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SKAM: 4.01 - Am I Late?

Am I late?

 Prayer reminder app: [It’s time for Duhr]

 [Join the theme night in the mosque on Friday, about the woman’s role in Islam]

 [Is Jamilla coming?]


[I don’t think so]

[I’ll be there <3]

EVAK: [incomprehensible, cute mumbling]

EVEN: Oh, now you’re here?

SANA: Am I late?  

ISAK: We’re done.

SANA: Noooo, sorry, took the tram the wrong way and -

MADHI: Heard that one before.

MAGNUS: Heard what?

MADHI: Took the tram the wrong way.


ISAK: Isn’t that what you usually do?

MADHI: Yeah, that’s what I usually do, when I can’t be assed to come to yours.

ISAK: Well, then you can come join me and Even, and help us unpack.

SANA: That sounds like a ton of fun, but I am super busy with the girls.

ISAK: Go on.

MAGNUS: Uh, Sana can you tell Vilde that I miss her? Already.


MAGNUS: No, what I meant was, you tell them you miss them and they go aww.

EVEN: Only with girls.

ISAK: You’re cute together.

EVEN: Yeah.  

MAGNUS: Cuter than the two of you.

EVAK: Ohhhhhhhh.

EVEN: You wish.

VILDE: … No, there’s something about the ocean blue color… Yeah.

CHRIS: Ocean blue? Like is it called that blue?

NOORA: Royal blue? No, royal blue is like - [points at Chris’s jacket]

VILDE: No, it’s like Marbella Beach.  

CHRIS: This is royal blue.

NOORA: Marbella beach?

VILDE: Yeah, it’s the kind of beach you see in Marbella.

NOORA: Have you been there a lot?

SANA: Halla.


SANA: What’s up?

EVA: Noora has her room back!

VILDE: But what I was going to say was that -

EVA: Pizza?

VILDE: - yesterday we tried a new position that we found on a website -

EVA: We have beef too!

VILDE: - where I sit myself over him just like Cowgirl, but I reverse so it’s reverse Cowgirl, so he sits. It’s a little uncomfortable in the beginning, because I felt like he saw right up, because like his head is like - if we did it right anyway. And that just felt so so good, because it hit something, it hit the g-spot.

CHRIS: There’s no g-spot on the top side.

VILDE: No, I heard that the g-spot is in the anus.

EVA: Isn’t that with guys?

VILDE: It’s pretty normal that you have multiple g-spots. But anyway the point is I’ve never had it so good with anyone before, I’ve never come as much as I do when I’m with Magnus. I just come and come and come and come and come -

SANA: Don’t you have any boundaries for what it’s okay to share?

VILDE: What do you mean?

SANA: Do you have to share every detail of your sex life with Magnus?

VILDE: I understand that it’s difficult for you to listen to because you can’t have sex -

SANA: I can have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to.

VILDE: Yeah, I’m just saying that it’s okay if you get sexually frustrated.

SANA: I’m not sexually frustrated! It’s not as if I go around thinking about boys and sex all the time and feel like I’m missing out. I just think that sex should be something nice between you and Magnus, and not the whole world.

NOORA: Would anyone like some tea?


VILDE: Yes, let’s do that.

EVA: Okay, I have to tell you something, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s true. But I heard William has a new girlfriend in London.

VILDE: What? Are you kidding?

EVA: Chris told me. Should I say something to her?

SANA: Of course you should say something.

EVA: But shouldn’t William be the one to tell her?

SANA: Well, yeah, but he obviously hasn’t.

EVA: And I don’t know for sure that it’s true. And I just don’t understand the thing between William and Noora. Are they like together? Or not?

NOORA: What’s up? What are you talking about?

VILDE: Anal sex. Magnus and I are considering trying it. Have you tried it?


VILDE: So you and William never -

NOORA: Vilde! No.

EVA: Apropos William, how is he?

NOORA: Good.  

CHRIS: Yeah, we’ve never really understood the thing between you. Like if you’re together or not?

NOORA: I mean, it’ll always be me and William.

