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anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't too weirdly personal of a prompt, but faceblind juno who falls for multiple nureyev aliases before figuring out they're the same guy?

It’s not too personal at all– in fact, it’s kind of neat being able to draw from my own experiences in a different way than usual.

For the record, if we’re assuming Juno’s condition is like mine, then he’d only have to fall for Peter once to be able to recognize him. For me, at least, something about having very strong emotions attached to a person makes them infinitely easier to recognize.

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i’ve plastered it all over twitter, so might as well crosspost to tumblr since it seems some of y’all want to hear it!

DISCLAIMER: this is all meant in good fun. i know some people get super, super upset about traitor theories and while i actually do believe this is a viable path for bnha to take, i’m not trying to say my word is law or anything! if you dislike traitor theories, please stop reading and let me have my fun.

EVIDENCE I’VE SEEN IN MY REREAD (in no particular order)

  • so, to start where all the pieces clicked into place for me: the training camp. kiri was not caught up in the villain attack. which could be coincidence or very, very convenient, seeing as kiri and the villains might recognize each other and set off alarms in the heroes’ minds.
  • now to expand upon that: the kids who failed the end of term exam expected not to go to the lodge. who failed the practical and therefore the exam? you bet he did. easily could’ve been on purpose
  • also, with the addition of the light novels, we now know that kiri said his house wouldn’t be any good to go to to study. why’s that?? could be that his home gives him away as villain material
  • i don’t have the screencap now, but take a look at kiri’s face when aizawa tells them they’re all going to the lodge. it’s….strange. could be happy, could be dismayed
  • moving on, when they go shopping and shigaraki shows up, it was kirishima who suggested they all split up, allowing shigaraki to close in on midoriya and also keeping kirishima far from him
  • during the internship arc, kirishima chooses an agency focused on urban counter-villain tactics. very useful info to have if ur working with the villains that uh, live in the city
  • also sus: the night vision goggles he bought and acted like it was nothing. where’d he get the money from? i’d say his family but……
  • ……oh, right, we know NOTHING about kirishima’s background. out of all the main characters, he’s the only one we know nothing about. we’ve seen shots of the mains’ family lives (midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, iida, uraraka) and even insight into side characters like jirou, tsuyu, kouda, and aoyama. but nothing for kiri, so important that he ‘had to be the one who calls out to bakugou’? interesting. to go back to my original point, im sure he could’ve easily gotten money from the villain alliance
  • finally, in the most recent chapter, it seems we’re about to get kiri arc (FINALLY) alongside the eight precepts of death/villain arc, and if that ain’t one HELL of a coincidence

okay, so that’s the “evidence” i’ve compiled thus far. but to make sense of it, i have my own headcanons and some sort-of possibilities to explain kiri’s behavior.


  • he’s keeping all this on the way, way down-low. to the point that even his family doesn’t know. that would mean there’s nothing amiss at the family visitation, but why he wouldn’t want to show bakugou into his house. very, very unlikely imo
  • family is in on it. i don’t know. we have nothing to support this, but i wouldn’t be especially surprised. again, the above issues are taken care of, and also gives kirishima some motivation. could be either of his own volition that he’s a traitor or family pressure.
  • mind control. not far-fetched, given shinsou’s quirk exists, but seems cheap. again, gets around the issue of family and motivation if he has no control of the information he gives away. really hoping this isn’t the case.
  • he’s being threatened. his family is being held hostage, etc. would explain why he rescues bakugou but still acts as a traitor. would also mean that he’s trying to work against them while giving them information.
  • and then, there’s my extremely unlikely, but very hopeful theory


  • iiiiiii like to think all of kiri’s family is dead. i headcanon him with a big, loving family where he’s the eldest brother and has five younger siblings who adore him. i also hc all of them as dead
  • hori likes to play with heroes leading to villainy. shigaraki’s got some tragic past when his grandmother/possibly were all failed as heroes or by heroes. kouta’s parents were killed by a villain and he began to hate heroes and quirks. all might and midoriya constantly talk about the failings of heroes and who they weren’t able to save. so, i like to believe that kiri is a victim of similar circumstances
  • in my hc, his family were collateral in a fight between a hero and a villain. possibly that a hero failed to save them, but i don’t think he would blame them for that. but i could buy that a hero disregarded his dying family and turned him to villainy. more specifically, made him want to rip apart the system while becoming a better hero than the one who failed him. we never get to see his exact thoughts on stain, whose ideology would be similar, i think but we do get to see kaminari’s hmmmm
  • in any case, i think going to ua changes kirishima. i think he genuinely loves his classmates and especially, falls for bakugou. idrc if it’s romantic or not. bakugou has obviously had some major impact on him. so i could imagine kirishima agreeing to be the traitor as long as none of his friends, especially bakugou, get caught up in it…..
  • ……which is exactly why shigaraki wouldn’t have told him the genesis unit were pursuing bakugou. hence the many, MANY panels given to kirishima’s anguish that bakugou was being targeted during the arc. especially right after mandalay sends out her message, there’s that very memorable shot of him looking upset…but is it worry or guilt that bakugou is getting caught up in villain business??
  • and that guilt could easily lead to him wanting to get out there and stop them, knowing they have the means, and then, finally, betraying the villain alliance to save bakugou. which is ultimately, what i see him doing. becoming good for the sake of the friend who means the most to him.
  • however, next arc will probably either scrap traitor kiri theory or confirm it, so keep your eyes peeled!!!!

