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I need a prison AU where Dagur gets put in solitary and just spends the entire time yelling and laughing about everything under the sun, oh my god.

[Insert Member] Is Useless

No group has a useless member.

Not one.
I’ve seen time and time again that ‘fans’ will say things like “that member can’t sing so he’s worthless”, or “she sucks at dancing”, or “his rapping is awful” and I’m absolutely tired of it.
So let me break it down for you.


In most groups, there’s a group leader. Typically the leader would be the eldest member of the group, but it’s not always the oldest.
Suho, leader of EXO is currently the second to last oldest member.
CL, was the second youngest of her group, 2NE1.
Taeyeon, leader of SNSD, is the oldest.
The leader is meant to be mature, and charismatic, and be able to handle focus and attention that’s on them. They’re meant to care for the other members, to motivate the group, and represent them(eg. speaking on stage). In short, they’re the parent of the group, responsible for their members.

Top: Taeyeon(SNSD), Taeyong(NCT), Shownu(MONSTA X)
Bottom: Suho(EXO), S.Coups(SEVENTEEN), CL(2NE1)

The Vocalists:

Vocalists, are pretty much, the singers of the groups. Most groups have multiple vocalists.

The Main Vocalist- The member who most often(but not always) gets a lot of lines in a song. Often gets the vocally challenging parts(i.e. high notes).

The Lead Vocalist- Usually sings before the main vocalist in verses, because they “lead” in the song. They’re often a back-up should the Main Vocalist be injured or sick.

In groups with a large number of members, there are often several sub vocalists.

Top: Soonbin(WJSN), Taeil(NCT), Bom(2NE1)
Bottom: Jeonghan(SEVENTEEN), Soyou(SISTAR), Baekhyun(EXO)

The Rapper(s):

Rappers and rapping is a very essential part of the majority of Kpop music. Just the same with vocalists, there is often a hierarchy, if there are multiple rappers to one group.

The Main Rapper- Gets the most of the rapper parts, typically the one with the best technique and rapping ability.

The Lead Rapper- Usually being rapping parts, good ability as well, but second to the Main Rapper.

Some groups don’t have rappers, but it’s common to have at least one included.

Bottom: Chanyeol(EXO), CL(2NE1), Johnny(NCT)

The Dancer(s):

By default, as this is Kpop, all members are dancers. But there are still roles for the groups. Again, same hierarchy;

The Main Dancer- Expected to have the best dancing skills, less focused on singing, often have fewer parts during songs, might even have only sub-vocal parts(as breathing needs to be reserved for their dancing), often have solo dance parts.

The Lead Dancer- As the whole group dances, the Lead Dancer will lead the group and often dance in the front, when the group is dancing all together.

Top: Rose(BLACKPINK), Lay(EXO), Minzy(2NE1)
Bottom: Taemin(SHINEE), Hyorin(SISTAR), Ten(NCT)

The Visual:

Kpop emphasizes on beauty. There is even a position in most groups that, who ever is given the role, takes special care of their looks, because that’s an important feature for a group: looks.
It’s not fan-appointed, it’s given by the company, as all roles are. It’s a real thing.
The Visual is someone that is deemed most attractive, and is most likely seen endorsing products and be on commercials and ads.

Note: don’t confuse this with the ‘face’ of the group, aka the member most easily recognized.
Some idols are the face and the visual(Hyuna, Taeyong) but the two are not the same.

Top: Haeryung(BESTIE), Kai(EXO), Naeun(APINK)
Bottom: Hyuna(4MINUTE), Taeyong(NCT), Dara(2NE1)

The Maknae:

Some positions you don’t get trained for, you’re born into them.
The maknae is simply the youngest of the group. They don’t have a specific task to do, they’re just the baby of the family.
But of course being the youngest is often associated with being cute, so some maknaes make a point of being the complete opposite of the Leader, the most charismatic and responsible member. They’re often ‘forced’ to do aegyo, and act cute when asked.

