training loop

melbourne city loop train stations to cry at, rated

flinders st: scene children have been crying here for AT LEAST a decade & they legally own all crying rights . approach@ur own risk (unless ur a scene kid). 3/10

flagstaff: good luck getting here, good luck avoiding acu students who’ll only make u cry harder wen they remind you that THEYRE gonna ENTer the WOrk Force. extra points for isolation and proximity 2 thousands of businessmen  6/10

parliament: u can ride the endless elevators , (gently weeping) up and down for all of eternity , 9/10

southern cross: sob hysterically in a vline for the 20 minutes it sits idle before leaving to geelong BUT country ppl tend 2 be nosier and kinder than city-slickers &umay be offered a tissue. get red rooster afterwards 2 feel even worse about urself 7/10

melb central: AVOID at all costs, there WILL be metdogs and they CAN smell weakness & find a reason to fine u (public nuisance possibly) 1/10