Caught on Video: White Man BEATEN by Black Guy Because He Wouldn't Talk About Mike Brown

Caught on Video: White Man BEATEN by Black Guy Because He Wouldn’t Talk About Mike Brown

A beating was caught on video of a white man who simply refused to talk about the police killing of Mike Brown, and it shows a trainload of people just watching, some laughing while a black mean pummels the victim.

Here’s the report from USA Today – notice the title doesn’t mention Mike Brown:

And here’s the full video on Facebook:

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All Aboard! Skrillex Announces Return Of Full Flex Express

After being cancelled in ’13 and back-burnered by the Mothership Tour in ’14, Skrillex‘ roughneck rail-bound tour of Canada, the Full Flex Express, is back and ready to bring the bass by the trainload in 2015.

After speculation arose on Reddit, Skrillex confirmed the tour’s return on Facebook today with dates and a teaser trailer. The eight-stop tour kicks off July 8 in Ottawa, Ontario, and rides the rails west to finish off in Pemberton, British Columbia July 19.

Check back soon for a lineup, see dates and the teaser video below, and get more info here.

I need to sit down and write out all my thoughts and maybe work through this trainload of baggage.

I wish I could leave it at the station and move on, but the station master and conductor are insistent. The passengers are restless. How long have I been here?