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overhead crossing da kazu saito
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Iyo railway’s trams at Dogo-Onsen Hot Spring station in the afternoon,Matsuyama,Ehime,Japan:道後温泉駅、午後の伊予鉄市電 by Makoto Aoki
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GXR A16 24-85mm /  This train stop,also known as the doorway to the Dogo Onsen Hot Springs,embodies all the innocent charm of the Meiji Era and stands out admirably as a landmark within the picturesque Hot Springs Resort District.







The view of Victoria Harbour from the viewing platform on Victoria Peak, accessed from the old Peak Tram funicular railway. The peak is located on Hong Kong Island with the Kowloon Peninsula visible across the bay.

Kowloon (pronounced Jiulong in Mandarin) literally means “nine dragons” and is named for the eight mountain peaks situated on the peninsula which together with a visiting emperor of the Song Dynasty made up the so called nine dragons, or so the story goes.

This was my fourth visit to the peak (I think, although I’m not entirely sure it isn’t more), and I’m still blown away by that night-time vista. Hong Kong is not only a huge city but an incredibly densely populated one to boot, with a collection of skyscrapers and high-rise apartment blocks that I’ve yet to see the like of in any other city I’ve visited. The whole city has a unique feel, with everything about Hong Kong being different to anywhere else I’ve ever been. If it wasn’t for the sauna like weather I think it would be somewhere near the top of my list of places to live.

This last time I only had a couple of days in HK before my flight back to the UK but I highly doubt this will be my last time to visit.