Little Melbourne Things
  • frantically topping up your myki so you get to your train on time
  • the disgusting toilets at flinders st
  • the macca’s on swanston street
  • the giant pocket watch clock at melbourne central
  • all the coffee is great
  • having to walk a million kilometers to get to a vline platform
  • “it looks like it’s gunna be hot today i’ll wear cooler clothes…well fuck it’s raining now”
  • the ptv mates
  • wondering wtf occupies 90% of the flinders st building because it all looks abandoned af
  • theres always somethin goin on at fed square
  • taking a tram instead of walking for 10 minutes because youre just too lazy
  • dont even think about taking the train between 4 and 6, you will SUFFER
  • the tram noise
  • flying half way across the tram because it’s suddenly stopped
  • the really weird mix of old and modern architecture ??
  • the giant chess board out the front of the state library
  • HSPs…!!!!
  • the dread in your heart when you hear your myki get declined
  • getting horribly lost like mate you better know where you’re going bc i am sick of walking

I combined the following prompts for this:

Yousef’s thoughts during the Fy Faen clip while the whole group is on the tram/train and Yousef notices Sana being a little distanced from the others so he decides to go close to her…

Sana and Yousef married for a couple of years and they tell eachother how they felt in their first dates “the best of islam” “maghrib” (…) married yousef telling sana smth like he wanted to kiss and hug her all the time but he was not going to rush cause he knew that

Hi! I would really love some more married Yousana-prompts. Anything from a lazy Saturday together (…)

Yousana prompt: the first time they hold hands.

Please let me know what you think :D


You’ll fall into a routine, they said.

You’ll barely see each other once you start working, they said.

You’ll feel like you’re reliving the same day after a while, they said.

A lot of people had quite a bit to say about what Sana and Yousef’s life would look like once they got married and actually lived together. Most of them didn’t mean it in a negative way; they thought they’re just telling the couple what will inevitably happen.

Well, it’s been almost three years and none of that has happened yet. 

This is the first Saturday in months they’re spending at home. Whenever they both have a free day, they go out and do whatever they feel like doing. Whenever they come back from work, no matter how late it is, they spend time together, sometimes just recapping what happened during the day. It never really feels like either of them relives the same day over and over. 

As exciting as their lives together can be with a different activity every day, it feels nice to just have a lazy Saturday in their home. They filled their coffee table with food and sweets and both have a cup of coffee in their hands.

Sana is leaning on one armrest of the couch, Yousef on the other. Their legs tangled in the middle. Yousef takes a sip of his coffee but doesn’t look away from Sana while doing that. Just sitting here, drinking coffee and being close to his wife … that’s when he feels most comfortable.

“You want to know what I dreamt about last night?”, Sana asks her husband. It’s barely noon and after their long breakfast they sat down in the living room and barely moved. 

Yousef nods. “Do you even need to ask?”

Sana shakes her head, laughing, and making her hair fall out of her bun. Yousef’s eyes instinctively follow the movement and he smiles to himself. Still in her pyjamas, without any make-up and her hair a little messy - he admires how beautiful she is.

“Okay, but don’t laugh.”, Sana says and sits up a little straighter. 

Yousef just tilts his head a little to the side and nods. 

“I dreamt of that time you and the guys came to that party with my friends and I. The first time we went to a party all together, remember?”, Sana explains.

Yousef starts smiling and nods. “Of course I remember that. How would I not?” Sana smiles at him, head leaning on the backrest of the couch. “What did you dream then?”

“I actually don’t remember all of it. But I dreamt of how you guys walked up to us with the balloons.”

“I remember you not looking very impressed with that.”, Yousef laughs at the memory. He was so excited to go out with Sana. And her friends, but they were not why he was so excited.

Sana thinks back at that day. She knows what he means. Well, that day she was not happy about seeing him at first.

“The girls wanted to hook you up with Noora. I didn’t want you guys there because I thought they’d succeed.”, Sana confessed. That was years ago bit she still remembers how it felt.

Yousef chuckles lightly but shakes his head: “I never was interested in her, you know that.”

“I know that now. But then, I felt like it made sense for you two to end up together.”

Yousef leans forward and takes Sana’s free hand in his and shakes his head. “Do you remember how I came over to you on the tram on the way there? Why would I have done that if I wanted to be with anyone else but you?”

Sana rolls her eyes. He doesn’t get it, he still doesn’t after all these years.

“Yousef, you’re a generally nice guy. I thought you were just being nice.”, then she smiles a little, “But you can’t imagine how happy I was when you did join me there.”

