The File Arts presents:
Moment / Tramcar
by Mareen Fischinger

This photograph can be your action-movie of tonight: a man in a tramcar points a gun at the other passengers: a whole crowd held at gunpoint.

Between these people there are so many reactions; so many ways the story could unfold; I cannot help but think of all these people involved. Each with their own lives, as full and complex as mine, getting together to act out this scene. Each of them acting out a violent and traumatic experience, reflecting on how they would react; making us think of how we would hold ourselves. Imagining how the story will unfold.

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Tramcar is the third in the series Moment by Mareen Fischinger; an award-winning photographer for advertising campaigns and corporate communication. She explores experimental technical and conceptual possibilities of photography in her fine arts series. Parking garage and Bedroom from her series »Moment« are also available as digital editions via The File Arts.

This edition has a fixed price of $15,- The download includes: the highest resolution of the image available, the PSD source file (1.02GB) showing all adjustments and layers and several wallpaper sized versions. The PDF contains ‘making of’ photos, sketches and a thesis on staged photography.

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Children-themed tramcar launches in Guangzhou

A tramcar filled with cartoons, toys and giant walking mascots set off in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province on Thursday as part of the city’s month-long “Young Tram Festival”.

The tram features sections of different themes, including a pink “girls coach” and a blue “boys” area. Sheep patterns are also painted along the walls to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

On top of that, even the automatic bus-stop announcer is the voice of a child.

The special tramcar is running for the next month in the city. Other activities will also be on offer during the festival, including drawing, markets and art shows.


Media City U.K. Broadway and Harbour City. Manchester Metrolink. by fred collins
Via Flickr:
3030 about to depart.

“Agora, vais tomar o elétrico para casa, muito sossegada (….) . Aí vem um carro mesmo a propósito para vocês. Livre delas, atravessei a placa deserta do Rossio, cujo empedrado preto e branco ondulava a perder de vista sob a luz morna”
Francisco Costa “Cárcere Invisível”
Fotografia Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Rossio