training swords

Imagine Paschal and Laurent’s relationship though. Paschal was the Queen’s physician so probably delivered him and Auguste and saw them through the illnesses of their childhood. He saw how he grew into a sweet little boy who doted on his brother and ran around the palace, laces trailing behind him BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO WEAR ANYTHING SENSIBLE and he was so happy. Even when he’d fallen off his pony yet again he’d babble on about where he and Auguste would be going tomorrow and did Paschal think unicorns were real and why wasn’t he allowed to ride one of the big grey mares like Auguste was, whilst Paschal tried and mainly failed to get him to sit still so he could check whether the large bruises on his side were anything serious. 

Paschal would have seen how that changed almost overnight with the deaths of his family. How Laurent was completely silent and closed off if he ever had to come to him with an injury from his sword training. He’d sit silently whilst Paschal stitched him up and then would leave with a curt ‘don’t tell my uncle.’

But now he gets to see him blossom into a competent king in a stable and loving relationship with someone who adores him and whom he adores in return. He sees it in how Laurent cares for Damen following his stabbing, working tirelessly to secure both their kingdoms. He is invited onto their joint Council to advise and participate in government. He sees how Laurent and Damen work seamlessly together. How in later years, Laurent starts to talk to him again. Make quips and jokes whenever he has to see him. Gets to see his and Damen’s relationship first hand during Damen’s first Veretian winter where he catches pneumonia. He’d described as a ‘slight cold.’ It wasn’t until he’d almost stopped breathing one night and Paschal had been sent for, that it turned out to be very much not a ‘slight cold.’ And every day, Paschal is grateful that he got to see how Laurent’ story turned out. 

people get pissed that Zelda’s portrayed as this fuckin damsel in distress and they’re like “TROPES ARE DUMB NINTENDO IS SEXIST”

and i’m like…
have you…
played a Zelda game???

when has Zelda EVER ACTUALLY been kidnapped by Ganon PAST THE FIRST GAME?

  • in Zelda 2 and I think Minish Cap she was in a cursed sleep
  • In ALttP she was hiding and I believe later sealed away in another world for a while
  • In OoT she was sneaking around as a ninja trying to help you
  • In Four Swords Adventures and A Link Between Worlds she was sealed away
  • in Wind Waker she’s a pirate who travels with you
  • in Skyward Sword she’s training to unlock her potential as the LITERAL GODDESS INCARNATE
  • in Breath of the Wild she spent her days studying to unlock her power and then spent a hundred years using it to keep her kingdom safe while all her friends and family FUCKING DIED ALL AROUND HER

she’s sealed away and put to sleep so many times because she NEEDS to be disabled






