training log

7/1/15 - 3 miles with my dad today, in my new shoes :) I’m pretty sure he ran his first sub-9:00 mile since his injury like four years ago!

To be completely honest, I’m feeling kind of discouraged. My Achilles felt good yesterday (like 80% fine) and I was feeling hopeful that it was actually getting better; however, today my *left* Achilles starting hurting around mile 1, followed shortly by my right Achilles, and I cut my 6 mile run short to 3. That was probably smart anyway because of the new shoes, but still. I’m wondering if it’s time to take a complete break for a little while, but I have a triathlon in 18 days that I’m doing with my dad, so…I don’t know. I think I’m gonna try to get in touch with my coach today and see if he has any recommendations.


Training was so good today. I have been awfully busy for the past 2-3 weeks so I missed a week and a half’s worth of classes x_x at least that’s over now and I’m back on track. 

Both my flexibility and strength have remained the same as I made sure to work out every day (even on study days) at least 40 minutes. Since I knew I was going to be very inactive those days I took the opportunity to switch to a low-carb, high fiber and moderate protein diet and lost a fair amount of body fat (to speed-up the overall process of losing the remaining body fat left in my body as it’s just empty, useless weight I don’t need) without losing any muscle mass, so that’s good.

My footwork and core strength have definitely improved. I notice a positive difference in my speed and reflexes too and I’m quite proud of that. I need to improve my hip work a little and focus more on my breathing (in order to use combat qigong efficiently, we only breathe through the nose. Anyone who has worked out in their lives knows how difficult it is to keep your mouth shut while doing high intensity activity). To be fair, at least this technique as painful as it is greatly improves your lung capacity in a short period of time. Without being a runner I wouldn’t be physically able to run half as much as I do now with regular cardio training over the same time period (5-6 months).

Notes from today:

-Work on Xiao. Try to create bursts of energy and time them accordingly. More energy, less tension. Breathe and flow in the form, don’t fight against it. Use both straight and circular movements to create those moments. Close your fists. Switch your feet and raise your left leg before using the first crane fist. Keep your feet on the same line and make sure “mark” the half circle transition with the outer part of your feet before reaching out your fist (and switch your stance when you do). When back to Dan Tian don’t stay there too long and use your left arm and right leg to continue the form.

-Expand your arms more when using Piguazhang and don’t tension neither your arms nor your hands. Pigua uses a lot more of qi than Baji and it’s movements are faster, so you need to concentrate more in order to not injury yourself. Don’t fully extend your arms either to avoid elbow injury.

-Keep lowering your BFP and working on core strength.

-Keep hitting the wall at a steady pace with little force over a few minutes. Don’t worry, the initial pain doesn’t last long. Your hand grows numb after the first 30 seconds. Developing calluses and strengthening your knuckles is important, don’t skip it. Just make sure to clean the bloodstains when they’re still fresh.

-Keep practicing Lin Wan Kuen at home. It’s good cardio and speed work.

Setup is ALMOST there, just a little more tweaks here and there. Have to remember to keep head in a straight position looking forward and down. Hammering down on grip strength so I can pull over-over during working sets, develop a bit more hip flexibility, and learn how to break the weight with my quads.

Thanksgiving WOD

14:00 EMOM

Even - 30 DU
Odd - 8 back rack walking lunges 95#

All DU were unbroken - for like the first time ever.

SKILL: 20:00 MU work

This didn’t go well. I wasn’t able to string more than 2 together. I stupidly tried games style grip first, which I couldn’t get any of. Maybe I should just master false grip.

WOD: For time
1000m row
50 ring dips

10:43 RXd

I’ve effed up my rowing. I’ve gotten worse. Time to go back to how I used to row. This took me more than 4:10 for the 1000, and then ring dips were slow. They are getting better, but still so terrible. I just go for fast singles. Down and up. PLUS my quads feel like they’ve been hit with a mallet from the air dyne and Karen. So rowing was a nightmare.

Pigeon, quad stretch, hip stretch

11.7.14 Training

Focused Friday Bench session. Not as strong as last week though. I think the week caught up with me. Still pushed through for a decent enough workout. Will probably force myself to rest tomorrow then hit a good squat session on Sunday. Have a great weekend all!

