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Joker imagine: He realizes that he’s in love

mcfadkaylala said:Hello lovely, I didn’t know if requests are still open but could you do an imagine where J finally realizes that he is in love with reader (female) and they make love for the first time, surprising reader? Thank youuu ❤❤❤

/Thanks for requesting! 

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Joker’s P.O.V.

Everything was perfect. We kidnapped our enemy that had sent threats to Y/N for weeks now. In the end we found out that it was a robber that also seemed to be a fucking pervert. We tied him to a chair in my torture room and there was a row of my armed henchmen making sure that Y/N was safe as she was allowed to take revenge.

I stood by the door and watched as she stepped into the room. Y/N was wearing a beautiful black dress and her black heels. Her hair was curled and she had her signature make-up look on, red lips and a smokey eye. She was extremely beautiful, it took my breath away.

We had been together for a few weeks now and it had been getting more serious lately. I really liked her and I was excited to see how mad she really was. Y/N was allowed to do whatever she wanted to him, her little torture toy.The man had a tape on his mouth and his eyes were covered with a blindfold, yet it was obvious that he was scared to death. His skin was sweaty and he was trembling a little.

‘’Well who do we have here?’’ She broke the silence and smiled so widely that we could see her pearly white teeth. She walked right in front of the man and tugged the blindfold aside so he could see who would probably kill him. I leaned against the wall and looked at my girl proudly. Suddenly the man yelled and tried to wiggle himself free, but it was useless. It made Y/N laugh at his desperate try to run away. He knew very well that Y/N knew who he was. 

‘’You’re not so tough anymore aren’t you?’’ Y/N snicked and walked to the side where she found a table with all kinds of torturing tools, knives, guns, needles, razors and things many couldn’t even name.I watched as the man gulped and tears started to roll down his ugly face as he saw that Y/N tried to choose something. ‘’Oh J you really picked out some good toys’’ She complimented me and looked into my eyes.

A strange feeling took over me as our eyes met. Her E/C ones were so full of joy and a sick twist, but also affection. My heart started to beat harder and I was surprised because I was nearly convinced that I didn’t have one. This feeling was so pure, somehow soft but scary. It came as soon as she looked at me nearly pulling me into this trance. 

‘’Well of course doll’’ I smiled and decided not to make things awkward by standing silently there. Y/N got back to work and I was left thinking about this feeling. 

I watched as she grabbed a sharp surgeon knife and then walked up to the man. ‘’Time to make you smile one last time’’ She whispered and so blood started to spill..

                Y/N had taken care of her business and in the end he bled to death. We walked out of the room and let my men clean up the mess. ‘’That was fun’’ She chirped and then sat down on the kitchen chair in our penthouse. I grabbed two wineglasses and put them on the kitchen island. ‘’I’m proud of you doll’’ I started and then poured red wine into the glasses. My gut told me to spit the words out. But I was nervous. 

On the other hand I had already made up my mind. So I handed her a glass and we cheered. ‘’I love you’’ I told her honestly and watched as she nearly dropped her glass in surprise. Her cheeks reddened and she seemed like she didn’t expect those words to leave my mouth. I meant it, I truly did. There was no way I could ignore it anymore. I loved Y/N.

‘’I love you too J’’ Y/N smiled and then put her glass down. Her words made me happy inside. Knowing that she felt the same way about me was just so refreshing and comforting. We were madly in love you could say. I stood up and put my hands on her lower back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and so I leaned closer to kiss her gently.

Her lips felt so good against mine. They were so soft and kissable. She pressed herself closer to me and kissed me deeper. The kiss tasted like wine, but I liked it and it seemed like she did as well. I pulled back and our eyes met. Her pupils were big and she looked hungry. We didn’t have to speak to know what was going to happen.I picked her up so her legs were around my waist and I held her by her bum. ‘’Make love to me’’She whispered into my ear so softly in made my heart flutter.

‘’I will darling..’’ I promised as we got into our bedroom. I shut the door with my leg and then I walked to the big bed. Y/N smiled as I placed her down and climbed above her smaller body. She started to unbutton my button up shirt with her sneaky little fingers. Soon enough it was on the floor and I was shirtless. I touched the hem of her short dress and dragged it up and got it off of her easily. I saw her body clearly as she lied there with only her lacy purple underwear. She seemed so fragile, like something very precious. I couldn’t hurt her.

‘’You’re so beautiful’’  I murmured softly and then pressed a kiss on her jaw. Y/N put her hands on my back and held onto me tightly as I started to kiss a path on her skin down to her boobs. Her skin was so soft. I couldn’t wait to make her feel good, make her feel my love that I thought couldn’t exist - but I was wrong. I pulled back and then slipped my hand under back to unclasp her bra. Thank lord it was strapless. Soon it was on the floor with my shirt and her dress. Y/N smiled at me and it made me happy that she was happy.