Top: Ren(NU’EST), Tzuyu(TWICE), Sehun(EXO)
Bottom: Dino(SEVENTEEN), Minzy(2NE1), Jisung(NCT)

Considering the fact that idols aren’t just thrown out into the public, they’re put through anywhere from a year to 10 years of training, insane diets, learning choreography, songs, new languages, and often times while still juggling school, you can’t say they don’t deserve a spot in their group. Adding on to the fact a lot of times, idols actually have a hand in creating choreography, lyrics, and music, they pull their weight.

Members aren’t meant to be good at everything, that’s why there’s roles.

Some groups don’t have concrete roles, and that’s fine too.

So there you have it, your little Kpop introductory class.

Each group is carefully put together by companies. Every member has a point, if they didn’t, they’d be a waste of money and wouldn’t be in a group.

You can easily look up a groups’ roles, and see why a member is there. It’s not hard to not be ignorant about groups.
Learn something from this, and keep your mouths shut.

Colourized footage showing the dramatic efforts to store, and move the large volume of shells needed at the Verdun Front.

Using over 10,000 shells during an major attack was expected, over 20,000 common. The Germans in preparation for this battle made special arrangements  to maintain a high rate of artillery-fire during the offensive. 

33 1⁄2 munitions trains per day were to deliver ammunition sufficient for 2,000,000 rounds to be fired in the first six days and another 2,000,000 shells in the next twelve.


Request: hi can u pls write a sara/reader/leonard where reader is part of the legend team and those two really likes the reader? but reader is oblivious and also have a low self-esteem so she doesnt believe it when someone expressed interest in her. the two flirts with the reader a lot also protective. thanks in advance. :)

“I feel ridiculous!” you exclaim, storming Rip’s office as you instantly pull the rest of the team’s attention away from their tasks. “Have you seen this dress? How am I meant to defend myself when I’m worried about tripping over this insane train!”

“That is some dress” Leonard mutters, his eyes raking in the rather foreign sight of you in an evening dress.

“It’s completely impractical is what it is!” you continue, forcing Rip to pay attention to what you deemed a ridiculous state of affairs.

“It’s a formal event, Y/N” Rip sighs halfheartedly, having expected to hear something about the dress from the moment he had assigned you the task.

“Well, why can’t Sara do it? She would look better in this thing anyway!”

“Doubtful” Sara mutters in response, her gaze glued to you.

“Sara can’t go, and neither can Kendra, Savage knows both of them, you he does not. We need you to do this, no matter how ridiculous you find the dress” Rip counters, rather used to the teams tantrums.

“Fine” you sigh, knowing he’s right. “But I’m not going to be happy about it!”

“You look stunning, Y/N” Sara points out following you out of the room.

A snort of laughter escapes you as you turn to look at her. “Very funny.”

“She’s right” Leonard adds, popping up from seemingly nowhere as he stands next to the blonde, staring at you almost appraisingly. “It’s a good look on you.”

“Well,” you start, rather unsure of what to say, “thank you, both, for your lies. They are appreciated. I better get back to Kendra so I can get this makeup deal over and done with. But thanks, again” you smile before rushing off to keep to the schedule.

“She has no idea, does she?” Sara asks once you’re out of ear shot.

“Not a clue” Leonard agrees, going back to blueprints he was studying earlier.


Hey, hey, hey! here are some klance headcanons no one asked for!! Enjoy! ;)

-Keith was totally the first to realize he didn’t actually dislike Lance. As a matter of fact..his eyes were kind of pretty…and his laugh is really cute? Wtf?
-Their rivalry eventually just became playful banter bc Lance realizes he can’t actually dislike Keith! There’s just something about him that makes Lance wanna gravitate to him (Spoiler: that’s called “you like him” dumbass)
-Their banter is just flirting tbh and only Lance doesn’t realize it.
-Hunk talks to him one day and is like “bro. You totally like Keith.” And Lance has a Crisis bc HE’S RIGHT
-“OH NO I LIKE HIS MULLET AND HIS STUPID VIOLET EYES KILL ME” and Hunk just pats his back and is like “there, there you poor child”
-Lance is actually very wary when it comes to love and so he tries to push the feelings away
-Keith notices the change and gets a little worried bc Lance will just randomly get really flustered around him and leave
-Shiro literally cannot mind his own business and teases Keith by gently prodding at Lance

