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I’m really proud of Sargent today. I went to the grocery store to get a cake cookies to eat, and always take a hell of a long time deciding, so I put Sargent in a stand stay by my basket. The store was weirdly busy with couples (ugh) walking around, but the cookie aisle was quite empty, I guess all of the other sad people got their cookies in the morning, idk. Anyway, this couple walks down the aisle, coming up behind Sargent. I don’t bother stopping with my cookies shopping because Sargent is out of the way and oreos are on sale. Well the couple just HAD to coo at the “cute puppy oh my god look at his face isn’t he adorable” as they came up behind Sargent, the guy even puts his hand out and makes kissy noises at Sargent. Sargent, ever the great dog, actually glares at them and ducks his head out of the way but does not move a single foot. The guy looked so pissed he got blown off by a dog, but I was so proud of Sargent. He has never really solicited attention, but if someone goes to pet him, he historically has a problem breaking stand stays but he didn’t move an inch! Fuck yeah progress. 

Excalibur 10 Miler Training, Week 6
  • Monday - 3 mile easy run, 9:25 pace + 30 min elliptical + core
  • Tuesday - 3 mile easy run, 9:17 pace + 30 min elliptical
  • Wednesday  - 60 min elliptical
  • Thursday - 60 min biking (am) + 30 min biking (pm)
  • Friday - 6 mile run: 1 mile warm up, 5x1/2 mile repeats (3:42, 3:44, 3:45, 3:45, 3:45) with ¼ mile recovery, 1.5 mile cool down + yoga + core
  • Saturday - 90 min biking (am) + 45 min biking (pm)
  • Sunday - 9 mile long run, 9:04 pace + yoga

Total: 21.08 miles

So proud of Radar today.  We worked on maintaining his stay even when I throw the tennis ball.  Then we played “stay while I hide the tennis ball” in the office and he was a rockstar.  He held his stay perfectly while I hid it, even out of sight and making noise.  On the seeking part, he’s getting more comfortable with the idea that he should look for things himself, rather than giving up after .3 seconds and staring at me until I give him a hint.  As soon as he figured out what the game was, he rocked it.

Things I need to work on: splitting.  I try to lump things way too much, and then we both get frustrated.

Excalibur 10 Miler Training, Week 5
  • Monday - 3 mile easy run, 9:12 pace + 30 min biking + core
  • Tuesday - 5.2 mile run, 8x400m (1:39, 1:45, 1:44, 1:46, 1:44, 1:45, 1:44, 1:44) with 400m recovery between + yoga
  • Wednesday  - 60 min biking + strength training
  • Thursday - 3 mile easy run, 8:59 pace + yoga + 40 min biking + core
  • Friday - 45 min biking (am) + 50 min biking (pm)
  • Saturday - 8 mile long run, 9:12 pace
  • Sunday - 60 min elliptical + strength training

Total: 19.37 miles

Weekly Training Log (19.5-25.5, Flims/Laax, Switzerland)

My body was screaming for a training break. I could feel the accumulated fatigue from two consecutive races (UTMF STY and Transvulcania) and lots of traveling and moving. So once I arrived in Switzerland last week, I really needed to take it easy and rest a lot which I did. I only did easy runs and hikes, slept and ate a lot (maybe too much Swiss cheese, chocolate and red wine;)). But feels like I have recharged my batteries,  and I am motivated to get back to training. Including this week, I have 5 weeks of training until my next race in Italy (TNF Lavaredo). The training focus is definitely on working on my weaknesses: uphill running, power hiking and technical downhills. 


AM meditation: 30min

3h20min Trail Run

Total Distance: 24km Total Ascent: 1300m

one of the most spectacular course I have run this year. Stunning view from above 2000m without toddling too much in deep snow!

Toshi running in snow


AM meditation: -

1h40min Hill Interval (20min warm-up, 8x600m hill repeats, 30min cool down)

Total Distance: 21km Total Elevation: 500m 

First intense running session after Transvulcania. Had headaches once I started the intervals, but somehow it went away after the session. Tough session!

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Weekly Training Log (12.5-18.5, Recovery Week)

My muscles are not that soar from the Transvulcania race, but enduring the heat took a lot of energy from me. I feel tired and worn out. This week I will also need to travel quite a lot, flying back to Germany (Munich) and then getting by car to Switzerland where I will stay for close to 2 weeks. So this week, I will focus on recovering as much as possible and do only easy runs and hikes and give my mind and body some time to replenish energy. I could also need a bit of a motivational push. 


AM meditation: -

3h Easy Hike / Run

Total Distance: 11km Total Ascent: 300m

Last hike/easy run on La Palma island. What an amazing island!


AM meditation: 40min (during flight)


Travel to Germany (Munich)

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Training 11/08/14- Deadlift accessory work

I was gonna post this yesterday but got busy and forgot. So yesterday I did not do Deadlifts, but instead I did some deadlift accessory work. I did goodmornings on the pitshark, farmers walk, Dale Throughs, Back hyperextensions, and hit my obliques. Overall it was a good training session. So for those who don’t know a Dale through is a banded goodmorning and a kettlebell swing put together. The band is anchored at the bottom of a rack or other machine, and you pull it through your legs, bend over, and attach it around the back of your neck. Now you do a kettlebell swing with the band on you. It really is a great exercise and gets the hamstrings quite well. It was my last Saturday training session before the meet. Only two more workouts left before the meet o.O.