So I cupped her boobs softly to make turn her on a little more. A moan escaped her pretty lips as I played with her lovely tits. They were so round and soft, so fun to play with and she loved it. As I used my hands on them, I leaned down and kissed her stomach. Goosebumps appeared on her skin from the sudden touch. I planted kisses all over her until I felt like it was enough - for now. 

‘’I’ll be right back’’I promised and then got out of bed. Y/N rolled her finger in her hair and looked at me as I got rid of my pants. My cock was hardening for her ,but I was going to go gentle this time. I wanted to feel her, I wanted us to connect. I grabbed a condom and quickly rolled it on before I joined her back in the bed. She had taken off her undies while I wasn’t looking.

‘’Oh pretty you’ve got a pair of sneaky hands’’ I chuckled and then smiled. ‘’Learned from the best’’ She winked playfully and then licked her lips so sexily.Oh how perfect she was. It’s like she was flawless. My girl..

I positioned myself and then slowly pushed my length inside of her warm and welcoming walls. I looked into her eyes and didn’t dare to break our eye contact. Her lips turned into an ‘o’ shape as I entered her fully and stayed there so she could adjust. She felt fucking amazing around me. She was so soft and tight and wet. ‘’J’’ She breathed out and wrapped her arms my neck. Slowly I started to move, but not fastening the pace. ‘’I love you, I really do’’ I told her softly. Her eyes sparkled from joy and pleasure. ‘’I love you too’’ Y/N whispered and gently bucked her hips against mine.

It was a sign that she wanted more. I started to speed up a little bit and watched as her expression changed whenever I moved. She was so beautiful and the pleasure was so intense. It was a different kind of pleasure. It felt good, but this time I felt it so much closer. Our bodies were so close, we were one. Her hands held onto my shoulders tightly and her E/C eyes were directed into mine. Everything was more intense.

A moan rolled out of her mouth and it drove me crazy. I wanted to make her feel amazing, because she made me feel heavenly. ‘’Do you like that princess?’’ I cooed and hit the same spot inside of her again. She nodded and whimpered a ‘yes’. I kept rolling my hips the same way so she could feel as good as possible. 

It felt so good. She took me so well, almost like she was made for me. ‘’mmh doll..’’ I grunted out in pleasure. She smiled as she noticed me being taken by pleasure as well.I brought my hand down and lifted her leg a little so I got a better angle. Suddenly her eyes rolled to the back of her head and a loud moan escaped her plump lips. ‘’Yes J..’’ She cried out happily and encouraged me to keep thrusting from there. It felt so amazing. ‘’I’m close’’ She warned me and then bit her bottom lip hard. So was I.

‘’Look at me baby’’ I demanded with a soft voice. She gathered her strength and looked into my eyes. I leaned down to kiss her as I started to pound in and out of her harder to bring us both to our highs. Her hands held onto my tighter and she dug her nails into my skin, but I didn’t mind. Her marks made me proud. Just to make it better for her, I started to rub her clit with my left hand. She moaned into our kiss.

Then she came. Her walls tightened around me and her muscles tensed. It only pushed me to my own orgasm and I stopped thrusting. She was crying out my name, but my senses dulled out so I barely heard her. Pure pleasure was taking over my body. I filled the condom and whispered out her name as a thrilling feeling shook me. 

After gathering myself, I pulled out of her and took off the condom, throwing it in the bin. Our bodies were covered in sweat, giving us the after-sex glow. Y/N lied on the bed and hugged the pillow tightly. She was fucking gorgeous.

‘’You look like an angel’’ I let her know and then snuggled close to her, wrapping my arm around her to keep her right next to me. She nuzzled her face in the crook of my neck and for a moment I felt complete. I had my own angel in my arms.

Avengers Preference: Favorite Thing

Tony: Hands

As a guy who works on machines and tech quite a lot, Tony can appreciate a nice pair of hands when he sees them. He likes to take hold of yours when he can, often walking around a room and dragging you with him, just to keep the contact. He likes the feeling of lazily interlaced fingers, your palms and his fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. And he’s such a sucker for when you cradle his cheek in your hand; he feels like you’ve paused the whole world and it’s just the two of you in endless space. Tony never slows down for anything, but the second you’ve got a hand on him, he’ll drop everything for you.

Thor: Lips, smile.

Thor smiles a lot; the guy has a heart of gold and is precious and adorable and there’s nothing he loves more than seeing you smile too. It feels like a reflection of him, but so much lovelier. Sometimes it’ll be a small tilt of your lips, or a fleeting smirk and Thor will melt, softly pressing his lips to yours with an even bigger smile curling on his face. He likes when you smile with all your teeth the most; a giant infallible grin to match his own. It makes him feel special to see those kinds of smiles, because you don’t give the out often, and Thor doesn’t take any expression of yours for granted.