finally…….before i go………….i also want to let it be known that my actual traitor theory is both a traitor kiri AND traitor kami theory. to quickly summarize a few points, bc i know there was a forum that talked about traitor kami in great detail:

  • called stain “cool” then only retracted his statement once midoriya pointed out iida (could easily have the same backstory i constructed for kirishima)
  • we don’t have any idea what the fuck his backstory is
  • someone was jamming communication/alarms/sensors/etc and it was never confirmed who. as kaminari had the power to communicate with ua, he could have easily been jamming it himself
  • it’s been suspected that he’s lying about his stupid mode
  • another failure of the end of term exam
  • another not caught up in the villain attack at the training camp
  • also split up during the shopping trip

in short, i think they’re both traitors, but they don’t know about each other. also not sure if kaminari will redeem himself as i’m sure kirishima will. thanks for listening, and happy theorizing!


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shirena  asked:

What if Kel was executed for treason in Lady Knight? What if it caused a rebellion? Because you can't tell me that what the world will hear in canon isn't that Wyldon ordered her to follow the refugees. Anything else would create resentment. For all Wyldon's pretty talk, surely he noticed that. And if they tried to hush it up? I don't see Raoul and Alanna letting that happen. And if you knew your king executed nobles for rescuing commoners from a fate worse than death, wouldn't you rebel?

No, no, no, no I can’t do it. Kel is my lady, my light, my love–and I can’t imagine a world where the people on that war front would ever have allowed her death. So let’s tell this story–she was found guilty of treason. She was sentenced to death, kneeling on that Tortallan river mud, enemy territory a stone’s throw behind her, hundreds of abandoned souls saved by her stubborn hands. 

Dutiful misery was stark in the grip Wyldon used to pull her to her feet and tie her hands behind her. (He would not leave that job to a lesser man.) Rage poured off Raoul, simmering, trapped. The King’s Own protested–when they shut themselves up it was not at their commander’s order but at Kel’s quelling shake of her head.

Wyldon could protect Owen, who was his squire and his responsibility. The King’s Own had technically, roughly, been following orders. The rescued civilians were ushered toward safety with faintly awed hands. Kel, Merric, and Neal were ushered forward, too, by awed hands, but it was with their own hands bound behind them and it was not toward safety.

But the awe was there– these knights had done the impossible. They had gone into enemy territory, after monsters made of death and metal, and saved their people. They had done the impossible– they had put protecting homeless peasants above obeying their lord. Wyldon tied each of their hands behind their backs and they did not apologize. Neal raised his chin like he was challenging Wyldon to demand it of him.

But the Giantkiller fortress was flooded with children and civilians who had been written off as collateral damage. After days of hard travel, the children were no longer unnaturally clean and coiffed; they would always be scared. They would always be brave. They would not allow Kel to be the price paid for their lives.

A pretty young woman who had once stabbed a Scanran slaver to death found out where they were keeping Kel and her knights. Children threw tantrums to distract while the ex-convicts picked the locks on their doors. Tobe got the horses and kept them quiet. When they got to the main gates again, Neal ready to put them all to sleep, the guards turned around the same way they had days before and let them through.

Up in the commander’s quarters, Wyldon slept restlessly. He had told Keladry of Mindelan once that he believed the best thing that could be said of his tenure as training master was that she had been in his care. He still believed that to be true, but he had his orders. When they woke him, he would be stranded somewhere between rage and relief.

Only a handful of Haven civilians came out into the woods with Kel that night. Neal tsked about Giantkiller’s healers and worked on them all while Merric went though their stolen saddlepacks and took inventory. Fanche pulled bread, cheese, and knives out of her bulging skirts and passed them around.

Kel sat, staring at the space they would have put a fire if they had thought it was safe to light one. Neal bullied some bread into her and Merric asked, “What do we do now, Kel?”

She considered saying, “Why are you asking me?” but Kel had always been very bad at lying to herself. She looked up at the trees. Fir. Spruce. “There’s a war on,” Kel said. “No matter what they say back there, we still have a sworn duty. Or at least I do.” Her school friends were looking up at her like she held their allegiances in her callused palm. The Haven people were careful shadows, tired, certain. Tobe looked at her like he was never letting her out of his sight again. “I’m going to keep fighting.”

They took down their first Scanran raiding party the next day, finding them almost on accident. The first Haven dogs and cats skipped and sauntered into their makeshift camp the next night, curling up by the fire and dropping rabbits for the humans to clean for them.

Haven civilians and convicts began wandering in, grinning tightly, bringing stories of Giantkiller all up in arms. After the first week, once she’d figured out they might be there for good, Kel had started looking for clerks.

