tran tuan

Jaebeom’s message to Mark

Thank you so much for always staying with us as the member.

In no time, years passed by as we stayed together.

Thank you for staying with us, never changing and constant.

In the future too, let’s do a lot of things together. Let’s make a lot of interesting works! Thank you bro.

P.S. When I had a day nap, (I realized) your bed is the best. A of A.


trans cred: igot_markedby7     pic: jaebambum

[trans] 170323 SBS Cultwo

DJ: Mark, you’ve leaving for Jungle soon right?

Mark: Yup, next friday

DJ: There’s a member who’s been there before right?

GOT7: Jackson (hyung)~

DJ: So Mark did you hear a lot about Jungle from Jackson?

Mark: Yes I heard a lot from him

DJ: Are you nervous..?

Mark: Um…..

DJ: What do you think you’ll be good at? Hunting?

Mark: Out of everything, I have the most confidence in hunting.. My head..

Bambam: Mark hyung is good at things like these. He’s good at using his brain/head. His stamina is good too.

trans: haetbitmark