-Shiro, smiling innocently: “So Lance, just out of curiosity, do you only like girls?
-Keith dies a little because he knows what Shiro is doing but really wants to know
-Lance, smiling brightly: "I like boys too!! I’m bisexual!!”
-Shiro and Keith: *insert Good Shit Right There Meme 👌👌👌*

-Training is rough for Lance because he’s already easy to distract but Keith puts his hair up in a Lil pony tail when he trains and it’s INSANELY ATTRACTIVE and so Lance ends up getting flustered and distracted and loses
-Pidge enjoys watching them dance around each other like nerds and also engages in teasing
-Hunk is kind and is moral support for both of them
-Allure disproves at first and actually pulls Lance aside and is like “It’s not wise for Paladins to become..involved with each other Lance” and Lance is heartbroken
-They’re defenders of the universe, Lance can’t let a stupid crush get in the way of his responsibility as a paladin
-So he avoids Keith
-The team actually sort of suffers because of it, because usually the blue and red paladin team up together, but now that they aren’t communicating, they are lagging behind
-Keith finds Lance late one night, sleepily looking at the stars, wrapped up in his blanket he brought from his room
-And Keith sits by him and they both sit there in silence for a while
-Then Lance sort of leans into his side slightly and Keith wraps an arm around him
-Lance, tiredly: “I miss you.”
-Keith heart is about to burst in his freaking chest and he tells him he missed him too
-Lance ends up falling asleep, cuddled in his side and Keith carries him back to his room.
-the next day, Lance can’t remember if the kiss he felt on his head was a dream or if it was real…
-But they’re both more smitten than ever


I did a thing >.> Even Dagur’s shadow is pretty.

(If y'all want me to make you more of these, for different characters in the same style, feel free to send me requests with the character and what text you want in the background (lyrics, quote, etc). I’m willing to do more than one for each character as well.)

Word Choice, Iain MacLeod and Fandom Fatigue OH MY!

I had the joy of being up when the magazine posted their two-week advance spoilers. As expected nothing new it’s, but the panic in the fandom stayed the same. I would say it was because it was so late but then I remembered it was 7 am and not 2 am.


Here are my thoughts on quite a few topics I saw come up from 2 am to about 3:30 am.  

(Nobody cares about your opinion Amanda) (Shut it. I’m writing this to get my feelings out because I have work to do and it’s distracting me.)

No, I’m not talking to myself now. *eye twitch* Let’s begin!

I broke this down into four topics:

1) Word Choice

2)Rebecca and Iain MacLeod

3) The ‘Infamous’ One Hour Episode

4) Fandom  Fatigue

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Comfort in Silence

Prompt: Gentle soul 

Setting: Canon

Pairing: Kacchako

Summery: Their rescue mission didn’t go well. Ochako won’t let Bakugou handle the aftermath alone, not this time. 

A/N: I’m so nervous about posting this! It’s my first Kacchako ficlet, so I hope you all like it. Let me know if I’ve tagged everything okay, I’m new to the fandom.

Bakugou didn’t do crowds when upset.

Various missions and team building activities enlightened her to the blonde’s perplexing behaviour. Their latest mission set an example of murphy’s law. Everything that could go wrong, happened. Deku true to himself cried for those he couldn’t save.

Bakugou initially reacted in the way he knows best, an explosion of anger. The years had tamed his fiery temper somewhat, in traumatic circumstances he failed to hide his true emotions. Needless to say, the objects surrounding him didn’t come out unscathed.

In the age of heroes and quirks, mother nature is a still a force to be reckoned with add villains to that scenario and the outlook turned dire.

“Fuck off Kirishima,” he spat, not bothering to turn his head. Typical.

“I said-“

Angry red eyes met her own as his head snapped around. Ochako felt her heart thumping on her rib cage, raw emotion palpable on his rugged face. Katsuki’s rage isn’t to be taken lightly.

Not that she’s scared of him.