“But you loved to avoid my eyes.”, Yousef reminds her. “You know, I had to find so much courage to go over to you. I thought to myself, okay. She’s standing there alone. Now is the time to join her and talk. I was so nervous you wouldn’t react and when you at first didn’t really look at me my heart sunk.”

“Ooh, don’t say that! I didn’t know! And: I was so shy around you that I couldn’t physically look at you for more than a few seconds.”

“Aww, how cute! Little did you know that I only came to that party after Elias mentioned that you’d be there. And when I saw you standing distanced from the rest of us I had to do something. And I hated whoever called you in that exact moment.”, Yousef reminisces. He didn’t know how he would go over to Sana without being too obvious about his crush.

Sana almost chokes on her coffee and starts laughing. “That was my mother.”

“I love your mother but she did interrupt us more than once, if you remember.”, Yousef says thinking back to the very beginning of their relationship.

Sana puts down her now empty cup and also takes Yousef’s. Her eyes wander over the table that is full of food and decides on the chocolate cake they had made.

“After you walked me home. The day we brought Elias to Noora’s.”, Sana remembers. All of that was years ago but Sana remembers everything as if it was yesterday.

She takes a bite of the cake and offers Yousef some. He just leans forward and opens his mouth, so Sana holds out the fork with cake to him. While chewing he opens his mouth to talk but Sana kicks him lightly. He acts offended and glares at her playfully but waits to talk until he’s done eating.

“Girl, you made me so nervous then! All I wanted that day, after having brought Elias there, was to spend a little bit of time with you. At that time I didn’t know how to initiate anything because I didn’t know if you liked me.”

Sana leans back again and remembers that day. She had declined walking with him before agreeing. She’s so glad that she did agree in the end. Just thinking about that evening makes her smile broadly.

“I don’t even know how we ended up on that basketball court.”, Sana says. “But I’m so happy we did. After you told me you were not Muslim I thought that was it. Nothing would happen between us. That it was not possible. But talking with you about it made me realize … it’s fine because we share the same values. And look at us now. That is, to this day, one of the best conversations I had. Even when we disagreed on something so big we could talk about it without becoming aggressive.”

Yousef listens to his wife remembering how she felt that day. He is so in love with this woman and at that point in their relationship he was pretty sure they’d end up together if she gave him a chance. And watching her fondly smile at the memories makes him smile.

“I’m going to be honest here. It started out rough that evening. I honestly thought you didn’t enjoy walking with me so I said and did childish things to just get any reaction from you. But once we started playing basketball all that tension went away. And you already know this but you were the first person I ever told all that. You made me feel comfortable enough to open up. And I kept thinking about that evening for days. Maybe weeks.”

“You’re still a bit childish.”, Sana comments when he stops talking and they both burst into laughter.

“That’s what you got from all that? Really?”

Sana presses her lips together and shakes her head. “Don’t be mad, pleeease. I love you!”

Yousef narrows his eyes at her playfully. He just grumbles an ‘I love you, too’. She’s too cute for him to get mad at her. It rarely happens.

Sana rolls her eyes at him smilingly, puts the plate down on the table and crawls over to Yousef. She puts her hands on either side of him on the armrest and kisses him.

“You’re not mad, are you?”, she asks him. After the kiss she didn’t move much, only millimetres and now she looks at him with hopeful eyes.

He shakes his head and puts his arms around her waist. She settles right next to him, leaning her head lighting on his shoulder.

“You’re too cute for me to be mad at you.”, Yousef says and kisses her cheek.

Sana turns her head to him and narrows her eyes. “Stop calling me cute all the time.”

“But you are cute!”, Yousef answers because he knows what kind of affect it has on her.

Sana crosses her arms over her chest and mumbles: “Ah, I hate you.”

“You just told me you love me!”

“Well, now I hate you!”, Sana answers grumpily.

Yousef hugs her close and nuzzles his face in the crook of her neck.

Knowing very well that she’s joking but wanting to hear her say I love you again, he asks her: “You really hate me?”, in the most innocent voice he can muster up.

Sana sighs. “Dude, I literally married you. Of course I don’t hate you!”

They both laugh at that. Sana is probably the only one who can make calling her husband 'Dude’ sound so nice.

For a few silent moments they sit there, Sana in Yousef’s arms and both are content with how their lives turned out so far. Sure, it was not all sunshine and rainbows in the past but where they are right now in their lives, that where they always want to be.

“Want to know what I’m thinking of right now?”, Yousef whispers in Sana’s ear.

