For everyone

1.      Stop spending so much money at the vending machine, it adds up to more than you think

2.      If you’re hungry, eat. Don’t look around at other people, don’t wait for them not to be looking, just eat.

3.      Don’t hold your pee for that long, no one is talking about you for going to the bathroom, just go.

4.      Laugh when it’s funny, your laugh is beautiful and unique, let others hear it.

5.      Your mom is more than likely right, that person is being fake.

6.      Don’t be afraid to reject a guy if you don’t like him; think of yourself first.

7.      Don’t think that you’re bothering others, unless they say it, don’t think it.

8.      Your mind is your biggest prison, and I know that it’s hard to escape it…but at least try. Fight to get out, don’t let those thoughts and doubts overwhelm you.

9.      You’re funny, someone finds you funny, and that’s because you are.

10.  Your voice is beautiful, speak and sing your heart out.

11.  Your hair isn’t ugly, don’t be insecure of it.

12.  You’re not too skinny/fat…you’re the way you are because it’s perfect just for you.

13.  Eat all you want, stop starving your beautiful self.

14.  People that matter care…people that don’t matter don’t.

15.  When they ask you what’s wrong, that means they care…say something.

16.  Don’t hold it back, don’t keep it in, don’t tell yourself that you’ll get over it, don’t tell yourself that you’ll be bothering others, don’t tell yourself that nobody cares, SAY SOMETHING.

17.  Crying is alright, no one thinks less of you for it.

18.  Stop covering yourself so much, it’s unhealthy both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

19.  Get out of your room more, even if you are depressed, staying in there won’t help you at all.

20.  Take a moment to pause everything, everything, and just breathe… You made it.

21.  At the end of the day, you worked hard, pat yourself on the shoulder, think about what you did well and the mistakes you won’t need to do again, then call it a day.

22.  Say I’m sorry

23.  Forgive, but don’t be so naïve to let your heart get trampled on again.

24.  If they hurt you once, okay…twice, don’t bring them back as if nothing happened.

25.  Learn to go with your gut, believe me, sometimes it’s right.

26.  Just because is five for $4 doesn’t mean you should buy 20…buy what you need.

27.  Think about others before yourself, it helps lessen the anxiety too.

28.  Write…and if you’re not good at writing, paint. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it just needs to be you…

29.  Grades do not define you. Give your all to your grades, but if you still don’t pass, it’s not your fault, it’s not YOU.

30.  Mistakes happen, learn, but don’t let them chain you up and drag you down. It’s not YOU.

31.  Sleep, just one hour more of sleep can change everything.

32.  Take a warm shower, it helps.

33.  Drink more water, it’ll help with the headaches.

34.  I love saying this – “Live until you laugh, laugh until it hurts, hurt until you cry, cry until you Heal”…please, never hold it in.

35.  What people say about you doesn’t define you, what you say about yourself does.

36.  Let it out, but don’t let everyone know every single detail about your life, keep somethings private.

37.  Call your mom, tell her you love her.

38.  Listen to your grandmother, even when she starts to rant.

39.  You can’t please everyone because some people just don’t want to be pleased, erase them from your life.

40.  Pray. If you believe in God, even prayer helps you so much when you’re hurting, trust me.

41.  Say thank you, even for another day of life that went terribly.

42.  Don’t procrastinate, even if you write one word/sentence a day since the assignment was given…do that.

43.  Don’t eat out all the time

44.  Remember the good days when times go bad, appreciate the lessons learned when days are good.

45.  You don’t NEED to go to prom, you don’t NEED to go to homecomings or parties, you won’t miss things if you don’t.

46.  Being an introvert isn’t a curse, love yourself whether you’re outgoing or not.

47.  They don’t need to tell you that you’re beautiful for you to be beautiful, it was already a fact before they stated it.

48.  You don’t NEED a boyfriend, no matter how many of your friends or peers have one. Don’t rush into a relationship just because you’re the odd one out.

49.  Keep your virginity, and it you lose it, don’t end your life or future because of it.

50.  Love others freely. And yourself too.

51.  Organize yourself, nothing sucks worse than getting a zero on a paper because you couldn’t find it, not because you didn’t do it.

52.  Learn to let go if it hurts you, don’t hang on to something/someone that brings you pain.

53.  Keep in touch with teachers who were there for you.

54.  Someone loves you, someone will miss you when you’re gone…remember that.

55.  You’re not a burden.

56.  You worked hard.

57.  Think of that future someone (God has) for you and smile.

58.  If things don’t go on as plan, don’t be afraid to throw everything out the window and start all over again…breathe, and do it.