Ochako, sensitive to the emotion of the people close to her, felt the anxiety deep within her classmate as if it were her own. Combine that with her own sadness, and she was close to breaking down. Again. Skin feeling hot and clammy, she rubbed her forearms wincing at her suit catching raised hairs underneath. She needed to remember to put in a lining request to the costume department, a creature comfort but necessary.

“Tch, what the fuck do you want?” His low, rough tone breaking her train of thought. She wasn’t here to think about clothing alterations. Managing to give a sad smile, she watched his lips form a snarl, his eyes searching.

He hadn’t told her to piss off yet.


“I felt like fresh air.” A half-truth, they both knew she didn’t have to use the residence roof for that. Holding his angry glare, her body defiant in its stance she dared him to challenge her. Crinkles formed on his brow, a growl rumbling in the air as he bit back a retort. Instead of choosing to jerk head around, giving her his back.

Manners didn’t exist in Bakugou’s vocabulary. What you see, is what you get, pleasantries be damned. At first, it was perplexing behaviour, but after dealing with manipulative ways of villains, she sees it as a virtue. It needed polishing to be palatable for the public, however, Ochako is sure his passion will shine through. No one trained like Bakugou, she frequently witnessed his insane training programs.

Deku looked up to him, striving to be like him for a reason. Bakugou’s focus and instinct in battle, his body moving in a way that made her throat feel dry. In their match, his efficiency made her cry in frustration but he never looked down on her. Not once. After she declared her intent to battle despite the odds, after she fought tooth and nail, he accepted her wholly.

Cowards had no place in his world, only those who fought with their entire being deserved to fight him. Katsuki didn’t see her for her background or her gender, respecting resolve and power in battle.

It was a fight that opened her eyes to the young man in front of her. He is more than an angry, aggressive exterior. The expletives and violent reactions a cover for a teenager who cared more than he was willing to let on.

Hence, not buying his current act.

Tension contorting the muscles in his back, black muscle shirt melding to the slick skin. He had fought hard, parrying blows, and performing acrobatics during combat that rendered her breathless. It hadn’t been enough. Even with the support of pros, there had been casualties, some teetering on the edge of death.  

It’s heartbreaking to try so hard and fail.

It wasn’t a complete loss, but they didn’t win either.

The school taught them to prepare for both, that they couldn’t save everyone. A war between good and evil meant innocents will get caught in-between. Human shields, hostages, bait, all common tactics used by villains.

Sighing she stepped forward, gripping the stone wall to pull herself up. She couldn’t use her quirk again yet, she had overdone today as it was. Muscles aching, she shifted her legs to dangle off the edge. Vertigo wasn’t an issue when she didn’t have her quirk activated, her father owns a construction company, heights and vertical drops didn’t bother her.

Glancing away from her swinging feet she paid attention to the blond beside her. His posture taut and upright, gaze fixed straight ahead. Unable to stop herself, a giggle escaped her mouth at his screwed-up face. It truly is a remarkable sight. At her tinkling laughter, his lips quirked, head whipping to the side to avoid eye contact. Scoffing, his hands balled into fists flinching as sore skin stretched over his knuckles.  

Ochako frowned, noticing his wince her eyes drawn to the movement. Inhaling, she covered up a gasp, knowing Bakugou wouldn’t take kindly to overt fussing. His quirk also bore consequences for overuse. Reaching with both hands she cupped his fist, uncurling his fingers one by one, biting her bottom lip in concentration.

She didn’t want to hurt him. Successful in her attempt to relax his hand, a smile graced her features. Placing their joined hands between them, she kept her own resting on top. His skin felt rough but warm, a contrast to her soft flesh. No doubt an adaptation to the abuse his quirk handed out. She didn’t mind, calloused skin meant hard work and dedication in her family.

Looking up, she found Bakugou in an unguarded state of incredulity. Emotions flashing across his face as his attention darted from their hands to her eyes. Shrugging she squeezed his hand, turning to focus on the view in front.

If Bakugou wouldn’t accept comfort from the teachers or the other classmates, she would do her best. Ochako knew actions spoke louder than words to the boy by her side. Sometimes silent company when contemplating thoughts meant more than a fleeting “It’ll be all right”.