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wooden walls of this forest church - lost in the trees . meet me in the woods - lord huron . in the devil’s territory - sufjan stevens . flowers grow out of my grave - dead man’s bones . boats and trains - stornoway . a pound of flesh - radical face . don’t go away - toad the wet sprocket . smother - daughter . trees - twenty one pilots . saddest summer - the drums . the woods - hollow coves . come away to the water - maroon 5 ft. rozzi crane . i’m so lonesome i could cry - hurray for the riff raff . there is a light that never goes out - the smiths

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In Home is Behind: Jiraiya eventually comes back to Konoha, decides to train Naruto, "Let's contract you with the Toads, kid, just like your dad! It'll be great!" Naruto looks at him funny, "Toads? Really? I'm already contracted with the Snakes, and they're much cooler." Jiraiya facefaults, "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT CONTRACT FROM!!" Naruto beams, "Kakashi-sensei shared it with my entire team! Neat, huh?"


Now there is a mind-trip that no one could ever expect. 

Title: ‘The Curse of Knowing’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 6685
Warnings: Major spoilers, NSFW, heavy angst with a happy ending

Summary: Rather than face the grim reality after the evacuation of Altissia, Noctis calls on Umbra to head back to the past, where he can be with his friends - reliving happier times. But, knowing what the future holds has its consequences, as well as its rewards.  

A/N: Based off a headcanon sent to me by ‘shy anon’, as well as a few of my own. Please enjoy!  

The last few weeks have been the worst few weeks of Noctis’ life. After the Rite of the Covenant, he had woken up and found out that Luna had not made it, and had found out that Ignis had been gravely injured during the evacuation. And that had hurt more than losing Luna had, which he knows he should have more of a heartache, but doesn’t. She was supposed to have been his bride - the woman that he was to spend the rest of his life with. And while her death had been a blow, Ignis losing his eyesight had been far worse. Ignis tells him that he’s fine, but Noctis knows that he’s not. How can he be, when everything that he loves to do can no longer be done with this injury? Which is why, when they arrive at Cartanica, rather than leave the train and head to where there’s supposedly a Royal Arms tomb, he heads straight to the sleeper car, and calls Umbra.

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Boruto is a sweetheart, but he’s all the worst of Naruto withouth the compelling aspects.

Instead, can’t we have a Sarada series chronicling her rise to being Hokage? 

I know it would repeat the prior series, but I would prefer Boruto to play second fiddle to Sarada for no other reason than that she is more compelling.

I want Naruto to be Sarada’s mentor but then there would be a shit storm from Boruto about how NAruto would rather spend time with another kid than his own even thgouh Sasuke trains Boruto.


Boruto: Snakes

Sarada: Toads

Mitsuki: Slugs

Just saying…

Imagine Pevensies at Hogwarts

So imagine that when tiny Hermione Granger walks into that train compartment looking for Neville’s toad, another girl follows her in because as soon as she heard the problem she got up to help. “I’m Susan Pevensie,” she says. When the subject of school houses comes up, she says “My brother Peter is in Gryffindor, but I’m not sure I’d like it.”

Susan is sorted into Ravenclaw, but she and Hermione, the bossy mothering ones, stay friends.

Two years later, Edmund is sorted into Slytherin. Any Gryffindor making nasty comments about Slytherins from that point on finds out that Peter can throw a heck of a punch if it’s called for. Susan worries about him down in that damp dungeon and knits him green sweaters trimmed with silver.

When Harry is in his fourth year, Lucy Pevensie is sorted into Hufflepuff, to her family’s absolute lack of surprise. Harry meets her once or twice, a tiny firstie with flying golden hair and a smile that lights up her whole face, Susan’s sister. (Pretty, gentle Susan with her dark hair and soft smile and patient kindness, the Ravenclaw who’s as ready to help Neville with his homework as Hermione with hers, and he hardly notices Cho Chang at all. Hermione helps him ask Susan to the Yule Ball, and she says yes.) Cedric is a friend of Peter’s, but Harry is a friend of Susan’s and the Pevensies cheer for both Hogwarts champions.

Imagine that after the terrible ending to that year, Harry receives several letters from Peter and from Susan, but that they suddenly stop during the summer. Angry, hurt, frustrated Harry is brought to Grimmauld Place, comforted by Sirius and kept in the dark by the Order, and not long before school starts, all four Pevensie siblings are brought to the house to see him.