Bucky: Chest

Bucky’s absolute favorite thing to do is just lay down with you, his head resting on your chest as he listens to you talk, your fingers lost in his hair. He can hear your heart beat in his ear, and he feels every vibration when you chuckle or hum. He cradles his right hand around your back and keeps his left hand placed over your heart, his metal hand feeling the immense warmth there. Whenever Bucky comes home from missions he lifts you up when he hugs you, so his head can rest on your collarbone, eyes closed and content. He likes to be able to feel that you’re really there and you’re all human, and it reminds him that he’s human too.

Peter: Shoulders

Peter is very expressive with his body because he can’t often get the words out of his mouth. He tends to gravitate towards your shoulders, because they’re so close and so easy to reach. He often takes you by them, whether he’s steering you out of the room nervously, or he’s running his hands over your shoulders in comfort. Peter takes this habit in his extreme emotions as well; When he’s excited he’ll hug you tightly, and then hold you at arms’ length by your shoulders to see all of you, a bright smile on his face. Unfortunately, he also has done this when he’s upset, roughly grabbing your shoulders to convey a message of urgency, staring at you with wide eyes and speaking in a rushed tone. Peter likes to rest his head on your shoulder as well, smiling up at you and you rest your head on top of his, the two of you happy just with one another’s presence.

Natasha: Neck

This isn’t surprising, considering that Nat’s deadliest move is to wrap her thighs around someone’s neck, but that isn’t the case with you. Natasha loves to nuzzle her nose into your neck and hear you give a high pitched laugh as she tickles you. Your neck is your weak spot, knowledge that Natasha uses to her advantage in every situation she can. She wants to remote and you aren’t giving? She croons a finger under your jaw and down your neck, and instantly you spasm, the remote flying straight into her hands. If she’s feeling upset she’ll just go to you silently, burying her head in your neck, staring at your collarbone for what feels like eternity. Natasha is also a huge flirt, and often times will press a kiss on your neck in front of everyone, just so that they’re clear that she has you wrapped around her finger. You’re often the recipient of teasing when you walk into the common room with hickies on your neck, but Natasha just smiles, placing a soft kiss on an existing bruise and mumbles ‘sorry’ even though you know she isn’t.

Wanda: Nose

This only came about because you were so adamant about Wanda’s nose that she decided to return the favor. It became a game after that; Wanda would tap your nose whenever you stared off into space, gaining your attention easily. You asked “What was that,” with a smile and Wanda just did it again. Whenever she sees you smile she takes her forehead to yours and gives you an eskimo kiss, something that makes the entire team coo with affection. Wanda also tends to kiss your nose whenever you scrunch it, finding the way you look adorable and can’t help but want to be closer to you. You return the sentiment, saying “it looks much cuter on you,” but she disagrees, always turning the focus back to you.

Steve: Eyes

Steve is a person who always speaks his mind, but you aren’t. You like to observe, and he can see that reflected in your eyes. Steve had always found that what you’re really thinking can be found there. He always keeps eye contact with you, watching instead of listening so he can call your bluff if he needs to. He also just really loves your eyes in general-the intense color in them and how it changes depending on where you are. Steve also notes how you watch him—your eyes always crease in the corners and the expression in them softens, and he gets so wrapped up in them that you have to turn away from him to break his trance. “Sorry, Doll. Your eyes are just so captivating.” “Was a that a pun, Steve Rogers?”

Sam: Legs

Sam is very appreciative of a good pair of legs, and honey you’ve got the best. He’s always pushing for you to run with him, just because he loves seeing them in action: the strides they take, the control and just the way they look, if he’s being perfectly honest. After a long day of beating up villains, he likes to stretch out on the couch with your legs in his lap, the two of you doing something mindless and just indulging in personal time. He, like Natasha is a huge flirt, sometimes just standing and watching when you climb up on a counter to reach something high above you. “Sam, why didn’t you just go get it, you’re taller than me?” “But then I would miss this amazing view, baby.”

Clint: Hair

Clint loves anything you do with your hair, because for the longest time he only ever saw it in a ponytail or a stiff bun. Then one day you walked into the kitchen with the wildest bedhead and he went ballistic, fawning over how good it looked while you mumbled a low “thanks”. Ever since then he’s been obsessed, asking if he could braid it or style it in the morning. For a while you told him no, but then you cracked. Clint was ecstatic and you were doubtful, but he surprised you. Clint is so gentle when handling your hair, his touches feather light and delicate, as though he might break you. He’s also weirdly good at braiding, but he’ll never tell you how he became that way. Clint’s absolute favorite, though, is running his hands through your hair during every hug, going from your scalp to your ends carefully, burying his nose in it. He feels like you’re a part of him in that moment and he smiles, cherishing the feeling.

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