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Things My Music Professor Has Said

Some nuggets of wisdom from my Ear Training/Sight Singing Teacher

·      Predominants are like the black sheep of the family that moves to California, and you don’t see them for five years, and they come back as like a Buddha wise man…

·      Harmony is not the chicken or the egg. No. It’s the chicken.

·      I didn’t have a bad milk experience

·      You know the old cell phone rings whe you can’t tell what the downbeat is? C’mon you guys it’s not just me.

·      What are you gonna do? Close your eyes and hope like you’re in the last scene of Butch Cassidy?

·      If you finish sight singing, and you’re not sweaty, you’re doing it wrong.

·      It’s not vi-V. That’s caveman music.

·      If this was the three musketeers, they’d say ‘you cannot sing this melody.’ And then, you know, you’d duel.

·      Use the force

·      Do whatever you need to do to get your abdomen lively.

·      My references get more and more distant. I know, it’s sad.

·      I got a seventh chord for Christmas

·      We don’t get ready for consonance. Watch out, this is gonna feel really comfortable!

·      Hurry and finish your trill, you diva

·      That was a fabulous fail

·      I get excited about notation too

·      You can have fun and still know where do is

·      You followed what I did, and now I’m frightened.

·      That guy’s totally dying off. NO! There’s still a minute and a half.

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So... How do you feel about Student/Teacher AU's (or it being used as a plot device in general)? Cause I know for me they freak me out, (I'm going to school to be a teacher) like the thought of that being promoted as normal/acceptable "forbidden love" by media makes me feel sick and I was wondering if that was just me or if other teachers/teachers-in-training are seriously put off by it too...

So like.

As a student, fuck me, I loved them, because I always had crushes on my teachers, so…

Now that I teach? Nah.

I love playing with power in bed – I mean duh, all the BDSM shit I write – but there’s consensual power play and there’s power that like, is inherently structure into the relationship – like in teacher/student AUs – and that’s not fun for me.

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WHAT. I just got jae's first cg and apperently he's not a senpai. he's a SENSEI. why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?

Kashi: To clarify, he’s not QUITE a sensei! Jae is still your senpai and gets said honorific.

Why? The reason’s because “Sensei” usually denotes a teacher, doctor, or other person of authority/mastery of a skill. Think that Kyouya-sensei has mastered the art of teaching/math and Haruka-sensei the art of medical practice.

Hideki is a teaching assistant and that’s why he’s still a “senpai”, because he’s in college and in training to be a teacher. Jae’s just moderating for the dance club and is also in college, meaning he’s just Jae-senpai. 

I hope that clears up why nobody told you sooner! 

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do you feel more solidly in recovery right now?

i guess? idk i was kind of talking about this in session yesterday and it’s like… i still don’t really “want recovery” and i’m very much nostalgic for a sick body and for the numbness that came with being really deep in it…. but like even though the “long term goals” section of my contract doesn’t say “recover,” it says other things, like “graduate college, skate, yoga teacher training, laugh and smile often,” and those things require me to eat food and show up to life in a way that i haven’t in the past, and i’m really tired of being in and out of treatment and i know i can’t keep doing this and that my body probably like won’t live through much more restriction and exercise extremes. 

i don’t know if this makes much sense i guess i mean i’m like not thinking of it as being “in recovery” as much as i am thinking about it as being in life/living.


As a math teacher in training, I can’t get over just how important this scene is.

Most people have a difficulty with learning math, not due to a lack of intelligence, but because they are under a negative mindset, that they feel helpless when faced with a math problem. These people are fully capable of tackling such problems, they just don’t believe they can.

Math teachers are not heartless beings who criticize you for any mistake you make. Our job is to help you, to improve your understanding of the subject. What we’d like to see is that you’re willing to put in some serious effort. 

This is why I was so proud of Star at the end of this episode. She realized that if she wanted to save her timeline, she had to be willing to put in some work to solving the problem. Sure she got the answer wrong, but she tried and at the end of the day, that’s what we want students to be able to do. We can then take it from there.


Asher, second prince of Nohr,

A cheerful young prince who loves nothing more than to explore and adventure. He is rather sheltered and quite fearless of the world. He has no trouble speaking his mind but rarely has anything negative to say. He loves studying and training, especially if his teacher is his older brother Xander. Has trouble listening to authority when his mind is made up about something. He’s fiercely protective of people and will always help if someone needs it. His biggest idol is Xander, whom he adores (and will talk about for hours if given the chance). Xander loves him very much and wants to protect him, but has trouble making Asher stay put inside the castle if he’s not there to watch him. His room is littered with collections of things he’s found while adventuring. He wants to be a knight when he grows up to help protect his homeland and family.

He is long since deceased by the start of Fates.

More headcanons below the cut.

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Caffeine Challenge

Prompt: Something to do with the shadows


We had a Swiss au pair when I was about eight. Her name was Ursula and she was training to be a teacher at the same time, so we used to walk to school together. I was used to cycling, and I was used to going by myself, but I liked Ursula so I didn’t resent the blow to my independence the way I might have done.

It was two miles to school.