And they are all… changed. Harry is so restless that he can hardly endure his own skin, but he is shaken into stillness by the change in them. Peter’s good cheer has vanished into quiet watchfulness, and Lucy’s smiles are all edged with sadness now. Edmund the Slytherin is quiet and haunted, but at peace in a way he has never been before. And Susan hugs him when they meet, but she looks at him as if she hasn’t seen him in so long that she hardly remembers him.

And in a quiet room in a forgotten house, they explain why. They tell the Boy who Lived about another country, inside a wardrobe, where the name everyone feared to utter was that of a Queen, of endless winter and the reality of war, of the years afterwards as Kings and Queens of Narnia, of decades passing and their own world almost forgotten… and then a stag, and an open door, and coming back to a world that didn’t know they were gone.

Imagine Harry believing them implicitly, because he can see the kings and queens looking out from behind young eyes, the way Susan lifts her head as if it still wears a crown, the way Peter’s hand sometimes reaches for a sword hilt that is no longer there, the marks of sorrow and of wisdom on Edmund’s once-petulant face, the way Lucy turns her head to listen for something no-one else can hear.

And imagine how everything changes. Imagine The Boy Who Lived with King Peter the Magnificent teaching him about warfare and leadership, with Queen Susan the Gentle teaching him diplomacy and patience, both truly understanding how it feels to be a child entrusted with the fate of a whole world. Imagine small, valiant Lucy telling him about Aslan, about Mr Tumnus, about sacrifice and love and small kindnesses that change the world.

Imagine Edmund the Just going into the Slytherin common-room when they go back to school, a thin, deep-eyed boy of thirteen with his calm voice that speaks of justice, of peace, with the bearing of a king and deeply personal knowledge of evil and betrayal. Imagine him telling them ‘you are better than this, you are better than He Who Must Not Be Named can ever be’ and believing it.

Imagine a hunt for Horcruxes organized by Narnia’s finest hunters, imagine Susan’s arrows and Peter’s sword against wizards who can dodge a hex but have never had a weapon turned on them before. Imagine Neville Longbottom’s rebellion at Hogwarts aided by Edmund and his Slytherins who have learned that they are worth more than this, imagine Lucy flinging knives and curses against the teachers who would hurt them. Imagine the Slytherins rising up and making the other houses eat their condescending dismissal, once and for all.

Imagine Harry Potter telling Lucy, when it’s all over, “I remembered what you said. That a sacrifice willingly made is different, that it changes everything.” Lucy asking 'did it help?’ and Harry telling her that it did. Because he didn’t want to die, but he could sacrifice himself to save others, to undermine Voldemort’s power in a way he couldn’t understand, and that helped.

Imagine Peter and Susan and Edmund and Lucy coming back not to a mundane world, but to one in desperate need of them, of the knowledge they have, of adult wisdom in friends young enough for Harry Potter to trust. Imagine them rebuilding Wizarding England the way they rebuilt Narnia and understanding 'this is why. We needed to do it there so we could do it here’.

And imagine that they don’t die. Imagine that they live, and prosper, in a world that has enough magic to hold them there, and Susan grows up and wears her lipstick and her short skirts and so, in time, does Lucy. Imagine that Peter is the finest Minister for Magic in centuries and that Edmund is the Head of Slytherin that the House always needed, that Susan can achieve more with a smile in International Magical Cooperation than lesser diplomats can with a week of words and Lucy plays Quidditch and studies magical healing because she never quite got over the loss of her cordial but this, this is close. This is enough.

And imagine that the weight of the world is gently lifted off Harry’s shoulders and he can be just Harry Potter, with his world-saving done, knowing it’s in good hands.

While they continue to pursue the mystery about Pain, Naruto continues to train and tolerate toad grub. But at least he doesn’t have to turn into a complete toad for Sage Mode, he learns. Pain ruined the peace! Knew it was too good to last.


“Oof!” He fell backwards and sunk into the couch even deeper, Kushina not caring less about her added weight on him. He didn’t mind in the least.

“Why not a toad? I don’t think Gamabunta would mind if I ask to adopt one from Mount Myobuko.” He didn’t want to bring up the guinea pig after what happened several years ago when they were teens. That would really dampen the happy atmosphere. “We can even train the toad some moves! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

F-FROG? There was him again with his frogs… It wasn’t that she hated frogs but for sure wasn’t the option number one on the list when the decision was which animal can we adoptQuit frogs already we are not having frogs inside the house nor teaching him moves ‘ttebane!” 

