Trams were never and will never be existent in my country, Philippines. That’s what I thought until I’ve seen a video about how beautiful Manila was during the 1900’s. They were once ALIVE!!!!!! Waaaaah! I seriously didn’t know that. As far as I can remember, neither one of my SIBIKA teacher, my Araling Panlipunan teacher nor my Philippine History teacher did ever mention that. I swear!!!!! Anyway, let’s go back to Trams… I find this PUV very cool. It’s like a train…routing the streets. Well, it really is. Haha! I googled about it’s precious existence in Manila and I found out that they were destroyed during the World War II, and they weren’t re-established after. Awwww.. Sad! I think Trams would be a better PUV. It can load passengers as much as buses can (more or less) but it’s definitely safer - lesser accidents since it has its own pathway to track. And I also find jeepneys very non-environment friendly - air pollution and noise pollution!!! Ugggh! And some of them seemed to be operational since 1970’s. They have to be junked already. How I wish TRAMS were still alive here in the Philippines!!! Fine, I’ll add this in my bucket list - Ride a Tramcar in London! Talagang sa London pa eh! Haha!

I’m on the trip of a lifetime, right? I mean, how many people get to have “Parallel Universe” stamped on their passport? I should be hitting the museums, snapping selfies, and stuffing my face with Earth-Two delicacies. But it’s hard to enjoy a trip when you’ve just witnessed the violent death of your evil doppelganger and saw your best friend kidnapped by a maniacal speedster who makes Heath Ledger’s Joker look like Santa Clause. 

After the tragic showdown, Earth-Two Iris (aka Mrs. West-Allen?!) deposited me at the nearest aerial tramway station and zipped away to CCPD. As I let the crowd shuffle me onto the next tramcar (I was still reeling), I couldn’t help but geek out over the nuclear fusion-powered metro with touchscreen sliding glass doors. I must’ve been shaking something fierce though, because a pregnant lady offered me her seat. As soon as I sat down, everything hit me all at once. Barry – kidnapped. Joe – murdered. Caitlin – evil. Ronnie – dead (again - that guy can’t catch a break on any Earth!). Where did Zoom take Barry? Is he locked in a cage like Jesse? Is he being tortured mercilessly? But, most important, how the hell do I find him? Without The Flash, it’s just me and Harry taking on the topsy-turvy world of Earth-Two. Even if we did find Barry, how could we possibly defeat Zoom? I mean, I’m still a newbie at vibing, nothing like my power-hungry doppelganger, Reverb! Despite the man bun and predilection for blasting people, I didn’t want him to get murdered. No one deserves that. What about his family? Did he have a girlfriend? Did he have a little Fido scratching at the door, waiting to be taken on a walk? My musing on Reverb’s domestic life gave me an idea: maybe if I channeled his cranial kung-fu powers, Harry and I might stand a chance rescuing Barry and Jesse on our own! 

The tram filled up pretty fast. Normally, I’m a bit claustrophobic, but this time I was grateful for the close press of human bodies because it offered a shield to hide my attempts at test-driving Reverb’s skills. There was an empty Coke bottle on the floor (a classic on any Earth) and I focused all my brain power and tried to move it. After ten solid minutes of glaring (I think I popped some blood vessels in my eyes from how hard I was straining!), I gave up. Images of Barry just kept flashing in my head and my stomach was churning with fear. How can I possibly hope to manipulate energy forces if my limbic system is flooding my brain with all the feelings?? 

I got so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that I had circumnavigated the entirety of Central City three times. That was precious time to find Barry, wasted! As much of a pain as he is, I knew I had to get back to Harry and fill him in. Oh, frak. Me and Harry… he might kill me before Zoom does the job for him. Time for some Pranayana – so glad I took that yoga class a few months ago! Breathe in, breathe out. This is kinda like “Star Wars: A New Hope” when Luke has to learn to rely on his own instincts and refine his mastery of the force once Obi-Wan peaces out. If Luke can do it, so can I! All hope is not lost. We got this. I think.