a long list of my fave lightning thief musical moments
  • before the play started they had fog in the air and the sound of thunder and crows playing over the speakers, it was so spooky, i walked into the theater and immediately fell in love (also they were selling orange chb t-shirts at the merch table!)
  • you’ve probably already seen pics of the set design but ancient greek columns sprayed w graffiti and covered in nyc scaffolding is the Ultimate PJO Aesthetic
  • sally calling percy “baby” :’) carrie compere’s sally was so good overall i loved her so much
  • mr. d’s song was so funny, george salazar really nailed him
  • luke going past percy while sword training and stopping to watch him go by when they met eyes uhhh…..
  • percy and grover’s hug when they see each other again, percy just ran to him and held him so tight i love them
  • luke annabeth and grover sitting together and joking in the background!! there were a lot of little interactions between characters when the focus wasnt on them that were so cute <3
  • percy making lightsaber noises with his sword when he first gets it before capture the flag
  • silena hyping clarisse up during “put you in your place”
  • grover crying about pan but trying to keep dancing during his part of the campfire song
  • percy at the campfire saying he can’t sing after he’s spent the entire first act singing, i love him
  • also the entire campfire song being abt how much everyone hates their parents and then percy standing up and being like “hi everyone, i love my mom”
  • percy climbing the scaffolding during “good kid” and hanging like he’s going to jump when he sings “all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack and no friends and no hope and no mom” chris made me cry real tears here oof
  • grover telling percy he’s coming w him on his quest and percy immediately going into Angry Protective Mode and grover jumping in before he can say anything w/ “don’t get mad!”
  • act 1 ending with this big triumphant song abt leaving on their quest but then the lights go dark and monster calls echo and groups of red eyes peak from the back of the stage and percy grabs for grover’s hand before the blackout 😭
  • “i don’t wanna die in the garden state!”
  • grover staring percy down for a good silent five seconds after percy responded to him talking to a squirrel w “this is nuts”
  • annabeth telling percy her mom turned medusa into a monster and chugging water halfway through her sentence so she doesn’t have to finish it
  • “that little squirrel came back and gave me these!” “three amtrak tickets?”
  • girl in braids and a floppy hat at the lotus hotel: why, my brother and i arrived just yesterday, may 1st, 1939!
  • thalia singing softly on the second level while luke and annabeth stand behind her with their hands held out, lit w green light, turning her into a tree while grover tells percy about being afraid he failed her, he was crying, i was crying
  • “it’s charon with an “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • creators of this musical, apparently: well we dont have time to focus on them facing cerberus so now he’s a dj for a sequined charon who rocks the entire theater
  • “i think this pit is tartarus” “(gasping) YOU MEAN LIKE………..THE FISH SAUCE
  • the toilet paper guns used for percy’s water powers being shot over the audience until the entire orchestra was completely covered in toilet paper
  • “well the gods aren’t always fair but we’re not total dicks”
  • jonathan raviv’s quick change from poseidon to chiron was really quick so he came out as chiron with his shirt unbuttoned in the deepest v saying “I GALLOPED HERE AS FAST AS I COULD” which was ridiculous and yet completely in character
  • percy and luke’s handshake! and luke telling percy what he thinks of the gods and going for the handshake and percy hesitantly doing it w him bc he agrees w/ the way luke feels before realizing that luke’s the lightning thief
  • luke has a dark reprise of “good kid” when he betrays percy and i !!!! SCREAMED!!!!
  • also the creators of this musical, apparently: well we cant have a poison scorpion on stage so how about luke just fuckin stabs percy in the back? hm?
  • the stage was a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper by the end which is truly the only way a percy jackson musical should end
  • please go see this if you have the chance it’s so funny and so good, it’s really an amazing adaption that gets the tone of the book so well and every actor captures their character(s) perfectly, they all clearly know the material and seem like they’re having so much fun onstage, i loved it so much!!!!

I just… really like the idea of Zuko’s broadswords.

Better people than I have written essays on how Zuko’s use of dual swords reflects on his own duality of good and evil. But like on a character and canon level, the fact that Zuko uses swords is very important to me.

It’s implied throughout the series that benders are prioritized over non-benders (though I’ll admit the gap is much smaller than in other nations). I think it may have been a fanfic that stated that it was almost shameful for a firebender to use weapons, that it was a sign of weakness in the fact that their bending isn’t strong enough that they needed to rely on something else.

Zuko is a firebender and not just any firebender but a royal firebender from a long line of scary talented benders. From the start, he had a great many expectations put on him which he consistently failed to meet. Azula was the prodigy he was average at best and constantly made aware of his shortcomings. We see in Zuko Alone that he had a fascination with blades as a boy (Iroh’s knife). Wherever that interest came from, it was his. Something apart from his Father’s unrealistic expectations and something he could do on his own.

Because Zuko can see that he’s far behind Azula in terms of firebending and it must be so frustrating to be constantly trying and failing. And so maybe at that point he begins to develop his love of swords. Comics stated he trained with Piandao but I can see Zuko taking it beyond any mandatory royal training and just falling in love with the motion and balance of sword fighting. Because it’s something he finds he’s good at, something Azula can’t do. Shameful or not, he knows he’ll never be as good a bender as she is, but he can wield those swords. It makes me smile to think of pre-teen Zuko, in the years following his mother’s disappearance, practicing his swordplay in secret. Using that time to forget all the ways he’s messed up and focusing on something he’s good at. And considering how good Zuko is by the main series, he put a LOT of time and effort into training.

It gets deeper as we think of Zuko using those skills to free Aang as the Blue Spirit. He used sneaky tactics and skills he shouldn’t have to commit treason against the Fire Nation. A Firebender doesn’t fight with swords, but a Firebender also shouldn’t be freeing the Avatar. I feel like Zuko was disassociating heavily during that break-out in order to get the job done, trying to justify that the person doing these treasonous things wasn’t him… when in fact, the Blue Spirit was probably more in line with Zuko’s true personality: rough but with good, noble intentions, quiet not brash, non-confrontational; would rather sneak around than openly harm.