“Hmm.”, she makes an agreeing sound. 
“Our first hug, years ago. The night before I left for vacation.”

“How so?”, Sana asks. Why would he think of specially that right now?                      

Yousef thinks back at that day and remembers the mixed feelings he had. “Because for the most part, I was unbelievably happy that evening. I spend the last night before being away for two months with you. I had almost given up at that time.”

“Ooh, you want to look up the Video? The one where you can see your reaction to me calling?”, Sana perks up and leans a bit away to be able to look at him.

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head: “No! We’re not doing that. I still hate Mikael for not editing all that out!”

“And I still love him for not editing that out! It’s good payback for making me think you couldn’t meet me. I accepted that but it made my heart ache. And you were only joking!”, Sana says to that. She was so nervous about calling him and asking if he could meet her and he had the nerve to joke like that. Looking back it’s funny but in that moment she felt crushed.

“Hey, don’t be like that! I was so afraid that you’d take that serious that I couldn’t even keep it up for a minute.”

Sana leans back against his shoulder again but turns so that she can look at him anyway.

“That was such a bittersweet evening, though. I had a really good time. I mean, I knew I wanted to be with you but that evening made me realize that all my worries at that time about us being together… that they were not so big of problems. My mom had told me I would need someone to remind me from time to time why I believe and you did exactly that. You keep doing that if I need it.”, Sana realizes that she is not sure if she ever told him that. She always thought it but did she ever voice these thoughts?

Yousef looks at her with the most loving look on his face which makes Sana peck his cheek.

“And we had so much fun. You being 'attacked’ by the swan? Iconic. I’ll never get over it!”, Sana adds and starts laughing.

Yousef laughs with her but shakes his head. “Those animals are evil.”

“Yeah, they definitely are.”, Sana says in an sarcastic tone.

This time Yousef leans away a bit to be able to look at his wife. “You were really mean that day?”

Sana stops to think. Was she? No, she wasn’t. She definitely wasn’t. So she looks at Yousef with a confused look and he starts laughing.

“I mean, because you looked so good! You always look good but that evening! You know, it was never about physical stuff for me.”, Sana nods at that. He was always so respectful and especially that day she was the one to initiate any kind of physical contact, not him. “But that evening, I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to hug you, at some point even kiss you. You were so mean looking so good all evening, being funny and just the way you are. But I knew I could wait. Because I knew if you were willing to give me a chance, that we’d be in for the long run and I didn’t mind waiting as long as you need.”

Sana looks at her husband in amazement. How is he so considerate and cute and the best husband anyone can wish for? To not get too emotional on this Saturday she adds something.

“We did hug, though.”

Yousef nods with a big smile. They did. Again, she initiated it. Both times. The first hug was not a goodbye hug. It was a 'I’m glad we’re here, together, and thank you for the great time’ kind of hug. 
Yousef was so excited and nervous that he feared Sana would feel his unbelievably fast heartbeat.

“O my God, that was the same night you held my hand for the first time!”, Yousef exclaims suddenly as that thought comes to his mind.

Sana starts laughing at his sudden outburst, seeing as they were talking calmly for the past minutes.

Remembering that evening Sana gets excited all over again. “Do you know how much it took of me to reach for your hand on the way back? I only managed when we were 5 minutes away from my house.”

Sana remembers walking next to him, so close that their hands touched every few seconds but he didn’t reach out to hold her hand. Sana knew that Yousef just tried to be respectful and not cross any boundaries and she was so thankful for that. But in that moment it would’ve made it all easier if he just held her hand. Yousef knows he wanted it really badly but Sana doesn’t.

“But you did.” Yousef smiles and adds: “That was a lucky evening for me.”

The second hug of that evening was in front of the Bakkoush house. Still holding hands both had looked at the window, at that one window. Gladly, they had noticed that there was no one at the window.

“Hey, but the goodbye hug… that was not all me!”, Sana claims. And she’s right.

Yousef nods and plays a little with the loose strands of hair around Sana’s face.

“I was about to leave for two months of vacation after having that amazing date with you. I couldn’t help myself. I had to give you a goodbye hug!”, Yousef confesses.

Sana smiles, showing him her dimples which makes him cup her cheek and let his thumb wander over it.

“It was a bit awkward at first. We both went to hug the other at the same time but not knowing that the other would do that.”, Sana remembers and shakes her head. If that doesn’t describe their early relationship then she doesn’t know what does.