Bench press: 4x8,6,4,2, 5x2, 1x10
Macgill pull-ups: 6x2

SA DB rows: 4x10/side

Wide-grip Bench press: 3x12
TRX face pulls: 3x15

Oh hey there everyone!!  First of all, a huge thanks to so many of you that sent me kind and supportive comments/messages regarding my back and training.  I’m terrible at responding, but know that I greatly appreciate it and it means a lot to me!  Also, I thought I’d throw out some updates while I have a few minutes.  So far, my break is going well…somehow feels busier (just in a different way) than when I’m in classes.  Still working, of course, and I’ve been getting in lots of good clinical observation time as well as catching up on things around the house.  Training is starting to come around and this week in particular was pretty great.  Here’s the highlights:

  • Bench: probably the biggest suprise.  Went in on Th intending to just hit some med-high intensity singles, working on technique, good speed, etc.  Had no intention of going very heavy, but as I warmed up I could tell things were absolutely locked in and I was feeling great.  Worked up to a paused 315 that felt incredibly smooth.  Definitely the easiest that weight has ever felt and the fastest it’s moved.  So, decided to jump to 335 and give it a go.  Couldn’t quite pause it, but I’d call it a controlled touch n’ go.  That equals a previous training PR for me, but after set-backs & dealing with some shoulder issues, it had been a while since I’ve even tried it.
  • Squat: really happy right now with how my back has recovered.  Everything has felt great the last couple of weeks and I’m quite surprised at how good high-bar is feeling.  Still being cautious, but even today I was able to jump up 30 lbs during rep work and felt even stronger than last week.  Very excited about the progress, and more importantly, that I’m able to still squat safely.  I may never be able to go very heavy or put up impressive squat numbers, but with careful progression I think I can make it respectable again and can still use it effectively in my programming.
  • Deadlift: progessing…but a little more slowly now.  Sumo still feels much better though.  I just know it will continue taking a lot of work/practice in multiple areas, as my hip mobility & strength in that position is still pretty sub-par.  Working in more hip openers and a little more volume work than I typically do.  Seems to be helping, and I could probably make bigger jumps session to session, but I’m trying to be smart and stick to reasonable linear progression for now.
  • General updates: Overall my body is feeling sooo much better after backing off quite a bit for a couple weeks and ramping back up more gradually.  My back feels better, my joints feel better, my energy is higher and my training sessions are that much more effective.  I’m reminding myself that I need to continue being smarter about recovery and that my body responds best with the “do more with less” approach.  I never have a problem with pushing myself or “working hard enough,” but I can quickly fall into the trap of trying to do far more than is necessary to achieve a desired result (especially without proper recovery), which ultimately puts me into an overreaching state…which I then continue to push myself through for far too long.  So, I continue learning what works best for me, tweaking, prioritizing better and cutting out as much as possible that expends too much time/energy without providing enough of a quality return.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now, folks.  Have a great rest of the weekend and take care of yourselves!

Always like ending my push workouts with push-ups, I’m a firm believer that functional bodyweight stuff like pullups and push-ups keep you well balanced. So them there close grip burnouts to finish off a push day. If you have elbow tendinitis and exercises like overhead extensions hurt, try close grip push-ups instead.
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Holy frick
If you really want to find out how much pain you can take, do your long run on the Western States trail. The hills (*COUGHS* mountains) almost broke me in mile 3.
We survived though - 8 miles - and afterward we got in some pretty epic strides across an old bridge over the American River! Now it’s time to ice and roll out my entire body…

Rule No. 1: Start your day with protein pancakes. The rest of the day will be just as awesome.

Rule No. 2: Make sure your coach is also a chiropractor. Then get treated for all your many ailments.

Rule No. 3: Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your fantastic husband and your wonderful life together. Even when he programs evil EMOMs, because as you told him, he’s an evil motherfucker.

Rule No. 4: Realize you’re going to have a great Friday night because all your Thursday night shows are back and on Hulu today.