59.  You’ll survive without them, even if it hurts now, you already are.

60.  Worry more about what you do than how you look. Character lasts, looks don’t.

I saw something like this and wanted to do my own version for this…

I love you all

Mars: Blood and spice, the internal fever, the victor

🔥Mars in Aries: Beware the girl that wears fire mascara🔥 the enemy is oppressive, dominating, and injustice. they light the fire beneath lovers and rekindle the flame of youth, carnal desire, and passionate existence. mars in aries is prepared to wage a war for personal rights and prefer to confront their issues and people head on. they ignite the fire to clear the air. they can be physically explosive and it tends to be very beneficial for mars in aries to learn and practice martial arts so they can express and sublimate their intense energy. the people in their lives quickly become used to chaos, conflict, amusement, and unconditional body guard security


Mars in Taurus: Beware the girl that never truly wakes up

🔥 the will is enduring, resilient, and sublimely focused. intimacy is satiating, a gradual, measured, and long lasting release of sensual temptation and physical gratification. mars in taurus people have an appetite for satisfying and ravenously devouring the lover. they win the game from behind, overcoming their opponent with tenacity, solitary focus, and energy that flows and self-preserves until the end. they will absolutely trample their opponent often with a voice so ferocious it makes the devil himself step aside. mars in taurus can be slow to demonstrate anger, but once the fire ignites the expression of rage is in no means controlled or restrained. this fury can vibrate the world and rattle everything in proximity 


Mars in Gemini: Beware the girl with the dragon twin

🔥the enemy is boredom, ignorance, and judgement. the mind creates provocative sexual fantasies and desires, they can be naturals at role play, experimentation, and switching between domination and submission. mars in gemini people can be aroused by the intimate words used by the lover. the enemy is weakened through strategic innocence and manipulation, playing the devil’s advocate, passionately wearing them down, and critically wounding with their fiery verbal daggers. they win the debate with sharp, spontaneous wit and piercing verbal delivery. their voice can vibrate powerfully enough to reduce everyone in radius to silence

🔥Mars in Cancer: The girl who cried a tidal wave

🔥 the emotional baseline is a continuous storm at sea, and the violent rogue highs and lows can be exhausting and nauseating. it’s no wonder that these people can have a weak stomach or feel seasick in the presence of intense emotion. their intimate experience can give them a sense of belonging, protection, emotional peace, and being owned and integrated. intimacy can become a comfort measure or emotional reliever, and their satisfaction requires deep passion, desire, and warmth. mars in cancer has a rage that ignites a wildfire like no other, their psychic and emotional nature sharpen the blades that are hurled to hit the target centre of the opponent’s most sensitive and sore wounds

🔥Mars in Leo: Beware the girl who plays with wolves

🔥 this is a creative demonstration of solar flares, and their energy is enhanced by sunlight, warmth, and freedom. they will viciously defend slights against their honour, heart, territory, and loved ones and they are not afraid to throw their whole spirit into a hot and burning battle of wills and command. their heart spins into a furious fireball and they can just about breathe fire in a demonstration that re-enacts a god of war. mars in leo people are desperate to get what they want, and they will go to extreme and fanatical lengths in order to satisfy their desires. they can be sexual performers and that charm and dominate with creative, carnal heated sexuality, they are validated by the specialness of intimacy and intimate satisfaction, and they can be extremely offended by sexual rejection 

🔥Mars in Virgo: Beware the girl with glass in her eyes

🔥 it’s rare to come across anyone that internalises so much rage toward themselves. they also have a very commanding and devouring sexual appetite that requires the daily routine of sex. mars in virgo people have a very inflamed mind, they can become very agitated in response to disruption and problems in their environment, there can be a great attempt to control the immediate world around them. they can have some extremist behaviour, and because virgo rules digestion this may be dietary, such as punishing or excessive diets or self-discipline 


Mars in Libra: Beware the girl that has been underestimated

🔥mars in libra people may not operate in explosive, quick large-scale rages but rather express their agitation in a slow, continual process where they poke and prod, use silence and refuse to be satisfied, and slowly but surely bend your mood and wellbeing into a state of itching irritation. mars in libra people may not respond in the moment, but they will soon after make you regret your decision to go into battle with them. they can be quite submissive and desire domination, they are mutually satisfied by their lover’s satisfaction


Mars in Scorpio: Beware the girl that raises hell

🔥these people have bedroom eyes. and their intimate cardinal desires unleash the beast inside. they have a provocative, passionate, and relentless sexual appetite that must be satisfied. mars in scorpio can be oblivious or unaware about the temperature of anger and rage heating up inside, it can be a largely unconscious process that does not make itself known until its complete boiling point and meltdown, so the fury of mars in scorpio can seem like they are raising hell, no one packs a bigger psychic punch. they can also take aggression or like to have aggression taken out on them sexually

