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Basketball (i want to hear about that track and field career you had) - Boxing - Rowing - Trampoline :)

Ahh! Sports I have/do participate in! WELL my short but sweet track and field all began at the tender age of 12. For a boy, sadly. For years I pined after him at events until I reached the u16 age category when I had to give up gaelic football (girls could only play with the boys until u14 and it became really unfun) and found out that, most girls gave up athletics around this age too. Which was GREAT. Because the rest of us who stuck at it got on like a house on fire. We were all buddies at regional and provincial competitions. My race was the 200m (I have three provincial medals in my bedroom drawer) but I have an all Ireland inter schools bronze medal in the 100m relay.
It was a good career as in, if you stick at it enough you gather quite a lot of silverware by accident. I did compete in a European event once in Belfast, I came last in my heat but it was a grand day out and warming up with all the professional athletes was AWESOME.

I was like, an unofficial sports prefect at school in my final year (I had applied to be official but because I was a ~prospect I was a prefect of a younger class instead. Actually, one of those students ironically just competed at the Olympics. But that had exactly nothing to do with me.) I got to go to lots of events, which was fun, and we did athletics training during lunch (read: hopped around in puddles on our pathetic sports pitches). None of my friends from athletics have kept it up apart from one of my brothers friends- he was a tenth of a second off the qualifying time for the Olympic 400m hurdles. That would have been awesome to see.

I gave up sport just before my final exams (and my youth gaelic football career- my athletics buddies played football too and when you do it at u18 level you got cool kit and bags you could KEEP) and in uni in Ireland sport is really time consuming. When I came to France though and sports actually counted as a grade, I picked basketball because it was the closest thing to gaelic football I could find (only after a semester of interpretive dance, which sucked, but I met my best friend, which didn’t). I’ve always run (do you guys remember when I was hitting 15k every weekend? Yikes. It was like, all I did for three months: run, and spend the week getting over it) and I gym now quite a bit. Weights!! Woo hoo!! Although that #strongnotskinny stuff is rubbish imo, I feel great but I’ve been told several times by trainers that I will have to give up everything that is good about food in this world to achieve recognisable muscle mass and ALL of them were like, “dude don’t do it”.

So. I feel a lot about sports.

World’s Most Exotic Hotel, Literally Has A Rainforest Growing Inside

Dubai is set to unveil the world’s first luxury hotel which houses a man made rainforest. Dubai is known for the most awe-inspiring architectural feats, such as the world’s tallest building, artificial islands and other incredible buildings which are more innovative than the last. 

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Please go see Ultimate Storytime!

If you can’t, that’s understandable, but if you can, please try to do so! This musical was jam packed with entertainment from beginning to end. They even had a whole musical number about turning off your cell phones (trampoline!) which was both incredibly creative and also slightly disappointing because I was so eager to take pictures. But I digress. With everyone on stage having a background in musical theater, this entire cast was Ultimate. Every one of them has a voice that will sing your face off (in the best way). Every time Mr. Contemptible opened their mouth to sing, my jaw hit the floor. The voice on that one!! I could go on an on about how talented everyone in the show is. And THE MUSIC!! All written by Jacob Fjeldheim, the soundtrack, with its catchy tune and funky rhythms, will leave you speechless and tapping your feet. I sure was. Along with an amazing cast and crew, this show is filled with humor from top to bottom that will have you leaving with your sides splitting. The show is sprinkled with Vine references and some 4th wall breaking (which I always appreciate) and has an amazing message to take home. And the plot twist near the end will leave you standing on your toes in anticipation. The entire theatre was howling with laughter. It was the best. Seriously. Although the stage lights were very much blinding at times, I could not speak any more highly of this show. The whole thing was as entertaining as it was creative. I am SO VERY proud of Thomas, Nicole, Terrence, Jay and Leo, along with Jacob, Chris, Matt, and the rest of the crew for putting on an amazing show and showing me an amazing time in Tampa last night. I sincerely urge you to buy tickets for Ultimate Storytime if you like having a good time. If you don’t like having fun, listening to amazing music or talented performers then this show is not for you. Also make sure you bring plenty of money for merch!!!

Summer Olympic Events for the Signs

Aries - Boxing, Wrestling (either), Modern Pentalon 

Taurus - Hockey, Judo, Weightlifting

Gemini - Fencing, Tennis, Volleyball

Cancer - Golf, Table Tennis, Track Cycling

Leo - Basketball, Triathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics

Virgo - Artistic Gymnastics, Water Polo, Equestrian Dressage

Libra - Badminton, Taekwondo, Handball

Scorpio - Diving, Shooting, Cycling BMX

Sagittarius - Archery, Equestrian Jumping, Canoe Sprint

Capricorn - Soccer, Rugby, Cycling Mountain Bike,

Aquarius - Beach Volleyball, Trampoline, Cycling Road

Pisces - Sailing, Swimming, Equestrian Eventing