training myself not to care

Me about Shiro: i have to protect hIM

Shiro: *can crush me in a blink of an eye, can probably crush most of his enemies in seconds, is a hundred percent capable of looking out for his safety and the safety of the people around him*

Me: i gotTA PROTE-

One Punch Two Punch

Request from @caps-bucky-bear: Hi! Can I request a protective! Buckyxreader where either Steve or sam is sparring with her and maybe hits her a little too hard. And Bucky gets defensive saying not to be so rough with her. And just lots of fluff if you can??? I’m in love with your writing btw, thank you :)

A/N: Hey there, darlin! I have to say, I really loved writing this so I hope you like it!!!

Pairing: BuckyxReader

Word Count: 1133

Warnings: None

   “You sure you’re ready for this?” Sam asks.

   “Of course,” I scowl at him and widen my stance, lifting loose fists to chest height. “Get on with it, Wilson, I’ve got a debriefing to get to in twenty minutes.”

   “Are you really sure about this? I don’t want to hurt you, especially with the way your winter boyfriend is glaring at me from the bench over there.”

   “He’s not my boyfriend yet,” Bucky grunts from the sideline and I shake my head, ignoring his sound of protest. “I swear, I will put you on your ass and show everyone who keeps insisting that I need to be taught self-defense that I can take care of myself if you don’t just get on with it.”

   Sam shakes his head and sighs quietly. “Fine, but if you get hurt and Barnes decides to take it out on me, I’m coming for you.”

   “Yeah, whatever. Less talking, more punching.”

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So I imagine Pidge and Lance doing weird shit to the rest of the team(excluding Shiro) like prancing them or just pissing them off in general then playing innocent. They exclude Shiro because "if we really did those things, why hasn't it happened to you?" They think they're getting away with it but honestly Shiro is just so done he doesn't even care as long as no one gets hurt (He also laughs when he sees or hears some of the shit go down)

If ya’ll ever wanted to know what me as a parent would be like it’s 110% this

If there’s one thing life should teach everyone is to not take bullshit from anyone. Don’t be afraid of sounding mean when someone is hurting you / making you uncomfortable. Life’s too short for us to waste half of it afraid of telling others how we feel.

Growing Up pt.1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader // Sarah Rogers, Becca Barnes, Nat Romanov, Bucky Barnes.

Warning: Over protective dad!Steve and Dad!Bucky, so language maybe?

When Sarah and Becca come home with the most exciting news two 15 years could have, you and Nat are unsure how well this is going to go over with their fathers. Rule One of having daughters NO DATING.

“Mom!” – “Aunt Y/N!”

“Aunt Nat!” – “Mom!”

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7 Times Jesse McCree Didn’t Confess & One Time He Did (Part 2)

There were very few things that scared Jesse McCree. He’d seen enough of the world to know that not much warranted fear, but when it did, it meant bad news. He’d listened to Gabriel explain the mission that he’d be sending McCree and Genji on. Gabriel was a sensible man who knew his way around a battlefield. His intuition could be trusted, so when he admitted that this mission could very well be the end to either, or both, of their lives, Jesse swallowed.

As soon as Gabriel dismissed them, he ran off in search of you. His palms were sweating, hands shaking, and brow furrowed. Fear lingered on his person, taunting him as he made his way towards you, his salvation.

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C: I recently enlisted in US Air Force Reserve and I have basic training AKA bootcamp in about a month. I’m not that nervous about the training, I take care of myself and I know what to expect for the most part. However, I am nervous about my hair. I have microlocs that mimic sisterlocs and so far no one has said I break regulations with them. I’ve worn them in two braids and also in a low pulled back bun. It’s crazy as a black woman we have to worry about this since our natural hair has to conform to other standards.

...And Forever

Fandom: WWE

Pairing/Characters: Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins

Length: ~3900 words

Rating: M. Smut. But also romance. Ish.

AN: This is a “bedtime story” I wrote mainly in messages for @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch the other night. True to form, I am a wordy bitch, and it became this. 
No beta. Tenses are a mess. I’m sorry, but it’s 3 am and this beast needs to be posted. 
Also also… this is a medieval AU? Or fairy tale? I dunno, man.
Tagging @srcurbstompedmyheart, @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance, @sabrina-blyton and my writing soulmate @thee-asshole-of-moxicity

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This Day in Julie-history: STAR! begins its first day of official shooting on Stage 14 at Twentieth Century Fox Studios.

On 12 April 1967, the world’s press was on hand to watch Julie Andrews go before the cameras for the start of principal filming on STAR!, the lavish screen musical based on the life of Gertrude Lawrence. Dressed as a Pearlie Queen, Julie shot preliminary scenes for the film’s “Piccadilly” music hall number under the guidance of director, Robert Wise.

Julie had already been hard at work on STAR! since February, rehearsing and pre-recording the film’s big musical sequences, and would continue till the close of principal photography in December (Browning, 2-6). It would be the most ambitious undertaking of her entire film career, requiring a total of 159 days in front of the cameras, with 20 days in New York at 27 different locations, 8 days in Southern France, and 17 days in London” (“98 Outfits,” 9-C).

