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Andreil prompt: Neil's running away from some Bad Guys™ and he sees Andrew on the side of the road on his motorcycle and he just gets on and yells "Drive! Just fucking drive!" (Congrats on your follower count!!)

(did you really just give me a biker au prompt, omfg nonny I love you so much.)

In the middle of a dusty nowhere outside a ramshackle Blue Inn, a nobody with a newly filled stomach tucked away a worn map and straddled his motorbike’s blisteringly sun-warmed seat. His jacket’s back boasted about the Free Foxes in a hand-sown orange and white blaze, as well as the states, towns and lives he’d left behind.

One could tell he was a nobody given his being alone. Safe behind dirty, thick glass, patrons muttered into their beers about how the real owner of those patches wouldn’t ride solo. Only the waitress had ever even heard about the Free Foxes, but she assured the regulars that this one showing up wouldn’t bring trouble. He hadn’t talked to anybody ‘cause he’s on the run, she sniffed. He’d been in and out so quick, his lunch taken on the fly, the regulars found her words easy to swallow. As long as the fella sat in the parking lot, though, they weren’t breathing easy.

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