🔥Mars in Sagittarius: Beware the girl that chases storms

🔥absolutely unapologetic and righteous in their defence of burning with truth. they respond furiously to dishonesty and lies, and they find it very hard to forgive and forget once they have been deceived by someone. mars in sagittarius is typically sexually experimental and adventurous, they can like the risk of outdoor or perilous intimate escapades, they are very aroused by the mind and spontaneity. mars in sagittarius like to be sexually surprised and caught off guard. they love good competition and they can have a very excessive impulsive and reckless streak where they make big gambling bets, spend a lot of money, go on eating or drinking binges, and push their physical boundaries to the limit 

🔥Mars in Capricorn: Beware the girl who can dress to impress the devil

🔥 mars in capricorn is ultimately internalised, private, self-starting, and self-sustaining. they shut out the world in the pursuit of their objective, and they are willing to fight against everything and everyone to win the challenge that has been set. mars in capricorn are mostly disinterested in low-level, base, and interpersonal conflict. they regard trivial and superficial battle as a waste of energy and resources. they are focused on the large-scale war at hand, the crusade against mental and physical limitation, the personal upward climb toward success and satisfaction, the opportunity to catch the vision of their ultimate potential. mars in capricorn people know they are entitled and sculpted for something important

🔥Mars in Aquarius: Beware the girl that has already seen your future

🔥mars in aquarius is like a great electric jolt in the atmosphere, they create a lot of friction so they can zap themselves and other people often. they are sexually liberal, expressive, and experimental, they can almost become like a different ‘self’ during intimacy and satiate your pleasure points with vibrating magnets on your fingertips and provoke you to discover and express your hidden desires and sexual taste, they can seem to adapt into your wildest fantasies. rage can cause unconscious, telepathic waves of fury through surrounding frequencies, and you can cross a very detached, sterile, and nonchalant person who treats you like they’ve never met you before

🔥Mars in Pisces: Beware the girl that will haunt your dreams 🔥mars in pisces don’t have to say or do anything outwardly physical, but you will feel the rage directed toward you all throughout your body in the air surrounding you. they have a glamorous, elusive, and devouring appetite for the transportive and escapist experience of unifying intimacy and gratification. they are very emotionally present but mentally absent, and it allows them to sink entrancingly into the connective moment. mars in pisces can conjure your greatest and most secretly carnal sexual desires and visual performance. they have a way of pulling your whole existence into the ether of nothingness


so i heard you like bad boys

Originally posted by jimiyoong

genre: fluff fluff and more fluff; uni!au; friends to lover!au; drabble

pairing: yoongi x reader

length: 4.7k

summary: while others see min yoongi as the resident heartthrob of the school - quiet, resilient, and mysterious - you can’t see him as anything other than your dorky best friend since childhood; but what you don’t know is his long desire to be anything but that, even if it means becoming the bad boy in town… or at least try to.

“my hobby is making fun of you when you talk.”

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Accidental Stabbing (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You tried to stay out of trouble, really you did. But while running from Henry Bowers, you bump into the only group people who seemed to have noticed you since your arrival at Derry. One particularly stupid boy in thick glasses catches your attention as you ‘accidentally’ stab Henry. 

Warnings: Cursing, stabbing someone (I mean… duh), blood, mention of assault, mention of cult activities (it sounds worse that it is, but holy fuck I sound satanic).

Word Count: 1,312

Being a resident of Derry officially sucked ass. Seriously. You glanced behind you as you ran and saw that Henry Bowers was still close behind, shoving little kids and adults alike. Your head snapped back to face front and you prayed that your legs could carry you just a little bit more. Ever since moving here a two months ago, there were a specific group of people you knew to avoid, even if it meant always being quiet and keeping your head down. Not that you were quiet in real life, but it was best not to trigger the anger that you kept locked away. Henry shouted something about you being a slut, his voice louder and closer. Your throat was growing tight and dry but the adrenaline kept you moving, sprinting through the town, ducking under people’s arms, sidestepping old folks, trying not to trample toddlers… All because the Patrick kid from Henry’s gang thought your shorts were too small. Well he can go fuck himself. You think, pumping your arms and legs faster. Fuckin’ pervert.

