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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: housekeepers report smell

semi long question/story

so my housekeepers reported smelling weed in a room yesterday, and another housekeeper today said the room smelled of weed, my maint guy goes in and also smells weed, comes tells me and i go “well lets just go see if there is proof” so i walk out to the room and walk in and yup weed smell in room, so i trak with my nose and go to night stand and open it up to check and yup baggy pipe and ashtray. so i asked gm what he wants to to he says call guest and say housekeeper smelled smoke and ask if they would like to move rooms blah blah no mention of weed and say if it still smells after today we will have to charge cleaning fee.

so my question is do i call local PD and report the guest or do i just not care?

By: greendragonsegg