One day, she used the walk to teach me my 4-times table. I had a block about it, for some reason. I could do my 3-times tables, and my 5-times table, and my 9-times table, but my brain seemed to judder on anything multiplied by four. We tried ‘double it and then double it again’ but it took too long. So then we beat it into submission via repetition. Four times three. Four times eight. Four times seven. Twelve times four. Over and over again, for two miles.

I can still multiply by four at the click of a finger.

One crisp February morning, it began to snow.

Ursula, being Swiss, was not impressed. She didn’t mind the snow, but she was baffled by the announcements of school closures on the radio and the people who refused to go to work because they didn’t want to drive in the millimetre of white dust. We walked to school as usual and she pointed at the snow falling around us. They must have been tiny, but in my memory they are round, fluffy balls, like cotton wool.

“You know, every snowflake is unique.”

“I know,” I said. I was too busy pretending to be a dragon to pay much attention. “They look different under a microscope.”

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ROLL CALL: Teachers/Professors/Educators/Academics/Etc. Who Ship Reylo, Report In!

Just to keep everything together. :) This includes teachers in training, tutors, academic support… if you work in education and ship Reylo and are thus destroying our youth forever, reblog this post!

I’ll start: I’m a professor of rhetoric and writing and help coordinate a prestigious university’s writing center.

So I’m a teacher in training in the Netherlands and I teach English. I was explaining can’t/can/could and told them the past tense of can’t is couldn’t.
I literally said this:
“So when it’s in the past you say could. You can’t say cun’t.”
I didn’t realise I said it until I saw my students giggling and my supervisor looking down and shaking her head.

Today, I officially commenced my studies at the University of Melbourne.

< Queue a sappy reflective post about feelings and how a new chapter starts … yadda yadda yadda >

As I took the tram uni today for the first time as a student, I did a lot of reflecting.

I’m so incredibly proud of myself for so many things:
I’m proud that a crazy idea popped into my head two years ago randomly while I was travelling through Taiwan with some Hiroshima JET friends and just went with it (even if it wasn’t initially for the right reasons). I researched. I sought out JET Alumni who had done similar. I found a way to sell my family on the idea (who have done nothing but be supportive), I gathered materials, I applied… and I got in. 

Some curve balls were thrown my way in the process, but I preservered. I kept going- even at times when it felt like it was overwhelming. I kept convincing myself this was the right path, even on days when it felt like I was making a huge mistake and I would completely break down over the anxiety of picking up my life and moving to a new place for the 8th time in my life. 

I did something that took years of planning and preparing and I diligently worked towards my goal and now here I was, en route to an orientation session at the University I dreamed of going to.  

I genuinely feel like 2017 is going to be good to me. I’m so giddy to finally be starting this program and finally work towards a career that I’ve wanted for the last three years. I’m rediscovering my hobbies and interests. I’m slowly making a supportive friend group who share the same interest with me. I’m working on my social anxieties and not letting them inhibit me from being my best. I’m in the most amazing, honest and supportive relationship. I adore the city I live in a and I wake up every morning amazed that I got so lucky to discover it by chance and now call it my home. 

I’m just bursting with how excited, happy and complete I feel here and all the great things that have come my way. I sincerely feel like I’m becoming my best self in the process. 


Hey Taylor! It’s Rosie ☺️ I thought I’d give you a little life update…so I recently turned 21 and I’m
In my final year of university! I am currently working with children and am hoping to go on to do my masters degree next year to become a fully trained teacher 📖 I want to thank you for keeping me calm through these stressful months of work/study with your music and constantly reminding me that anything is achievable if you work hard enough! I love you so much and I’m so excited to see what new adventures 2017 is going to bring us 🎉 @taylorswift ❤️

dart-hfluffy replied to your post “AU Where Thingol takes little Luthien with him, and lives alone with…”

And then Luthien finds out she’s the lost princess of the Teleri…

Only she doesn’t consider herself as such.

But she would battle Melian for her father’s freedom (and win), and his rightful claim to Doriath. Whether or not Thingol gives Luthien ownership of Doriath is up to him—but going by speculation, and headcanon, it may not be rightfully hers. It would be Thingol’s first child’s (who many consider Eol, so for the sake of this, it’s Eol).

While Thingol establishes Doritah without Melian (in a less creepy, controlling way) and forms ties with Greenwood, Luthien (and Beren if you want) would search for Eol, and when they find him, attempt to convince him to reclaim his birthright and to make amends with his father.

I think there’s too much bad blood between Eol and Thingol though, even if Thingol was taken against his will. Eol Is too damaged to see past that, or he isn’t interested in Kingship. He’s too tired and obsessed with his craft.

So the kingship would go to Maeglin, who I think would be eager to take the crown.

(and I love this because Maeglin is rightfully high king of the Sindar and Noldor, and I’m a fan of Maeglin ending up anywhere else but Gondolin).

I think Luthien would remain by Thingol’s side, and try to get to know the real Thingol. Not the Thingol Melian made. And perhaps she’d convince Eol to forgive him. So the two siblings spend years knowing who their father really is (at the same time, Eol learns more of his mother), while Maeglin runs Doriath, and strengthens bonds with the Noldor (Due to his mother).

And Thingol finally lets Celegorm, Curufin, and Aredhel hunt in his woods.

 @moriquendii  and @verymaedhros thought you’d be interested!)