What if we have kids? Can we even keep frogs inside with a baby? They are clean but kids don’t really have soft sides for frogs…

so i have this hc that when hermione first went into ron and harrys compartment on the hogwarts express she wasnt all snippy because neville lost his toad but because the entire train ride all of these children who had grown up in the magical world were going on and on and on about magical candies and treats and muggleborn hermione was super stoked to finally see what all the hype about. only to be informed that she would have to wait because some dumbass bought the ENTIRE cart of candy. so like as soon as nevilles toad went missing she decided she had an excuse to go down to compartment 11 and see just what idiot ruined that for all the other muggleborns

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If you're still taking prompts... I would love Tony offering to tinker with Bucky's arm, to improve it with added gadgets or functions. Bonus points for team members reacting to this with various degrees of "Awesome!" Or "No, Tony!" More bonus points for Inspector Gadget references (needing to be explained to Bucky & Steve of course) Thank you!

Title: Go Go Gadget Assassin
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony is trying not to show how desperate he is to tweak Bucky’s arm. 

Steve had clearly expected the ambush within hours of moving into Stark Tower. Bucky, once he met Tony, expected it within days. After all, he’d known Howard Stark too, and patience was not a virtue the Stark family line seemed to have in abundance. 

But it wasn’t until they’d been living in the Tower almost a month – wasn’t until Stark had finished helping Sam get his rig working again – that he appeared like a stealth bomber in the elevator one day and pounced. 

“So when are you gonna let me trick you out?” he asked, as Bucky felt the elevator slow to a crawl. “You’ve got an arm, I’ve got an engineering degree. We could make beautiful music together." 

Bucky looked at him, faintly mistrustful. He’d done minor repairs on the arm himself, and it was functional, so it wasn’t necessary to have an expert look at it. Still, the fine motor programming was still giving him trouble, and he sensed Stark was probably one of the few people not trained by the little toad Zola (at this point, since he’d killed all of them, one of the few people alive) who could help him. 

But he had concerns, too. 

"Would you have to take it off?” he asked warily. 

“Probably. Is that an issue?”

“Yes,” Bucky said simply. 

“Come on, don’t you want a drone that pops out of your arm? I could build you some lasers. Spinning blades? No? Or a go-go Gadget wrist,” Stark said. Bucky blinked. 

“What’s a go-go Gadget…?” he trailed off, because Stark had grabbed his forearm and was turning the metal this way and that. He allowed it, because he couldn’t see any tools, but he locked the joint. Stark looked up at him, questioningly, and then slowly let go of the arm when he saw his face.

“Sorry. I am not tactful,” he said. “No grabbing.”

“No grabbing,” Bucky agreed. 

Stark held up a finger, then pointed at it. “But can I just see – ”

The elevator doors opened then, and Steve stood in the doorway, arms crossed.

“JARVIS, you’re a traitor,” Tony said.

“It may not be evident that I am protecting your health and well-being but I can assure you, this is the case,” JARVIS replied. 

Steve stepped to one side and pointed away from the elevator. Stark rolled his eyes, but he went. Steve got on, and the elevator resumed its journey.

“I was handling him,” Bucky said reproachfully.

“I’m sure you were, but backup never hurt. Stark needs some lessons in taking no for an answer sometimes.” Steve glanced sidelong at him. “He could help, though.”

“Sure. Maybe. Later,” Bucky said. Which he knew Steve took as no.

He just wasn’t quite ready to hand off any parts of his body to scientists again. It hadn’t traditionally worked well for him. 

Stark tried again, twice in the following month. One time Natasha intervened, and the other time, to Bucky’s surprise, James Rhodes happened across them and dragged Tony away. He liked Rhodes; he sensed a kinship with another fella who had to follow his moronic best friend around, hauling his ass out of the fire. 

But his fingers were locking up more frequently, now, and one morning his wrist threw a shower of sparks that nearly set Sam’s shirt on fire while they were cooking breakfast.

So he devised a plan to hook Tony Stark into doing what he wanted, and only what he wanted. It involved letting JARVIS know he could cancel the “Tony’s bugging Bucky” alert Steve had programmed, and then spending much of the day making himself casually available in elevators and empty rooms. 

Stark lasted six hours before he showed up in the communal kitchen like a stray cat who knew there was a handout on offer. 

“So,” he said, elaborately casual, as he poured coffee into a large mug. “You still freaked out about the engineering marvel attached to your armpit?" 

Bucky shrugged. "Wasn’t ever freaked out about it. Just don’t like people messing with me.”

“I don’t mess. Well, I rarely mess. I’m an engineer. I repair. I fine-tune. I could make that arm sing an opera. Conduct a symphony. You get the idea.”

Bucky eyed him with well-faked suspicion. “Why?”

