I hit 200 on my shad. The grind is finally over for him. Such a weight off of my shoulders. 82k range at the moment. Going for 100k at least, then a much higher range in the near future. Stay tuned on this blog to see how beast TrainRekk gets. 

Shout out to Mark[Canings] who from the very beginning told me to drop my sin and phantom and focus on my Shad. He had my back and was my hs mule until his wrongful A/B! FREE CANINGS 2012. Shoutout to Nixon[LoveiyTies] for the beast overnight leech [110-129] that launched me into Shadowerhood. Shouts to Timeless guild, my little family was there to watch me rise to 200. 



It’s been 10 full days since the reawakening of the Beast of Beasts, Tyrant of Tyrants, one true Explorer to save Maple World, TrainRekk, 20x Shadower of GAZED. Here’s the progress I’ve made so far. So far the range has come a long way, phew. Self buffed, I was giving it my all. With a low funded, undergeared, underplayed, flex, I could only come up with 101k ~ 112k Attack Range. After many hours of relearning the Market, researching upcoming events, talking to the fm community, and swapping out old gear left and right, I’ve come up with 215k ~ 239k(random party buffed). I’m pretty happy with it, but I want to be stronger. I want to devour the souls of NPC and Players alike. No mapler is safe. 

I competed in a couple of GM events. Both events were the four round jump quest. I made it through both times! I won 10 onyx apples that I’ve been holding on to for later use.

The last screenshot is awesome, not because of the Giant Robot awesomeness. It’s awesome because with such a small population in the largest server alliance, Players can still get together and do random, cool stuff like this. I dig it.

Murk til I die.
Timeless over everything.