And when Zuko is turned into a fugitive in Book 2 and was forced to hide within the Earth Kingdom those swords, for the first time in his life, became more than a secret hobby, it became his chance for survival. He couldn’t out himself as a bender so he had to rely on his swords to get through the Earth Kingdom. I think it’s also telling he lost his fancy FN blade at the North Pole and had to resort to stolen Earth Kingdom blade. And imagine how he felt to be respected for his blade skills? Teaching Lee how to fight with swords in the middle of the night was so important for Zuko’s development. Patiently talking the eager boy through the stances and philosophy of dual swords, encouraging him. When Zuko offers Iroh’s blade to him, what may have initially started Zuko’s interest, he’s telling Lee it’s okay to pursue this, this is a good thing. Which… obviously didn’t work out but man that’s something big for Zuko.  

Then Zuko openly wearing his swords in Ba Sing Se and using them to defend himself against Jet could be seen as Zuko reconnecting with who he is, instead of hiding it. This metaphor of Zuko’s swords representing his true self continues if you think of how, when he returns to the Fire Nation, we never see his swords. At all. I can’t think of one episode where they appear when he’s living at the palace except, oh, that one time where Zuko faced his father and took back his loyal, his destiny and himself. The final half of season three, Zuko is hardly seen without his swords. They’re always at his back, ready to be used to supplement his firebending or whatever. Zuko has opened up to himself, accepted who he is, and wears his swords and his swordsmanship proudly

TL;DR- The fact that Zuko, a Firebender, trained himself is swords tells us about a childhood of being second best and his blades was something for him to enjoy on his own, one skill he could succeed at. It also becomes a symbol of his true self, of when he hides it and when he allows it to shine.

Serial tweetstory: Monsters under the bed

“Dad, there’s a monster under my bed.”
“Yes, I know. That’s why I’ve trained you. Here, your sword.”
"Be bold, my girl! Save us all!”

“Um,” she said, feeling very silly. “Still there?”
“Yes,” the monsters under the bed hissed.
“I’m moving, to uni. Um. Will you come?”

“Where is he?!”
“You ate him?”
“We are monsters under the bed. We are your greatest fear.”
“I don’t fear you.”
“You feared him.”

“My son has monsters under his bed.”
“Can you… chase them away?”
“Let him fight, like you fought us.”
“He can’t.”
“You can teach.”

“Monsters,” she whispered, “are you still there?”
“Yes.” A whisper from under her hospital bed.
“I fear death.”
“Join us?”
She slipped away.

The last four posted as a serial chain, but I was thinking of it as a sequel to the first, even if I didn’t reply to that. I posted that too long ago (January 13, 2015) to find in my client, but then I remembered I could find it here on Tumblr.

  • Damian Wayne loves Valentine’s Day.
  • No, seriously.
  • He thinks that the commercialization is a disgusting display of Western capitalism, that romance is pointless and distracting, and that anyone who likes to indulge in either is deluding themselves about both the contents of their bank account and the national divorce rate.
  • But every year on February 14, Wayne Manor almost completely empties out as Bruce and the older Batkids head out to either spend the day with their s/o or spend the day moping with their other single friends.
  • (Statistically, the latter is more common.)
  • So Damian has an entire 24 hours unbothered by his family to do with as he wants.
  • His first Valentine’s Day at the manor, he was puzzled by how quickly everyone cleared out, until it was clear that he and Alfred would be the only ones at home until the 15th. 
  • At first, he made an effort to avoid Alfred in his quest to have a day to himself. That is, until he baked a chocolate tart and left it out in the kitchen.
  • “Stop trying to entice me with sugary confections, Pennyworth. I wish to be alone today, as it seems that it’s the only day in this godforsaken household that I may be so.”
  • He snuck back to the kitchen later that evening and ate two slices anyway.
  • Since then, every year he and Alfred made it a tradition to bake and share a chocolate tart just like the first one.
  • “I imagine you appreciate the peace and quiet as much as I do, Pennyworth.” “Perhaps a bit more than that, Master Damian. After all, I have lived through all of you and Master Bruce.” “Yet today, they’re all out conforming to societal norms of romance. Delightful, isn’t it?” “Quite right, sir.”
  • Other preferred Valentine’s Day pastimes include taking all his pets, including Goliath, on a romp around the manor grounds (much to the horror of the gardener); researching important historical events that happened on this day (his favorites are the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre and the assassination of Captain Cook); attacking training dummies with a sword; taking the Bat-vehicles for a joyride around town; and calling all of Grayson’s exes for the purpose of making rude noises down the line until they hang up.
  • As Robin is the only one on patrol that night, criminals and villains find themselves having to be extra-careful, because that kid is nasty when Batman and Nightwing aren’t around to restrain him.
  • Most of the Rogues just play it safe and reserve the one night for nice, legal dates instead. That way, Robin won’t beat you up, he’ll just lecture you instead.
  • “Tt. I don’t know what you’re thinking, Isley; adhering to a standard set by mass marketing, heteronormative sexual ideas, and American culture’s poor attempts to disguise their own inability to recognize lo–” “Kid, I’m gonna give you point-five seconds to shut the hell up before I feed you to a Venus flytrap.” “Aww, don’t get into it now Pammy; we haven’t even had dessert yet!“ 
  • He’s usually in bed at least two hours earlier than usual, Alfred the Cat curled up on his head and the original Alfred tucking him in after he falls asleep. He rests very peacefully…
  • …That is, until he wakes up the next morning on the 15th and realizes he has to deal with Drake’s constant presence again.
  • This aspect of Valentine’s Day Damian doesn’t know, but no matter how well his date is going, Dick always gets home before he wakes up so he can still give his little brother a goodnight kiss.
The Portrait