6/14: Week 6, Workout 3

My brother tagged along today so I was at the gym for like 2.5 hours, training him and myself throughout that time. I like helping him work out and all but my own workout ended up being all spread out and disorganized :c

He’s 17 years old and he asked me to show him how to lift around a month ago. I’ve been teaching him all I know, but it’s frustrating cause he’s not trying to do any learning/research on his own! He just lifts and eats like how I tell him to and he’s making awesome progress.. he’s quickly getting stronger than me (darn testosterone). I’m like his unpaid personal trainer-sister lol. Nonetheless I’m happy he’s tryna get strong and fit; hopefully as he gets better at lifting he can do stuff on his own.

Anyhooz, the workout:

Chins: 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 2
*I was on fire with these! It was my first time doing a complete 5x5 (and then some) with straight consecutive reps. I was surprised I could. And zero elbow pain at all today (y)

Reverse grip pulls: 110X4, 5, 4
Hammer high rows: 110X8, 105x7, 100x6, 4

Squat: 135x5, 155x5, 165x5
*Because I was demonstrating how to squat and ended up doing some myself :-p

OHP: 60x5, 5, 4, 5, 3, 3
*Better than last week. I was soo close to doing a full on 5x5 with these.. agh

Lat pulldowns: 80X10,12,12

A presses: 25X6, 5, 6, 20x8, 8

Lateral raises: 15x12,12,10
*Increased the weight on these

Face pulls: 60x12, 12, 70x12

Standing calves: 280x12, 12, 10
*Took my shoes off for once while doing this, it made this move so much harder.

Abs: a few twist crunches on the decline bench.. I hate ab training.

Otherwise from being side tracked a lot today I had a good workout.


When your timelapse catches you mid jump, and it looks like you’re flying.

Really fun day of day 3 training.

Class did tabata (squats, pushups, ring rows, sit-ups, KB SDHP) and I helped coach. Then xfitterbanks and I did Matt Fraser’s tabata. Woof.

85-105-115-125-135-145 x2

Then max at 135# = 5 reps 😆 happy girl!

I didn’t stabilize at the top of my second at 145 and just dumped it. I should have tried a little harder, but I’m happy to just stand it up twice.

SKILL: accumulate 50 HSPU NFT

I started with sets of 5 and 4, but started to lose it between 23 and 27. I reset, got to 30 and did sets of 5 to 50. It felt great. I could have done more which is the best part.

METCON: Matt Fraser’s tabata

3 rounds of tabata (0:20 on / 0:10 off)

Thrusters 95/65#
Power Snatches
Bar muscle ups
KBS 70/53#
Wall balls
Burpee box jump overs
Front squats 135/95#

Rest 3:00 before repeating.

That group is one round. So each movement gets 0:20 then you move to the next. We subbed front squats for the OHS since we did OHS in the wod yesterday.

This was a good workout. Hard. Not terrible though because it’s :20 and you’re done with that movement until the next two rounds.

Thrusters were actually easy. Maybe I need to redo Fran before the moment leaves me.

I got 3 total bar muscle ups, one during warm ups. I failed 2 on the last round.

Thrusters 10, 10, 10
GHDSU 8 (fix equipment), 10, 10
Snatches 4, 5, 5
Bar MU 1, 1, 0
KBS 8, 8, 8
WB 9, 9, 9
BBJO 4, 4, 4
FS 6, 6, 7

And now I’m enjoying my cheats - Against the Grain pizza and Aelias gluten free sugar cookies :)

Training 11/07/14- Bench accessory

Figured I would give my shoulders one more good workout before the meet so I worked them somewhat intensely yesterday. My workout included chest press, 1-arm overhead press, lateral raises, and then a rear delt, front raise, and hammer curl superset. For the lateral raises I used 10lb dumbbells and did 3 sets of 40 reps. I got a nice burn going in my shoulders to say the least. Went decently heavy with everything else but didn’t push it too much as I am close to my meet. I got everything decently sore which is what I was aiming for. My parents were there yesterday so I got to workout with them which is always fun. My upper back is almost entirely made up of knots so my Dad worked on them a little bit yesterday which did wonders to help my back feel better today. Yesterday was my last intense upper body day. Next week is my easy week before my week off.

Training 10/10/14- Deadlifts

I had an absolutely great day of deadlifts. I worked up to triples with 225. My hips stayed down, I didn’t throw it all into my back, and my form was pretty solid. I had a slight issue with my back getting loose, but that is due to the fact that my lower, middle, and upper back was sore from the past several days of training. I usually have more rest days in between training days but since I am heading out to the meet today I had to train back to back for a few days there. I am really happy that I got several sets of triples with 225. I did a single with 245 when I was done with my other sets just to see how it felt becasue I was thinking about using it for my opener in November. Well it came up without any issues which is awesome. I did some wide stance work and worked my core for a little bit after that. Overall I am really happy with how my Deadlift is progressing. My form help together with some heavier weight and 245 simply did not feel too hard. I am hoping this means I will pull over 275 in November. Anyway, time to go watch my friends compete! I may post some pictures and stuff from the meet.

