I’m on the trip of a lifetime, right? I mean, how many people get to have “Parallel Universe” stamped on their passport? I should be hitting the museums, snapping selfies, and stuffing my face with Earth-Two delicacies. But it’s hard to enjoy a trip when you’ve just witnessed the violent death of your evil doppelganger and saw your best friend kidnapped by a maniacal speedster who makes Heath Ledger’s Joker look like Santa Clause. 

After the tragic showdown, Earth-Two Iris (aka Mrs. West-Allen?!) deposited me at the nearest aerial tramway station and zipped away to CCPD. As I let the crowd shuffle me onto the next tramcar (I was still reeling), I couldn’t help but geek out over the nuclear fusion-powered metro with touchscreen sliding glass doors. I must’ve been shaking something fierce though, because a pregnant lady offered me her seat. As soon as I sat down, everything hit me all at once. Barry – kidnapped. Joe – murdered. Caitlin – evil. Ronnie – dead (again - that guy can’t catch a break on any Earth!). Where did Zoom take Barry? Is he locked in a cage like Jesse? Is he being tortured mercilessly? But, most important, how the hell do I find him? Without The Flash, it’s just me and Harry taking on the topsy-turvy world of Earth-Two. Even if we did find Barry, how could we possibly defeat Zoom? I mean, I’m still a newbie at vibing, nothing like my power-hungry doppelganger, Reverb! Despite the man bun and predilection for blasting people, I didn’t want him to get murdered. No one deserves that. What about his family? Did he have a girlfriend? Did he have a little Fido scratching at the door, waiting to be taken on a walk? My musing on Reverb’s domestic life gave me an idea: maybe if I channeled his cranial kung-fu powers, Harry and I might stand a chance rescuing Barry and Jesse on our own! 

The tram filled up pretty fast. Normally, I’m a bit claustrophobic, but this time I was grateful for the close press of human bodies because it offered a shield to hide my attempts at test-driving Reverb’s skills. There was an empty Coke bottle on the floor (a classic on any Earth) and I focused all my brain power and tried to move it. After ten solid minutes of glaring (I think I popped some blood vessels in my eyes from how hard I was straining!), I gave up. Images of Barry just kept flashing in my head and my stomach was churning with fear. How can I possibly hope to manipulate energy forces if my limbic system is flooding my brain with all the feelings?? 

I got so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that I had circumnavigated the entirety of Central City three times. That was precious time to find Barry, wasted! As much of a pain as he is, I knew I had to get back to Harry and fill him in. Oh, frak. Me and Harry… he might kill me before Zoom does the job for him. Time for some Pranayana – so glad I took that yoga class a few months ago! Breathe in, breathe out. This is kinda like “Star Wars: A New Hope” when Luke has to learn to rely on his own instincts and refine his mastery of the force once Obi-Wan peaces out. If Luke can do it, so can I! All hope is not lost. We got this. I think.

the one.

I think I noticed you
in a short moment
a face among others
when the tramcar drove by

I just knew it was you
my soul sang to me
that’s the one
it’s sad though ‘cause
I’ll probably never see you again

One in a millions of chances
I saw you yesterday
and I believe I was lucky
just think if I never ever saw you
then I wouldn’t know,

there actually exists
someone for me
out there, in the world


Children-themed tramcar launches in Guangzhou

A tramcar filled with cartoons, toys and giant walking mascots set off in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province on Thursday as part of the city’s month-long “Young Tram Festival”.

The tram features sections of different themes, including a pink “girls coach” and a blue “boys” area. Sheep patterns are also painted along the walls to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

On top of that, even the automatic bus-stop announcer is the voice of a child.

The special tramcar is running for the next month in the city. Other activities will also be on offer during the festival, including drawing, markets and art shows.

Trams were never and will never be existent in my country, Philippines. That’s what I thought until I’ve seen a video about how beautiful Manila was during the 1900’s. They were once ALIVE!!!!!! Waaaaah! I seriously didn’t know that. As far as I can remember, neither one of my SIBIKA teacher, my Araling Panlipunan teacher nor my Philippine History teacher did ever mention that. I swear!!!!! Anyway, let’s go back to Trams… I find this PUV very cool. It’s like a train…routing the streets. Well, it really is. Haha! I googled about it’s precious existence in Manila and I found out that they were destroyed during the World War II, and they weren’t re-established after. Awwww.. Sad! I think Trams would be a better PUV. It can load passengers as much as buses can (more or less) but it’s definitely safer - lesser accidents since it has its own pathway to track. And I also find jeepneys very non-environment friendly - air pollution and noise pollution!!! Ugggh! And some of them seemed to be operational since 1970’s. They have to be junked already. How I wish TRAMS were still alive here in the Philippines!!! Fine, I’ll add this in my bucket list - Ride a Tramcar in London! Talagang sa London pa eh! Haha!