Yousef hugs Sana close and kisses the top of her head. Remembering how this all started, and seeing that they are married now. He knew even then that he wanted to be with Sana for the rest of his life. He knew that it wasn’t just a stupid crush he’d get over. That was not a possibility to him.

“I was so happy when we got to say goodbye without your mother interrupting us by calling you.”

“Me too.”

Two times Sana’s mother had interrupted them; that one time she didn’t.
That one time might have changed the direction of their relationship and now they are married.

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Could you write about you and grayson on a first date and him being nervous?

I always imagine a first date with the twins being something completely different from the normal dinner and a movie. I feel like they’d make a big effort to plan out something exciting and fun for dates, so this idea really stuck with me. I hope you enjoy it!

The text plainly stated for you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but your mind couldn’t wrap around what kind of date that could entail. You had known Grayson for around a year, running into him often at the grocery store down from your apartment or the Starbucks down the street. You knew he was far from the norm and you had expected something off the wall for a date, but where on Earth was he taking you? Hiking possibly, he loved to hike, so you chose some trainers and Nike shorts just to be safe. The text ding brought your attention from the mirror to the bed, grasping your phone and keys, making your way to the parking lot where he said he was waiting. You could see his bright smile through the windshield, hopping into the already open door of the Bronco. You regarded his likewise clothing with approval, you’d made the right decision. “So, where are you taking me?”

His hand reached down to shift gears as he whipped out of the parking lot, the wind causing your hair to whip over your eyes from the open windows. Thank the stars for the elastic you always wore around your wrist. “Uh, it’s a surprise.”

You nodded your head with a smile, you liked surprises. The hour car ride was spent listening to music blasting through the speakers, content with the sun shining down and warming your legs. You knew instantly just where you were going when he took the exit with the large amusement park sign, nearly jumping in your seat in excitement. He sure did know how to plan a first date.

You offered to pay for parking, which he denied instantly, relenting to find a spot far away from the entrance and agreeing to ride a tram on the way up. As you waited in line for your ride, you decided to strike up conversation that you’d never really gotten to have with him. “What made you decide to bring me here?”

He ran his hands through his hair, subconsciously rubbing his sweaty palms together as he avoided your eyes. “I figured it would be fun, I hope you don’t mind?”

You giggled out, shuffling your feet in anticipation to get there already. “No, no! I think it’s perfect. I love amusement parks!”

He smiled over at you with a winning smile, his shoulders instantly relaxing as you both finally moved through the line and into a tram seat. The conversations around you were loud and boisterous from children and large families just as excited and ready. You relished the cool breeze that blew through the open tram, the sun sure was hot and beaming today. Your eyes slipped over to the open text conversation on his phone, knowing you shouldn’t pry, but being oddly curious. It was to Ethan, the blue text bubble reading ‘Dude, I’m so nervous. She’s hella pretty and I feel like I sound like an idiot. What should I even talk about?’

You grinned, turning your head quickly as he locked the phone and left it sitting downturned on his thigh. Nervous was good, you knew then that he must really be banking on making you have a good time. You figured you’d slyly help him, striking up conversation about his recent trip home to Jersey and what he’d done so far. His eyes lit up as he dove into stories about exploring the usual spots he and Ethan always went to, you being attentive and sure to keep all of your attention on him, which wasn’t hard.

The both of you reaching your destination, you thought quick and grabbed his hand, sprinting to the front gates to be the first on the tram to buy a ticket. He laughed the whole way, running after you to keep your fast pace. Your bank card was waiting patiently in your hand as you informed the attendant you needed two tickets, but Grayson shot you down immediately. His broad and awfully larger stature gently pushed you aside, thrusting the card at the attendant before you could think to do the same. “What a gentleman, Grayson.”

He smiled over at you, cheeks tinged with pink. “Did you honestly think I’d let you pay?”

You giggled, grasping his hand again as you ran inside the park as soon as the tickets hit his palm. He didn’t seem to mind that you took initiative and yanked him from rollercoaster to rollercoaster, the amount of fun keeping your conversation to simple excited remarks. The day ran on for a few hours before your stomach demanded food, him guiding you to a pizza stand as he let you order your favorite.