So here is my second 200lb from last night. I could not be happier with how squats are going. I mean I know I had a slight slow down on the way up, but if someone showed me that squat I would not think I was squatting 95% of my max. Things I did differently- I have an awesome teammate/coach who has watched all my squat videos and given me squat advice whenever I asked and he has said the following over and over, “hitting depth will not make you miss the lift, you have the strength and form to get the weight back up. Don’t be so cautious on the way down, work on dipping at the bottom or letting yourself drop to take advantage of the tension that naturally builds in your hips. Be aggressive.” Well it finally sunk in and I listened. I know I am not dropping super fast, but I am working on dropping faster and driving back up our of the hole. It has helped a lot. Also, i have never walked out 200lbs before so that was new. But yeah, I am really happy with how 200 went. I think I hit depth and the camera angle makes me look a little high. I only say this because someone watching directly from the side, who also happens to be a judge, said depth was good. I am going to make really sure to sink my squats at the meet though.

Training 10/6/14- Bench deload day

I still felt like crap tonight but I was determined to have a good training session so I just decided to work through the crappiness. I started the evening with 1-arm kettlebell snatches. I moved up from a 8kg to a 12kg kettlebell for snatches which is awesome :D (especially since I felt like I might throw up). Hopefully I will be to the 16kg kettlebell soon. I was still able to do 12 reps with the 12kg kettlebells. Next I did a 1-arm press and pull down superset, followed by a narrow press and seated row superset. I was a little nervous about doing narrow press since I think it was what injured my tricep, so I didn’t go too hard or heavy with this. Seated rows felt better than they have in a long time so that was cool. Overall I think it was a good deload session. I felt like I got some good work in without taxing myself too much.

Here we have my bands set up from last night. With the bands, the bar was definitely more than 135 once the bands kicked in. I did plenty of warm up and then 5 sets of singles. Each set I got better at moving the weight.  The first set I was definitely surprised as to how heavy it was once the bands kicked in. After that, I was ready for it though. My last set was my best set by far. I moved my hands out slightly and it made a world of difference. instead of having a slow grinder once the bands kicked in, I was able to keep the bar constantly moving through my sticking point. Next week is a deload week and then I am back to regular benching up to my meet.

Training 8/25/14- Floor Press/Testing my tricep

Since I am still nursing a strained tricep, yesterday was “lets see what pressing exercises I can do without hurting it” day. Everything I did was pretty light, high volume, and slow and controlled. I was actually able to do floor presses. The exercise itself didn’t bother it, it was just squishing the tricep at the bottom of the rep that made it a little uncomfortable. I only went up to 105 and only went until I felt like I was having to struggle a little to get the bar up. I did some light arnold presses, and incline presses on this cool plate loading machine we have. I did some curls and attempted to work my rear delts but that was a little too uncomfortable for my liking. A teammate was talking to my about how I can work around my tricep for now and he gave me some good advice on what I could do for the next few weeks. He mentioned that my triceps are really strong, but my shoulders, while not weak, are lagging behind in the strength department. Basically, this means my triceps take a beating whenever I bench because they are stronger than most of the other muscles I use for benching. His suggestion was to concentrate on my shoulders and back while my tricep heals. I am definitely taking his advice and working it into my program for the next 13 weeks leading up to my meet.

Thanksgiving WOD

14:00 EMOM

Even - 30 DU
Odd - 8 back rack walking lunges 95#

All DU were unbroken - for like the first time ever.

SKILL: 20:00 MU work

This didn’t go well. I wasn’t able to string more than 2 together. I stupidly tried games style grip first, which I couldn’t get any of. Maybe I should just master false grip.

WOD: For time
1000m row
50 ring dips

10:43 RXd

I’ve effed up my rowing. I’ve gotten worse. Time to go back to how I used to row. This took me more than 4:10 for the 1000, and then ring dips were slow. They are getting better, but still so terrible. I just go for fast singles. Down and up. PLUS my quads feel like they’ve been hit with a mallet from the air dyne and Karen. So rowing was a nightmare.

Pigeon, quad stretch, hip stretch


15.3 take 2

31 rep improvement and :33 better on my tiebreak.


+ shorter rest between MU

+ no knee sleeves - helped with DU

+ linked MU in round two: 1-1-fail-1-2-2

+ WB 15-15-10-10 for round one kept me fresh

+ stayed calm during DU and had my speed rope as backup, which came in handy for my last 20 reps

New score: 273 RXd

If I was efficient on DU this would have gone better. Dammit. Keep working.

But don’t take that to be that I’m not happy. I’m so happy. I had so much fun with this workout. I didn’t die nearly as bad this time, so that’s a plus!

Everyone who redid it today improved, and that’s always nice to see.

Onto 15.4! Good luck to anyone going for the first (or second, third, fourth) time this weekend or tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear all about it.