[14 February 2016 encore concert day 2] - Seungchul’s solo stage

During Seungchul’s solo stage today, he acted like he was an obsessive guy and the lyrics was awesome. Halfway during the song, all the lights went off. There were rain dropping from the sky. Wearing only a shirt, he stood under it with the lights shining only at him. It was super cool.  

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160214 Valentine’s Day Greeting from Luhan on Marie Claire:
I hope everyone will have someone by your side on this Valentine’s Day. I will always be with you. Let’s walk on the future path together. I am Luhan.

When you sober up and realize how awesome it was to piss next to your brother at the bar last night. Before surgery I always felt awkward going into the bathroom with guys who knew me pre transition, but it felt so fucking amazing to be able to just whip it out with confidence. Earlier today he pulled me aside and told me how much I’ve changed as a man and how well I carry myself, and without saying it, I know how proud he was. 


Hanryupia 2015 April IssueCatch up with BTS: Relay Interview vol.16 J-HOPE x RAP MONSTER + SUGAs mini interviews trans


1994.2.18. He brightens up the place like the existence of the sun. He says, 「I’m like a celebrity」, and shows off his (mischievous) plentiful expressions and poses in the photo shoot. What he likes about Japan is ramen, Crayon Shin-chan and ZEEBRA. 


1994.9.12. His pose in the photo shoot looks like 「studying through fashion magazine」 and 「simulation of lying on the bed before going to sleep」. He is appearing in the Korean variety show 「Problematic Men」. 

J-HOPE: In the last vol. I was with Jungkook and I talked about something cool.

RAP MONSTER: What was it?

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tbh support all trans people that dont want surgery. forreal…It might be due to a fear of surgery, just a uncomfortable attitude about the scarring and the process or just they may not be able to cope with a significant change like that. Some people might be more on the genderqueer spectrum like me and choose to keep their breasts, even if its just a little smaller. Not everyone can afford surgery, and some people, like me, don’t have the mental energy to go through such a process and handle it okay. 

if you want surgery or are getting it or are having surgery thats wonderful and I am so happy for you, it just seems that in my community it’s frowned upon if you do not. It gets really frustrating to have people get mad at me for a personal choice that most supports my emotional health. 

Even if it’s a reason I’m not listing, 

please support trans people who do not get surgery.