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Vas happenin’ here’s time traveling/age difference ziam (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Makes sense

I hate how some unintelligible racist moron is what is shown of Britain today

her argument holds no weight, and quite frankly she seems drunk and I feel extremely sorry for her child.

I can say for myself I do get pissed off when certain people slag off Britain yet still choose to live here but not mix with other cultures, or those who just come here and live off our taxes but that is only the TINIEST minority of people.

Most are EXTREMELY hard working and honest people who shouldn’t deserve to have to listen to this crap, we are a multicultural society and we should embrace each other and learn from each other not tear each other apart.

I was shocked at how little people spoke up and hate how little the good that goes on in this country is not shown and reported and we live under the shadows of these vile creatures. 

And the thing is, I think the woman who said that ethnic minorities do all our work for us was also a racist remark and pissed me off to because that they’re only a part of our society and we all have our fair share of lazy bums and hardworkers within every race so it’s ignorant to assume that they are what keep our country going on it’s own.