South Jersey Gothic
  • Driving through back roads, you see many different houses of all different colours and yet they all look the same. In fact, they look the same as the last town, as well. You know you’ve seen that house with the cement stoop and a lighthouse lawn decoration near the boulder before, but you can’t remember where or when. And, though this is your first time being here, the sense of nostalgia catches you when stopped at a red light you couldn’t manage to beat - overwhelms you, swallows you whole .
  • It’s that beige Oldsmobile again. It’s motor roars and coughs something that sounds like your uncle after his third cigarette of the evening.
  • The name Jim Gardner brings a face to the front of your mind, and it is more familiar to you than your own reflection. His image speaks to you sometimes, but you can never manage to remember what he says.
  • When meeting someone from North Jersey, they speak to you about nothing except for bagels and something called “taylor ham”. You try to understand them, but every time you ask a question, the door they neglected to hold open for you slams in your face.
  • In Wildwood, you hear a distant voice calling “Watch the tramcar please.” You turn and face the tramcar. It’s stopped. There are no occupants save for the voice that calls from behind the headlights repeating the words “Watch the tr- Watch the- Watch-”. It’s watching you.
  • There is always traffic along the Schuylkill. You find this strange because you’ve never once driven by the Schuylkill. The Schuylkill hides in ponds and lakes, causing accidents and traffic jams as it laughs in the shadows.
  • When you were young, you would always walk through the woods with your friends. The woods are still there, but now you never visit. The woods miss you. They call out for you with the sounds of crickets and frogs at night.
  • They always told you when you were a child to hold your breath when passing a grave. Though you’re older now, out of habit, you hold your breath as soon as you see the first gravestone. You must always hold your breath. If not, they will know you’re there.
  • New Years fireworks go off in the streets. They pop and sizzle for what seems like forever. But there is no fire to light them nearby. There is no one around to see them. It’s the middle of August.
  • Everyone has been to the Poconos, but no one ever remembers what they do there.

anonymous asked:

Yes!!! I made it this time!!! Can I request a scenario where Futakuchi is hanging out with his crush and Aone and after a while Aone leaves. Futakuchi finally works up the courage to confess his feelings (actually nervous on the inside Futakuchi is <3!) but before he can say anything she says something about Aone and Futakuchi realizes she is in love with his best friend?

I hope this is what you had in mind! Futakuchi is my love, I hope I made him suffer enough! - Admin Dad

Even after the three of you stepped inside, the chorus of the cicadas’ hum rang persistently in Futakuchi’s ears. The thick late summer heat had forced you all into the nearest train station, prematurely ending the afternoon hike you had originally planned. Futakuchi wasn’t one for hiking; mountains were best experienced from inside an air-conditioned tramcar in his humble opinion. But how could he say no to you when you asked him, nearly bouncing up and down with excitement. It was nearly impossible for Futakuchi to ever tell you no; it was like you had this power over him and he was more than happy to bend to your will.

“Aw, Aone-kun, you’re leaving already?” your shoulders dropped; your backpack slid off one arm and then the other, hitting the floor with a pathetic thump.

“Mm,” Aone nodded, glancing back to check the train schedule once again. His train was due any minute.

You gripped the backpack straps in your hands. “I’m sorry the plans fell through, but you could at least stay for a late lunch, couldn’t you?”

“Sorry,” Aone’s deep voice rumbled from his chest, “but if I head back now I can help out with dinner.”

Futakuchi couldn’t hide the devilish smirk spreading across his face. “Aw, what a good son you are. I guess ____ and I will have to dine together without you. Your company will be missed—especially your riveting conversation skills.”

You and Aone scowled at him in unison. “Why are we even friends with you?”

At that moment, Aone’s train pulled into the station. Wordlessly he left the two of you behind, swiping his ticket at the turnstile and stepping off the platform right as the car doors opened. He looked up and nodded farewell as the doors shut and the train departed, leaving you and Futakuchi behind.

“Well,” you sighed, stretching your arms before slinging your bag back onto your shoulders, “I’m hungry. You want to go get food?”

Futakuchi’s heart skipped a beat. It was such a simple suggestion, but when paired with that upturned glance of yours it might as well have been a recipe for cardiac arrest. “Oh, uh, yeah. Sure.”

“Cool. I saw a decent looking restaurant down the block, would that work?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”

You stopped and faced Futakuchi, eying him suspiciously. “You’re awfully agreeable today.”

Futakuchi balked. “What’s that supposed to mean? I go with the flow.”

“Like a boulder in a stream,” you scoffed.

“You meant that as an insult, but I’m going to interpret it as a compliment about my willpower.” Futakuchi puffed out his chest. “Which, as captain and part of Datekou’s Iron Wall I shouldn’t be so yielding. That hardheadedness is necessary to be a good blocker, you know. That’s why Aone is so good, he’s as stubborn as they come.”

