training guides for your dog

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There’s a video that a girl posted online of her having a meltdown and her service dog helping her. Her service dog paws her arms that she is using to do self injurious behaviour with.

To be honest, it brought me to tears. The entire thing was so raw and the dog behaved so beautifully and just wow. The video is really worth the watch.

Her other videos demonstrate that her dog can pick things up, alert her when she’s anxious/upset/angry, etc.

And… I’d really like to teach my dog to help me when I’m crying/having meltdowns/having depressive episodes/engaging in self injurious behaviour etc. My dog would be limited in what she could do because she’s only around 5kg (a small dog), but she could definitely put her paw on my leg or alert me when I’m upset…

I’ve tried googling around, but there isn’t really any sort of… Step by step guide on how to train your dog to understand when you’re upset.

Anyone know of anything or have any experience?

Even if you can’t help, enjoy the video.