Based on the prompt: “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice”

Fifteen years ago, when nine year old Derek was sat down by his parents and informed of his duty as a prince to his kingdom, he didn’t fully grasp what it meant to be engaged. There was brief talk of marriage that he’d let fly right past him, so far in the future it wasn’t a concern, and the vague knowledge that he was spoken for, but it had little impact on his life at the time. 

He was told his betrothed had just turned three, like Cora, which brought up the memory of his little sister throwing his favorite book in a full toilet just the week before, and then he dismissed the entire issue from his mind when Laura called for him to join their game of hide and seek. He had more important things to worry about than some baby in another land, ruining other people’s prized possessions.

Ten years ago, they received word that Queen Claudia had passed, and fourteen year old Derek had dutifully signed the condolences his mother penned from the family, but it hardly affected him beyond pulling him away in the middle of his sword training. It was a distant death in a distant northeastern kingdom, affecting people Derek had never even seen before. He returned to his training alongside his best friend and future guard Boyd, and that was that.

The same happened nine years ago, upon the marriage of King Jonathon and his new wife, Queen Melissa; he signed the longwinded letter of congratulations, sat through a brief lecture on the importance of keeping up on these things and staying informed of these types of changes for political reasons, and then dashed back outside to where Boyd was waiting with their horses, forgetting it all in seconds. They were a distant family he had no personal connection to, he couldn’t say he felt strongly either way about their brand new union.

Eight years ago, the reality of his situation came crashing down on him with the arrival of a portrait.

The Portrait was the only portrait of his betrothed that was ever sent, and Derek was grateful for King Jonathon’s foresight. The first was upsetting enough on its own, as was the realization that Derek was going to be joined in holy matrimony to its subject, and he didn’t need the customary annual portraits to remind him of his fate. He tried to be less shallow about it, look for the inner beauty and the whip-smart mind his mother always praised after her visits to the north, but there was no getting around it. 

His fiancé was terrifying.

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Illyrian Sunbathing

Inspired by this prompt by @modernbookfae If you want to read another absolutely hilarious fic about a similar scenario but with Elain and Cass I highly recommend checking out @illyrianazriel ‘s fic

His whole world narrows to the feel of her hands - steady and unexpectedly gentle – rubbing tight circles on the outer upper part of his wings. He clenches his hands around the armrests of the chair and closes his eyes trying to focus on his breathing and not the feel of her hands on him.
He debates explaining to Nesta exactly how sensitive Illyrian wings are but he knows that the realisation of what she is doing would horrify and embarrass Nesta so much that she would never speak to him again. So he braces his elbows on his thighs, lets his head hang forward and tries to find another way to get her to stop.

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Tags: wing sin, but Nesta is oblivious, and Cass is a mess,

Cassian walks into the townhouse and leaves his sword on the table in the main room, Azriel following close behind. This has become part of their everyday routine in the past couple of weeks. Every day, after dealing with whatever duties Rhys had assigned them, they go to the townhouse for an hour. Az started regularly training Elain with her new-found Shadowsinger abilities and the two struck up an unlikely friendship. They are thick as thieves, their shared ability helping them bond even more than they had during the war and they now started hanging out even outside of their training sessions.