“This is the most difficult film I’ve ever made,” gasped Julie in interview during production. “It’s like going into training. I must take care of myself or I’d be dead. I get up at 5:45a.m. every day, and sometimes I don’t get home till 8 at night” (Wilson, 11).

As part of proceedings for the first day shoot, Julie was joined for a special press photo call by director Robert Wise, associate producer Saul Chaplin and choreographer Michael Kidd. Much was made about this reunion of the dream team behind The Sound of Music. “Can they do it again?” asked one syndicated news article, claiming "If any picture is likely to match ‘The Sound of Music’ in public popularity it will be ‘Star!’” (”Will Julie,” 12).

Sadly, it was not to be the case and STAR! would prove a box office disappointment when it was released in 1968. Still, STAR! is a much cherished favourite of the Parallel Julieverse, so expect some big! exclamation point! celebrations! for the film’s 50th Golden Anniversary next year in 2018.


“98 Outfits for Julie and 21 Songs.” The Sunday Press. 11 June 1967: 9-C.

Browning, Norma Lee. “Julie Finishes ‘Star’: Film on Life of Gertrude Lawrence.” Chicago Tribune. 25 December 1967: 2-6.

Champlin, Charles. “Stage Saga of Miss Lawrence Hitched to ‘Star’.” The Los Angeles Times. 3 March 1967: IV-1, 11.

Land, Kevin. “Recreating Four Decades of Modern History for STAR!” American Cinematographer. 50: 3 March 1969: 294-297.

“Will Julie Hit the Big Jackpot Again?” Press and Sun Bulletin. 6 May 1967: 12.

Wilson, Jane. “Thoroughly Wholesome Julie.” West: The Los Angeles Times  Magazine. 15 October 1967: 11-17.

© 2017, Brett Farmer. All Rights Reserved

i was volunteering at a place where there were drinks being served and i almost went and got myself a glass of wine bc i forgot that i wasn’t at home 

something i’ve kinda had to train myself to do is to like. stop caring about my friend’s opinions about things i enjoy (on a level purely based on personal taste, i mean…. not like ignoring when things are legitimately distasteful for some reason). i used to worry so much about gaining the approval of ppl by only drawing things they’d enjoy and i’m like ????? no…. i’m drawing for me and i’m gonna do what i enjoy even if they might secretly look at it and roll their eyes like “wow i seriously can’t believe ur into this thing”. like hell i even find myself doing that sometimes but even if it’s something harmless that i just don’t personally care for i want them to keep producing content of it even if it ain’t my thing cuz i want them to be happy about it.

and like, it’s hard to do honestly? it seems like such a silly thing that wouldn’t be hard but it is. but i’m just trying to surround myself with more positive energy generally. idk! 

Notebook Pt. 1 (Bucky x Reader)

I’m back with more Bucky! This is inspired on the summary an anon gave @bovaria a couple months ago and I loved it so much I wrote two parts….

Thank you guys for reading Shifty! I was so overwhelmed with the feedback, please don’t stop! If you haven’t read it, that’s totally cool, if you want to check it out please search Mags writes, I’m still learning how to tag posts and such.

Happy New Year!

Summary: Bucky writes down every moment he has with you, something he never wants to forget.

Warnings: Fighting (physical and vocal) and angst

Words: Lord knows…..

Please let me know if you want to be tagged or just to talk:)

Thank you for reading!

Part 2


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You mutter profanities under your breath as you practically rip your black skater dress off, growl as you throw your shoes at the wall and grit your teeth as you pull your hair out of the mangled ponytail it was in, not caring about the achy feeling the grows when you begin to rub your scalp.

You crawl into your bed and bury your face in your pillow, trying to keep the tears at bay as you recalled what happened tonight.

- 2 hours ago -

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Georgina Rodriguez debuts as a model for magazine ,,Woman”

Georgina Rodríguez debuts as a model in the August issue of the magazine ,,Woman” (that will be available in shops this Friday, 21st of July) , starring exclusively in her first fashion editorial for a media outlet. Phtographed by the prestigious photographer Santiago Esteban, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo has started her career from the hand of ‘Uno Models’, one of the leading agencies of models and personalities in Spain.

Georgina stars in ,,Woman” the reportage entitled ,,Cuerpo de baile” (,,Body of dance”), inspired by the trend of glamour of the 50’s and the world of ballet. In it she has also answered some our questions…

Journalist : ,,You’ve spent more than half of your life being a dancer, has this sacrifice shaped your caracter?”

Georgina : ,, I wouldn’t consider it as a sacrifice, because the dance is my passion, but it’s true that I consider myslef as a disciplined person and the ballet has played a fundamental role in it. Since I was a little girl I’ve had the daily routine of tests and this discipline I apply to my trainings and my diet now. I like taking care of myself and I enjoy being active and eating healthy.”

J : ,,An essential beauty tip?”

G : ,,I firmly belive that the best beauty tip is the naturality and, for that, to have a pretty and well cared skin is essential. A healthy diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and washing precisely your face with water and neutral soap, both in the morning and in the evening, before going to sleep, it’s absolutely necessary. If to that you add a good moisturizer and a smile…You’ll be radiant!” 

J : ,,You consider yourself as a familiar person?”

G : ,,I love spending time with my family and friends and this is what I value the most.”