The Basics:

Hi guys. My name is Charlie and not too long ago I got into a very bad fight with my dad and basically I have no choice but to live on my own. My girlfriend Shelley has been nice enough to support me and let me stay at her apartment for as long as possible but she as of right now has no money and no job. We are both Trans, mentally ill, jobless, and pretty much just scared. I hate doing this but I need help. We need help. I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and take 4 pills every morning and will need to pay for those. We also need money for food, clothes, toiletries, etc. It would mean a lot to me if you guys could help out. For a little over a year now I have been living with my dad and his girlfriend but they have both stated in one way or another that i’m “too much for them to handle”. A while ago my dad came very close to hitting me. He grabbed me by the collar and threw me to the ground. He has abused my older brother in the past and I am scared he will end up abusing me too. I am very afraid of him. I cannot go back home. I left with his consent so the police will not be looking for me. I’m on my own for good. Please help me. It would mean so much. Thank you, and I’m sorry for asking for help like this.

How you can help:

We’ve made PayPal account for donations. Thank you again for any help, even if it’s just some kind words or keeping us in your thoughts. Thank you.


Hollywood vs. The Trans Community

"The same mindset that marks trans people as unfit to share and depict their own stories comes from the same place as the invalidation that causes us to experience discrimination and self-loathing on so many other levels. Seeing your true self in media is important and can save lives. Since you all have grabbed on to Leelah Alcorn’s story, perhaps put into perspective how seeing more role models would have changed her life. We’re more than the caricatures you’ve created of us and if you want to use our stories, the least you can do is use our bodies.”

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What’s with the sudden spike in hatred towards trans men? Like yeah I know they have male privilege and there’s a lot of trans men truscum but attacking trans men spaces is just….mean. Criticize bad behavior but dont be flat out mean.

Nonbinary peeps: What words come to mind when you think about your gender?

For me, i think of glitter and cute things, of helping people, of having a family, of cats, of dresses and vests and platform shoes

California High School Elects Trans Homecoming Princess, Gay King

Nathan Hailey, 18, and Isaac Salazar, 15, told The Modesto Bee Friday that they’re both overjoyed to have recently become Enochs High royalty. But Hailey, a gay senior who was elected homecoming king in October, and Salazar, a trans sophomore who was elected princess for the second consecutive year last month, both say their wins are bigger than them, showing how far their school has come in terms of LGBT acceptance.

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Hey all! It’s Zac from Melbourne (she/they pronouns) and this is a photo of me last week at La Trobe Uni’s clubs day — I was running our queer collective stall with a couple of other peeps and we were giving out info; badges; chatting; painting nails and also giving people glitterbrows (they’re fab!) I was feeling super cute and got to meet plenty of cool queer/mogai people. 

In a few years time, it will be as unacceptable for cisgender male actors to portray trans women as it is now for white actors to portray black roles. Trans people are at the bottom end of society in so many ways, in terms of life expectancy, employment, income, rights, medical care, societal respect, and positive representation. It would be a great help to trans culture if trans actors were given the chance to perform positive roles in movies. I have nothing against Eddie Redmayne, I don’t know him; but cisgender actors that accept roles featuring transgender characters are at least in part to blame for the cycle of under-representation.