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Hot off the press!

I literally just finished uploading two videos, both of which center around guiding the listener into a wonderfully deep sleep.  I have made an ASMR-style version, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, and a non-ASMR version, for those of you who strictly want the hypnosis.  I hope you like them!  

For ASMR: 

For non-ASMR: 

Oh yeah, I watched the stream where he was making this.


Ephixa - Chipstuff
Ephixa - Dragonroost Island
Ephixa - Division
Ephixa - Warcraft
Hellberg - The Grill (Ephixa Remix)
Stephen Walking - The Difference Between Us And The Aliens
Ephixa - Trvnce
DexArson - Machina (Ephixa Remix)
Soulero & Ephixa & Cidi - You said
Ephixa - Awesome to the max (VIP)
DexArson - Soulsnatcher
Ephixa - Retrospect
MajorLeagueWobs - Pingu Trap


Above & Beyond 

Las Vegas 2015

This one takes me straight back to my raver days, when I used to dance all night to trance music and wear baggy pants and visors. Yes, those were some fun times. There were many trance anthems that I still love to this day, including Chicane’s Saltwater. Irish producer Reuben Keeney brings that euphoric gem back with an incredible remix that really focuses in on the original’s sampling of Clannad, imbuing the vocals with an even more wispy, atmospheric quality. Lush layers, sparkling melody, and cinematic bass come together to build a cosmic deep house experience not easily found in house music these days. The serene yet thrilling remix reminds us all how beautiful electronic music can be, and how magnificent trance music once was. Take me back to 1999… The remix is available as a free download, here.

You’ll find yourself
You’ll find yourself

Genesis White with Cosmic Gate, JES, Eric Lumiere, Beat Service and Jerome Isma-Ae 

The only solid photo I took two nights ago. Cosmic played a decent light set with a few hidden gems (personal highlights were Yai, Generate, Flicker (Juventa Remix), Find Yourself, As The Rush Comes, Exploration of Space and Fire Wire). Jerome played a really awesome warm up set with lots of great Anjuna tracks (got to hear some ANB, Bluestone and Bayer), but Beat Service was really underwhelming. Was a little disappointed at how casual the crowd was, but you can’t win them all. Had a good rave with mates, and met some lovely new people, thats all that really matters to me. 

SAFIA – Embracing Me

Australian trio SAFIA recently released a gorgeous new original record titled “Embracing Me” that deserves your attention. The strongest part of the new tune, in my opinion, is the powerfully soulful vocals, but that doesn’t mean the production isn’t on point either b/c it is amazing. Stream their new track after the jump and keep these 3 on your radar. Enjoy;

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