His attitude was far different when you sat before each other at a picnic table and munched on piping hot pizza. Your legs swung back and forth, your eyes watching as the cheese slipped from his pizza and right into his lap. “Shit.” You laughed out, head thrown back as he watched you with sparkling eyes.

He reached for a napkin from the dispenser to clean up the mess, his hand knocking into the cup of water he’d ordered which spilled all down the table and soaked the wood. He looked up to the sky to curse it before you smiled at his adorable nerves, “I’ll get you another one.” Your wait in line was spent glancing back at him with his phone in hand, knowing he was frantically texting Ethan about his horrible luck. You knew just the trick to ease his mind, grasping a water from the attendant and taking it back over to him. His phone instantly hit the wood when you returned, the forced smile through his nerves making you smile back with sympathy. “Ya know, I saw a really cute panda over at one of the booths on the way here. I was thinking if you could win it for me, I’d give a prize to you.”

His eyebrows shot up, instantly interested in your extended offer. This would be the very thing to calm his racing thoughts. He chugged his water before grabbing up your hand along with his phone and leading you the very booth where the huge panda hung. The attendant explained he’d have to knock down every stack of milk bottles on the first try to get a prize, thrusting his dollars at the attendant as he was hell bent on showing off for you. You stood back with a wide smile as he roughly threw each ball that knocked the milk bottles to the ground, his shoulder blades flexing deliciously in the cut off he wore. There was no reason for him to be nervous, you were badly infatuated with him. The attendant yelled out with finality as the last milk bottle fell, “we have a winner! What will it be for the pretty lady?”

He smiled back at you as you excitedly jumped up and down, pointing your finger at the panda as the attendant pulled it from the hanger and handed it over to you. You grasped its neck in a hug, smiling to Grayson brightly as he smiled back with satisfaction. The panda hung loosely from your arm as you stepped forward, his small faltering as his mouth dropped open slightly from the close proximity. “Well, I guess you get your prize now, don’t you?”

He shook his head vigorously, his voice lost as you reached up to place a light kiss over his full pink lips. His smile broke out against your lips, grasping your lower back to deepen the surprise kiss. His body seemed to relax as he finally got the gist that you in fact liked him back just as much. You pulled away, shoving the panda in his hands and pulling him by his wrist to the Ferris wheel. He hated heights, but you figured you could tell him to jump off of a bridge and he’d do it. You probably would too if he asked you.

Well, you know, following other people’s ideas or works sometimes bring me into real absurd situations. The absurdity in this special case was moved air somewhere in nowhere land. The case was: I didn’t like to be at Berlin Alexanderplatz on Saturday’s early afternoon fir celebrating the upcoming cup final with fans of Eintracht Frankfurt, for the celebration place was shadow free in a 30°C sunny environment. My skin still had turned into slightly red and so I told my family, I’d go by tram to look out for Frank-Zappa-Street. I just was curious… I went to the tram and learned once again, that you never stop learning a whole lifetime long. Did you know, that you have to push a stop-button if you want to go leave a Berlin-tram? Well, you know it by now, but I didn’t, and do I first saw Berlin Marzahn for the first time in my life. I turned to the tram stop way back, PUSHED THE STOP-BUTTON, went out and thought something like “Wow!”. For the most part of our trip we spent our days in Berlin in the central. Now I stood in nowhere, looking out for something. Something was Frank-Zappa-Straße. I searched for it, I found it and I suddenly found myself in the CENTER OF NOWHERE! This photo post is kind of a proof… All there was was a building, Trump would call it a huge building, some instruments were played in and those instruments moved the air, so that my ears messaged ny brain, that my eyes couldn’t see it, but they, the ears, know, that I am not alone in this very special part of God’s great earth. And if you are not a believer, if you just need another proof for the authenticity of this exclusive little story, you’ll just have to wait for the next post….

I made a thing. More specifically a raspbery pi with a hdmi adapter on it.

So how does this very from my normal assorted Arm Boards I’ve done in the past? Well for one it’s on its side which was the point, but more amazing at least to me, this was my second attempt at using Fusion 360 to create Cad like renderings. 

That’s right this is a shot of a 3d model I made from scratch after only about 30-60 minutes of tutorial months ago and several google searches. I think it took about 5 hours to make this. 

There are several things I would do differently next time around but that’s sort of the point of first projects, get your feet wet and your headaches over with early. 