When Dom and most of his squad of the King’s Own walked into their camp without a single piece of official Crown livery on, Kel seized Dom by one rough, plain sleeve and dragged him to the side.

“You can’t be here,” she hissed. “Neal and Merric are as damned as I am. The refugees have nowhere safer to go, and I’m not going to keep them from a fight if they want it. But you– Raoul needs you, Dom.”

“Raoul needs us to win this war,” said Dom. “And neither of us could think of any better hands for my squad to be in than yours. If we’re going to win this, we can’t keep our best commanders in the dark.” He grinned. “Even if they’re grumpy giantesses of fugitives.”

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Side note: I ran a half marathon PR yesterday!! By 6:47!! During a training run!!! My splits were a little all over the place because I tried to run by feel, even on all the super big hills - but that led to me feeling really great. I was literally smiling during miles 6-9. I was only planning to run 10-12 but I figured why not just cover the distance, since I’m still 3 weeks out from my goal race and wasn’t pushing the pace. The legs started to few pretty sore the last few miles but still managed to go 7:50 for the last one. I knew I was in WAY better shape running-wise than when I ran my previous PR two years ago, but it’s still a big confidence boost to be able to break 1:50 while feeling super strong on a really hilly route (including the biggest hill on the course I’m racing in 3 weeks). It’s also the best I’ve felt after a run in awhile, and the most fun I’ve had - the runners high is real, friends.

Man Crush Monday: Tyson Dayley
One of our Man Crush’s this Monday is not just a model but also a Fitness enthusiast. He is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah and at the age of 24 you can say that he is an eye candy to a lot of women and a body a lot of men would pray they have. He is a disciplined guy with a good workout ethic. He surely has the looks and the humour that I thought he deserve a shoutout!

Jhake: How did you get started with modelling and how long have you been in the industry?

Tyson: My very first modeling experience came from Abercrombie and Fitch about 6 years ago. When I started college I got a job there folding clothes. A couple years later I started doing the shirtless greeting in the holiday seasons at my own store and they eventually sent me to help open the first Hollister in mainland China which was my first larger modeling gig.

Jhake: Do you like being a model?

Tyson: I love being a model and I love modeling. I think way too many people take themselves way too seriously and I love being able to throw on fun clothes (or man panties!) and be goofy and just enjoy myself.

Jhake: How do you keep your body in shape?

Tyson: My fitness is a priority so I make sure I’m doing active things everyday and I’m always very conscious of the food that I put into my body.

Jhake: How has fitness changed your life?Tyson: It’s made me the most comfortable in my own skin that I can ever remember being. As much as fitness is about improving yourself and striving to be the best, it’s also about being happy and confident in the person that you are today. Jhake: What’s your favourite workout?Tyson: I love lifting chest, especially any kind of bench pressing! Jhake: Do you follow your workout routine religiously?Tyson: My workout routine and training split is tremendously planned out however I let myself go by feel at the gym within those parameters. The exact amount of sets and reps that I do is usually never explicitly planned before I step foot in the gym that day. Jhake: What can you advice to people who wants to start living healthy?Tyson: The best place to start is by changing what you’re eating. As cliché as this saying is, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. Educating yourself on the process of getting healthier and in better shape is also very important for long term success.

Jhake: What are the benefits/perks you’ve noticed since you started working out?Tyson: Aside from feeling more confident in myself, I feel like the benefits of being in good shape pop up everywhere in life. I enjoy the positive attention that I receive at the gym or out in public for my physique and I’m especially proud of it because I know all the time and work that it took to build.  And there you go, now you know some of his secrets make sure to go follow him on Instagram: @tysondayley  All Photo/s are from Tyson himself, Rick Day, and Mike Sansevero

Through the stillness of your mind can bring movement to your soul. 💙 I hope you move yourself today.
Breaking in @cirque_de_sheesh ’s new royal blue beauties 😍
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Seriously some people are so fucking stupid! Why the fuck is everyone so sensitive?! You’re all just fucking looking for an excuse to feel offended or victimised by this movie when there are worse movies out there. I saw this movie and I loved it. In most movies this antagonist usually has some sort of mental illness so why the fuck were you guys never shitting on those movies?
For example, the fucking Joker. He clearly had some mental issues yet no one fucking cared. I didn’t watch that movie and say “yep I need to stay away from anyone who has that disorder.” I just sat down and watched a fucking movie.
It’s like some people are just sitting around and waiting for something to come up before immediately saying “this movie is offensive to blah blah blah” or shit like “this movie triggered me” Bitch shut the fuck up.
Why people are getting offended with this movie being “transphobic” or “offensive” whilst actual trans people have said nothing about this just pisses me off even more! If you are not transgender you do not get a say in what they find offensive or not! But I know that dumbass SJW are gonna fucking show up and tell me “you don’t know how it feels” or “you wouldn’t understand!” Which is true I am not transgender neither do i have DID but how many of you do? Most of these people bashing this movie aren’t transgender or don’t have DID so shut the fuck up, get of your high horse and jump in front of a train 😊