WARM: 10x squat therapy, active shoulders - retractions, depressions, 15x ring rows, prayer pose, 400m run

STRENGTH/SKILL: (aka evil)

10 min EMOM
Even: 5-7 thrusters 95#
Odd: 8-10 shoulder taps/palm raises

7 thrusters my first round, then 5s. Shoulder taps didn’t go well, so I switched to palm raises (handstand on wall, raise hands off ground, alternate). Hated this. Well. It was just hard. And taps hurt my pec so I really needed to scale. Then sit for 5 min before class.

— class —

WARM 2: cocky walk, bounds, high knees, run/gallop/skip around the gym in circles (for real)

Was supposed to be close grip bench press. Lol - no - because boob injury. Instead I did -

6-4-4-4-4-6 split jerk technique work. Hold at eyebrows and get under it. 35# for the 6s and 55# for the 4s

WOD: 18 min AMRAP

15 G2OH DBs
15 pull-ups
15 box jumps, step downs 20”
200m run

4 + 45 and about 60m at 20# DBs and RXd

I butterflied most of my pullups! The first 30 were almost all butterfly. Then it got worse, but I’ll take it.

POST: get beat up by your chiropractor. I am such a mess.

Ailments: SI sprain, chest wall injury, and pesky, persistent tendonitis in my foot.

HOWEVER - he’s not concerned and says I’ll be fine. As long as I don’t do too much to aggravate it, I’ll bounce back.

5k tomorrow morning and haven’t run more than a mile since Murph. Awesome. Eh it’s just for fun and charity. No biggie.

330 for 7x4 yesterday and 350 for 8x2 today. Everyone at the gym assumes I really love squatting, truth is I took a day off because of a pulled hamstring and had to make it up with two back to back days.
These sets felt rough. The combined DOMS and elbow pain took some mental fortitude to ignore. Every second rep of every set was a near failure grinder. After set 2 I honestly didn’t think I had 6 more in me, took my own advice though. Think about it one rep at a time.
Deads were grossly hard, took some weight off and just tried to get the volume in. Bench yesterday was tough, bench tomorrow hopefully goes better. Intake the past two days has been decent, I’m going to hibernate now in hopes it’ll solidify these volume gains.


Life is crazy busy. However - can I say how much I love working from home so I can make lunches like that? Grilled chicken breast, pineapple guac, baked sweet potato fries.

Also I’ll be spending the rest of the week during my nonexistent free time reading this very *short* manual. Despite the sarcasm, it’s a great read so far and my highlighter is hogging all the pages.

Let’s talk about yesterday’s WOD

SKILL: jump rope work (shocking I know) - bounding and flicking sans rope. Then I actually was able to avoid flailing my arms and just flicked my wrist with an actual rope in my hands. It was the first time I felt like I made progress on the jump rope. And I threw in some single doubles and didn’t spazz. Probably just a one time fluke never to happen again, but hey, I’ll take it.


12 min EMOM
2 rope climbs 15’ (odd)
10 GHD situps (even)

I got all my rope climbs. I’ve literally only ever done 2 before in my life. I just kept thinking, “bring your feet as close to your hands and then stand up”. What a core killer!

Then I did a little handstand work - 5 on the wall, 6 strict from the box. Called it a day because I had a lot to get through for the class.


WARM: run 400m, active shoulders, frankensteins, high knees, Spider-Man’s, inchworms into plank plus, bear crawl, duck walk, partner wheelbarrow

STRENGTH: OHS 3-3-3-3-3


3rm PR ! I just did 115 last week so I had to try for more just to see.

5 RFT (12 min cap)
10 thrusters
10 pull-ups
10 burpees

Finished in 10:23 at 65#, RXd movements

65# was L2 weight. No way was I doing more than that for 50 thrusters when I haven’t done them since the Open.

I went unbroken throughout everything except my last set of pull-ups. I slipped off the bar at rep 7. Bastard.

This was brutal. A lot of people weren’t finishing.

And now I think today will be a rest day. My L1 class this weekend is off of my normal wod schedule so I’m trying to rearrange for it, but I don’t think I can. My body needs it’s planned rest day today.