Cassian, unlike Az, doesn’t actually have a reason for going to the townhouse every day – a fact which Nesta loves to point out – but while he is there, he often finds himself in the same room as Nesta, trying to get a reaction out of her while she blatantly ignores him and storms out of the room when he becomes too insufferable. Today is going to be different, though. The two Illyrians had both had the day off and they spent the morning sword training in the sun which put the both of them in an unusually good mood.

Azriel cancelled his training with Elain for the day and as soon as he enters the townhouse, he heads to the tiny garden where he knows he will find her. Cassian walks into the bright and open kitchen and pours himself a glass of lemonade from the pitcher on the island before walking outside to join Azriel and Elain. The two are in the corner, almost hidden from view by all the luxuriant vegetation. They are chatting and smiling contentedly and Azriel reaches and adjusts Elain’s gardening hat so it won’t fall over her eyes while she giggles. Cassian smiles softly at how happy they seem to be. He places his lemonade down on the small table before he sits down in the adjacent sunchair, spreading his wings and letting them drape over the sides of it. When he looks up he sees that Elain had raised a gloved and muddied hand in greeting, he grins and waves back at her before she returns to her gardening.

Cassian leans back in his chair, tilts his face up and closes his eyes for a moment, savouring the caress of the sun on his skin.

“Good morning.”

Cassian instantly knows who it is. If the cold expressionless voice wasn’t enough indication, the thread tugging on his ribs and making it nearly impossible for him not to turn around and face her confirms it. He turns and smirks at her.

“It’s lunchtime, sweetheart. Some people have been up since sunrise,” he says. He is trying to get a rise out of her, as usual. They had both warmed up to each other, their hostility slowly shifting into something else but this back and forth banter had still remained their routine.

She doesn’t react though, except for an almost imperceptible tightening of her lips. She isn’t in the mood for a verbal sparring match today, it seems. Perhaps the sunshine after two weeks of torrential downpours had been enough to thaw even Nesta’s ice a bit. She places her own glass of lemonade and a book on the small table and Cassian turns and faces towards the garden again, closing his eyes.

He hears Nesta shuffling around for a bit and the next thing he knows is that her hand is on the top of his outstretched wing. He yelps in shock and instantly snaps them tight against his back and leans forward in the chair, stunned and completely unable to form any words. Had no one warned her not to touch an Illyrian’s wings without permission? Had there not been an intrinsic part of him which prevented him from causing her any harm, she would have lost her hand in a fraction of a section.

She clucks and grabs the edge of his wing, pulling to open it and for a few moments he is too stunned and confused to resist and the only thing he manages to get out is a half-choked “What are you doing?”

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Ship: Captain!Jungkook | Soldier!Reader
Description: Mulan!AU | War is Hell, but it’s what you had to do to take your brother’s place. Of course, between the days of Hell are little slices of Heaven you’d call your Captain, Jeon Jungkook.
Warning: Dom!Kook, Character Death, Gore, Angst, Choking, Intercourse, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Punishment, Oral, Hair Pulling, Public Nudism 
Word Count: 19,554
A/N: This is the longest thing I ever fucking wrote but it was so worth it. Mulan is one of my favorite movies of all time, and there were some such iconic scenes that I found so great I had to include them here as well, because I love simply describing the most heart-leaping scenes in my own words.

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listen to me, all the grown up batkids are dating people who either have experience with kids (little siblings, kids, etc) or common sense right. And Damian hates it. It’s like he’s being double patronized and babied. They all call him kiddo, try to set “playdates” with other kids (“Harper your kid is five, and clone, I already know Jon you complete imbecile”), they snitch on his siblings if they see him pulling Stunts™ etc.

And then there’s Kyle.

Dick, walking into the batcave: hey Kyle, thanks for helping train Dami while I wa-DAMIAN WHAT THE HELL DID WE SAY ABOUT SWORDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING-

Damian: Rayner is making himself useful and projecting some dinosaurs and ninjas to assist me with my sword training

Dick, turning to Kyle: KYLE IS DOING WHAT?





Damian: to be fair with Rayner, Todd and I train with swords all the time,