wants me. 

With the thought of me pushing this situation back till I figure out what to do”. Chris don’t even try and lie I know you haven’t slept for the last two days so speak up”. She said cuffing my face with her lil hands.

”Babe it is nothing I promise” I said sending her a smile. Just like clockwork my phone began to vibrate and flash indicating I have received a text.

“Ooo who could this be?” She said leaning over, snatching my phone off the table before I could even wrap my head around the situation knowing who it might be.

”Babe”. I said trying to get my phone back only for her to jump of me taunting me as she waved my phone In my face laughing as if she has been infected with laughing gas. Trying to play along as I know that smile can be wiped out her face in less than a second. ”Ooo 954-“.

"Babe!” I yelled as she began to key my password in successfully snatching my phone back. In one swift move, she took it back leaving me wondering what just happened.

"Mike said you should remember to get food before you come to the studio”. She read out reading my text. Letting out a sigh of relief, I took my phone from her and placed it on my bed side table.

“Wanna  shower with me?” I asked hugging her from behind and kissing on her neck.

"Naw I ll go and cook us some breakfast”. She said making me smile. 

”Ok then love you bbe”. I said kissing her on her cheeks before resorting to the bathroom for my daily routine. Wrapping my towel tightly I walked out and froze as Alison sat on my bed with my phone in her hand. Now this has to be the real deal thought as she looked at me with anger in her eyes. 

”Really Chris?” She said after what seemed like an on going silence.

”What?” I asked trying to play dumb. With no response, she threw my phone at me and stormed off. Picking up my phone I quickly read the message. Just as I thought I have come to the realization, I can never catch a break.  

”Alison!!” I yelled breezing down the stairs getting to the door on time before she could reach for the handle. ”Baby listen to me it’s not what you think”. I said lifting her head up to see the tears streaming down her face. The moment our eyes connected all I could see was disgust and anger. 

”Get out of my way Chris”. She said calmly. 

”Baby please let me explain it’s not what you think”. I responded stopping any attempt of trying to get past me.   

”Please”. I pleaded. Breathing a sigh of relief as she took a step back and cross her hands across her chest enhancing her boobs as they perked up. Clearly my throat I spilled everything from Mel at her party and the conversation we had. I smiled as her face went soft giving me the apologetic look. ”So there it is and you can’t say I have been up to something because I have been by your side all week”. I said victoriously know she knows I ain’t lying.

”Say something”. I said as her being quiet is making me feel uncomfortable. She looked at me and grabbed my phone. ”Babe what you doing? I asked as she began to type something. She placed my phone in her pocket, gave me a kiss on my cheeks “See you at the studio”. She said before walking out leaving me there confused. 


This bitch. I could feel my blood boiling. She think she is smart, well she has another thing coming for her. Who df does she think she is blackmailing my man. I read the text again” I can’t wait to see you tonight I miss your taste”. The feeling of me wanting to throw up upraised again. But looking at my response to her text I smiled. 

As I got into Chris’s car, I felt his phone vibrate pulled it out my pocket and read her response smiling before I pulled off. By the time I got the highway I realised im just in Chris’s shirt. I aint even showered yet this bitch got me fucked up but all I know is that this shit has to end today. 

As I packed at my apartment, I got out my phone and dialled her number. ”Oooo Bitch you brave now you out of this nigga’s ass you remember me”. Avery said making me chuckle. 

”Sorry boo but I need your help come mine”. 

”Im already there and I got a surprise for you”. She said and I could hear a smile in her voice. 

”Wait. What? You are in my apartment?” I asked 

”Yea bitch you been gone for how many weeks someone has to look after it”. She said. 

”Bitch you threw a party didn’t you”. I asked getting off the lift and walking towards my door. 

”Alison”. Stevie said making me jump and drop my keys 

”Omg don’t do that”. I said hitting his chest. 

”I’m sorry”. He said picking my keys for me and getting all close and personal with me. 

”Erm Stevie”. I said pushing back. 

”Oh sorry he said rubbing the back of head nervously. “Where have you been? Aint see you for a min”. He added.