I’m a little annoyed that the image capture options are super limited for what I would like to use this for but it works well enough I suppose and the limitations could just be my knolage of the program as a whole

i feel as if your eye colour represents your spirit element, like blue eyes represent the sky the water and the wind, brown eyes represent the earth and the ground, and green eyes represent nature and plants
—  an interesting conversation I overheard on the tram on the way to UNI today

Victoria Peak :: Hong Kong

You can catch the Peak Tram all the way up to Victoria Peak just for the fun of riding one of the oldest and most famous funicular railways, but you must come down by mini bus. Just make sure you’ll hold on tight to your seat, those mini bus drivers are crazy!

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Mag7 asks: 7, 8 and 27

Trams, you know the way to my heart!

7. Favourite Goodnight Robicheaux moment and why?

When he’s sitting up on the railing while Billy’s fighting, looking so effortlessly cool, and then when he patronises the rude onlooker so gently - ′That’s alright, son - you can just pay me double.’

8. Favourite Billy Rocks moment and why?

So many, from the scene in the belltower to the moment in the first fight when he drops his gunbelt and his hat, but the standout for me is when he asks Goody if he’s OK after the first shootout in Rose Creek: his face is so soft and anxious, just shockingly different from how he’s been up till that moment.

And a joint moment, because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH - when they share the cigarette in the saloon in Rose Creek. And when they share the cigarette in Volcano Springs. And when Billy is in the background lighting two cigarettes for them.

(F, stop talking about Goody and Billy now.)

27. Whose costume did you like the most?

Vasquez’, actually - from seeing @lostthehat‘s costume posts, it was so detailed and authentic, with the patterned leather on the vest and the decorated trousers and the waist wrap and everything.

Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

uhmmm so this is kinda embarrassing but im working on my bsc rn & its so expensive in california, idk what to do anymore. im legit considering a sugar daddy cos i dont want to take out loans, the banks will literally run u down here :((

Oh my god I’m not good with this but I don’t think you should be selling your body for tuition money! I would look for a part-time job and apply for any scholarships, bursaries, or even loans if you really have to. 

I don’t know how much you need, but perhaps these things can help you? I use them sometimes in my free time to earn some money online. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s pretty minimal effort and could save you some shopping/food money :)

  1. Harris Polls - This is probably my favourite online website because I get around $100-150 per week :) It’s a lot like Earning Station if you know what that is, except the payout rate is better. You just have to complete surveys about the things you enjoy (food, shopping, lifestyle, etc.) and accumulate earnings through tasks. I spend my credits on gift cards so I cut down a lot on food and clothes, but you can redeem cash/other things if you want!
  2. Feature Points - Basically, you have to download apps for iOS or Android, earn points, and redeem the points for rewards: Paypal credit, Amazon/Starbucks gift cards, etc. Plus, I used the code 8HR5KC to get 50 bonus points! I get around $20-30 a week from this; it’s not a lot, but it definitely helps to pay for my monthly tram pass.

Either way, let me know how it goes babe, I’ll be here if you ever need to talk about it xx

i was on the tram on the way home from a basketball game and this dude was sitting across from me. now I haven’t waxed my legs in a while so they’re a bit hairy, and this dude is staring at my legs. he looks up at me and says, “you would be so pretty if you shaved your legs” and I just looked at his legs for a while and said, “you too”

King Olav V of Norway riding the tram on his way to skiing in 1973.

“During the 1973 energy crisis driving was banned on certain weekends. King Olav never wanted to miss an opportunity to go skiing, and while he could have driven legally, he wanted to lead by example. So he dressed up in his skiing outfit, and boarded the Holmenkollbanen suburban railway carrying his skis on his shoulder. He was later asked how he dared to go out in public without bodyguards. He replied that "he had 4 million bodyguards” —the population of Norway was at the time 4 million.“



Title: Layover [] [ao3]

Rating: K+

Word Count: ~1306

Summary: A blizzard brings them together, two strangers stranded in the Detroit airport overnight until they can clear the runways. Korrasami Modern AU. [Be the Peaf Prompt 66 – Before They Sleep]

Author Note: My beta hasn’t looked this over yet so if you see a typo please message me about it.



“They’re all cancelled. Every last one of them.”

Asami turned her attention away from the departures board. She already knew her flight was cancelled, but somehow she thought that staring at the red “CANCELLED” markings on every outbound flight would make hers, the 8:57 PM from Detroit to New York City, suddenly be “ON TIME.”

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