Stark sipped his coffee. “Because I love science. It’s not personal. I don’t know you well enough to like you or dislike you." 

"If I wanted you to show me all the stuff you were doing,” Bucky started, and Stark paused with his coffee halfway to his lips. “So I could do it too…”

“Sure. I’m a shitty teacher, but you don’t look stupid, so it’d probably be fine.”

“And you wouldn’t touch it when I wasn’t there.”

“Pack it up and take it with you if you want. I am the head of R&D for a giant multinational corporation, I’m not going to spend weeks on your arm.”

“I wanna know everything you do and why you’re doing it,” Bucky said. “And you only do what I say.”

“Okay, fine, jeez, do you want a notary? Can I see your damn arm already?" 

Bucky obediently held out his arm. The wrist sparked again when Stark turned it supine. Stark looked at him under his brows. 

"Have you got somewhere else to be, or are we going to go-go Gadget you right now?” he asked. 

“I still don’t know what that is,” Bucky told him.

“I’ll show you, you’ll love it. He has a helicopter that comes out of his head. You can watch it while I turn you from a fire hazard into a neurosurgeon,” Stark said, and took off, dragging Bucky along by the wrist. 

Bucky grinned, waved Steve off when he saw him coming down the hall, and followed Stark down to the workshop. 

Lost Toad- Albus Severus imagine

Request: Can I have a next generation hp one shot ? If I can can it be with Albus Severus and me being Neville and Luna’s daughter and being odd and awesome,believing in odd creatures like Luna but I have a toad and it gets lost on the train and I go to ask if he has seen it and my toad is there and I’m wearing a teddy bear hat or something and glasses and I see him on Albus’s head and go to catch him but end up missing and falling on the floor laughing and u choose how it ends?thanks! I love ur work <3


You crouched along the narrow aisles of the train cars, looking up and down for your lost toad. Your hair was kept out of your face by your bear hat. You pushed your glasses back up the bridge of your nose as you stumbled slightly.

“Nargles…tripping me again!” You sighed and shook your head. You got into the next section of the train, and knocked on the glass. The occupants looked up at the same time. One of the girls opened the sliding door.

“Hello…?” The girl was unsure about you. You didn’t mind.

“Have you seen a toad by chance? I’ve lost mine.” You blushed slightly.

“You mean this one?” A younger boy pointed to another boy’s head. The black haired boy’s eyes were directed to the top of his head. There, your toad rested, daring you to grab him.

“Yes!” You exclaimed. The girl stepped aside, letting you pass. “Come here you.” You jumped onto the seat, reaching your hands out to grab the run-away toad.

“Oi!” The boy yelped when you missed.

“Sorry.” You smiled guiltily. The toad hopped over your head. When you turned around, you slipped. Your legs fell from under you and you collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

“Are you alright?” The boy asked, grabbing your hands and helping you lift yourself from the ground.

“I’m fine.”

“What’s your name?” He inquired, holding out your toad to you. You laughed victoriously, trapping the toad in your shirt pocket.

“I’m Y/N Longbottom.”

“Oh! My father told us about your mum and dad. I’m Albus Severus Potter.” The boy replied with a smile. You shook his out stretched hand.

“I’ve heard about yours.” You smiled back.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N. Keep track of your toad.” He laughed.

“You too. And I will. Silly thing.” You hummed, walking out of the compartment. You hoped to see Albus again soon.


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I love dps sometimes kappa.

So, some context. 3 am, gubal hard for my expert roulette, 2 BLMs, an AST, and me on WAR. At the pace we’ve been moving this is easily a 15-17 minute run.

So after red Pepsi man, I always like to ask my healers if they’re cool with me pulling all the toads plus the mammet train before apanda at once. I do this because I know not everyone is prepared for it (especially not at the ass crack of the morning) and those mammets can really hurt.

One BLM stays silent, the other BLM immediately jumps on me and cuts in with “any healer worth anything can heal through it.”

I respond with “i was talking to [AST] actually. Yknow the one who’s been healing me this entire run?”

The AST actually requests that I stop at the second set of toads which was fine by me. The BLM took exception to that of course and kept on running past my pull to grab the mammets. So I got to play a fun little game of catch me if you can to keep the other BLM from hitting the mammets with their aoe on the toads by running in circles until the mammets melted the first one and went back to their original places.

The healer then said, “any dps worth anything could have lived through that”


This is my favorite story this morning after waking up terribly. I wish more tanks were like you.

– Mod Mhi


Sorry, but you can’t pretend Sasuke and Naruto put as much effort into training as Sakura did when they’re constantly handed new power ups, and Sakura actually has to work for hers.