”At my boyfriend’s house”. I responded emphasizing on the word boyfriend.  ”And I would love to do this with you but I have got to go”. I responded turning around and unlocking my door.

”What does he have that I don’t I can treat you better!”. He yelled after me as I walked in shaking my head.  I heard my name being called.

”Alisonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. She yelled before I could even identify her voice I was tackled to the floor by my other other half.

”Omg Charlie!!” I screamed. The squad is completed. Charlie, Avery and I were the shit back at high school before I was shipped out to Spain. But apparently she got shipped to China shortly after. I guess her mom could not handle her no more. And she came back at the perfect timing. God is good. 

”Bitchhhh!!”. She yelled grinding on me

”Day 1 ahh!!”. I screamed sill not believing she is here in front of me. ”Omg get off me I think I broke something”. 

”Are you calling me fat?” She replied getting off me. 

”Do you look fat?” I asked. 

”No bitch I look good”. She said making me laugh.

”And where is my hug”. Avery said walking out the kitchen with food in her mouth. 

”You eating my shit without asking no hug for ur fat ass”. I said. Feeling Chris’s phone vibrate, I pulled it out to fin the bitch texting him bringing back my anger. 

”Whoa what wrong with the mood change”. Charlie said walking up to me. Having the girls seat and since Charlie is new to the situation I explained everything from the beginning and then my plan causing them to smile. 

”Ooo I am ready”. Avery said. 

”This just like back in college when we -”. 

”Oh yea I remember that bitch did not see it coming”. Avery said smiling evilly.


We arrived at location she sent to Chris haven spent the whole day planning and scheming as well as shopping for our outfit for tonight. We sat in the car and watched as he walked into the motel with nothing but a trench coat knowing there is nothing else. 

After a min, I grabbed Chris phone and told her,” I was coming”. With that the girls and I got out the car, took off our jackets revealing our maid outfits. 

”Ready”. Avery asked. 

”Ready”. I repeated. 

”Ooo I can’t wait till I get my hands on her”. Charlie said causing a ray of laughter to leave my lips. Man I love her. We walked in and walked to wards the room. 

In Charlie’s Chinese accent she spoke”. Room cleaning”.

”Ermm not now come back later”. Her voice shouted back. 

”No no hoe I clean now”. Charlie responded. Making it hard for me not to laugh.

”Excuse me what you call me?”. She shouted through the door.

”She call you a hoe. Hoe”. I said storming in to find this girl naked and a picture of Chris next to her only adding fuel to the fire forgetting the plan I charged at her and began beat the fuck. I dragged on her hair pulling her off the bed and wiping her naked ass with the floor. She tried hit me but missed every time. 

”You. Crazy. Ass. Bitch. You. Never Learn. Huh”. I said with every word hitting her head against the iron bed frame. 

”Omg omg Alison stop!!” Avery yelled. But I couldn’t all I saw was red. I wanted her dead she been casing me pain and I have been quiet. This bitch is crazy and deserves to fucking die. All the anger I have had towards her began to up rise.  

”Alison stop!! She not breathing!!” Charlie yelled. But I kept going. I began to kick her, in her side. 

”Yo Alison the-”. Next thing I felt was someone pulling me of her and my hands being cuffed. I did not even know when the cops got her nor there was a police station right next to the motel. Turning back at her while be pushed away I spat on her.

”Stupid bitch”. I muttered. 

”Miss you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney during interrogation; if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you”. The police said as he led me to the building opposite the hotel. 

I turned around to see the girls cuffed too and I just shook my head.  I can’t believe I got them involved. I also watched as people from the ambulance pull her out. 

Just as the police place us in the holding cell, they also let us out. ”Miss Melissa Andrews as  requested to let you guys go as she wishes not to press any charges”. He said making the girls and I look at him crazy. 

”Now you if it was my way you ll be locked up but I have got enough work to do so count your blessing because you did a lot of damage girl”. He said with a chuckle handing me the picture of Chris and leading us out. 

She aint pressing no charges? That can only can one thing she is up to something. All I know is whatever it is I am ready.