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out-of-context quotes from my theatre history professor

“It’s rough being anybody in Ancient Greece.”
“you may say, ’I really wanna know’- you really don’t wanna know-”
“Someone’s gonna kill you eventually and it might as well be someone you know.”
“Greek Comedy is essentially sex, love, eating, and excreting.”
“A mostly good and definitely sweaty time was had by all.”
“Wackiness ensues, basically.”
“If you actively wanted to trample us, we couldn’t stop you-”
“That is not, in my experience, nor in the annals of history, the way nuns roll.”
“He’s just more interesting to read about than frickin’ Julius Caesar and his frickin’ Gaulic Wars!”
“Because the dog isn’t actually a dog- it’s another god in disguise and he just pops out like in Alien-“
“Don’t you worry, the monkeys are coming.”
“The girl resurrects but not in a zombie way, she just pops up like ‘I’M BACK’”
“Saints are like vampires, you gotta chop off the head to be sure.”
“Here’s your cherry and your bird and your tennis ball, you’re Jesus, congratulations.”
“And to be brutally honest, a bit of prostitution as well-”
“you can tell it’s gonna be a good day because I’m already talking really fast.”
“Anyway, the gunpowder plot was discovered- I don’t know, maybe someone looked in the basement and said ‘wow, that’s a surprising amount of gunpowder in there!’”
“Blatant homoeroticism… that’s what audiences really enjoy.”
“You’re a king, you can sleep with whoever you want, but HAVE SOME STANDARDS!”
“So he goes up to her tower and stabs her. And then… Oh, why does he stab her? Was I not clear about that? He stabs her because he loves her. It’s a love stabbing.”
“Hence he wrote a version of Terence’s Women of Andros which he cleverly called… Women of Andros.”
“Hey, would you be interested in coming over to, I don’t know… usurp the King of England?”
“And William said, look, I can’t cure your disease… I’m just a guy who likes to sit on a big chair…”
“Cynical, witty, generally horny.”

“It’s so metaphysical, it’s a total- does your professor curse? yeah?- it’s a total mindfuck-”

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Today I witnessed men mocking a woman for having hairy legs and underarms. I have something to say about this.

Firstly, the shaving of legs is a new fashion trend. It was done a bit in the 20′s, but honestly, it wasn’t until the forties that anyone gave a damn. Before that, no one saw your legs, because they wee covered in skirts. Men didn’t even know women HAD legs.

Slight exaggeration, but still quite meaningful.

In the last 70 years, men have gone from not knowing and not caring one bit about female body hair, to completely transforming their ideal feminine counterpart into a hairless model. Men like to tout masculinity as being impervious, but I’ll warrant you, you can watch them evolve with the feedback of marketing scams run on their little mammalian brains.

Did Queen Victoria have shaved legs…well, let’s first establish that yes, she did actually have legs. But were they hairless? During her 60-odd year reign, did she employ some servant to come pluck out her hairs?

Did Queen Elizabeth have hairless legs? 44 years of reign, at the time the longest reigning monarch of British history, but no, you’re right. She probably had the Lady of the Royal Chamber rake on a good lather before she went out in her Spanish farthingale.

Did Cleopatra have a straight razor? Did Helen of Troy? These are two women who literally destroyed nations with their beauty and the lust men had for them. Do you think they had shaved legs? What about their underarms?

Now, yes, there were traditions of removing hair. The Roman women, for example, plucked their hair out of their underarms, but I promise you…no one sat about for hours having their legs plucked with tweezers. And if they did, they had a lot of time and money to spare.

Do you know who Boudicca is? She was an Icenian queen during the first century. She led a rebellion against Roman factions at Londinium. 

Famously, she said, “This is done with the resolve of a woman. Men may live as slaves if they wish.”

She leveled three Roman outposts, well-established settlements. And came to Londinium with an army decked out in stolen Roman arms. They razed the city to the ground with fires so thick that an ash layer still exists in the stria of the City of London to this very day. As she rode through the old city on her chariot, with her Roman spear in hand, poised to launch it through the throat of a fleeing patrician, did she pause her assault to wonder…

Did I shave my legs for this?

As the man fell to the ground, choking on his own blood and the ash from the searing fires, do you think he looked up at this queen, this woman defiant and majestic, and thought, “Ye gods, what hirsuit underarms!”

I wonder how many plucked Roman women were trampled by that carriage.

I wonder if Anne Bonny, the notorious pirate ever was mocked by her male crew for having a fluffy undercarriage.

I wonder if when Annie Oakley, at 15, beat her crackshot future husband at a shooting contest, he looked at her little knees and thought, “Not this one. She’s too furry.”

I wonder if Anne Boleyn was beheaded for wearing a pair of furry britches beneath her skirts.

