The File Arts presents:
Moment / Tramcar
by Mareen Fischinger

This photograph can be your action-movie of tonight: a man in a tramcar points a gun at the other passengers: a whole crowd held at gunpoint.

Between these people there are so many reactions; so many ways the story could unfold; I cannot help but think of all these people involved. Each with their own lives, as full and complex as mine, getting together to act out this scene. Each of them acting out a violent and traumatic experience, reflecting on how they would react; making us think of how we would hold ourselves. Imagining how the story will unfold.

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Tramcar is the third in the series Moment by Mareen Fischinger; an award-winning photographer for advertising campaigns and corporate communication. She explores experimental technical and conceptual possibilities of photography in her fine arts series. Parking garage and Bedroom from her series »Moment« are also available as digital editions via The File Arts.

This edition has a fixed price of $15,- The download includes: the highest resolution of the image available, the PSD source file (1.02GB) showing all adjustments and layers and several wallpaper sized versions. The PDF contains ‘making of’ photos, sketches and a thesis on staged photography.

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Trams were never and will never be existent in my country, Philippines. That’s what I thought until I’ve seen a video about how beautiful Manila was during the 1900’s. They were once ALIVE!!!!!! Waaaaah! I seriously didn’t know that. As far as I can remember, neither one of my SIBIKA teacher, my Araling Panlipunan teacher nor my Philippine History teacher did ever mention that. I swear!!!!! Anyway, let’s go back to Trams… I find this PUV very cool. It’s like a train…routing the streets. Well, it really is. Haha! I googled about it’s precious existence in Manila and I found out that they were destroyed during the World War II, and they weren’t re-established after. Awwww.. Sad! I think Trams would be a better PUV. It can load passengers as much as buses can (more or less) but it’s definitely safer - lesser accidents since it has its own pathway to track. And I also find jeepneys very non-environment friendly - air pollution and noise pollution!!! Ugggh! And some of them seemed to be operational since 1970’s. They have to be junked already. How I wish TRAMS were still alive here in the Philippines!!! Fine, I’ll add this in my bucket list - Ride a Tramcar in London! Talagang sa London pa eh! Haha!

O Carro Americano no Aterro
“A linha de Caminho de Ferro Americano, de tracção animal e tranvias sobre carris com percurso entre o Rossio e Belém, foi inaugurado a 6 de Fevereiro de 1873.
Particularmente concorridos aos domingos, os carros americanos viam-se bastante assediados nos tempos de Verão, em virtude dos grandes pólos de atracção que eram as praias e a Feira de Setembro, que se realizava no largo fronteiro ao Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. Como o trajecto se fazia junto ao mar, à componente lúdica da viagem juntava-se, então, uma forte componente turística, tão do agrado dos seus passageiros”
in Bellem/Belém . Reguengo da Cidade. Crus -Filipe, Luís - Do Dafundo ao Poço do Bispo : uma história sobre carris.
Fotografia José Chaves Cruz , arquivo Municipal de #Lisboa