training for more and more monochrome

What does drarry look like to you?

In my head they’re both tall and lanky, Draco’s an inch or two taller but it’s not a dramatic difference. They’re muscular but very thin. Harry has broad shoulders and Draco has nice hands with long fingers. Draco has fair skin that’s a few shades lighter than his near-white hair. Harry has a similar complexion but more golden that contrasts shockingly to his jet black hair. Draco’s grey eyes are almost blue depending on the lighting and Harry’s green ones are striking.

Harry wears clothes that he’s been given and doesn’t really notice them. He’ll mismatch whatever he picks up first and though his outfits are usually a complete train-wreck he somehow manages to pull them off. Draco is the complete opposite. He takes a lot of pride in his appearance and loves to buy expensive clothing. He leans more toward monochrome but will occasionally add in a splash of colour -usually green which he says is for Slytherin even though it’s not Slytherin green at all. It’s Harry’s eyes.

Harry’s hair is always a mess. Most of the time it takes on the sex-hair/just-out-of-bed look but sometimes it’s just a mess. It spikes up in a way that almost defies gravity no matter how many times he tries to flatten it. Draco has finally cast away the excessive product and his hair falls neat and flat just past his ears. It’s parted in the middle of his head but Harry runs his fingers through it often enough that it rarely stays that way, much to Draco’s chagrin.

That’s just my mental picture though, what’s yours?



All because of the senior portrait photographers of the world… I swear, they use train tracks more often than trains do.