Even if you wanted to argue about the sharingan, genetic alterations, mangekyou, eternal mangekyou, nine tails 1 & 2, sage mode oil, and amalgam tails, Hagoromo literally handed them their current magic powers.

And Sasuke and Naruto have senseis who basically compete over them. Orochimaru all but kidnapped Sasuke, Jiraiya adopted Naruto between Kakashi, Yamato, Bee, and the Toads all devoting their time to training him solely, while Sakura actually had to go and get the one teacher that actually bothers to teach her at all between her Hokage work.

Let’s not pretend that boys getting handed things after long and thoughtful speeches or a few days to a week of work is in some way equivalent to Sakura having to work constantly for three years to five years for the two whole power ups she gets in the manga.

No one would ever say that about Lee but no, because it’s Sakura, clearly she hasn’t done ~that much.

Naturally. We can’t have a girl out performing the boys even if it’s only in sheer effort to get where she is, lol.

That would be horrible.

Things I should be doing on September 1st
  • #1: Arriving at King's Cross Station in London.
  • #2: Getting confused at King's Cross Station. (how many muggles are there in London?, where's the platform?)
  • #3: Trying to ask one of the attendants at the station, but getting no answer. (I guess they're muggles too).
  • #4: Starting to panic because there only a few minutes until the train leaves, but platform 9 3/4 doesn't seem to exist??
  • #5: Overhearing a conversation. Overhearing the word "muggle" in a conversation.
  • #6: Looking around frantically to find that one needn't to look to hard to find the family. (it's the red hair).
  • #7: Hoping that placing one hand on the trolley and the other on a hip is what casual people do.
  • #8: Getting excited when they mention "train" and "Hogwarts". (also because the guise seems to be working).
  • #9: Watching carefully at the family as one by one they disappear.
  • #10: Wait what
  • #11: Understanding that they are somehow meshing into a brick column. (oh, that kind of makes more sense?)
  • #12: Going up to the mother and asking her politely how to get on the train.
  • #13: (somehow) Meshing into a brick column and appearing on a different station. (woah that train's old)
  • #14: Glancing around at the commotion. Owls are flying (wow too low, too low, not the face!!), words are being thrown joyously (you have your cauldrons dear?), and trunks are being loaded onto the train.
  • #15: Finding a compartment that is thankfully empty (ofc your excited but, having some alone time is good too.)
  • #16: Hearing the door slide and out appears a person (sheepish, but excited)
  • #17: Inviting the person inside. (you decide that the other compartments are full, conversation is slow at first, but somehow you knew you were going to be come friends)
  • #18: Laughing and talking and having the best time. Only being interrupted by someone asking for a toad. (you hadn't seen it)
  • #19: Waiting as someone tried to make an excuse to be a friend, they even held out their hand. (you didn't shake it)
  • #20: Being mesmerized the whole time, on the train, off the train, riding boats across a lake.
  • #21: Hey the toad people are still looking for their toad?
  • #22: Arriving at Hogwarts.
  • #23: Standing properly, physically, actually in the foyer.
  • #24: Breathing in and out slowing. (you may even pinch yourself, ow, okay maybe that wasn't a great idea)
  • #25: Watching the ghosts flit around the room.
  • #26: Hearing your gasps mix in with the others. Knowing that this school is amazing to everyone. Knowing that maybe this fact will let you fit in.
  • #27: Watching the (gigantic) doors to the Great Hall open. Revealing all the other students (but actually potential friends) of this school.
  • #28: Watching everyone watching you as you make your way to the front of the Hall. A raggedy hat awaits. A prim witch with a prim hat leads your way.
  • #29: Sitting on the stool with the hat on. (you hear the hat's debate, and you agree and disagree)
  • #30: Being delighted at the mention of your house. (it really didn't matter which one it was anyways)
  • #31: Feeling the welcome as your house claps for you.
  • #32: Engorging yourself with the spectacular feast set out in front of you. (it's not everyday you're treated like royalty).
  • #33: Filing your way towards your Common Room. (a little woozy because your stomach is filled with tarts)
  • #34: Finding out your room. (way too many stairs to climb on a full stomach)
  • #35: Loving your roommates. (they talk about quidditch, like it's their life, maybe it'll become yours)
  • #36: Anxiously awaiting the next day. (you heard something about bottling fame)
  • #37: Settling in. (so nice that the trunks are all up here)
  • #38: Falling asleep. (it's been a long day)
  • #39: Smiling. (you're finally home)