You cast your gaze away, a small smile tugging at your lips. Futakuchi had to remind himself to breathe. “Yeah, sure. I’m hungry, so ‘let’s go, Datekou.’”

You were too busy mocking the school cheer on the way to the restaurant to notice Futakuchi staring at you in awe. He knew he wasn’t the easiest guy to get along with, but no one ever pushed back at Futakuchi like you did. You challenged him, teased him, sometimes straight up insulted him, but you always looked so beautiful while you did it. And he knew that beneath all that taunting that you really did care about him; you were the most caring person he’d ever met. You saw things in other people that most missed. The day you two met, you had sat down right next to Aone on the train and the two of you were still talking—Aone, his ever silent best friend, talking—when you entered the classroom. From that moment, Futakuchi was hooked, and every day he only found himself in deeper.

And now the two of you were alone together for the first time since Futakuchi realized how strong his feelings were. This could be his chance to take things to the next level—if he could actually get his mouth to form the words.

“Table for two, please.” Your voice only vaguely distracted Futakuchi from the pounding in his chest.

Oh god, what if he told you and you laughed in his face? He could play it off as a joke but you could always tell when he was serious or faking it. What if you didn’t like him back and decided the two of you couldn’t be friends anymore? That’d be too hard to handle, losing you completely. What if you thought he was creepy and started yelling at him, or worse, what if you didn’t say anything?

“Hellooo, earth to Futakuchi!” You snapped your fingers in front of his face. “Are you okay? You’re spacing out a lot.”

“Hm? No, no I’m not,” Futakuchi protested, swatting your hand away. He slipped into the booth, trying to hide the growing blush on his cheeks. “I just need something to drink. I’m a little thirsty since someone decided it was a good idea to go hiking in the dead of summer.”

You laughed as you sat down across from him. “Ah, there he is, the sassmaster returns.”

After the hostess left, the two of you sat in silence as you skimmed the menu options. You had propped your head on one hand while the other laid innocently on table, only centimeters away from Futakuchi’s.

It killed him how badly he wanted to just close the distance and hold your hand. How badly he wanted to do all that lame couple stuff he used to make fun of and have you mercilessly tease him, making gagging noises the whole time.

And maybe it could happen, he just had to take a chance. When would he have another opportunity like this again?

Futakuchi took a deep breath. “So, ______, I just noticed, this is probably the first time you and I have hung out alone.”

You tilted your head in thought. “I think you’re right, that’s crazy!”

“Yeah… and now without Aone around, maybe you and I can talk about some things…” he felt his heart begin to race, “like about friends and feelings and… feelings about friends ”

“What?” Your eyes lit up in terror while your face quickly turned deeper and deeper shades of red. “How, how did you know?”

“Wha—“ Futakuchi started to speak but you cut him off.

“Goddamn it, Futakuchi, I swear if you make a rude joke or say something to him about this, I’ll kill you.”

Ah, so that’s how it was. It made sense, really. You were friends with Aone first. You were the one who could get Aone to have full-length conversations, and as much as you laughed with Futakuchi it never sounded like how you laughed with Aone. And you looked so sad when Aone turned down your lunch invitation. Futakuchi was so nervous about being alone with you while you didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed. He wondered how often he was invited along on outings just to act as a buffer for you.

“I’m not gonna do anything like that,” Futakuchi stretched his arms back and rested his head in his hands. “Actually, I was going to ask if you wanted my help, like maybe next time I could be the one to skip out, leaving you two alone, or we could start with smaller steps, whatever.”

“You’d really do that?” Your tone was more hopeful than suspicious, and Futakuchi tried to ignore how much it stung that you weren’t calling his bluff.

“Of course, I’m kind of a jerk sometimes but I’m not horrible. Besides, you two are my best friends and I want you to be happy.”

Those words were more for Futakuchi’s benefit than they were for yours. And he’d keep telling himself that phrase over and over the next time he caught himself staring at you, or thinking about you, or deluding himself into thinking he’d ever have you.

the one.

I think I noticed you
in a short moment
a face among others
when the tramcar drove by

I just knew it was you
my soul sang to me
that’s the one
it’s sad though ‘cause
I’ll probably never see you again

One in a millions of chances
I saw you yesterday
and I believe I was lucky
just think if I never ever saw you
then I wouldn’t know,

there actually exists
someone for me
out there, in the world