I wonder, if while He suckled as an infant, resplendent in holy fire and divinity, the newborn Jesus Christ, tucked His wee face to the crook of His Virgin Mother’s arm and let out a squeal at the ghastly sight of her unshaven underarms. Or if when He was installing himself in her abdomen, He gave a moment’s pause to think, “Dear Me, what am I doing, shoving myself into this horribly hairy wench?”

The answer to all of these is…No. Of course not, you fucking idiot.

Body hair exists for a reason, you stupid semi-hairless apes. Don’t you ever wonder why you still have it? I will tell you why. It provides necessary warmth, not just with insulation, but with the way your anatomy functions. Air catches the hairs and lifts them, causing a tickle that forces the follicle to swell into goose flesh, warming the skin through motion. It provides protection from the sun. And in the regions where it is thickest, it guards against the elements, keeps out parasites, and keeps your sensitive areas like your eyes, from being drowned in sweat. It even cushions and reduces the likelihood of heat rashes and chafing in the parts of you that touch. Hair is important. It wasn’t just Sampson who gained strength from it.

And I wonder, if while Sampson was laid low, his power sapped, if he looked up at the gorgeous Delilah with her treacherous shears and thought… “Why didn’t she pluck her eyebrows!”

Power is walking into a room with nothing in hand, and doing just fine.

Beauty is standing as you are, but embodying all that is graceful and powerful about the female condition.

And judging a woman on a trend that is younger then my oldest knee-length hemline is an act of such supreme stupidity and transient masculinity that I cannot even describe how ridiculous I find it. But men are the ones who are rational, yes? Men and all their manly manliness are immune to fads and trends and “girly fashion shit”, right, “bruh”?

Women have hair on their bodies same as you. You seem to do just fine wearing yours. Why do you begrudge her hers?

I say we start a new trend, where females begin to harass the worst offenders for having hairy legs. I shan’t be pleased if in 70 years, I am not seeing all men in shorts looking like the backside of a baby from the knee down. I want to see hordes of women tracking down these men who label a type of deception as beauty, and demanding they carve off their top layer of skin and fur. I want to hear these men who cannot see valor, fortitude, strength, and hair as beautiful, squeak when they walk.

And then I want all humans to embrace that which makes them soft and healthy, and stop rewriting history by turning it into one inglorious quest for vanity.

sentence prompts ➝  poetry starters

  • ‘  life— the thing that happens to us.  ’
  • ‘  you owe no one your forgiveness.  ’
  • ‘  how’s that for a happily ever after?  ’
  • ‘  silence has always been my loudest scream.  ’
  • ‘  when I die, do not waste a minute mouring me.  ’
  • ‘  “no” is short for “fuck off.”  ’
  • ‘  you shine brighter than all the starlight there has ever been or ever will be.  ’
  • ‘  i bet you regret making an enemy out of me.  ’
  • ‘  we cannot control what we remember  ’
  • ‘  i don’t even believe in people.  ’
  • ‘  it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are  ’
  • ‘  i am a world of uncertainties disguised as a girl.  ’
  • ‘  whatever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that. everything else is just noise.  ’
  • ‘  i like the disaster of the night sky, stars spilling this way and that as if  they were upturned from a glass.  ’
  • ‘  resist much, obey little.  ’
  • ‘  be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you.  ’
  • ‘  i am a dreamer with empty hands and I like the chill.  ’
  • ‘  i deserved someone who was willing to stay  ’
  • ‘  you’re everywhere except right here and it hurts  ’
  • ‘  time doesn’t obey our commands  ’
  • ‘  girls like her were born in a storm.  ’
  • ‘  only the brave and the broken are kind in this world.  ’
  • ‘  people aren’t born sad; we make them that way.  ’
  • ‘  some people are born with tornados in their lives  ’
  • ‘  there is nothing scarier in their minds than a girl who knows the power of her flames.  ’
  • ‘  tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves—  ’
  • ‘  some are made of witchcraft and wolf and a little bit of vice.  ’
  • ‘  these scars have never diminished your worth, they are the stories that make you whole.  ’
  • ‘  and you say you are broken, but broken mirrors like you create the most beautiful patterns of light.  ’
  • ‘  but what could you possibly see in her?  ’
  • ‘  everything, I see everything in her, because the stardust that makes her is the same stardust that makes me.  ’
  • ‘  did you really think she was a tender flower you could trample upon, and damage her very soul?  ’
  • ‘  you clutter my mind  ’
  • ‘  i close my eyes and see infinite galaxies  ’
  • ‘  i long for a life i have control of  ’
  • ‘  and all i have now are memories that feel like dreams  ’
  • ‘  don’t be afraid of getting hurt  ’
  • ‘  you have to fight to be alright  ’